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Originally Posted by MyPatronusIsaMoose View Post
"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" Oakey said not wasting a breath the moment Vickers finished speaking. "This is really cool Vickers." He said taking the second parchment for himself. He would enlarge it later and stick it to the wall above his bed in the Common Room Dorms. "Got anymore on you?"
Oakey wouldn't mind decoding more heroic phrases.
"Perfect!" the Ravenclaw beamed. So now he knows the decoding system works. "You think so? Thanks man. It would be one way to pass messages around I figured, I mean its something like present day hieroglyphics where to others its just people but to those who knows more about the 'language' it means something else." he said as he stood to collect both parchments. Now he can hand these over to Professor Hadley. He paused for a moment when the Hufflepuff asked if there was more "No I just made this... " he said as he lifted the smaller scroll "...I wasnt sure it was going to work at all. Maybe in the future we can use this to pass secret messages around." he grinned giving the Hufflepuff a knowing look.
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