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"Out of practice? You've no idea. The last woman I dated was ..." He paused, thinking a moment. "Over fifteen years ago." Nevermind the fact that the last woman he dated was also one that he was married to up until almost two years ago when that dreadful incident. But alas, he reckoned truth or not, Vicky did NOT want to hear about his tragic love story on their first date.

"Only if today goes well," he nodded. After he smacked his brother with his beater's bat a few times that is. But if today didn't go well, then he'd smack his brother a little harder and then forget that today ever existed.

Oh good. She liked them. And she liked to sass him too. Good of her. "Don't worry, it's worse," he teased as he slipped into the male changing room for a quick five minutes.

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