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Kurumi's eyes narrowed. 30 points? What was this woman trying to prove? Kurumi wasn't impressed. Harpy. That was going to be her nickname in Kurumi's head. Professor Harpy. She bit her lower lip and was tempted to raise her hand and point out that nothing in her rules denied Josh the right to wear heels. No dress code was listed in their rules besides respecting others. But, Kurumi didn't want to be hexed into next week for pointing out the woman was being ridiculous.

Instead, she sat up a bit straighter before raising her hand to speak. "I am Kurumi Hollingberry, forth year in Gryffindor," she said with as steady a voice as she could muster. But then she froze. NEWTs? Was this a NEWT level class? Kurumi wasn't even at the age for her OWLs yet, so this was news to her. Not to mention that she was pretty sure most of the people in the classroom at the moment were first years. "As for whether or not I have chosen to take NEWT level Defense Against the Dark Arts or not, I am undecided, but most likely will do so to broaden my understanding of the magical world and magic as a whole." Defense Against the Dark Arts was sort of a witch's bread and butter when it came to the world, right? "In the future, I may pursue a career working with magical creatures, so the study of Dark Arts and Dark Creatures is essential for this field."

Aaaaaaaand she was putting her hand down now before Professor Harpy could glare at her or something.

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