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Cairán couldn't help but be impressed with the facade that the rooftop made before you genuinely went to search for the proper location. After all, this was something to do with a matchmaker - there had to be something else up there except for an abandoned roof and garbage... right?


And just as he was silently looking over the setting and the table that was set for two. As there was nothing else around (tables for other couples) he figured that whoever he came across on his wandering had to be his apparent date from the woman behind this stupid idea. He was seriously going to kill his best friend for this.

Speaking of finding his date, he heard a females voice and he looked up at her. His eyes and mouth tilted into a soft smirk as he let himself look her over. She was gorgeous - which was an instant bonus. "Good evening." He said to her, as he moved away from the decking and their table towards her. "My name is Cairán Black, and I believe... that I am your date for this evening." He bowed slightly from the waist as he gave her a charming smile.
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