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David O. Truebridge
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80. Author's Choice - Challenge #13: Breezy
Fletcher had no idea how to pose for a magazine photoshoot, but as THE Triwizard Tournament Champion, he was trying to learn.

When the photographer chick turned on the fans in the middle of the Amazon clearing, Fletcher felt like he was being blown away. Just his hair was catching the breeze, but now his eyes were seemingly welling up…

“Are you crying?” Lacey lowered her camera just a fraction.

“Nnnnnnonono,” Fletcher stammered, blinking his watering eyes. “But could you just turn that thing off please?”

“Sure sure… Cover Girl.” Snicker. Oh this was going in the article for sure.

Dedicated to Heather aka ashwinder aka Hezza, 'cos she owns Lacey Wintringham. <333

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