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As you open your eyes from your portkey journey, you will find that you have somehow been transported to the top of a sketchy-looking skyscraper, albeit one that (thankfully) has a flat roof. Upon first glance, the place not might look like much. Don't be too skeptical, however, as this abandoned rooftop has got it where it counts!

Take some time to walk around the square rooftop and check out the stunning view. You've arrived just in time to get a glance of the city before the sun sets and your date arrives. Feel free to wander through the rooftop garden until you find the beautiful little table set for two. The menu is magical, literally and figuratively, as all you have to do is look down into your plate and order whatever comes to mind. The chefs on the topmost floor of the building (just under you, of course) are top-notch. Don't forget about dessert and dinner wine as well, as they will be highly offended if you don't at least try all five courses available!

When you've stuffed yourself to the brim, retreat to the dark and cozy corners of the garden where other couples sit in lightly swaying hammocks or on cutesy little tree swings. Fairies flit from (nice smelling) citronella candles and the sound of a light harp seems to be coming from a gentle brook flowing throughout the garden. Take your time and enjoy the date, just don't walk too close to the edge of the building!