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The Triad

Welcome to The Triad this is the first time the three of us ever formed a shop together we hope it doesn't become overwhelming so we hope you enjoy and subscribe to us.

Hi y'all my name is Kevin I'm 21 I have been doing graphic's for a long time please don't ask how long because I will start feeling old hehe. I went to college at the Art Institute of New York majoring in graphic design this will be my 7th shop so far on Snitch Seeker. I am inspired my Asian media when it comes to art and you just might see that in some of my works

SPOILER!!: Examples:
SPOILER!!: Avatars

SPOILER!!: Signatures

SPOILER!!: Profile Pictures
Coming Soon

SPOILER!!: Contest Wins

Hi! I'm Niels I'm from the Netherlands and I've been working with photoshop for a few years now. I liked making graphics for ever! This is my second shop, and I look forward to making your request

SPOILER!!: Examples:
SPOILER!!: avatars

SPOILER!!: siggies


SPOILER!!: contest wins

Hey everyone! It's me, Yusra. I've been making graphics for over 4 years now and well, decided to team up with two awesome graphicators - Kevin and Niels. Hopefully this time around, my university wouldn't take over my life O____O

SPOILER!!: Examples:
SPOILER!!: Icons:

SPOILER!!: Siggy:

SPOILER!!: Profile pics:

Grab bags:

Tom Felton [x] By Kevin

We are open for Requests.


What do you want : Avi, PP, Sig or Set
Name of your actor or actress :
Hogwarts or Ministry Character :
Text :
Theme (optional) :

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