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Originally Posted by Silver Ninja View Post
His voice sounded just as wonderful as she'd remembered it. And it was incredible he was speaking just to her! Shaking her head "I don't know, I think maybe he didn't show up, and doesn't know how to tell me his plans changed...again." Yep, Noah had done it a few times to her. "I did, they told me they weren't aware he was supposed to be staying at this hotel." Biting her lip she shook her head "Somehow I feel this was a setup this time around." Well, either way she was going to enjoy herself fully!

Making a face as he said his mate hadn't come either. "I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like we're both in that situation." Meh, well at least they could enjoy the vacation anyway.

A smile blossomed on her face as he offered the raincheck for the dinner "I'd like that. A lot." she said quietly looking up at him. She'd not expected the offer, but it was very welcome! She wasn't looking forward to another night alone at dinner, and was thinking on just taking it back to the bungalow otherwise.

Grinning even more she nodded "Sounds perfect." Slipping her sunglasses off the top of her head she turned and tossed them onto her blanket back on the beach, watching as it fell just short off the blanket she shrugged "Are you ready?"
Maybe he didnít show up and doesnít want to tell me his plans changed again.

Lucas eyes widened what friend didnít get on the plane when you had planned a vacation together and then didnít have the guts to say that their plans had changed? Noah was the name that came to mind. Listening to Willowís wild guesses a hunch which he just knew right surfaced in his mind. Shaking his head tried to piece his idea together. "Did you say that your friendís name was Noah?"

"My best mateís name is Noah Plummer. He has a steady girlfriend but has lots of crazy plans which he tries to put into action. Most of them changes or backfires before I usually manage to understand the gist of them, sound familiar?"

"I think us meeting on this island vacation isnít a coincidence at all I think he set it up for us." Lucas stated. "I hope that doesnít freak you out." He hurriedly added. He didnít want Willow to think that he had anything to do with Noahís plan. He had just wanted a vacation. A broad smile lit up Lucas face when he heard Willow accept his dinner offer. He wondered though if sheíd take it back now, knowing that it was a set up.

Lucas nodded. "Yes Iím ready," To go swim that is. When Noah called which he would sooner or later Lucas was going to demand an explanation.
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