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Did he want to help her with the----??? Ayumi stared at him for awhile. Such an adorable guy. Ayumi never really described any guy he dates as 'adorable'. To her, it's such a big deal for a guy to be described in such ways. Rylan just seems too pure and too nice. She's not a believer of the whole 'first impression lasts' but somehow, she really thinks that Rylan is a good person inside.

Not that she's a mind reader or something. Aura speaks it all. So what is Ayumi's aura anyway, other than the fact that she's absolutely making a complete fool out of herself right now.

Ayumi chuckled when Rylan looked surprised when she mentioned about her twin brother. "I get that reaction a lot" she said. Well she does and probably Ryu does too. Ever since before Ryu and Ayumi have been considered as siblings but has never been considered as twins. They're pretty close with each other but their parents never let them wear the same thing. Never!

She nudged his elbow playfully and looked at him "were you expecting to date him instead, if ever my twin's a girl?" she joked around. Honestly speaking, Ayumi finds her brother handsome and she doesn't get why he's the one without a dating life.

Walking along with Rylan, he explained about his sorting process, not that Ayumi really cares about the whole sorting thing going on at Hogwarts really. She could be sorted anywhere and not care about it at all. School pride and all that stuff. Puh-lease, it's not like it really matters in the first place. "Hufflepuff, Gryffindor... houses really are not that important to me" she smiled. Truth be told, she really didn't.

Ayumi laughed this time. She didn't mean he was old or anything. "Well I'm 23 and I did not think you're old" she said grinning to Rylan after seeing that pout on the lips.

Then there was suddenly a short pause from him. Did she say something to make him quite? All she did was compliment him about being beautiful... or was that too much to say? Ayumi was about to ask when he suddenly said he was hungry. She nodded. "Me too" and yes, she heard that growl.

"What do you think we'll eat? I hope we'll have crabs or lobsters today." she said already having mental pictures of the shellfish, steamed and ready to be eaten.
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