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Okay, he was so disoriented. He had finally managed to stop floating and seeing blue, then he'd been getting soaked. He had been in that fourth rain-room for literally three seconds before getting sucked into this one. Disoriented did not even BEGIN to describe this feeling.

"Wait. Whaa..?" Right. So that must've been the last room. He wasn't sure he was even supposed to be in this one, since he hadn't managed the fourth riddle, but here he was nonetheless. And now they had to write down facts.

Right, so three beings. Well the ghosts, obviously. But what were the other two? He tried to remember back... He'd missed the last clue, so there was no way he could possibly get this right. He sighed, resigning himself to this fact. Not that he'd ever actually thought he could beat the seventh years. Especially not Kurumi. But still, he'd held out a smidgeon of hope...

But then after what seemed like only ten seconds, Scabior was announcing a winner. "Alright! Congrats, Kurumi!" the first year beamed. He dutifully took out his planner and recorded the assignment, sure that long hours in the library were bound to be required. He didn't feel like he'd actually learned anything about these beings in this lesson, so this would be a self-taught topic. But the Ravenclaw blood in him that had enabled him to do so well in this game also made him look forward to the researching.

Then Peeves arrived. Oh no... He didn't like this thing. At ALL. "Thanks for the fun lesson, Professor Scabior!" he half-yelled in a hasty fashion. He was getting out of here before Peeves did something to get them all hurt!

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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