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Text Cut: Kat
Originally Posted by PotterHeadforLife View Post
"I agree, it doesn't make sense either," Kat said as soft as a hush. If Logan heard their conversation, Kat knew she'd have to run away and drag Cassia along with her. Just in that case, Kat might run to Professor Lafay and borrow her Beater's bat for safety measures. Kat knows how to use a Beater's bat, so don't test her.

Ask Logan? Done that. Whatever is troubling Logan with this surname thingymabob needs to be out of her mouth. Tell us, Logan, tell us your little secret...

What the firebolt. That wasn't even a valid reason! Just because you are used to people calling you by your surname does not mean you should replace your real name with it! Who in the right mind would think of that? No, Kat does not want to be called Hudson Katrina. Nope. Not happening. If Logan tried to kill Kat now, not only will they lose a Quidditch player, they'd lose a Slythering student. Not that anyone but some of her friends would care. Pssh, chyeah

Mother of Salazar Slytherin. Just.... ugh. Kat wanted to give up. But no, she's not like that. Kat lost a bludger hit to Blue the last game but Kat was too determined to let it stay on her mind. Her mind had other things to think of, even more important than mourning over a loss. To Kat, Logan's opinion was.... dumb. Not all surnames were cool. Longbottom is not COOL. Grubbly Planks is not COOL, and neither is Thomsonicle-Pocus cool! NO NO NO. "That's your opinion on surnames, Logan, not mine," Kat said. Our minds think way too differently, girl.

Cassia watched the question gets answered and she didn't get Ariana's opinion. Though Cassia wouldn't mind being called by her lastname and she wouldn't mind calling people by their lasnames if they wished so. She just couldn't see through this. But it wasn't that important so she just nodded hearing the answer. The second-year shrugged and looked at Kat. "That somehow answers the question I guess." She told her.

Originally Posted by Mandana View Post
Before he even had the opportunity to fish his notebook out of the bag, Patrick heard a little voice that almost sounded as though it was giving him an order; he didn't do orders from anyone especially when it meant that he would have had to bother with ridiculous things. Looking up slightly, he noticed exactly where the voice had come from and he simply blinked as it appeared that it had been a girl that he figured was no older than a second year. Dear merlin.. I still wonder why I was put into Slytherin; it seems as though I'm one of the few people around this house that isn't looking to establish some authority over others. Might as well be my own house at this rate. That wasn't actually a bad idea, then he wouldn't have had to have the expectations of acting a certain way just because of a reputation that the house had had. After he gotten distracted by his thoughts, the realization that he hadn't replied to the girl had crossed his mind and without a second more of hesitation; he figured it was time to say something. "I'm quite aware of that, thank you. I've used sleeping bags before." His tone was still rather calm considering the situation, being stuck with a bunch of people that he hadn't known and didn't seem entirely friendly; soon enough the thought of going over to join the Ravenclaws had appeared in his head and shook that off since it wasn't going to happen.
Probably the boy thought that he'd get rid of Cassia just by telling her that. Well, he was so wrong because Cassia doesn't only speak a single sentence! Pfffft..she'd never do that. And besides the boy's answer unintentionally raised Cassia's curiosity. He had used sleeping bags before. The second-year scooted closer to the boy and asked curiously. "Where did you use them before and why?" She recently had been trying to stop questioning people and ask many question. But she was having trouble doing that actually. Besides she only just asked one question...well two.

"I'm Cassia by the way." She added. You know manners and stuff she knew about them. And if she wanted to know about the boy's experience with sleeping bags she had to seem not so annoying. Ehh..hopefully. Back to the subject, "I never slept in bags in my entire life!" Which was like twelve years plus few months but it seemed so long. And only now did she get to use those. Not that she had been missing a very cool and interesting thing, they weren't that comfy but she just liked experiencing everything.Well Not really everything.
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