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Default Where to begin?!

Wow ... definetely want to get my hands on this! Mostly for the memorabilia - once it's confirmed, that is. I'm interested to know what kind of jewels are hidden in this! I don't just want a map of Hogwarts and concept art - boo !!! That's already shown in great depth in the 'Page to Screen' book.

What is mostly borderlining me to buy this box, is the fact that there are only extended cuts mentioned for the first 2 movies - um ... W - T - F ?! Are WB on medication?! Seriously, release the FREAKEN EXTENDED CUTS ON ALL 8 MOVIES ALREADY !!!!!

I'll be checking updated information on what will be included in this box over the next few months, along with what the movie content will be (i.e, confirmation that the Extended Cuts will be included on all 8 movies). Once all the information is out, I will make a very informed decision !

Let's hope W.B. don't make a stupid decision ...
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