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Term 62: September - December 2022 Term Sixty-Two: The Gift of the Peeves (Sept 2108 - June 2109)

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Old 08-20-2022, 08:24 PM
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Default The Forbidden Forest

Graphic credit: Felixir

At the very edge of the school grounds lies the Forbidden Forest, huge and sprawling, as seen from the vantage point of the castle. While this place has its uses, its intriguing secrets, and is called home many creatures and beings, it is also dangerous. You should safely assume that all the rumours you've heard about the Forbidden Forest are true, and keep a safe distance from the treeline. Who knows what may be lurking in the shadows? The place has an ominous and foreboding aura about it, not that you should be getting close enough to truly feel it.

In case the name is too subtle a hint, the Forbidden Forest is strictly off-limits to all Hogwarts students. No student is to enter the Forbidden Forest without staff accompaniment. That is a firm school rule. And no, before you ask, Professor Hernandez is NOT going to be swayed otherwise.

Students lurking at the edge of the Forest should be prepared to be treated with the utmost suspicion by any staff member who happens to spot them. Those with anything resembling good sense will give the entire area a wide berth.
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Yeah, thought not.

Although, this wasn't too bad, was it? Kamran looked over the group again, but mostly the students. He'd known plenty of kids over the years who might call out an incorrect answer 'just for fun' or 'for science', but for the most part he knew he had little cause for concern with this lot. At least in that regard.

Consider his relief palpable when that blasted book was returned to them. Kamran had been absolutely certain that the answer was correct, but a tiny doubt had nagged at him all the same, as they tended to do in situations where such things were unhelpful and unwelcome.

The Headmaster let out a long exhale, then allowed himself a smile. "Thank you," he said to the Sphinx, and jingle-stepped forward to Anders, who had retrieved the book. "Let's see if our recipe is inside, shall we, Mr Anders?" Not to doubt Peeves, that peddler of chaos, or anything. "Then I suppose we ought to banish it back to the school and Professor Hernandez, make sure he gets it a lot quicker." Unless anyone present happened to have the power to summon post owls, of course. A man could hope.


If they were all leaving again already, perhaps Milo would stay. He had questions for this sphinx, and was tempted to propose an exchange of their repertoire of riddles. He had answered, and invented, a great many, enough that he was sure now that one who thought up riddles might be good at solving them. The sphinx, being more sentient and, perhaps, willing to engage in spontaneous conversation than the door knocker in Ravenclaw tower, might be just what Milo needed.

Also, he found he liked the forest more than the the rest of the grounds, so out in the open, so besieged with history and interference. Maybe it was the trees, providing cover, but he suspected otherwise.

"How do you know Mr Hernandez wasn't in on it?" Not saying he was, either, but how could they be sure? Milo had piggy-backed onto this quest a little late, but he intuited that they were operating on more trust than was probably wise. Possible pitfalls everywhere. Literal ones even, perhaps.
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While Norman was confident that cat was the correct answer to the riddle, he wasn’t letting his guard down just yet. He hoped the Sphinx hadn’t grown into her nature enough to actually maim them on the off chance that their answer was wrong. Just in case, he was mentally prepared to throw up a magical barrier or if all else failed, stand between the Sphinx and the students. Fortunately, neither were necessary, as the Sphinx set the book down in front of their little group. “Thank you for your help,” he said with a polite bow of the head to the Sphinx.

Mission accomplished… well, almost. They still had to get the book to Hernandez’s group… a task which magic would make a lot faster. No sooner had that thought popped into his head that Kazmi suggested using the banishing charm. He stepped forward, joining the headmaster and Anders. “Right, let’s get to it then,” he said, already drawing his wand. With a sidelong glance at Anders, he added, “Be prepared to let go of that book. We wouldn’t want to banish you with it!”

After pausing a moment to allow the others time to get ready to cast, he aimed his wand at the book. “Ready?” he said. “Depulso!”

Well, what do you know? Cat was the right answer! Desiree was pleased. Not only had she just correctly guessed the answer to a riddle, but they finally had the book with the potion recipe that would end her transformations. Not a moment too soon! She was sick of being a beast! Could she go back to being a beauty, please?

Her mood improved even more when she heard what they needed to do next. Banishing charm? Now that was something she could do (provided she stayed human long enough to cast it)! Moving aside slightly so she could see around all the professors who were a lot taller than her, she aimed her wand at the book. She carefully made the sort of U-shaped wand movement and said confidently, “Depulso!”

Did that work? As she waited to see the results of her spell, something one of the other students (Milo) said got her thinking. Was Professor Hernandez actually in on this? She didn’t want to believe that any of the professors would do such a thing, but it would explain the false hope misdirect with the Felix Felicis lesson… and the fact that he only acted when Peeves’s “gifts” affected him personally. She wasn’t stupid enough to say anything with so many professors present, but she might have to talk to Milo about it later.

Then another thought occurred to her. What happens when multiple people cast the Banishing charm on the same thing at the same time? Would that make it go farther? Like, if the whole school cast one on Peeves, would that banish him to another dimension (preferably the one with that monster her dad told her about)?
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With some jingles from Kazmi ringing in her ears, Jude flicked to the back of the book. It was, after all, where Peeves had revealed the details of the potion were written. A quick scan of the back pages told him that the Poltergeist indeed was telling the truth. “It’s here,’’ Jude remarked, a heavy wave of relief rushing through him. Even if he had sort of grown attached to the butterflies he had the ability to summon, the sixth year was sure going to miss their presence.

Banishing the book back to the Castle was a pretty neat idea. The Hufflepuff eyed Carton. The thought of being banished did not amuse him and he immediately nodded. “Ready.’’ Wait! EVERYONE was going to cast the spell?! Was that necessary?

But the moment the group uttered the first syllable of the incantation, Jude let go of the book and watch streaks of light hit it.


He was safe and sound, ready to head back to his sisters, please and thanks.
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follow me; everything is all right.

The spells hit their target. The book began to drift away from the group, slowly at first but gradually picking up speed until it shot out of sight. It made its journey back to the castle where it would soon appear in the dungeons where the other group waits to finish the potion.

With the book safely on its way, it's time the group made its way back as well. You've done your part. Now it's up to the other group to finish the potion so things may soon return to normal.
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Ah, he'd been right! That pleased Tapio--all those riddle games with his sons when they were younger had paid off. It also meant they weren't in danger from the Sphinx--for now. Tapio watched with interest as the creature stretched and sauntered off and back again with the book, which actually did exist, apparently. But--did she say 'I am a cat'? She couldn't have meant it, could she? Perhaps it was just a joke. Or maybe--the thought just occurred to him--it sounded like the kind of thing Peeves would say. How unpleasant a creature he was--they were lucky the Sphinx wasn't in a bad mood with them. Just to be on the safe side, Tapio bowed again and said, "Thank you very much." Not just for the book, but for giving them such an easy riddle, for he was quite sure the Sphinx could do a lot harder ones than that if she had wished to.

And then it all proceeded quite quickly--the book was returned, they all banished it, hopefully to the potions lab, and now it was up to the others to finish. All they had left was to make their way back through the dangerous Forbidden Forest back to the castle without losing any students along the way--no pressure or anything. Then again, perhaps he could pick up a rare plant or two along the way, if one happened to be handy. "Everyone keep aware on the way back to the castle," he reminded the students. "Just because we completed our quest doesn't mean we can relax too much in the Forbidden Forest. And no wandering off, or staying behind." He glanced over at Milo as he said this last, for the boy had seemed just a little too interested in the Sphinx and her riddles.
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