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Felixir 12-24-2021 04:56 AM

Food Trolley
It goes without saying that everyone's favourite person in the train is the trolley lady. Old, plump, and just as sweet as the food she sells, she can provide you with the sugary delights you desire -- from Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to Chocolate Frogs to Pumpkin Pasties, it is all there in her trolley! The woman comes around during the middle of the journey and is generally the cause for any traffic jams taking place in the corridor.

When you hear "Anything from the trolley?" be hollered, even from a distance, it would be wise of you to jump up, make sure you have your money in your pocket, and get in the corridor before a long line begins to form. If you are the unfortunate soul that has to deal with an endless line, keep calm and stay put because the wait is certainly worth it. Please make sure you are waiting your turn with patience because the trolley lady is likely to refuse making a transaction with you if she sees you trying to cut in line or pushing people out of the way.

OOC: No one plays the trolley lady, so please role-play receiving snacks and paying on your own.

sweetpinkpixie 08-08-2022 12:55 AM

we wants to play, precious
Okay. So. Maybe, just maybe, the pep talk of sorts he had given himself last night with house elf made desserts had been in vain. Just the massive oversight that he had been diligent with his savings during the term and therefore had plenty of coin to splurge on some confectionary from the trolley to last him the rest of the summer. Even better was the prospect that he would have a summer job in Diagon Alley this summer which meant lots more opportunities for saving up and buying those things taboo in the Flamsteed household. Also, just ONE more year before the Trace was obsolete. He really could not wait to apply for his license - even if he had no where to go. It was just the principle of the illusion of freedom. You know, teenagery thoughts. If only licorice wands were more thrilling by nature. Still, he had sorted out that the prices here at the food trolley were cheaper than at the it would be for the best if he did a little stocking up now.

Tossing his coin bag idly up and down while he waited in the queue, Atlas debated just how many licorice wands and jelly slugs was enough the tiptoe the line between too much indulgence and reasonable hording.

Zoe 08-09-2022 12:58 AM

"Move! Move! MOOOOOOVE!"

It felt like he was lightyears away from the food trolley. But there were no doubts that he had heard the voice of one of his favourite people: the trolley lady. His sudden departure from the compartment he and his pals had taken over and the sight of him bolting down the corridor, for this reason, was 100% justifiable. This was an emergency. He was one hungry growing boy. Without sustenance, he would surely die and have to haunt the train (which on second thought might be kinda cool, but today was not going to be the day he'd find out!).

But, of course, there were some weirdos standing along what should have been a clear stretch of corridor. Hence all the yelling and the pushing and the lack of apologies. One does not simply get in the way of Logan Paton and the sweets he so desperately craved at this point in their lengthy train ride.

Soon the rising second year ran out of steam, not that he minded as he could now see the end of the trolley line. He paused and took few moments to catch his breath so he did not look like he had just run practically the full length of the train (in reality, it was just from the end of the car) for sugary delights.

The blond then joined the queue and waited ... and waited ... and waited ... after 35 seconds of waiting, he peered over to the side in an effort to see what the holdup was. Unfortunately for one Atlas Flamsteed, Logan respecting personal boundaries was not in the cards today.

sweetpinkpixie 08-11-2022 08:39 AM

MUCH later than I had intended -__-
Atlas had since ceased his gummy and jelly debate, now moving on to wondering what surprise vacation dad was likely to spring on the family this summer. Mum had been reluctant to share details in the latest letter, but Andromeda had been much more the rising sixth year was now a little more in the loop as to why their summer beach trip to wherever it was had been suddenly canceled. This probably meant that dad was going to turn the whole thing into some academic vacation like what he was doing every winter break now with their trips north to see the Northern Lights. Atlas had not been keen about this kind of winter family vacation at first...but even he had to admit that getting to sleep in a glass igloo was really awesome. The trips also, admittedly, had ignited a genuine interest in astronomy. Unfortunately for dad, that mostly meant that Atlas was not better equipped with tools to troll the man in this Gryffindor's feigned confused between astronomy and astrology. The last trip to Finland had also produced a pretty dope experience in a snow tank safari AND the crew had even let him and Aries drive the vehicles...for like...a minute each, but it still counted.

Lost in thoughts (Teide National Park this summer?) Atlas would be kicking himself later for not being more aware of his surroundings, especially since those now included someone invading his space. Like...considering how LOUD his little housemate was... it was like that one saying, if Logan had been a basilisk...then Atlas would be dead already. So, not to say that he jumped out of his skin or anything...but Atlas did jump by the suddenly interaction...and dropped his little ladybug coin bag to the floor.

"Hopping hippogriffs," he yelp, rolling his shoulders to warm that cold shiver that had just shot up and down his spine before kneeling down to pick up his coin bag again. "Unless there is a cluster of hungry acromantula chasing after you..." or Ravenclaw girls, " gotta chill, Logan."

And with the sweet feeble but delightful sing-song tone of the trolley witch asking 'anything from the trolley', it was finally Atlas' turn to make his purchases.

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