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Term 60: January - April 2022 Term Sixty: TBA (Sept 2106 - June 2107)

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Old 12-26-2021, 11:01 PM
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Default Gryffindor Table

For those who belong in Gryffindor House, on the left side of the Great Hall is where your table awaits. Red banners containing an embroidered golden lion float above the polished table in honour of the brave Godric Gryffindor. Already placed on the tables are silver plates with accompanying cutlery and goblets. All that is missing right now are the mountains of food and pitchers containing your favourite beverages.

Though your stomach might be growling as you take a seat on one of the long benches next to the table, it is important to not get hangry -- gnawing your arm away or jabbing your fork repeatedly on the surface of the table will do no good whatsoever. Give everyone some time to get settled in and wait for Headmaster Kazmi to deliver his speech. Keep yourself preoccupied by catching up with your fellow housemates or those who are visiting from the other tables until it is time to sink your teeth into the hearty and delicious meal prepared by the house-elves.
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Atlas Flamsteed
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Another year in the wraps and Atlas wasn't sure how to feel about it. LAST term had felt dramatic and super emotional come feast time where his unrequited love had accepted his necklace gift and he had gotten one last cheek kiss but this term just felt like...another day. Only it wasn't another day and one glance up at the staff table was a reminder of that. If anything, tonight SHOULD be more emotional...and maybe this blonde Gryffindor was just on burn out. Hence why it felt like any other day.

The castle was still standing, somehow, and once again the bureaucracy that was the Hogwarts Board of Governors had been out to destroy student's lives one dumb self invested decision at a time. WHY was the Board even a THING still? Whatever, Atlas was mostly done feeling some sort of way about it all and doing his best to keep his attention on the night but not on his grumbling stomach that was ready for a heaping pile of mashed potatoes.

There were no BIG goodbyes left for him tonight, the one that mattered most to him already happening earlier on in the term and the reminders of that particular Slytherin still tucked comfortably in the pocket of his robes. The other, well, Auntie June was family. She was kind of obligated to stick around on that alone.

There was no glittery putrid neon slime explosion on his robes tonight. Those would be saved for another occasion. Also for another secret mission with Remy and accomplice Lisa. And...just maybe an alarm he had set on one of his remaining prototypes for Aries to wake up and not sleep through the feast.


Picking up his spoon, he began to lightly tap on his plate. The little dink dink dink sound was entertaining to him at least. Dink dink PING. Oh, his goblet added a nice tone to the beat.

Dink dink dink PING ... PING PING dink dink PING PING dinkdinkdinkdink PING.

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Maxine R. Bixby
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Dottie Crest
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This was it.. the end of Maxine's first year at Hogwarts, how in the world did it go so fast ... what even happened?? She looked around to the table to see if she could find any of the friends she had met along the way ... she sure wished she had introduced herself to more people. It was very unlike her not to .. next year .. there's always next year right?
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Kinsay James
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Jasper Botros
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Tomasz Łaska
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The summer holiday was finally here and Kinsay James could not be happier. In fact, she had been counting down the days ever since the school year had begun. But of course, circumstances had been different then. And unlike some of her peers, the end of term wasn’t ever an emotional time for her. She was fairly confident she’d be seeing Cooper, Nem, and Seth Elliot over the summer anyway… It was just that bit about returning to Hogwarts without them next term that made her stomach churn uncomfortably. But that would be a problem for future Kinsay.

Current Kinsay was making her way to the Gryffindor table with a tiiiiny grin gracing her features and all the excitement of knowing she was soon to see her family. She even offered Maxine and Atlas a small smile (despite the annoying ping, ping, pings of his silverware). ”I’m so ready for summer.” And with that, she gracefully dropped onto the bench, saving ample room for her friends who would surely join her soon.
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Phoenix Marchbanks
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Karleigh Creed
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Kendra Jordan-Durand
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It was such a relief to be finished with OWLs and just school in general and look forward to the freedom of summer. She had dancing and her birthday to look forward to as well as lazy, sunny days. This year had been a difficult one, not that she was eager to admit that to anyone, and she found some solace in going home.

Karleigh gave a friendly smile to the first year already sitting at the table... was her name Maxine? She didn't know many of the younger ones that well, but she meant to be friendly to them. And then she took a seat near Kinsay and... one of the Flamsteed twins. There had to be a way to tell them apart because she was starting to feel bad not knowing who was who when she saw them, or especially one of them at a time.

"Hi, Kinsay," she greeted her dormmate lightly with what she had meant to be another friendly smile. "Do you have some fun summer plans?" And then she looked over at the Flamsteed boy that she was sitting closest to, pausing to listen to the tune he was playing on his dinnerware. "What song is that?" Is sounded kind of familiar. Or did he make it up?
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Delilah strolled into the Great Hall in one of the best moods she'd been in all school year. She was no longer a firstie (in a way), which meant she was no longer one of the "little kids" in the school. She was choosing to ignore the fact that second years were pretty much little kids, too. Oh, well. Nobody could spoil her mood! Summer break was on the horizon, and she didn't have to think about school work for two whole months!

"Hello, everybody!" she said, in a singsong voice. "Atlas! Maxine! Kinsay!" She looked further down the table. "Karleigh!" And anybody else she looked over in all her excitement. If they were in a bad mood, that was on them. Delilah had too many exciting things to think about for bad moods on the last day of school.

She lowered herself onto the bench in the midst of everybody. She was super ready to eat! Not only that, but she'd prepared a nice stash of snacks for the 2000 hour train ride ahead of her. That might be exaggerating things a bit, though.
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Sure, there were probably a million things to be emotional about during the end-of-term feast, particularly in Cassie's situation, but she was never really the type to feel deeply about it. A lot of her friends and U17 team mates were leaving. Alex and Benji were graduating. Good for them, they get to leave this place now after years of clockwork-like routines. It will be weird next term, but she'll still see them anyway. It's not like their mums weren't best of friends.

Despite so, the good things about summer outweighed the emos of tonight. Cassie was mostly looking forward to compete in her last U17 season, and that's all that mattered. Plus other summer plans too. Falcon seemed to want that tattoo so much, and she was nothing but a great friend who will accompany him as he squirmed in pain from getting inked or whatever.

Before making her usual house table tour, Cassie flopped herself onto a place at her own house table and waited for people to pour in. Or some end-of-term drama. They could use a bit of that, perhaps.
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