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Felixir 04-23-2021 05:37 PM

Mr Kazmi's Office

Mr Kazmi's office can be found halfway up the stairs in the tower overlooking the Training Area. There's a sign on the otherwise nondescript door telling you exactly where you are.

The set-up inside is straightforward and largely unremarkable. Few bells and whistles, excepting the literal whistle hanging up on a hook near the door. No bells though. Perfectly fine in here without any bells. A desk stands by the large window, so that Kamran can look out over the Training Area while sitting in his desk chair - comfortable out of necessity, not because he particularly likes sitting for too long. A couple more chairs sit across from the desk, for visitors.

Kamran's desk is usually clear - unless he happens to be working on something - apart from some framed magical photographs of his niece and nephews. One of each when they were young and arguably more adorable, and one of each in their late teens.

On the wall opposite the desk, a large bookcase houses a decent-sized collection of books, but is mostly devoted to displaying trophies and framed medals, all from Kamran's old racing days, and all still in perfect condition. Several framed photographs can also be found on these shelves: action shots, commemorative photos of big wins, publicity events, or general rubbing of soldiers with well-known names in the sports world back in the glory days. Said glory days are long since over, but Kamran doesn't shy away from the memories. While perusing the items on these shelves - after asking first; don't just go poking around - the more observant will probably be able to pick out an old photograph of Kamran, aged eleven, beaming with pride after winning the first race he ever competed in. It's slightly obscured by the commemorative photograph taken when Kamran won his final world title in 2087.

A frankly obnoxious cat tree stands in the corner, ruining the entire professional aesthetic of the place, if you ask Kamran. He is not a cat person, or so he claims; Amir originally belonged to his youngest nephew, but ended up staying with Kamran after that arrangement was deemed a little too stressful. When in the office, Amir can usually be found at on the cat tree (judging the world from on high), bothering Kamran, knocking over anything he can get his paws on, or sleeping in the most inconvenient place he can find. He's affectionate, but selectively so. A typical cat.

If you have an appointment, or need or want to speak to Mr Kazmi for any reason, this is the place to be. Knock and wait. If Mr Kazmi is not inside, the door won't open anyway, and if he is, he won't be best pleased by any sudden interruptions.

OOC: If visiting the office, have your character knock and wait for a response. Feel free to start a new timeline if others have already posted here; he'll only see people one at a time unless students explicitly tell him they're here to see him together.

Chelliephone 10-19-2021 11:36 PM

After meeting with the Giant Squid and parting with the others, Evan made his way towards Professor Kazmi's office. The stairs were not his favorite thing, as didn't they get enough of that in the castle? But he made quick work of it wanting to get the information passed on as quickly as possible so the Professor's could then do whatever it was they would need to in order to take care of Sir Henry's problem. He figured Professor Flamsteed was busy enough with the greenhouses, so perhaps Professor Kazmi would be the correct person to inform.

It all totally had nothing to do with the fact he was less intimidated by the flying instructor too, of course.

Giving a small rap on the door upon reaching it, he took a step back in order to wait to see if the Flying Professor was currently available.

Felixir 10-22-2021 02:32 AM

The Ravenclaw was in luck, as it happened; Kamran was not only in his office, but he was largely unoccupied but for sitting watching the Training Area through the window, and the few who'd braved the cold to be out there. Amir had sprawled out in a patch of winter sun that hit the desk just so, flicking his tail every so often so it nudged Kamran's with a soft but insistent thump. Kamran wasn't falling for it today.

So when the knock came, it took only a moment for him to vacate his chair - knowing it would be claimed by the cat soon after his back was turned - and go on over to open the door.

Ah. One of the Nam siblings. "Hello, Mr Nam. What can I do for you?"

Chelliephone 10-23-2021 12:13 AM

Who should he try next if the Groundskeeper was not in? Headmaster Trent? Evan usually tried to stay under the radar, so it was rare that if he didn't have a specific class question - that he sought out any of the professor's. But this seemed important, and the more and more he thought about it, the more he rationalized passing on the message to Kazmi as the Groundskeeper and letting him and the other Professors coordinate from there. Because wasn't there a saying about too many cooks in the kitchen or something?

Hearing the door open, however, he glanced up and offered a nod to the flying instructor. "Hello, Professor. The giant squid showed up at the lake and requested a message be passed on. I figured considering it's an issue with the grounds, you would want to know."

Felixir 10-28-2021 01:43 AM

It was definitely true that, of all the students who could have come knocking on his door, the Nam boy was not one of the likeliest candidates. Perhaps that was why Kamran's curiosity was immediately piqued, though he liked to think it would be the same for more or less anyone who came by.

And that curiosity only grew.

"I see..." said Kamran. The Squid surfacing with a message, an issue with the grounds. It didn't exactly bode well that there were more problems cropping up - those irritating vines were impossible to keep at bay for long - but he was here to tend to the grounds, and so took what he heard so far in his stride. "You figured right. What did Bartholomew Henry have to say?" No matter what it was, Kamran was unlikely to want to sit in his office after hearing it, so he paused to take down his jacket from the back of the door.

Chelliephone 10-28-2021 02:11 AM

Evan hadn't even considered how unlikely it would have seemed for him of all students to be visiting Professor Kazmi. It was no secret he was not a frequent flier, although he was at least doing better in classes, so there wasn't much that he'd need the Flying Instructor for.

Except for apparently, this unforeseen event.

"Sir Henry said all of the plants in the Great Lake are dying, similar to what's happening in the Greenhouses. The creatures are starting to worry about what this will mean for them, though Sir Henry did advise there doesn't seem to be anything already wrong with any of them." A point he'd made sure to ask, wondering if whatever was killing off the plants around the grounds was also infecting any of the residents around. "Outside of the plants there wasn't anything else suspicious to report but... we took a couple of samples from the water just in case. Atlas Flamsteed is going to see Professor Paszek right now as well."

Only a few of the necessary Professor's so far covered. Pulling his bag more over his body, Evan stuck his hand in to fish around for the sample of water, pulling it out in order to offer it to Kazmi. "The giant squid said he would try to resurface more often as well to give us updates. And he took some phials to get samples of the water deeper in the lake."

Felixir 11-02-2021 03:11 AM

Folding his jacket over his arm for the moment, Kamran thought on the message Mr Nam had passed along to him. Not good, and with the potential to overstep into the territory of very not good. Unless, of course, they could resolved this lake issue relatively quickly and painlessly.

"Curious," was all Kamran said at first, and it was. Was this a case of something spreading, or multiple something's cropping up around the school? He thought it highly unlikely the two issues - greenhouses and lake - were unconnected. Concerning, but that didn't need reiterating in front of a student. He took the phial of lake water and held it up so the light shone through it, but found nothing of note from merely eyeballing it, and so turned his attention back to the Ravenclaw.

"Thank you, Mr Nam, this is very helpful. And thank you for passing the message along. I'll go take a look at the lake, might be I'll catch Bartholomew or Professor Paszek while I'm there." Seeing as he'd passed along the message, Kamran thought it only fair he let the boy know what the immediate plan of action was. "We'll get all the samples checked out, and I'll make sure Headmaster Trent is informed as well."

That was sure to be a fun conversation; as if the man didn't have enough on his plate, especially with the Board of Governors sniffing around. But needs must.

Chelliephone 11-05-2021 03:08 AM

It was quite the relief too to see Professor Kazmi seemed to have intentions of handling what he could immediately. Not that Evan had really doubted that would be the case, but sometimes things seemed more of a big deal than they actually were. It seemed the Professor also felt the warning was important, and deeply concerning. He hoped Atlas' had had similar luck with Profess Paszek.

"You're welcome, sir." He started to take his own steps to the door, intending to leave and head back towards the castle to resume studies now that he'd done what he could. "And thank you for informing of the next steps. Hopefully whatever is happening can be resolved easily." It was Hogwarts, so doubtful, but that didn't mean he couldn't still hope. "I'll get out of your hair now so you can hopefully catch Professor Paszek. I'll see you in class later, sir."

And with that, he turned and headed back out the way he'd came as well. He considering popping by the lake to see if the squid had come back but the Professor's would already be going that way so there was no need. Besides, there probably really was some studying he could complete. Maybe he'd find what he could about the plants in the library. Seemed a decent start.

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