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Post Bonnie Wright sets up official Twitter, in New England to film Shakespeare's Daughter

Bonnie Wright previously set up a Twitter account to chronicle her test for the Live Below the Line diet in May, with the account @bonniewrightLBL (now reactivated), but as of yesterday, the former Harry Potter actress, as confirmed to SnitchSeeker by her reps, has set up an official and general Twitter page, @thisisbwright.

Bonnie Wright ‏@thisisbwright - let the twitter fun commence!
Via her official Twitter, Bonnie already confirmed that she is in New England and set to film her next project, Shakespeare's Daughter. We will have much more on the feature in the near future.

Bonnie Wright ‏@thisisbwright - A bizarre day state hopping between New Hampshire and Vermont in my dodge van for new film Shakespeares Daughter, ultimate new englander!
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