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Stormdancer 01-15-2020 10:24 AM

Transfiguration I: Halloween Costumes

For today’s Transfiguration seminar, the class is being held in one of the larger classrooms, to allow extra space and for ease of all involved. Don’t worry too much though, that just means your classroom is closer to the Great Hall and you have a few extra minutes to eat your sandwiches. Remember, Professor Eris’ expects you to have built up plenty of energy for today’s lesson, especially considering we have just finished lunch and it is Monday. You are still feeling refreshed after the weekend, yes?

As you step into the class Professor Eris is waiting for you, wearing a deep navy set of robes. He’s leaning on the front of his desk, relaxed and waiting for you all to arrive. There is a large rail to the side of his desk, as tall as the Professor and easily two arm spans long. Upon looking it over further though the only thing you can see past the purple velvet cover, are the feet - and unfortunately that doesn’t give you much clue towards the lesson today.

Today, the tables are set up for group work, 2x2 desks create four spaces per area and there are piles of a5 and a4 cut pieces of parchment in the middle of each cluster. Between the piles, is a tub filled with a wide variety of colouring pencils.

As you get comfortable, if you look past the covered rail and Professor Eris himself you will see that there is a single word written on the blackboard behind his desk.


Originally Posted by Blackboard

OOC: Hello! And welcome to our first OOC class of this year! For your information, this class is happening on Monday, 26th of October 2100 and it is, as mentioned, just after lunch! ^_^ IC-wise please remember that we are almost two months into classes with Professor Eris’ so this wouldn’t be your first time meeting him.

Before joining us, please make sure you have read the rules and expectations for Transfiguration this term.

Class will officially start in roughly 24 - 36 hours from this post.

Harron Peasley 01-15-2020 01:35 PM

You know when the perfect time for a nap was? Monday after lunch. When he was all warm and full of food and ready to curl up and finish the sleep that Monday morning interrupted.

You know when the worst time for Transfiguration lessons was? Monday after lunch, for all the reasons mentioned above, plus the fact that Transfiguration was difficult.

Jó was surprised to find himself one of the first in the classroom, and would have backtracked quickly if he wasn't sure he'd be noticed. At least, he thought, as he nodded to Professor Eris and found a seat near the middle of the classroom, today's lesson looked as though it could be interesting. You know, what with the pens and the weird covered rail and the text on the board.

Maybe it wouldn't be the worst Monday afternoon. But even so, could he squeeze in a nap before everyone else arrived?

Ginevra 01-15-2020 01:51 PM

Fiona entered the Transfiguration classroom with a full stomach having eaten a rather substantial lunch. She greeted her teacher with a smile and a "Good afternoon, Professor Eris." Fiona then sat down at the front of the classroom, casually looking upon such items as the parchment, coloured pencils and the writing on the blackboard.

Kimothy 01-15-2020 02:39 PM

Halfway through the day, Drewett was starting to feel a bit tired. They had just eaten lunch, of course, and he was grateful for that break. He has come to terms with the fact that all NEWT-level students are just exceptionally tired these days. He'd never miss a class or seminar regardless, which is why he was entering the large classroom for today's seminar.

....Yes, he also noticed the feet. Drewett's eyebrows furrowed at the sight of them. This was strange. Then he saw the word on the board, and it quickly reminded him of just how close they were the Halloween. He was especially looking forward to the themed food for dinner on that day.

"Good afternoon, professor," the seventh year greeted the man with a polite nod, before finding himself a seat. He was fairly certain that they would be working in groups for this seminar. The set-up was quite obvious. Drewett hoped his friends would come.

Weasley174 01-15-2020 04:24 PM

Tom walked into the classroom a smile on his face, he walked passed the Professor. "After..." He stopped as he stared at the board. "Professor, are we going trick a treating?" Now that would be the best lesson ever, just going around all the Professor's offices, saying trick a treat.

Tom then remember his manners. "Afternoon Professor, Hope you are well today." He then went and sat down.

littledhampir 01-15-2020 05:11 PM

Alexandre was feeling energetic, actually. He usually was, to be honest. But he especially was today because he was looking forward to Transfiguration. He entered the room with a cheerful smile. "Hello, uh, professor." And then he laughed a little, because referring to him as professor was funny. He was uncle Carwyn. (Well, his grandma's brother technically, but still).Without Nova at school anymore, Alexandre felt lonely sometimes so it was nice having family at Hogwarts.

After the greeting Alexandre was immediately distracted by the curtain. What was behind it? He had to know. He stared at it for a few seconds, as if trying to see through it. Of course, that yielded no results. His gaze then moved to the blackboard. Halloween? That sounded fun! Alexandre liked Halloween! Dressing up and getting candy was always a good time. He made his way to a desk near the front of the room, then looked back at uncle Carwyn. "Are we going to color?" That's what it seemed like, judging by the papers and colored pencils. This already seemed like it was going to be a very fun lesson.

love-for-HP 01-15-2020 06:07 PM

Blake was ready for Halloween! such a fun Holiday! He missed trick or treating with his mom. But getting into Transfiguration raised his spirits a bit! There were colored pencils to! Was this a Muggle Studies class?? Seemed liked it from the beginning.

Taking a seat excited and ready to start the class he took a look around to see who was at his set of desks.

Samia 01-15-2020 08:18 PM

Transfiguration was good. Missa enjoyed the subject - and now more so because she had gotten a good OWL grade in it. But despite it all, she didn't really appreciate a class right after lunch - especially since all she wanted to do now was take a nap and not be in class. A long, nice nap.

But she was here. And trying to look anything but so obviously sleepy.

Smiling at the professor, she greeted the man, "good afternoon professor," before deciding to go sit with the first person she saw; Drewett. They were definitely going to be doing a group thing - and who better to be with. At least until Eiji arrived.

"hello hello" she smiled at the older boy, before settling down besides him. "slow Monday, huh?"

Fireheart 01-15-2020 08:18 PM

Avalon was feeling slightly more energetic than she usually did after lunchtime, thanks to her heaping goblet of sugary pumpkin juice. Although the fact that it was only Monday was a bit disheartening. At least there was Halloween to look forward to at the end of the week. And by the looks of it, today's Transfiguration lesson might have something to do with that.

"Good afternoon, Professor Eris," Avalon said with a wave as she plopped down next to one of her housemates, Alexandre. She greeted him with a friendly nod before her eyes landed on the colored pencils. Would they be COLORING today? Now that would be pretty awesome. "How has your term been so far, Alexandre?" she asked the fellow Ravenclaw. She had been so busy lately with her assignments that she hadn't had much time to socialize with her housemates.

Waterloo 01-15-2020 08:26 PM

When Cora entered the classroom, she was still eating her lunch - today's delicacy, cheese and pickle. With extra pickle, obviously. Paying no attention to the blackboard, the rail, or any of the other props in the room, she made her way to one of the vacant tables nearer the back, furthest away from the Professor, stuffing her face as she went.

"Don't worry," she announced to the Professor, holding her hands up and swallowing what was left before flopping ungracefully into her seat. Cora Dredworth had about as much poise as a mountain troll in the ballet. "S'all gone."

Almost all of it anyway. All of it except that little bit of pickle still on her chin.

hjhm 01-15-2020 09:21 PM

Jillian read the word written on the board and she got psyched. She enjoys Halloween because there are tons of fun stuff to do other than dressing up. Although she has to admit that the best part of Halloween is the dressing up. Of course this was Transfiguration so maybe they're not going to make costumes today. There is still a ton of possibilities but she can't be too sure to what it is. She can tell it is going to be a fun class.

Giving the professor a smile, she greeted "Hello, Professor." before taking a seat near the corner left.

TakemetotheBurrow 01-15-2020 10:52 PM

Hi cora!
Big lunches always made this little blonde lion tired, but she still managed to put a little pep in her step as she arrived for class. "Hello Professor," She greeted cheerfully, offering him a little wave. The word on the black board hadn't escaped her notice and she smiled a little, wondering if that meant candy was in her future. Maybe he'd make an exception to the no food rule just this once? Maybe.

Spotting an older Gryffindor, the second year went RIGHT over and took a seat by her, deciding it'd be good to make friends with some more older kids from her house. "Hi." Hello. She'd be sitting here!

FearlessLeader19 01-15-2020 11:09 PM

Claudine was pleased about the location of today’s Transfiguration lesson. The time that she would have taken to walk to the usual room was used to eat a little longer. For some reason, she hadn’t been that hungry and practically had to force herself to eat. Upon entering the room, she first noticed the rail and that purple cover. Her expression remained neutral as she turned it to her Professor. “Good afternoon, Professor.''

A glance at the seating arrangements had her inwardly groaning. She would have to sit with others. How unfortunate. At least she will be avoiding Blake. “Hi, Fiona,’’ Claudine hopped onto the seat next to her dorm mate and only then looked at the board.


Hey Ju 01-15-2020 11:31 PM

Cece and Cora!
Catherine truly enjoyed Transfigurations, it was, in her opinion, on her her best subjects. She also really loved the idea of colouring and the sight of the pieces of parchment and the colouring pencils would've made her heart happy if only... they were to sit in individual desks.

But they were all set up in groups of four.

The Ravenclaw froze on spot just outside of the classroom door, blinking at the sight and pursing her lips ever so slightly. Before she entered the room, she wanted to spot at least one person she knew with whom she could sit. Otherwise... no.

It was a good thing Cecelia was already there and it didn't take Catherine too long to spot her blonde best friend. Ignoring her mother's advice to at least try and make new friends, the first year made a beeline towards where Cecelia was sitting and, trying to ignore the fact she would be sitting with two Gryffindors - Merlin help her - Catherine took one of the remaining seats in their group.

It was only then that she realised she hadn't greeted the professor, and by now it would be too awkward to say anything. Of course her face turned bright red, even though she tried her best to push the thought aside.

Urgh, what a start to the afternoon...

PhoenixRising 01-16-2020 12:50 AM

cora. cece. catherine. may as well make it the c group :P
Transfiguration was one of Carsyn's more interesting lessons; it was practical and usually was pretty hands on. Although the fifth year wasn't too sure about the new professor just yet, but was grateful that they didn't call teachers by their first names. Cause Carwyn .... Carsyn ... too similar if anyone asked her and could easily be misspoken.

Catching glimpse of the word on the blackboard, Carsyn was reminded that meant costumes and she still had zero idea what to dress up as. Why couldn't halloween be like when they were kids and you could just dress up as your favorite cartoon character? It seemed to require much more thought the older you got, as you were expected to pull off something zany and fun, whilst simultaneously looking attractive too. And if you were coupled, then couple costumes were to be expected. Of course she had done a "couple costume" with one of her best friends last year, but it was different.

"Good afternoon, Professor Eris." She greeted, making a beeline for the remaining seat at Cora's desk cluster along with Cecelia and a first year Ravenclaw that Carsyn didn't really know yet but was sure she had a brother who was a first year gryffindor "You should go as a pickle monster for Halloween, Cor." Cause she was already halfway there and also, that was her hint of saying she was wearing half her lunch.

SilverTiger 01-16-2020 01:07 AM

One thing that, oddly, last term had made Carys consider, and did actually help with not feeling so lethargic after lunch, was the idea of going vegetarian. She wasn’t about to give up sweets, especially chocolate, but not eating as much heavy food at lunch did give her more energy afterward. Especially since she had so much to do between fitting in Quidditch practice whenever she could use the RoR, helping to fix up the Hufflepuff garden and, of course, her prefect duties. The weekend had gone as well as it could have, but there had still been a bit of Monday-itis in the morning.

It had mostly passed by the afternoon, though, so she was relatively excited for the seminar as she’d made her way over to the classroom, slipping inside with a smile and making her way over to an open grouping of desks. “Good afternoon, Professor Eris,” she said once she’d settled into her seat, giving the man at the front a smile. Even more of one once she noticed the drawing supplies in the center of the cluster of desks. Between the word inscribed on the blackboard and the colored pencils, she figured the lesson was going to be interesting.

Felixir 01-16-2020 01:31 AM

Kaiser was about ready for this day to be over, but it was still only just after lunch. There was nothing to be done about it, and as he had only recently spent an entire week cooped up away from people and lessons and homework, even he knew he needed to show his face more, lest someone get on his case about attendance. The last thing he needed was any sort of confrontation about something that didn't matter; he was liable to absolutely lose it, and that was the last thing he wanted (or needed) to happen.

Without saying a word, though managing a short nod towards the Professor - this was probably expected at this point in the term, his usual polite greetings had long since gone out the proverbial window - Kaiser entered the classroom. It took him a second, if that, to get the lay of the land, as it were, before he silently took up a place at one of the tables.

Joining Drewett, as it happened. Oh, he got the usual stab of guilt, same as every other time he saw Drew or someone said his name or what have you, but... well, his mind was on other things today. Which was its own brand of terrible, but did at least mean it was not too difficult to be near his Ravenclaw fr-... acq-... associate.

Charely Potter 01-16-2020 01:45 AM

Curtis was back for another Transfiguration lesson, now what would be in store today? It was near Halloween so the hype was flowing through his veins as he entered the room. "Hello Professor." Cue one of his cheeky grins. Then he noticed the room layout...

Oh, groups. Curtis shrugged, being a team player was a new thing for him. But it was cool, because it meant he didn't have to put as much effort as when by himself. He decided to sit near the other Slytherins for today.

hermionesclone 01-16-2020 02:17 AM



It was safe to say that Lucas was confused, and it showed in the furrowing of his eyebrows and the look in his eyes. He had hardly stepped into the room when his green eyes caught sight of the rail and then the...... feet?? Yeah, those were feet. An unsettling feeling settled into the pit of his stomach and he couldn’t help but wonder what this had to do with the lesson.

If there was a body there........

No. No no no. He wasn’t thinking about it.

Looking away, his eyes caught onto the Professor and he tried his best to give him a smile. "Hello, Professor." Turning around, he glanced around the room and he couldn’t help but feel something drop in the pit of his stomach. Group work? They had to work in GROUPS?! Uggggg-

But it was then that his eyes landed directly on someone he knew very well and suddenly, the idea of working as part of a group didn’t seem so bad. Except, this ~someone~ looked a little tired, from what he could tell. Amused, Lucas made a beeline for and sat down right next to him. And as his duties as the boy’s best friend, he gave him a sharp nudge on his side and whispered, "Wakey wakey!"

DaniDiNardo 01-16-2020 02:26 AM

Completing the Kaiser, Drew, Missa table
Why anyone thought he would be energetic after eating his belly full mere minutes ago was beyond him. Did the professor know nothing about food comas? Was he not familiar with the feeling of tons of food sinking to the bottom of your stomach and weighing you down to the point that even existing seemed like more effort than you could currently muster? It was unreal, as were lessons after lunch—and at 8. School needed to have a better balance, he wasn’t sure he was cut out for this, even after nearly 7 years.

Entering the room, Kodee grumble!mumbled something like a greeting to the Professor, his hand half lifting in a wave before flopping back to his side.

What was this? Group work? Fours? Only one spot left by Kaiser? With only marginally more pep in his step, the 7th year moved over to the table that held his friends and that Ravenclaw girl. He flopped down, feeling vastly more accomplished than anyone had a right to feel given the limited effort actually expended. “I’m so full I can’t see straight.” He said to the general table. If only the table were bigger. He had Drew and Kaiser here, but there was no room for when Al and Gunnar showed up. Or Kenzie for that matter. There was no room for anyone else.

Was this deliberate? Would the professor really mind if they added more chairs? He had questions.

Anna Banana 01-16-2020 03:03 AM

Edit: Joined a group two posts down!
It was a Monday, and if nothing else, Mondays were just good for reminding Isla that yesterday she got to sleep in, and today she didn't. She wasn't late to class, but she wasn't exactly walking with bounces in her steps either. It didn't take long for the first year to make her way from the Great Hall to the classroom either.

The first thing she always did when she stepped into a Hogwarts classroom was to take a good look around. You never knew what to expect from room to room, and there was always some surprise hiding behind a sheet or just out of view. She smiled at the professor. "Hello, Professor," she said. In true Hogwarts fashion, there was something just out of her view right beside the professor. Hmm...

She eyed the tables just before randomly selecting one. Ohh, were they going to color today? Fun!

BanaBatGirl 01-16-2020 03:08 AM

Blake (and Curtis, you're here)
"Hello, Professor," Bernie greeted the man, happily reading the board as she walked in and tried to decide where to sit. If they were going to be discussing Halloween, were they going to get Halloween CANDY as well??? Candy was one of the few things Bernie cared deeply about at this point in her life. And also, she wondered what all the coloring utensils were for. Halloween cards to go with the candy???

She drifted further into the classroom as more and more students arrived and pushed her into the corner of a desk. Oh, well, was this a Slytherin table? She noticed the older boy, the one who had been forced out of Defense class for being late, sitting here... and look who was with him!

"Blake Ryan!' Bernie declared loudly, sitting down across from him with a grin. Well, her seat was chosen. She turned to the other Slytherin too. "Hi, I'm Bernie. I hope we get Halloween candy today."

Anna Banana 01-16-2020 03:23 AM

Joining Bernie, Curtis, and Blake (group of four now, yes?)
Isla had literally just gotten comfortable at a table all by herself, when she realized there was a free spot at a nearby table. Not only that, she knew all three of the other occupants, so it was a win-win! There was Curtis, who she now knew was her head-of-house's son. Then Blake and Bernie were also there, and they were about her age.

The first year quickly gathered up her stuff and moved over to the other table before that last spot was snagged. "Hey, guys! I hope you don't mind me snagging this last spot," she said. And if they did? Well, HOW RUDE! She honestly didn't think they'd have a problem with it, though. Not even Curtis who, every time she saw him, seemed like one of the unhappiest people she'd met here. The first year slid into the empty seat and placed her bag by her feet.

LilFox06 01-16-2020 04:10 AM

"Hello Professor." Valencia greeted brightly as she entered. She practically skipped over to the seat. The small Ravenclaw was, of course, cheerful because it was time to learn things! She was pretty much a sterotype at this point.

She took a seat and peered at what she assumed where poster making materials. Hmm.

ArianaBlack 01-16-2020 04:38 AM

hi jó & lucas
Nina wasn't too thrilled about having a lesson so close to the Great Hall. It meant that food smells would most likely penetrate the room and they'd have to unwillingly sit with it without complaint. She wouldn't be complaining, for the record, but it would be written all over her face should it be the case. As she made her way into the classroom, her eyes flickered towards the strange, purple curtain. She had questions. Several of them, actually. Though she wouldn't be asking any outloud.

She didn't stop to greet her Professor, as was her norm. Though she did pause to give him a polite acknowledgment with a look. It was only then that she turned her attention to the most important task of all: choosing a seat. Immediately she felt drawn to sit by Drewett, but his table was full. While she was somewhat fond of Kaiser, she wasn't particularly keen on that Kodee boy after the way he had so immaturely interrupted their group in the Ministry and she also didn't have the best repertoire with Missa. So maybe it was for the best that there wasn't an extra seat at their table.

She continued scanning the room, next noticing that dumb, disruptive boy sorted into her house. Curtis was a nuisance and there was no way that Nina Castillo would EVER willingly work in a group with him. So no. That was a pass. He would probably find a way to land his group in detention and Nina had done her time last term, thank you very much.

Her eyes brightened when she saw Józef had room at his table, and (IN THE MOST RESERVED MANNER EVER, BECAUSE SHE WAS MATURE) Nina sped over to join him. No one would steal her spot. Thanks! Nina would NOT be caught sitting at a table with first years. Imagine the horror. "Józef," she greeted him with her most dazzling smile, before then turning to Lucas. "Lucas," she greeted him as well, though not with as much excitement. "May I join your table?" She asked the boys while she flattened her skirt.

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