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Hey Allison, great post! I like that you created an atmosphere of suspicion for Hermione. It's right on for her to react the way you wrote.
I had waved goodbye to them from the steps, Hermione turning around a few times to give me a rather meaningful glare.
I'm so nervous about this plan they have of using the vanishing cabinet; things could go so terribly wrong! A question about the cabinet; Are they just sitting in the room to be together or are they waiting for a reply? I mean if they're waiting for a reply how would they be guaranteed the message gets to Draco what with the cabinet being broken?

This is my favorite part of your post. Sooooooooo wonderful!
Draco gave another nod as more silence fell throughout the room. Before I had time to realize what was happening Draco moved so that he was now sitting next to me on the wooden chest, staring at the wardrobe in front of us.

"Can I ask you something?" Draco asked.

"Sure," I said, slightly nervous by how mellow his demeanor had gotten all of the sudden.

"Why Harry...I mean...what made you love Harry?"

I couldn't bring to look myself at Draco, and I could tell that he couldn't bring himself to look at me as I tried to answer the question. "It's hard to explain...I just...well...I just knew. I don't know if there was a moment specifically when I could tell, but I just knew that I loved him, and that I couldn't live without him."

Draco was silent for a few moments before he turned to look at me. I looked at him, waiting to hear why he wanted to know. "He's a lucky guy Harry. The luckiest guy in the world."
Super fantabulous!
Great work Allison, I'll be watching for your next post.
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