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Both girls were basically neck in neck, but Kurumi's hand thrusted the paper out first. Reluctantly, Scabior read her answers over and then just be cause he could, he took a look over at Genevieve's as well. "You have really good answers." Scabior said with a small nod to the blonde. "Unfortunately for you, Miss Hollingberry did get her answers in first." And they were also correct.


"Hollingberry, you got it. No extra homework for you, congratulations." She should have been FASTER anyways. Since other students would probably be arriving soon, Scabior flicked his wand, making the homework appear on the board not really bothering to give the girls any assistance.

They were seventh years. They knew charms that could keep them dry.


As many of you were not able to reach the end of the class you would not have realized the main subjects of the lesson. Ghouls, Ghosts and Poltergeist, each magical creature very different from the other.

You will write a three parchment (paragraph) essay about one of the following:
  • 1. The differences between each magical creature.
    2. How one of the three creatures have helped shaped Hogwarts History.
    3. How some of the rooms represented the creatures (Only do this, if you were able to make it into the fourth room)

"You can leave once you have the homework written down." Not Kurumi of course, but that other one. And everyone else. Except for Alexa. She was going to stay stuck to that wall a bit longe-.

Originally Posted by ♦ Peeves ♦ View Post
"BOO!" Peeves popped out of the desk as the first person to slap down a parchment... did just that. He cackled and floated out through the girl (ANOTHER Gryffindor), coming to rest above Scabior's head.

"You didn't have to suck ME out of the room along with EVERYONE ELSE, Scabby, GEEEEEZ." Peeves twirled Alexa Cambridge's wand through his fingers and made it dance up and down his arms as though it were a Muggle basketball, cackling as he did so. "I was having FUN with that GIRL!"

What were they learning in here anyway, hmm? Probably something BORING. This class had once been taught by the likes of BINNS and LAINEY, after all, both of whom were dreadful excuses for ghosts.

Scabior simply raised a brow, the last time he checked he didn't stuck Peeves- oh. Hm. "Clearly it wasn't on purpose. Don't let me call the Baron." He threatened, JUST like he did when he was twelve years old and Peeves wouldn't get out of his face. The Poltergeist had never been pleasant. "Go back if you want. I encourage you to have fun with her. Teacher her a lesson if you will, since she missed most of mine.

Yeah. Go on Peeves. Go be a Professor.

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