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Felixir 05-06-2022 02:29 AM

Unlocked Door
Not far from the Entrance Hall, down a corridor, and around a couple of corners, lies a tucked away and seldom used hallway. Though in the past this part of the castle has always been accessible - the chamber at the other end used for storage for the past several years - the door to the hallway is now shut tight and locked, and clearly marked 'DO NOT ENTER'.

Otherwise it appears to be a door like any other in the school. There is, however, a strange, faintly unsettling aura which lingers here; nothing intense, but certainly persistent.

All the same, there are no rules against loitering outside this door. Congregate here if you wish, and be prepared for the consequences if you try to force your way inside. Staff reserve the right to be highly suspicious of frequent visitors.

feeheeheeny 05-06-2022 07:29 PM

for anyone/everyone!!!!!!
They had hardly been back to school for a full day and Fox was already losing it. Summer had come and gone in the blink of an eye, and even though it wasn't like the weather had drastically changed since returning to school, the whole ambiance of this place felt cold. Couldn't they, y'know, consider remodeling, warming up the place a bit? The portraits around the castle could only do so much to make it feel homey, and sometimes the castle felt more like their prison than a boarding school.

Suppose it was at one point for some of the older kids, though, wasn't it?

All the more reason to add some life and color to it. And, really, he should have suggested this to the art club by now - that they get permission from the headmaster to use the castle as their canvas. Spice things up a bit. It could be beautiful, it could be personal, it could be everything this place needed to feel a little less like... well... Hogwarts, with all its tendencies to induce nightmares in its habitants.

For now, and just as it had been in his prior five years at this school, Fox intended to be a one-boy revolutionary. A little tasteful graffiti here, some indiscrete words of wisdom there. All with higher purposes, whether or not they were clear to passersby, but always worth the risk of being caught. Still, he sought to fly under the radar throughout his schooling, so when he had his first taste of free time, he opted to scout the ground floor for absolutely no other reason whatsoever and definitely not because Kazmi had indicated that there were places they weren't allowed to go around here somewhere!!!

He steered clear of the staff room as he explored and greeted an insentient statue or two he passed like they were old friends. But as he neared another hallway, he faltered, his eyes lighting up.

"OI!" he shouted back down the hallway from where he came, seeking to attract anyone in the vicinity to come quick. "THERE'S A 'DO NOT ENTER' SIGN DOWN THIS WAY." He was smiling at it, perplexed, looking back and forth between it and back the way he came to see if someone would come ruminate with him. What had been beyond this door before? Someone had to remember in great detail, but it sure wasn't him.

astrocat 05-06-2022 08:21 PM

"It probably means that we can't enter," Ash said helpfully. To tell the truth, Ash hadn't been around here often- she just knew that it had been a hallway going somewhere she didn't need to be. She had no strong desire to go there anyway, since certain Things had made her steer clear from places that were unused, undiscovered, and creepy. She'd been in places like that.

She slouched against the wall and observed Fox. Well, not just Fox. The surroundings in general. Was he thinking of finding a way in? Ash didn't recommend it. It was creepy, and Kazmi had said it was off-limits, and since he was one of the few adults she respected... she thought he must have a good reason for making them stay out. Didn't need any classmates dying this year. She could see why the locked door was interesting though. Even she was curious about it.

Pulling a post-it out of her pocket, she scribbled a few words and stuck it to the door(Congratulations! You have found the first easter egg!). She smiled faintly and turned back to Fox. "What do you think is behind it? I think it's either a terrible monster, a lot of evil paperwork, or... a planar portal to a magical forest."

FearlessLeader19 05-06-2022 09:58 PM


Why did that shouting remind her of one Reagan Anders? That girl’s big mouth rivaled anyone who was loud and this time it was no different. The Slytherin followed the sound of the shouts, very much aware that she was being led in the direction of that forbidden part of the Castle Kazmi had informed them about.

Twirling her charm bracelet which adorned her right wrist, Aria surveyed the scene before her. A Hufflepuff and a Ravenclaw, she quickly observed, noting the familiar faces. “Oh, I think it could be an ancient wizarding relic.” Beaming, Aria shrugged. “But who knows! The possibilities are endless. Also… hi, friends!’’

Chelliephone 05-06-2022 10:49 PM

The words 'DO NOT' were like a calling card to the small Gryffindor. So while she'd been ATTEMPTING to find herself a loo in this giant castle, the location and the reason it was a necessity was entirely forgotten as she SPRINTED to find the call. Were they going to find something cool!? WOULD IT BE A BASILISK? Oh she was SO hopeful she was going to encounter one while she was here!! And she would name it Bastian and it would be her bestest friend and Papa would HAVE to let her take it home.

Even if that meant they'd probably need to find a bigger place to live to house it too. It. Would. Be. Worth. It.

Finding a bunch of older students clustered, which just made her even happier since ONE of them was probably all old and experienced and would know how to get in and keep her from DYING, she skidded to a halt near them, hopeful she wasn't going to run into one but truthfully unsure if she wouldn't. "A portal!? What if it's just another giant DOG with three heads?" Wasn't there history of that having happened? "If so, I want to PET it. But do any of you know any musical instruments? I can kind of whistle! Do you think that would work?" She attempted to demonstrate, a pitiful noise escaping though really it was more spittle than anything.

Seeing a post it on the door, Vera wiggled her way through the older students and peeeeeered up at it, a frown settling on her face. "It just says something about Easter eggs. Is there like a giant rabbit behind there?" Because what a let down.

sweetpinkpixie 05-07-2022 08:37 AM

Typically when someone was shouting about something or another, Atlas was the first to head in the opposite direction. Call it a reflex he had unfortunately learned in his first year, this was one Gryffindor that did not go actively looking for trouble. It just so happened to fall upon him unceremoniously on occasion. Professor Holden's office was the only notable exception.

That had been personal AND on purpose.

So, it was with some reluctance that Atlas turned the corner and followed the sound of conversation with something that looked nothing short of a pile of metal and gears in his left hand, a screwdriver in his right, and a curious device covering his right eye (he had forgotten the name of it, but it had been a gift and it was wicked useful in all of his tinkering).

"'s probably just dumb decorations for that dumb dance," he grumbled as he approached the group and overheard enough of the conversation to get the gist of what was being discussed. The dance was coloring Atlas every shade of anxious and insecure, so his pettiness at anything even potentially hinting at it was, well, it was just there. "The headmaster even said at the feast that everything would..." he paused to straighten a bit, attempting to put on his best Headmaster Kazmi expression and adjusted his voice to try and mimic it as well. It helped that his voice had cracked and crinkled and all but lost his cute boyish squeakiness since last term. " revealed is due time..." His shoulders slouched and he shrugged a bit, the movement just enough to cause some of the bits and bobs in his hand to tumble on to the floor with gentle ping pink ting noises.

"So...unless you can convince Peeves to do us a solid and play a prank on staff by slipping on through that door ... best just to wait." Why waste the energy on something that was going to be told to them eventually anyway?

Nordic Witch 05-07-2022 10:46 AM

When people shouted in high pitched voices the wise thing was to go in the opposite direction. Maria did no such thing. She was draw to chaos and loud voices like a magnet so she followed the sounds. After getting lost in the numerous corridors, and getting unhelpful directions from a portrait the little curly haired firstie badger was glad for finding actual real life People!

Rounding the corner she spotted a cluster of students of varying ages up by that door that Headmaster Kazmi had said was off limits. They seemed to be chattering about what could be behind the locked door which was very curious indeed. Hearing Vera guess that it was a giant rabbit Maria chipped in probably unhelpfully. "Hi everyone! It'd be so cool if it was a giant shortsnout dragon or another troll behind the door wouldn't it?." Hogwarts had had problem with a troll eons ago she had read in Hogwart's a history. An easter egg hunt in september was riddiculous.

Watson 05-07-2022 10:47 PM

It all started with a loud “OI” that she had heard and then next she heard a menagerie of different voices down the corridor from her. Huh? What was happening down here?

Lisa followed the voices and found several familiar faces outside of a door. Looking at the door made her feel uncomfortable but also sparked her curiosity. She overheard Aria’s comment about an Ancient Wizarding relic. “A what a what relic?” she asked curiously just catching on to her comment before noticing Atlas, Fox, and Ashley there. Oh and two new faces (Vera and Maria).

Hi ..” she greeted with a slight wriggle of her fingers as she approached the group. Her eyes glued to the door in front of her. She found herself feeling even more uneasy. Not an uneasiness that would make her bolt right away but… something that she didn’t want to ignore. But she knew most of the crowd gathered here. Atlas was here. She offered him a nervous smile before reaching a hand across her body to hold the inside of her elbow.

I.. agree with Atlas.” No surprise there. She usually agreed with the older, cuter Gryffindor. She looked to Maria when she suggested a dragon or a Troll. Eyebrows raised. Now those creatures were particularly interesting. “Maybe its chained up?” she said, elaborating on the thought. “Kind of cruel to do that to a creature.” Her stomach flip flopped. She wasn’t sure if it was door or the fact that a crush was here.

Hey…umm.. do any of you feel a little… nervous about it? Not nervous… Maybe slightly off??” she asked the group.

itsjustjesse 05-08-2022 04:27 AM

The door was a curiosity. It had been ever since Headmaster ... Kazmi had brought it up. The younger Hufflepuff’s idea of it being a dragon behind the door got a small grin and then the tightness hit her chest. What if it actually was a dragon – what if one tried to steal Dahlia away again? The idea was absolutely dreadful.

”i sort of hope its not a dragon” she admitted her voice quieter than she had intended it to be. The normal bounce and lilt had left it for a moment. It was only when Lisa Nam had walked over and asked if anyone felt off that she turned and looked at her.

Huh, was that what she was feeling? Off? She didn’t know. ”I’m not sure?” she offered with a shrug of her shoulder as she looked at her. Still maybe she didn’t know because she was still figuring out the whole scenario with Chiyo and everyone. ”what kind of off do you mean? Like ... unhinged i’m going to share everything that happened this summer off or way too chatty off?” there were so many ways she had felt off this year that she didn’t want to categorize all of them.

feeheeheeny 05-09-2022 12:44 AM

Listen, Fox was delighted that so many answered the call. With each new student that filed into the hall, the sixth year got more and more stoked about this big mystery.

He laughed brightly at Ash's dry humor as she appeared first, a twinkle in his eye as he mused, "We have a magical forest right outside; that'd be rather disappointing. I like where you're going with the planar portal, though. Love a good field trip." Her note earned another laugh out of him. "Brilliant."

When Aria chimed in, he considered the door for a long moment. "Maybe," he nodded. "It could be, like, an exhibit, like a museum, maybe full of stuff like that." Not a bad educational tool, really - just as long as there were no more curses about to be unleashed.

Vera's energy was infectious, and Fox couldn't help but smile as she spoke, an arm coming up to rest on her shoulder after she nearly plowed into him, comfortably using her as an armrest. Not because she was a tiny first year, but because he was immediately fond of this little bundle of energy. But her height also made her a good armrest. "No musical talent here." He let his arm drop when she went to inspect the note, and he gave Ash the briefest flash of a knowing smile. Such a pot-stirrer, Ashley Fox.

Fox turned to identify the source of a grumbling comment and genuine confusion formed on his features at the sight of Atlas. What in the world had he been doing on the way here? Was that even comfortable? His face softened a bit at his impression of Kazmi, a breathy sort of laugh through his nose at it, and offered a simple shrug. "Where's the fun in that?" It was EXCITING.

Oooh, he hadn't gotten to properly meet any of the new Hufflepuffs, and Maria was going to be the first. "It'd be very cool," he agreed patiently, as unlikely as it seemed, and the smile he turned to her was warm. "I'm Fox. Sixth year." Her hair was cool and he admired that she wasn't afraid to speak up in a group of students in a new place like this.

Lisa's uneasiness with the door slightly derailed Fox's unbridled enthusiasm for something mYsTeRiOuS happening at Hogwarts. Slightly off? Like what? He didn't agree nor disagree - it was hard to pinpoint all of the things the door made him feel. He'd thought the unsettling feeling was just pure adrenaline in the face of a good time.

Whatever it was seemed to be bothering Lily, too, from the moment she'd joined them. Fox gave her a look, part confusion, part concern, and queried obliviously, "What happened this summer...?"

FearlessLeader19 05-09-2022 10:51 PM

Good gracious! These midgets! Aria gracefully but quickly stepped out of the path as Vera came skidding in to join the party. She wrinkled her nose. “Silly child. You’re full of awful ideas, aren’t you?” Aria peered down at Vera, making an expression of disgust at the wet sound the child made. Would decorations be hidden away here? Aria didn’t think so. There was something more - call this her gut instinct. So, while she was curious of the contents behind the door - if there was any - Aria wasn’t THAT eager to discover it. Strange… this was the sort of thing that should have piqued her interest but instead she was choosing to agree with Atlas in waiting to find out.

Aria practically stared down Maria at her suggestion. “Pray tell… WHY would it be cool if there was a dragon or a troll in there? Don’t you value your life?” Cue a dramatic sigh on her part. Truth? She was torn between amusement and shock at some of her fellow students. Not Lily though. Lily seemed sensible. In response to Lisa, Aria shrugged. “Something like runes etched onto a piece of stone? Could be a map to treasure.” Like she said, the possibilities were endless. And she was also becoming bored with all this chatter. “I just feel… uninterested. I thought I’d have wanted to… you know, break down the door or something. But… yeah.’’ Aria twirled her bracelet faster around her wrist unconsciously as her gaze shifted back to Fox. “What do YOU reckon’s behind there?” The Hufflepuff had been listening to everyone’s thoughts but hadn’t voiced his outright, had he?

Chelliephone 05-10-2022 02:02 AM

Oh look! It was the older Gryffindor (Atlas) with the cool bug like contraption from the feast! Upon first seeing him, Vera was EXCITED because she bet he'd have some really interesting theories about what was behind the door way. His lack of enthusiasm though and unfortunately logical theory on what was behind the door sucked all the enthusiasm right from her system. Deflating a bit she looked at the door again, before back at him. "Do you really think that's all?" What a silly thing to keep prohibited then. She heaved a sigh, before brightening a bit again. "WAIT! Couldn't you use one of your inventions to confirm though? Maybe there's something small enough we could get under the door?" How that would help know what was on the other side, she hadn't the slightest idea. But surely the smart inventor older student would know!

The arrival of another first year (Maria) got a small wave from Vera, as she bounced on her feet at the idea of dragons behind the door too. Trolls... well, those weren't really her cup of tea, but dragons were close enough to snakes to her that it got her fully on board to see one! "I'm hoping for a basilisk!"

More students! This was such a HOPPING place to be and Vera was feeling very hopeful about the levels of fun within the Hogwarts student body by how many were also intrigued by things clearly stated OFF LIMITS. It was harder to cure a curious cat if they came in groups right?? Hopefully? This one (Lisa) offered greetings, so Vera gave another wave and a bright, "HI!" in response. Except... wait, why would they be feeling off? The first years head tilted as she surveyed the girl, and the door, and the girl again. "I think it's exciting! And they already made the forest forbidden so why would it be off for a portion of the castle to be as well?"

The next arrival's question (Lily), about what TYPE of off and the specific mention of 'too chatty' had Vera's hands thrown in the air defensively. "This is me on a normal day! I promise!!" In case any of them were going to try to take her as an example of aything that might be making them all WEIRD from behind the door. She just liked to talk was all. And truthfully, it didn't matter much if anyone was listening. Considering everyone else seemed a lot older, she figured her ideas were probably being dismissed and yet... this was not something that bothered in the slightest!

The first older student (Fox)had gotten a giant smile when his arm slung around her shoulder, which she wasn't sure if he also knew that had helped keep her straightened after her rather abrupt stop at too high of a speed. She was very grateful, and considering he ALSO was the one who had sounded the call about the prohibited area, she felt an immediate sense of kindred chaotic spirit and liked him immediately! "That's okay! Do you know a spell for music?" Just to have their bases covered in case it was in fact a giant dog behind the door way and they magically somehow got in.

The girl (Aria) who did NOT get a smile was the one who rightfully called her ideas AWFUL. She stuck her tongue out at the first Slytherin, giving a moment's wish that she HAD plowed into that one. "They're not awful ideas! The first one has historical evidence that it ACTUALLY happened and the second", she jabbed a small finger back towards the door before crossing her arms over her chest, "It SAYS we found the first easter egg!" Actually wait, were they supposed to be having a scavenger hunt? The ire disappeared as she looked at them all again. "WAIT, is there more!?"

astrocat 05-10-2022 02:12 AM

Wow... there was quite a lot of people gathering here. Which put Ash a little on edge, but there was nothing really wrong with what they were doing. She edged back out to the edge of the group, listening. Hey! They should definitely not be petting three headed dogs. She didn't see why Atlas was mimicking Kazmi, so she just ignored that and inched farther away from everyone. "Personally, I'm hoping- assuming- there are no imprisoned anythings on the other side of the door." Creature or otherwise. "It's probably storage. It's fun that it's forbidden though. It's a secret easter egg that you can unlock by exploration. Which wasn't very hard since we all knew it was here. But still. It's fun." Did she believe her own words? Not really. She thought Lisa was right. But maybe the feeling was just being in a crowd? Or maybe it wasn't. Who knew.

She still thought there should be no magical creatures on the other side. Or... anything, really. Only normal things please.

itsjustjesse 05-12-2022 12:04 AM

Lily had almost forgotten what she had said in a haze until Vera quipped up. Her blue eyes swung to the girl and were filled with pain. She just hoped she hadn’t hurt her – that was never her intent. ” oh no, it's me ... I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, and then I did, and I’m sorry” she wasn’t panicking, but she was at the same time.

Fox’s attention question made the still quite spritely Hufflepuff want to flee behind the door's safety. Because she could hide in a locked room – right? right. Still, she wasn’t going to do that – it was locked. Putting her best face forward, she just shrugged her shoulder and glanced up at the older Hufflepuff. ”nothing too big ... i just had some” she cleared her throat ”fun with friends at the beach? The usual stuff and an awkward family party” there she had said it without saying it. Since there was no way, she could elaborate here about how awkward that summer had been.

sweetpinkpixie 05-12-2022 01:26 AM

There was instant regret the moment he spoke. It seemed to be every time that he spoke up in a group situation he was against the grain and often felt judged for it. At first he did not mind it, having different opinions and perspectives had served him well before...well...having your first year be a war in which your dad was a hostage and you stepping out of line could be the cause of his immediate death...changed things a bit. And having that perspective changed how he viewed other things, his survival instincts, and his opinions being in conflict with that of his peers...even a professor or two...had caused several meltdowns over the terms. The worst, by far, being the walk out of History of Magic and subsequent emotional explosion in the boys' bathroom.

Relief and validation came swiftly this time, however, as Lisa appeared and agreed with him - which made his heart race a little differently and his feet to shuffle over the floor a bit, scuffing up the bottoms of his shoes somewhat. In fact, he moved a little closer to her - solely selfish comfort reasons - but felt that race in his chest stumble a bit when she chimed in with everyone else on their fantastical theories.


Looking back at the older Hufflepuff who spoke to him, he simply shrugged his shoulders. "It's's just practical..." Unlike most of the suggestions being thrown out. Not to mention it maybe said something about how his peers viewed authority and what they would keep in a school Not to mention NOT TO MENTION ... why get one's hopes up with such little to go on? It was a whole lot of 'do not compute' going on inside this Gryffindor's head.

To Lisa's other question though...was he feeling unsettled? Yeah. A bit of an understatement now.

His ears twitched and perked up with Vera addressed him, pulling him back into the group and highlighting something he could possibly contribute. He wasn't sure about all this talk of Easter Eggs, but he did have a new objective of checking his bag for one of his inventions. "I...might..." he mumbled under his breath, still not entirely seeing the point of investigation here but any excuse to use one of his robotics was a good excuse. "...she...isn't as indestructible as the real thing...I tried to make as many overlapping plates as possible...but..." He pulled his hand out from his bag and unfolded his fingers to reveal a little cockroach. "She might be able to squeeze under the gap between the floor and the door..."

But she didn't have any cameras attached to her to create evidence or anything to show them what was behind it.

Watson 05-12-2022 03:46 AM

A dragon????

Lisa gave Lily a wide eyed stare. “A dragon behind the door?” she repeated in pure disbelief but also with mild concern. Why on earth would the school house a dangerous creature? “What purpose for housing such a creature?” Well… now that she had asked that question. She could think several reasons why. But then again…. She’d imagine a creature like that would be better housed in the grounds and not in the school. What happened if… y’know… it became hungry and needed a midnight snack?

If that was the case…. She suddenly felt MORE UNEASY.

She arched both eyebrows at Lily again when she questioned her about feeling off. As the other girl spoke, eyes darted to the rest of the students whom seemed mostly silent in their response to her. Greaaaat. Just her. Coool. She did notice Atlas shuffling over towards her which made her feeeeel slightly better. “Hi,” she whispered before turning back to Lily who had asked a question of her. “Off in the sense of flip floppy tummy or unsure… on edge? It’s like …. It’s weird. It’s not too weird. It’s slightly noticeable, y’know?

She did want to know what happened this summer. “An awkward family party?” she repeated, curious to hear her share more.

While she waited, she turned back to Atlas who was offering a… COCKROACH??!? What in MERLIN’S…… Stay calm… it’s just a cockroach and maybe it’s friendly. She was feeling a little more squeamish. “Will she be able to tell us what’s behind the door?

FearlessLeader19 05-14-2022 12:33 AM

Pfffft. As if Aria cared about having anyone smile at her. She did start to laugh, however, at the whole tongue thing. And once she composed herself, stuck her own tongue right back out. HA! Two can play that immature game, Vera! “Whatever floats and sails your boat, child,’’ Aria said brightly. “Why don’t you try finding a way into the room and we shall find out? Got any bright ideas? I promise I’ll back you up.” The fifth year blinked innocently.

Like Ashley, Aria thought it was just a storage room, no matter how much of an important object might be stashed in there. And upon hearing that Atlas had some sort of plan, the girl abandoned her action of fiddling with her bracelet and started fiddling with the rainbow coloured heart shaped necklace pendant that rested on the base of her throat. Lisa asked the question she had been thinking: will the roach-like thing be able to provide them with the information they were all curious about? If not, then well… Aria would be on her way because as was mentioned before, she was bored. Some action could change that feeling of hers.

The Narrator 05-17-2022 12:46 AM

All is calm and settled around the castle - at least as much as anyone can expect at Hogwarts. Perhaps you really are going to have that totally normal, completely quiet school year after all.

Well. Such a year will may come, but it is not this year.

A strange screeching, yowling sound, like a human caterwaul, can be heard echoing throughout the castle. Evidently, it's coming from this out of bounds area, though even stood here the squalling reaches your ears as though echoing through a long tunnel, and somewhat muffled by the door. Nevertheless, it is not what one might consider a particularly reassuring sound.

Perhaps you would be wise to follow instructions and stay away... or perhaps it's worth risking your neck (or, more importantly, your detention-free hours) for a quick, innocent, teeny tiny peek.

astrocat 05-17-2022 04:05 PM

Well. Ash owed Eden wizard money. Judging by the screaming sounds, this term was not going as smoothly as she would have liked. When she heard them, she rushed over. Screaming sounds coming from forbidden passages freaked her out a little. More than a little. A lot. For reasons.

She needed to know what made the sound. But she was far from stupid(and farther from reckless). Of course she wouldn't go alone. Or at all, probably.

Being able to cast a patronus would have been handy right about now. She couldn't cast one. Wasn't that nice(/s)? She looked around for anyone in the surrounding passageways that could(if necessary, she'd just do it the hard way and cast sonorous). The weird screaming was scary and she would like to get the headmaster.

SilverTiger 05-18-2022 01:30 AM

There was just way too many things to explore here at Hogwarts. Sable Ileana felt like she had a list, by now, just of places to explore. She had been curious about the locked room, of course, but she hadn't actually been able to investigate it yet. Instead, she'd been down at the lake trying to see if the squid would come up to visit. And the Room of Requirement. And the staircases, the swamp...She knew Vera had tried to find out what was up with the room, because of course she had asked her about it. But it wasn't the same.

Therefore, she had decided it was time, and the smol blonde had ventured over after grabbing a snack from the Great Hall. The caterwauling was kind of intriguing. Her bestie hadn't mentioned that. Munching on an apple, she looked over at the older Ravenclaw. Since Ash was the only one there other than her.

"What's in there?" Something wasn't happy in there.

Emzily 05-18-2022 06:23 AM

The locked door was a door that had gone unnoticed by Remy up until now. Doors were doors that all looked the same around here, probably just leading to another dull, never ending corridor. There were so many tales of hidden secrets of Hogwarts lurking around the castle but Remy was yet to discover any of her own.

What an adventure that would be.

The point being - this Gryffindor was allllll over these strange sounds coming from the area, and she wasn’t even afraid to explore them all by herself. Her magic was up to par with her age and she felt confident she could save someone in danger… gain a little street cred… be a bit of a hero… since she’d been on the quiet side of late.

Being the main character was hard, you know.

Crumbs. People were already here. Ash, being one of them. Remy was certain that Ash could perform better magically than she could. “Hi, Ash,” the blonde quickly greeted her friend, then offering the first year a halfhearted smile. “Do you think it’s a creature? It sounds like it’s in trouble…” Remy looked between both students in front of her.

BanaBatGirl 05-19-2022 11:27 PM

"It's a cat," Edric declared, breezing past the group gathered outside the 'mysterious, forbidden, out-of-bounds door.'

He paused to linger by the Gryffindor in his year. He had an idea, but he wasn't good enough at magic yet to attempt this. "You should summon it. It probably just went in to explore and got stuck and now needs saving." Do it, Remy. Do it do it do it.

astrocat 05-20-2022 12:58 AM

"But it doesn't SOUND like a cat," Ash protested. Weren't there any older years who could help? Right... she was the older year. Well that was frustrating. But at least the people here(Sable Ileana, Remy- friend!, and Edric) weren't too bad... or at least she hadn't made enemies with any of them yet. "Hi Remy. It sounds like a person. But it's probably not a person. But it sounds like one and IDon'tLikeIt." She tugged at her bracelets agitatedly. You know what? Regardless of what it was, they ought to put a stop to it. It was a bad sound. Ash cleared her throat and cast a nonverbal sonorous on herself, which was completely pointless because she cast sonorous... the whole point was to be loud.

She turned in the direction of where the entrance hall was(behind a few corners of course) -she wanted the sound to carry- and cleared her throat. "Um, excuse me? There is screaming or screeching or something coming from this door and I would like a professor to come please. I would have sent a patronus, only I can't cast one- which is perfectly normal- but anyway, one of you professors should come check this out since the door is locked." There. That should work. No, she was not embarrassed about being so loud. This was important.

itsjustjesse 05-20-2022 03:25 AM

When Lisa inquired about the Dragon Lily just shrugged her shoulder. ”maybe someone stole some eggs and stashed them down this way?” she offered because that would be an easy way for one to end up here? Bring a baby and raise it in the castle where it would obviously have been seen or set the building-a-blaze because that made total sense. Total sense. ”its probably not a dragon but it’d be interesting” and scary considering they had tried to fly off with her sister just years before.

She nodded again when she commented on the party. ”yeah just an awkward party ... and i sort of accidentally broke a camp-counselor’s nose” she shrugged, ”i mean who stands right behind someone while they’re cooking and trying to move a frying pan?” she laughed and tried to make it sound less like a half truth. The little cockroach got her attention at first and then – the screaming.

”oh ... what a lovely sound that is” Lily’s face was a grimace as she glared at the door. The young Gryffindor arriving and asking what was beyond the door got a look and a small sort. ”... a banshee? I’m gonna guess it’s a bunch of banshees?” she paused for a second ”or a wendigo.”

The Narrator 07-02-2022 01:26 AM

If you just happen to pass by the locked door down on the ground floor, you might be surprised to find out that it is no longer locked at all. In fact, it's no longer even closed, and can today be found standing ajar. That unsettling aura is gone too. Curious.

Tempted? Or is that old 'DO NOT ENTER' sign still more than enough for you to keep your distance? After all, an open door of an apparently forbidden area is practically an open invitation for young, enquiring minds.

If someone had the urge to go poking about, there doesn't appear to be anything standing in their way.

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