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Laurie had had enough of the MLE offices and all the racket that the bloody MLES head constantly made rambling on about this and that and trying to act important. CERTAIN people actually DID have IMPORTANT things to do. Today was a don't bother me or I will KILL you kind of day it seemed.

So now she sat at her desk in the bowels of the Ministry enjoying the solitude and actually getting her case files done for a change. At least down here had one benefit aside from keeping Mr. High and Mighty Auror away from her as well as Mr. Loud Mouth, it kept her from going off to find Hunter. She still didn't know what it was about him that drew her and she didn't like it.

As she was signing her name to yet another sheet of parchment she frowned as she heard VOICES. Who in the.... Dropping her quill she looked around expecting to hear someone coming to find her but the voices didn't get any louder. And they were talking about a memo.... What? Were they holding a meeting in one of her coutrooms? AND SHE WASN'T TOLD!!! Oh she'd have a talk with Evander alright. Hmph.

Ever the curious though she listened intently. To what might be said. Never hurt to have inside information.
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