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Elijah raised an eyebrow at the confidence of the Healer thinking Aspen wouldn't try anything with her there. Had she MET an Odessa before? His guesses were no. He watched as the older women sent some ugly silvery creature from the end of her wand, no doubt summoning Aspen to the Wing.

After a good ten minutes or so in awkward silence, Aspen arrived with no salutation at all. Rude vampire was rude. Elijah gave her a small smile anyway as a greeting because he, vampire or not, would not let his manners escape him at the very least.

"Healer Tillstorm is certain she can cure us, Aspen. We won't need to continue eating raw garlic!" he said a bit more excited than he probably should have been. There was also a nervousness to his voice, unsure of how Aspen would take this whole vampire curedom... she did seem comfortable in all her DEADness after all.
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