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Originally Posted by EmmaCMF View Post
I might as well give Warner Brothers exclusive rights to my bank account - I'm getting the Ultimate Editions after years of waiting for them to be released in the UK, and I know I won't be able to resist the definitive edition, and then later on, the super duper edition, then the anniversary edition ...
Honestly i only bought the first two ultimate editions, cause with no additional / extended versions i really felt no need to continue buying from 3 onwards. Yes as a true collector those books aren't so bad, but think about it the pictures in those books im sure can be seen in other HP volumes like the page to screen or film wizardry. other than the black box edition released here in australia (in the UK the same one comes out aswell with 19 discs and that photo book); and 1 and 2 of the UE's, the only other item ill be buying is the definitive edition David seems to be talking about. im telling you it will be all the UE's in one box with a book no doubt, and all those new docu's plus more. but until that comes out im happy with this boxset i just box - comes out 2nd december for you guys
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