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First Year
*Everything I Know I Learned* *Adding Silently To The Noise*

Vlimia grinned excitedly. Dessert time! She had to admit that Chocolate Mousse & Caramel Cream sounded the best to her. But they were all going to be delicious... she just had to make sure she didn't spill anything on the brand-new outfit she had bought just for this lesson. Her parents would never buy her something red or gold, let alone put them together! It would be disgraceful to the all-Slytherin mania they had. Oh well, she was a Ravenclaw, why not break a few more rules while she was at it? Oh! A question! Vlimia's hand shot up.
"Well, gentlemen should stand up when she leaves and returns, and the one closest to her should push her chair in when she leaves, and pull it out for her when she comes back." Vlim said once chosen. She highly doubted that any gentlemen at her table would do that. Ever.
Vlimia surveyed the desserts in front of her, and ate a little of each at a time, trying to determine the ones she liked and disliked.
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