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Originally Posted by emjay View Post
Ethan followed Mr. Hart and Belle back to the owlery, still somewhat amused at how hyper the little bird had been. "Feisty little guy, isn't he?" he said with a chuckle to Belle as he stopped beside her.

He glanced over at the boss-man at his words, then up at all the owls. There were a lot here.. but he expected that. There was a lot of mail to be delivered. But hopefully they weren't all quite as energetic as Mangig. One hyper little bird was cute.. but a bunch of them would be a little much. Surely some of them were laid-back? The boy then followed Belle's gaze to the floor. He had a pretty good idea of what their next task might be..
Belle nodded to Ethan and chuckled with him. "Yeah he is. A little too feisty i hastened to add." Belle then saw Ethan looking at what she was looking at. She had the feeling they were both thinking the same thing. She hoped she did not have to pick up the poop. That would not be pleasant. But sometimes it had to be done. Belle smiled to Ethan, "You thinking what I'm thinking?"
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