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Post Harry's First Summer at Camp Half-Blood - Sa13+

Harry's First Summer at Camp Half-Blood
I own none of these characters - they all belong to JK Rowling and Rick Riordan.

Chapter 1

Percy's POV

I woke up with a start, my best friend Grover was shaking me. Grover by the way is a saytr. "What is it? It's only," I looked down at my watch that my half-brother Tyson had made for me, "Half-past eight!"

Grover shook his head, "Yeah, but you have to come. Chiron has called a council, quick!" and on that note, he trotted out of the room.

I pulled my trousers on, and wriggled into my top, then as quick as possible ran out of the door to the Big House.

"Ah, my dear boy," Chiron said from his wheelchair. "Come and sit down, Mr. D. will be here as soon as possible, I think."

So I walked over to him and sat next to Annabeth and Clarisse. "What took you so long Seaweed Brain, we've already started!" exclaimed Annabeth.

Although we act like we don't get on half of the time, Annabeth and I are really good friends, maybe even more sometimes!

"As I was saying," Chiron continued, "Grover is going to be off to England, to meet a couple of new half-bloods; he will be back on Tuesday." Grover stood there and nodded, "And that is why we need somebody to go with him and collect them, any volunteers?"

To everyone's supprise it was Clarisse who raised her hand up fastest, followed by me and Annabeth.

"What? Just because Ares is my dad doesn't mean that I can't go and meet some new half-bloods. They might be my half- brother or sister," Clarisse stated.

We all looked shocked but Chiron nodded, "Very well then. Grover and Clarisse will go and collect these new campers."

I went out to the sword arena after that. I beat the Hermes campers easily, then my next class was...ARCHERY!!!!!! I nearly killed one of Apollos kids, not purpously, but i shot him in the arm!

Then the time came for Grover and Clarisse to leave. Grover had his fake feet on and his cap, and Clarisse had her sword swung over her back. They hiked up Half-Blood Hill and walked out onto the main road. They would be back in about two days time with even more new campers. They were apparently called Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger!

Harry's POV

We were waiting at the airport for about two days! I couldn't believe it! The term at Hogwarts would start soon. And then I heard a voice, an American, call out my name. It must have been the helper Grover. He walked in a funny way, and had a girl at his side. She looked tough, her hair was cut short and she had something slung over her back. I couldn't make out what it was as it looked fuzzy, like a cross between a sword and a baseball bat.

They walked over to us and announced themselves as Grover (as I expected) and Clarisse. I didn't like the look of Clarisse, and I don't think that she liked me! They helped us with our bags and Ron fell over.

"Come on Ron, it's not for that long, and Hermione is with us anyway. It will be fun!" But he didn't look like he believed me and I didn't really believe me!

I absolutely hated the plane ride over. Ron looked like he loved it, and Hermione was sat behind us reading a book, as always! Then we finally touched the ground, I made a huge sigh of relief although I loved playing Quidditch, I found out that I hated hights!

We were taken to a car. There was a driver wearing a suit sitting in front whilst Ron, Hermione, Clarisse, Grover and I all squeezed into the back.
We drove along country roads until we finally came to some life, although the only life that I could see was strawberries! The driver drove up to the bottom of the hill, and opened the doors. I was sure that I could see an eye at the back of his neck but as soon as I blinked, it disappeared.
We carried our bags up the hill to a gate. There was a load of writing above it, and it took me a few minuets to decipher but I finally worked it out. It said Half-Blood Hill!

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