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Well even though he wasn't exactly in the thick of things as he used to be, Armen Recard still heard things--it also didn't hurt that he worked on level one with the Minister's Human Resource workers. The man had heard rumor and had thus asked the afore mentioned people to be sure that it was true, that Gabi had taken charge of the level temporarily while Contance Nightengale was away. He hadn't really had a chance to meet the woman but it was sort of a moot point now.

He stepped off of the lifts and made his way into the visitor's area. Before he would have just walked straight into the level's office areas and find his friend himself but he was no longer a department head and he could probably get in trouble for that. Looking around he saw a witch who was probably the secretary and spoke to her with a charming smile.

"Hello there, may you inform Miss Gabriella Schultz that she has a visitor, it's urgent." he said with a smirk. She obviously needed to hang out with him.
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