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quill The Life and Times of Remus Lupin - Sa13+

The Life And Times Of Remus Lupin

Hey, everybody! This is my first fanfiction. Hope you guys enjoy it, and thanks for reading If you're wondering, I got tons of background info on this story from other HP websites. I was reading "The Hobbit" when I wrote this, and so it kind of inspired the way I tell the first part. Fun fact: the Lupin house was inspired by my grandparents' house.

Disclaimer: J.K.R owns everything Harry Potter, I own nothing Harry Potter.

The First Transformation
A Werewolf at Hogwarts
Not a Furry Little Problem
Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail and Prongs
Waiting for Tonks

The First Transformation
It was a day like any other for eight-year old Remus Lupin, who was enjoying the weather and playing outside while his parents watched. But he was no ordinary boy. He was a wizard. He could make strange events occur whenever he liked. In the presence of Muggles, however, he wasn’t allowed to show any sign of abnormality. It was getting rather difficult to hide, and Remus was more than anxious to start attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, he would finally meet more people of his kind, and learn how to use his magic properly. He had three more years to wait, and until then, he was forced to remain at home so as not to arouse any suspicion from non-magical eyes (I mean to say, how would you feel if someone unintentionally set your desk on fire?). He knew that his parents loved him and were just “thinking of what’s best for him”. This isolation wasn’t their fault. It was Wizarding law: until the age of eleven, all witches and wizards must be home-schooled. Still, poor Remus had no siblings to share his anxiety with. He felt like a bird in a cage, not unlike a certain dark-haired boy with round glasses and a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead (but they wouldn’t meet for many, many years).

The Lupins lived in a very hilly part of the country. On this crisp, autumn day, Remus was trying to change the color of the apples on one of the many trees that lived in his enormous backyard, to no avail. Remus scowled. “Why aren’t any of the apples changing color?” He asked his mother.

“Well, honey, you have to focus on just one of them in order to do it,” she replied sweetly.

Remus nodded, then made another attempt. This time, the apple in front of him went from a bright green to a dark shade of red. He beamed proudly at his creation.

“Very good, Remus,” Mrs. Lupin cheered, patting her son on the back and kissing him on the cheek. “I have to go in the house for a moment. Will you feel safe if I let you stay out here by yourself?”

“I’ll be just fine! Don’t worry,” answered Remus. He watched as his mother walked over to their back door, opened it, and went inside.

Beyond this tree was a vast forest. Remus never dared to venture into it before. Who knows what could be in there. His curiosity suddenly got the best of him. Warily, he stepped closer to the forest. Then, he took notice of something that made his blood freeze. A pair of glowing eyes were staring back at him.

Needless to say, Remus was deathly afraid of these eyes. He wanted to run, but fear seemed to have rooted his legs to the ground. Out of the forest walked a monstrous wolf. Its yellow eyes were still glaring at Remus, looking ravenous and licking its lips. Yet its face appeared to be… almost human-like. Wasn’t this a creature he’d heard about in the stories his father told him? Impossible, the boy thought. By now, Remus came back to his senses. He broke into a run. Being so young, he could run extremely fast, but the wolf was faster. It caught up to him in no time, chasing him up a hill. Remus stopped at the top to catch his breath, while the wolf turned around in front of him.

“Please don’t hurt me!” he begged. The wolf clearly didn’t hear him, because it lunged at him, sinking its teeth into his arm. Immediately, Remus fell backwards and rolled down the hill, only stopping when he reached the bottom. The wolf pawed its way down the hill, gave him a sneer, and ran back into the woods.

Mr. and Mrs. Lupin had heard their son’s cries and ran to see him, lying on the grass. One look at the bite and his mother burst into tears. His father was in total shock. “What did this to you?” he asked.

Wincing, Remus told them about the wolf.

“But somehow, I don’t think it was a real wolf. Its face looked like a man’s!” He paused nervously. “You don’t think I was bitten by… a werewolf… do you?”

His mother and father looked at him in surprise. From what Remus had described, it sure did look as though he had just been attacked by a werewolf. But they weren’t about to tell their son the bad news just yet. He was only a boy, and he’d be scared out of his wits if he knew. However, they had the next full moon to worry about… what to do?! They exchanged worried glances. Mrs. Lupin took her son’s hand.

“I’m sure it was only a plain old wolf. You have nothing to worry about! Come on, Remus. Let’s get that bite all cleaned up.” Back in the house, she laid a few drops of essence of dittany over the crude teeth marks. It did the trick, causing the wound to slowly fade away, until all that could be seen was healthy skin. Relieved, Remus thanked his mother, took a snack from the pantry, and went to his room to practice some more magic. Thank goodness that’s over, he thought while levitating a book. He had no idea that it was far from over. The werewolf still lurked in the forest, and his name was Fenrir Greyback.

Remus went on about his business during the following month. November arrived, and so did the full moon. Knowing what was about to come, the Lupins knew it was best to take Remus outside for the night.

“But it’s late, and it’s so cold,” Remus argued. “I’ll freeze to death!”

“Don’t be silly, son,” his father said. “It does a body good to get outside, especially when it’s a growing boy like yourself.”

Grudgingly, Remus put on his sweater, boots and winter jacket. Snow was beginning to fall lightly as he marched outdoors. He turned around to see if his parents followed, but found himself alone, as they were watching from inside. The full moon glared in the distance. Remus never noticed just how beautiful it was until now. Then again, there were many things that boys his age didn’t notice. Like the paws that were growing on his hands… He did a double take. No way. He peered into the house.

“Mum, what’s happening to me?” he screamed. The Lupins could only watch in horror, for fear of what their son might do when he fully transformed. Pain like nothing he’d ever experienced before surged through his being. Gray fur was sprouting from his toes to his face. His sense of smell grew sharper (was that a rabbit deep in the forest?), and his eyes turned from hazel to yellow. He hunched over on all fours. Suddenly, he had the urge to hunt. He let out a ferocious howl. I think it’s safe to say that he no longer felt human. In this way, Remus Lupin was cursed for the rest of his life.

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