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"BOO!" Peeves popped out of the desk as the first person to slap down a parchment... did just that. He cackled and floated out through the girl (ANOTHER Gryffindor), coming to rest above Scabior's head.

"You didn't have to suck ME out of the room along with EVERYONE ELSE, Scabby, GEEEEEZ." Peeves twirled Alexa Cambridge's wand through his fingers and made it dance up and down his arms as though it were a Muggle basketball, cackling as he did so. "I was having FUN with that GIRL!"

What were they learning in here anyway, hmm? Probably something BORING. This class had once been taught by the likes of BINNS and LAINEY, after all, both of whom were dreadful excuses for ghosts.
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