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Originally Posted by Cassandra View Post
Elizabeth looked up when she heard a voice. She smiled and blush a little, slightly embarassed. "Yes ,Ms. Gina told me to go to all the departments and tell about the strike." She shrugged. She was tired of going to the departments and telling about the cause. She wasn't feeling good, her morning sickness hasn't gone away even though she was almost 6 months along in her pregnancy. "Sorry to bother you, I was just doing what she asked." She shifted a little uncomfortable.
Dianna nodded, agreeing to let the woman enter. "Oh, I see. You could go in," Dianna told the woman. But as she saw the woman go in umcomfortably, Dianna questioned her. Not to be rude, actually.

"Are you alright?" Dianna asked. As she spoke the woman, Dianna looked at the woman's figure. And there was an odd bump on her stomach. "Are...are you pregnant? Congratulations!"

Dianna noticed something. Pregnant women shouldn't be doing these. "Uh, I could tell our Department Head, you know. It seems difficult to move in your state."

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