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Originally Posted by Maxilocks View Post

She turned to face the class, as if nothing had happened.

"Welcome to the Defense Against the Dark Arts course. I'm Sarani Glass, and I will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. If you could all take turns to tell me your names, years and, if you've chosen to pursue Defense at NEWT level, the reason you've decided to do so."

OOC: The lesson has now STARTED. Please don't RP your characters arriving late. If YOU are joining the class just now, pretend that your charrie was there all along. =)

William turned away from August and looked forward as Professor Glass addressed the class. He had absolutely no idea what NEWTs were, besides being a type of lizard. Feeling pretty sure the Professor was not talking about lizards, Will decided to answer the other questions she had asked.
"William MacGhilleseathenaich, professor," he said. "I am a first-year Ravenclaw. A-and I don't know what NEWTs are but I like Defense Against the Dark Arts!" He lowered his hand.
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