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Default Chapter 13: String of Hope
"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you are not."

Hey guys! I am soo sorry that it has taken me this long to get a reply up! My school/tennis has kept me feeling none creative outside of RPing, but I finally have a reply for you guys!

It had been a few weeks since Draco and I's last meeting together, and it had been rather difficult keeping the contents of that meeting from the pestering Ron, Hermione, and Harry, who didn't understand why I needed to keep the whole thing a secret from them. In all honesty it was because I knew they would never be okay with my plan, and the last thing I needed was their doubts and hesitations knocking away what little courage I had to complete this task in the first place. Thankfully today was the trip to Hogsmeade, and after convincing them that I needed to stay at Hogwarts since Dumbledore was still hesitant about Death Eaters trying to grab me, and that they would be fine going without me, they departed with the large group of Hogwarts students.

I had waved goodbye to them from the steps, Hermione turning around a few times to give me a rather meaningful glare. Once they were out of sight I went back into the school, walking a ways by myself until I reached the famous Room of Requirement. I looked around a few moments, making sure no one was watching me, before I walked back and forth, thinking exactly as Draco had told me to. When the doors appeared to me, I pushed them open before safely closing them behind me. I turned around to find Draco already there, taking a bite of an apple as he observed the wardrobe in front of him.

"So, that's the vanishing cabinet is it?" I said, eyeing the cabinet with an unsettled feeling.

"Yeah...I still haven't gotten it a hundred percent fixed though. The last bird I sent through came out on the other side missing a leg," Draco said with a small shake of the head as he took another bite of the apple.

I approached the wardrobe, opening it and looking inside. It smelled musty, like a wooden drawer that hadn't been opened in years, and the thickness of the dust was enough to send anyone with germ phobias running the other direction.

"Are they always waiting for you to send things through?" I asked.

Draco gave a little shake of the head. "Every week at a given time I am supposed to send something through, and then they send back a letter telling me what went wrong. I am supposed to send another bird through soon. There was a jinx they had me try on it that they think should work."

I gave a little nod of the heading, looking at the cage of small birds sitting next to the cabinet with an empathetic look. "Well you better keep on schedule. It won't do us any good to have them asking questions," I said, moving out of the way. Draco opened the cage and took out one of the birds, who surprisingly didn't make any fuss, before placing the bird into the cabinet and shutting the door, turning the lock with a definitive click.

"It usually takes them a little bit," Draco said, grabbing his apple and taking another bite. I sat down on a wooden chest, sure that I was covering my entire rear end with dust but not letting myself be too concerned about it. There was silence other than the occasional sound of Draco chewing as we waited for something to happen. Eventually he cleared his throat before speaking again.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me with this Abby," Draco said softly, clearly embarrassed to be talking to me like this. I looked up at him and gave a nod.

"Well, the whole thing is a lot bigger than just you and me, so I figure whatever help I can give, I need to give it."

"But could just go to Dumbledore and tell him."

"That's right...I could."

"So why don't you?"

I let out a sigh. "Because that man has enough on his plate already."

Draco gave a small nod of the head. "But there's more to it than just that right?"

I looked up at Draco again, who was staring at me with a look I had never seen him give anyone before. It was an odd mixture of admiration and affection, and the intensity of his stare made my cheeks flush slightly.

"I think he would try and talk me out of it," I said with a gentle shrug of the shoulder.

"But you said it yourself, Dumbledore knows you have to be the one to kill your mother."

"I know that, and he does as well, but I don't think he wants me going out of my way to do it like I am trying to do with our plan."

Draco gave another nod. There was more silence before Draco spoke again.
"So just to make sure I am on the same and I are going to get the cabinet to work. Then at some point you and I are going to go through it, and plant some kind of listening device on Bellatrix without her noticing. Hopefully if that works then we will be able to figure out the location of your mother and get to her, right?"

I gave a nod of the head. The more Draco said it out loud the crazier the plan sounded, but at this point there was nothing better that Draco or I could think of.

"And we're hoping that we can some how convince your mother to change her ways and help us before you have to kill her, right?"

I let out a sigh before shooting Draco a look. "It may not mean much, but I have faith in you Abby. If anyone can get through to her, I think it would be you."

I gave Draco a small smile. "I am not really holding my breath on her helping us, I am just looking for some way that we can stop Dumbledore from being killed."

Draco gave another nod as more silence fell throughout the room. Before I had time to realize what was happening Draco moved so that he was now sitting next to me on the wooden chest, staring at the wardrobe in front of us.

"Can I ask you something?" Draco asked.

"Sure," I said, slightly nervous by how mellow his demeanor had gotten all of the sudden.

"Why Harry...I mean...what made you love Harry?"

I couldn't bring to look myself at Draco, and I could tell that he couldn't bring himself to look at me as I tried to answer the question. "It's hard to explain...I just...well...I just knew. I don't know if there was a moment specifically when I could tell, but I just knew that I loved him, and that I couldn't live without him."

Draco was silent for a few moments before he turned to look at me. I looked at him, waiting to hear why he wanted to know. "He's a lucky guy Harry. The luckiest guy in the world."
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