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DaniDiNardo 04-09-2019 09:17 AM

Gryffindor Table
For those who belong in Gryffindor House, on the left side of the Great Hall is where your table awaits. Red banners containing an embroidered golden lion float above the polished table in honour of the brave Godric Gryffindor. Already placed on the tables are silver plates with accompanying cutlery and goblets. All that is missing right now are the mountains of food and pitchers containing your favourite beverages.

Though your stomach might be growling as you take a seat on one of the long benches next to the table, it is important to not get hangry -- gnawing your arm away or jabbing your fork repeatedly on the surface of the table will do no good whatsoever. Give everyone some time to get settled in and wait for Headmaster Trent to deliver his speech. Keep yourself preoccupied by catching up with your fellow housemates or those who are visiting from the other tables until it is time to sink your teeth into the hearty and delicious meal prepared by the house-elves.

TakemetotheBurrow 12-05-2021 09:48 PM

Holy hippogriffs, this was IT!

Honestly, it was some kind of miracle that she'd survived this place and though parts of her were a little bruised and broken because of what she'd experienced here, she felt stronger somehow. Tougher. Like she was capable of handling a few of life's punches on her own without crumbling even though she did not like the idea of being on her own at all.

Was this what being a grownup felt like? Weird.

She was aware that there was a memory book to write in. That she'd find her parents' words in there. That she was supposed to share some kind of lesson or advice, but she wasn't feeling particularly ready for that at the moment. For now she just wanted to sit at her house table and take in the atmosphere of the great hall one last time.

pundantic 12-05-2021 11:28 PM

Kale Trent was in the HOUZ.

One last time.

Lewk, while the seventh year wasn’t so heartbroken about leaving this building, on account of the trauma~, Kale was very much bummed about leaving behind this time. Hogwarts was the place that housed all of his friends. It kept them an arm’s reach away and even when some of them had flown the nest early, it was at Hogwarts where those relationships had been forged.

Without Hogwarts, he had no idea what his life would have been, but it certainly would have been less. Y’know, less full of mistakes and laughter and, yes, horrible things, too, but when he thought back to this time in his life, he knew the stuff he’d remember the most was the fun.

The blonde flashed a gaudy wink up at his Dad up at the staff table and joined Cece at the Gryffindor Table. Kale tried his best to look brave but the night was really hitting him. Like. He didn’t think he’d feel anything but relief when it finally came time to go. Woah. Emotions were complicated, huh?

Cassirin 12-06-2021 01:44 AM

Phoebe should consider a late arrival to make a proper entrance, but that took a little more intention than she could muster. Wasn't it enough that she showed up looking immaculate? That she'd passed her classes and was gonna get on that train tomorrow? Did she also have to make an ENTRANCE?

Probably, but she wasn't going to do it. Instead, she curled up next to Cece and dropped her head on her bestie's shoulder. "I want pudding. Where's Morgan? I changed my mind. I want Morgan." It wasn't like he gave better hugs than Cece, but he gave better hugs than Cece.

"For the record, I'm not sad. I'm just overwhelmed by... like... this is a big room. Have you ever noticed how big this room is? It's such a big room. Like who even needs a room this big."

ArianaBlack 12-06-2021 04:09 AM

Here's the thing. Kinsay was so, so glad to put this school year behind her. Summer was her FAVORITE time of year. But. But she was also very, very sad knowing that this would be the very last time that she got to sit in the Great Hall with so many of her most favorite people. Why did they all have to graduate? It simply wasn't fair.

It was a very confusing time to be a Kizzy. Except it also wasn't a very confusing time because she wasn't coming back next year. She'd be sneaking off with Teddy and Phoebe. It was DECIDED. So.

"I'm gonna miss this place," she declared, finding a seat next to Phoebe and snuggling up close to her sister.

Hi Cece. Hi Kale.

emjay 12-06-2021 06:31 PM

"Heeeere's Morgan!" the graduating seventh year announced to his table, since his girlfriend had just been asking about him. Ask and ye shall receive, Pheebs. But uh, since there were girls on either side of Phoebe, so he had to forgo a seat next to her in favor of his best bro for life, Kale.

"Sup, guys... can you believe it?" They were really done. It was kind of weird to think about. Like.. he'd been waiting for this moment all year and thought he'd be really excited about it, but like.. this was it. This was really the last time. It was sad, bro.

TakemetotheBurrow 12-06-2021 10:47 PM


Thank Merlin.

"Hiya, Prince Kale." The blonde got a soft smile and a once over because yes, feelings were complicated. She knew how badly he wanted to leave this place, but she also knew that endings could be sad and weird and hard and maybe he was feeling some of that, too? And if he was, she just hoped he knew he wasn't alone, that's all. "Your hair looks especially nice tonight."

Speaking of nice hair, Cece gave Phoebe's hair a pat, trying to comfort her best. "I'm sure Morgan will be here soon with lots of energy and boyfriend comfort for you, Pheebs." Because sometimes you just needed boyfriend comfort over best friend comfort and she got that, she did. "It feels as big as it did when we were second years, so yeah. Super big."

"I'll miss it too," The blonde agreed with the younger James, though she assumed the little cutie simply meant she'd miss this place over the summer. "Hey Kinz, you gotta promise to look after Sammy next term, okay?"

And there he was, just like she'd said. "See Pheebs, I knew Morgan would be here soon." The blonde offered him a wave. "I still feel like a kid in a lot of ways, so knowing we're graduating is sort of..." Well there wasn't a word for what she was feeling, so she made a 'mind blown' motion with her hands instead.

Cassirin 12-07-2021 01:42 AM

"Yeah, yeah, you're gonna miss this place," Phoebe patted Kizzy's head with a little smile. Poor baby was definitely going to be back next term, but it was okay to let the kid dream for now.

Phoebe KNEW she was totally penned in by women, but she still gave Morgan a look of mock outrage when he didn't sit next to her. Boyfie?!?! She needed COMFORTING, gosh. Rude.

"Super big. You know what is NOT super big are these flats..." Phoebe fished the pamphlets out of her satchel and dropped them on Cece's plate. New ones. Less sketch than the last batch. "We need to start looking this week. I'm not unpacking twice."

sweetpinkpixie 12-07-2021 02:54 AM

Atlas Flamsteed was a lot of things. Tactful was not exactly one of them and this was one of those moments.

Noticing that THAT GUY hadn't sat next to the one and only Phoebe James was just the kick in the pants the Gryffindor needed to muster up a bit of stupidity and slide in for his chance. One of his last chances, really, since she was graduating and was likely to just forget about him beyond these walls. Unrequited love stung like that.

So, not exactly stomping up to her but fast enough that he was huffing and puffing just a little under his breath, he stopped behind the older Gryffindor and somewhat pointedly ignored all the others. It was temporary, don't mind him. He needed tunnel vision to get this task done. Tapping her on the shoulder just as she dropped a bunch of pamphlets on to Cecelia's plate, Atlas cleared his throat and unceremoniously shoved the gift in front of Phoebe's face. His face matched the color of the LEGO hanging from the chain and his cheeks were already puffed up as a result of his nerves - easier to hold your breath with your cheeks all flared up, you see.

Which also meant he was going to really need her to take it from him soon because he lacked a certain lung capacity.

ArianaBlack 12-07-2021 04:47 AM

Kinsay was most definitely not meaning that she'd miss this place over the summer because she had every intention to carry out the rest of her life as Phoebe's personal house elf in exchange for housing and eternal sister cuddles. It was a very good exchange, if you asked her. Besides, she had already decided that she didn't need magic anyway and being a house elf would be so much more fun than doing homework. So.

Still, she nodded when Cece asked her to look over Sammy. "I will, we'll keep each other company while you guys are at school." She actually hadn't given it much thought before now, but Sammy would make a really good house elf too. He could be the cooking elf and she could be the cleaning elf. It was perfect. They'd both be stowaways. It was officially decided. And with the two of them gone, it'd be easy to convince Emm to come along too. The plan was coming together swimmingly.

So when Phoebe dumped the pile of pamphlets onto Cece's plate, Kinsay reached over to pick one up. "I can help you look." She'd need to suss out all of the corners to make sure there'd be good ones for her and Sammy. It was imperative. They could even share a corner if they really needed to. It wouldn't be ideal, but sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

Also? Atlas looked like a tomato and he was being weird.

Emzily 12-07-2021 07:06 PM

Her mood was… okay. The Gryffindor was certainly ready to pack her bags for the summer but was also dreading going back home. Being at boarding school created a sort of independence that Remy was starting to enjoy. Teenagers, mahn. With her robes pristine as ever, she took in all of the familiar faces as she walked down the hall. The stick out face - favourite Flamsteed… a few of the graduating students… a few non graduating students. Meh, meh, meh. Only one important face so far.

Speaking of…

Why was he always fussing over Phoebe James? Remy scoffed a little at the awkward gift giving that she had just witnessed, and sat down close bypretending to ignore it completely. “Pfffff.” Oops. Accidental pffff slipped out there before smiling softly at Kinsay and Cece.

Where were her friends at?

siriusblackliveson 12-07-2021 08:50 PM

Charlie felt like she was making an entrance cause she was not one of the first few people at the table this time. Honestly she liked being early to see what everyone looks like what they’re doing. Plus she likes talking to them all.

But this year feels different. All of her friends are leaving and she’s coming back. But she’s just got reel that in for a bit longer she can handle it. Smiling at Kins, Phoebe, Kale, and Morgan she sat down near them hoping that being close wouldn’t make her sad by the 7th years leaving.

Who was she kidding she was gonna be all kinds of sad.

SweetPeea 12-07-2021 09:37 PM

The end of term feast. Her last end of term feast. Must keep it together, as best she can.

Taking a deep breath as the redhead made a detour in her direction towards the bustling Lions table before going to her own table, immediately trying to locate some very particular faces there because it was extremely important for the Hufflepuff in this well making a very intended visit to the Ravenclaw table to locate someone very very important. Priorities.

Trying not to sound choked up as she lifted her hand to wave with an already weak smile to the faces there, "Hello Gryffindors.." Fortunately, not very long after that weak greeting, her eyes had settled immediately on Cece, Kale, Phoebe, and Morgan....fellow graduates in particular and oh look at that, her eyes were already beginning to well up. Marvelous.

"This really is it, isn't it?" Her eyes settling on Cece immediately having a flashback to their promise to one another they'd made months ago. Still very much intending to keep that promise for those who didn't know.

pundantic 12-08-2021 02:38 AM

"Uh, I'm sad," Kale said to Phoebe. His hand was raised like she had asked him a question, which he for sure knew she didn't. But he felt it needed to be said. Cuz even if she wasn't sad, Kale was and therefore he needed lots of cuddles and attention.

aHA! Morgan. Perfect. He was great for cuddles and attention. The seventh year practically threw himself at his friend and squished his face between his two flat palms. "We're graduating," he said, dumbly. In case MF didn't know. DID HE?!

Kale touched his hair when Cece complimented it and mentioned, "I worked extra hard on it cuz this is the last night it will have to make an impression." Soon they would all fly the nest and loads of kids here would never see his hair again. What a tragedy.

He managed a wobbly smile at the others as they joined, but to be frank, Kale was very emosh. It was very cool of him to be dismantling traditional masculinity in this way, but y'know...he was a lot.

Cassirin 12-10-2021 01:38 AM

"Pick us a place, Kiz. You're in charge," Phoebe let Kizzy have all the pamphlets, and she turned her attention to sad sack!Kale and his lip wobbles. He probably would miss this place, although, it was more being the center of attention and the Headmaster's son and just a tiny bit dramatic. He was leaving his family, not a castle. Didn't count.

There was a tap to her shoulder, and Phoebe spun around to find Atlas Flamsteed, tomato faced and fidgety. She was surprised to see him, and even more surprised when he thrust a gift at her. "Oh, jewelry. Atlas, I do love jewelry." Even shiny, blocky jewelry that was a bit modern for her tastes. It would work with certain looks. Phoebe leaned forward and kissed his cheek. "You be good, okay? Don't believe half the nonsense people tell you."

emjay 12-10-2021 02:01 AM

Morgan's eyes widened in surprise as his face was suddenly squiiiished between the hands of Kale Trent. "Yesh, I know!" he agreed, his voice coming out a little squishy thanks to those two hands. "It's insane, bro!" Who thought this day would really come? And like... as cool as it was, it was also a little scary. And sad. End of an era.

Wait, why was Pheebs looking at him like that? She didn't really expect him to nudge Cece or her little sister aside, did she? Because that would be rude and then she might be mad at him for that. Instead her gave her a bright smile and said, "My lap is still free if it gets too crowded on that side." Very cozy over here.

"Hey, Faye. How's it going?" he greeted his Hufflepuff yearmate, or fellow graduate, as she joined their group. Wait, was she sad too? Okay it was a little sad, but... "Come on, guys. We're still going to see each other all the time." Weren't they? Sure, Morgan was probably naively optimistic, but... weren't they?

He peered over at Phoebe again when one of those twins (which one, he didn't know) gave her something, so he could get a better look. "Oh! I used to have some of those when I was a kid," he told her. "I didn't know they made necklaces with them too." They were fun blocks for little kids though. His little brother was probably playing with some right now.

feeheeheeny 12-10-2021 04:34 AM

The Gryffindor table was the most obvious place to start his ambitious delivery quest. His list of Gryffindors was second longest, the longest being the Ravenclaws he'd be returning to, so he needed to spend the most time here. Luckily for him, his sisters and the bulk of the older Gryffindors on his list had already started gathering near each other - Cece, Kale, Phoebe, Kizzy, Morgan, Charlie - and there was a Flamsteed and a "Lost Boy" Remy, too!

But while these were all people he had letters for, his girlfriend's unanticipated presence at the Gryffindor table derailed his endeavor. Girlfriend first, deliveries later. With a grin, Teddy sidled up behind Faye, hands snaking around her waist as he rested his head over her shoulder to smile warmly at those seated at the table, eavesdropping only for a moment before passionately interjecting.

"Hey, we'll see each other all the time! Any of us, all of us, whoever. We're all just a floo or apparition away." His smile turned sadder, looking in Charlie's direction. She was still a year away from that kind of freedom. "We can make Hogsmeade visits." For those sitting around them who might have been sad. "This is a celebration. All good things, all good vibes. Plus, we're leaving Hogwarts in good hands." The comment was meant for all the younger ones around them, but his gaze was on Kiz. She was going to be fine. It'd be great, she'd see.

sweetpinkpixie 12-12-2021 09:20 AM

The 'pfft' noise did not fall on deaf ears, but when no gross odor followed...he wasn't sure what to make of it. And he was entirely incapable of looking around until Phoebe James acknowledged him and either accepted or rejected his humble offering.

Turning a little blue in the face, from the breath holding you see, his eyes widened even further when Phoebe spoke to him. Said his name. Said she liked the jewelry. And then his entire brain short circuited like one of his overly ambitious robotic endeavors when she kissed him. Again. PHOEBE JAMES HAD KISSED HIM AGAIN!

His face turned another shade of red and his tongue may as well have been Langlock'd because whatever sounds that were coming out of his mouth was completely intelligible and somewhat shrill like a talking chipmunk. Which was a real pity because he was rambling an explanation about the little LEGO necklace and how he had the other half and when you put the two together you made a heart and she would always been in his and he just thought she was the swellest and she hoped she wouldn't forget about him while she was out in the grown up world doing brilliant things. In Atlas' mind he had perfectly and eloquently explained all of this. As always, execution left much to be desired.

Take that you uncultured seventh year swine of a boy who didn't even KNOW that there were necklaces like this!

Hand on his cheek, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight over the spot she had kissed, Atlas nodded and backed away to take his usual seat beside Remy. Dopey smile on his face, he failed to notice her irritation...or piece together that she was the one who had made the flatulating noise earlier.

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