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Term 59: September - December 2021 Term Fifty-Nine: The Strange Plant in Greenhouse Six (Sept 2105 - June 2106)

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Old 11-06-2021, 01:23 AM
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Default Arithmancy: Long-Term Assignment

Entering the Arithmancy classroom that morning, you won't find the customary numeric equations on the board today. Instead, Professor Robinson can be found pondering about the new greenery of vines that seemed to have crept through the castle over the course of the past few months and his classroom was not immune. Why would anyone see it fit to gift vines was beyond his expertise? They were frankly, for lack of a better term, annoying.

He turned to the door once he realized students would be arriving soon, pushing up his spectacles and greeting you. "Have a seat, but don't get too comfortable." They wouldn't be here long, after all, since this was a different type of lesson planned and was more independent and self-discovery.

ooc: Hi!!! I'll be posting again in the next 24-36 hours with some introductory, warmup things before giving the assignment, which you'll have until November 30th to complete. More on that later though <3

Calculate your soul urge numbers
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Violet P. Blackthorne
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jane Elspeth Howard

Diagon Alley Employee:
Pippa Weatherbee
Magical Menagerie

Diagon Alley Employee:
Barty Belcher
Shrunken Head Bowling Alley

Violet had been looking up the meanings of her calculation results in her Arithmancy text and so far she was not liking what she read.

So, her Soul Urge number was really 8, according to her corrected assignment. Eight--you want to be boss or have power of some kind...difficult to comprehend emotions of others, prefer to stick to business over emotions...want to feel important in the real world, place business over emotional closeness in love and friendship, usually too busy for romance...This was terrible! Was this true?! Surely not (though deep inside, Violet had to admit that some of it was kind of true). Was that why she had trouble making friends? No wonder! According to this, she was a horrible person! Violet shut her book for a moment, not wanting to read any more. She almost thought she was going to cry, but she stifled the impulse. (Of course you did, she told herself, because you suppress your emotions!)

After she felt more composed, she opened her book again and went on. Personal Year Number was...5. This was a year of transition, a change in attitude, work, direction (hmm, well that was certainly true) study or topic (she wondered what that might be??)...taking risks and making big changes....Well, that seemed more promising. Maybe she could make changes in herself. She had been trying to interact with people more this year...and there was Ashley--she'd made at least one friend. She wondered what that new study or interest might be--she wasn't aware of anything different in her studies, but maybe that was coming later in the year!

And lastly...her Personal Month number for April was 9. That indicated...a harvest of some sort, the result of everything you've done the previous years. Violet wasn't sure what she'd done the past eight years, except get into trouble or become involved in some school disaster. But...she was sitting her O.W.L.S. this year, so she hoped that meant that all her hard work at school would pay off with good marks.

These day things, she wasn't sure about. But she expected she'd have to come up with something over the next month to satisfy the assignment. She hoped there wouldn't be any more unpleasant surprises in her numbers.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aria Mae McLeod
Fourth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ryder Jude Anders
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Lucas Riley Hawthorne
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Brody Hawthorne
International Cooperation

x12 x12
Default Just did the analysis ^_^
~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Marvel-ous Patronus

SPOILER!!: A recap of C's numbers

The Life Path Number:
ELEVEN (11/2): Much is expected of you with this Master Life Path. Your path will lead you to illuminate humankind inspirationallly. Sometimes you will work at the level of the 2 to bring toward you meaningful associations so that others will find you accessible. Once you've mastered your lessons, you'll move on to the next phase - becoming an inpirational leader. You're a born charismatic leader, magnetic and electric. You'll often find yourself in the spotlight, as the center of attention. Your mission is to be someone others look to for illumination and truth, and the truer you are to Universal principles, the happier and more successful you'll be on your path. Career/vocation options include any field where you can be the teacher, diplomat, or speaker or any field were you'll be in the spotlight and able to work with large groups.

The Soul Urge Number:
SIX (6): Three things most important to you are beauty, harmony, and home. Understanding, loyalty, devotion, affection and commitment are top priorities. You want to protect, nurture, and love your family and home. In matters of the heart and friendship, you are the idealistic romantic and friend. In love, you want to be committed and love deeply. In friendship, you want lifelong companionship and confidences.

Personal Year Number:
TWO (2): This is the year to rewind and regroup, not a time for getting things done. Listen to others and even defer to them this year because you will be more sensitive to the nuances of relationship and needs of others. Unlike last year, this year your own needs will be secondary now. It's time for you to relate to others, be adaptable and mantain balance. Cooperation is the lesson, so use the year to listen, be sensitive and devote time to others. Compromise and seek harmony in all that you do; take things slowly and you will likely find a quiet, soothing rhythm to life and may even truly experience a sense of tranquility.

Personal Month Number:
SIX (6): A 6 Personal Month brings a sense of duty and responsibility, in which you may find yourself handling family issues, visiting relatives, or taking care of family members. You'll likely wish to stay home and be with your family or linger around your home doing little projects - like working in a garden, painting your room or home, and finding other ways to beautify your living space. And don't forget to spend quality time with your family this month.

Personal Day Number {adding the number of the calendar day to the number of your Personal Month}

SPOILER!!: Analyses

For: 5th April, 2106
Personal Day Number:
= 11

What do you know? Eleven not the Stranger Things character is also my Life Path Number. The textbook says that when these two numbers are the same there is a ďsubtle influence added to the strong influence in your lifeĒ. Well, there are no interpretations for Personal Day Number 11 so Iíll just do my best to analyse here. I think it means that the influence of the Personal Day Number will be subtly added to the Life Path Number. But how to do this with 11? Would it be right to use 2 since the textbook depicts my master number as 11/2? Iíll give it a go, anyway.

Iíd like to think that Iíve already started to inspire others now that Iíve thought about it. I do so through my artwork mainly. I not only help others develop their abilities with this form of talent through giving them tips for improvement but also with the artwork I would do. For example, just this morning I did a sketch to be hung somewhere in the barn to remind everyone who visits just how to treat the creatures there and any they come in contact with.

Is this the subtle influence being referred to? Because I really do plan to continue inspirational artwork. I also aim to become Chief Consulting Magizoologist at the Daily Prophet later in life where I can use print media to nudge the wizarding world inhabitants to always take proper care of their magical creatures. This would cover ďbecoming an inspirational leaderĒ the textbook mentions.

Iím not sure just how the being in the spotlight aspect is going to play out or just how Iím going to handle that. I hate being the centre of attention for the most part but it just might be the price to pay when doing something you love.

For: 13th April, 2106
Personal Day Number:
= 1 {A 1 Personal Day Number is a day to begin things and to focus on yourself.}

According to the textbook, today is a good day to begin things and focus on myself. Since this number does not match with either my Life Path Number and Soul Urge Number, I donít think I can really compare it with them. Anyway. What do I need to begin? Iím not sure. Iíve already begun studying for NEWTs, and have already planned out living arrangements for University. Or wait. Does it mean a combination of the two meanings? Does it mean that I should begin to focus on myself? But what would that even mean? If I had to guess, it would mean to do something that benefits my peace and myself alone. I feel like Iím always doing that though since I tend to keep to myself most of the time. That in itself is focusing on myself. But I suppose I need to start focusing on myself once more. Over the past few weeks it has been nothing but helping my younger friends practice spellwork or helping a few others budding artists with their artwork. Studying constantly is also getting to me, and thereís a lot of pressure Iím putting on myself to maintain or better my OWL grades. You know what? I really do need to take a break. I think Iíll head to find Heath so that he can make me one of his famous caramelattes. A caramelatte, and some alone time, always helps me recharge. Thanks for the suggestion, Personal Day Number.

For: 25th April, 2106
Personal Day Number:
= 4 {A 4 Personal Day Number is a day to get organized and to attend to your health.}

Iím writing this entry at the end of the above date and I can tell youÖ I did not get organised nor did I attend to my health. If anything, it was quite the opposite. Letís seeÖ for starters, if speaking of the physical aspects, I currently have books in no particular order across my bed, my school trunk is a mess and I consumed more sugar than anything today {three caramelattes}. While it may have been a good day to organise my life and to take care of my health, they werenít written in my stars or palm or anything else. Perhaps Iíll take a shot tomorrow. Iíll let you know how that hoes.
I wish that I could be like the cool kids

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Violet P. Blackthorne
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jane Elspeth Howard

Diagon Alley Employee:
Pippa Weatherbee
Magical Menagerie

Diagon Alley Employee:
Barty Belcher
Shrunken Head Bowling Alley

Violet was ready to turn in her Arithmancy assignment for the term, She still wasn't convinced she was doing it correctly, but she'd done the best she could. She was starting to think that Arithmancy was just like Divination with math...

Text Cut: Violet's Homework

Personal Day Number assignment:

April 9 (Slytherin Common Room)_

April 17 (Bird Garden)

April 23 (2d Floor Girls' Bathroom)
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Old 11-30-2021, 04:06 AM   #29 (permalink)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashley "Ash" C. Fox
Fifth Year
Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

Ash wasn't quite sure if she believed in Arithmancy... but her day numbers were pretty spot on. This was like an experiment... she should keep analyzing her personal day numbers... she also had a couple of, um, important dates from the past March 15th and may 9th/10th of second year that she wanted to analyze.

SPOILER!!: Ash's personal day/month/year numbers

Year number:
5 3 2 1 0 6
8 9

An 8 year is the time to discover your own power, to become the boss and deal with authority, as people look to you this year for your executive ability. You'll be challenged to take the lead, stand up as an authority, and empower yourself. It is time for you to be thrust into the leader role and to tend to business. Administrate something like the family estate or a school or company event this year because this is the year to deal with the energy of power, money, and success, and to achieve something extraordinary. Maximize your opportunity this year. Money flows toward you in an 8 year, as long as you're working for the good of all and not just for personal profit; but it flows our at almost the same rate. Manage your financial affairs well this year and do not get carried away with extravagance.

Month number:
8 4

A 3 Personal Month stimulates your creativity, where ideas flow in abundance. This is a time to add a creative flair as you are expressing yourself emotionally, verbally, and artistically, especially on issues that you've been reluctant to mention. The 3 is considered a lucky number, so during a 3 Personal Month, things may be easier for you. This Personal Month is a good time for play, both personally an with others. Go shopping, go out to lunch, and buy a gift for yourself and others. This is a good time to play with color and design - so redesign your bedroom, expand your wardrobe, and do whatever gets your creative juices flow.

April 2nd
2 3

A 2 Personal Day Number is a day to be patient and to attend to details.

My life path is a two, so today is an important day. My life path number says that I like peace, but I shouldn't let the world step on me. it also mentions the word patience, just like my personal day number today. That is a point in favor of arithmancy being real.

I used to think my life path was a mistake, but I think I do like peace. The problem is that I'm not very good at it... I've just been spending all day feeling bad about all the relationships I've messed up, and also all the other things I've done wrong. I believe that today's day number signals that I'm supposed to be patient with myself, because I'm still learning, instead of screaming at myself for messing up, which is unhelpful. As for the part about details... I should probably slow down and focus on the little things I can do to change my life. Instead of being impatient and upset about my feelings, I can maybe take a walk. Or draw a little bit(it is my creativity month). Or say sorry. After all, big things don't change all at once. Especially not big things like changing my relationship with authority or discovering my own power or anything like that.

April 9th
9 3
1 2

A 3 Personal Day Number is a day to be creative, to be with friends, and to communicate.

Alright, so today is another important day: my soul urge number is 9. That's supposed to mean compassion and universal love, AKA another thing I am a failure at need to work on. Also, my personal day number matches my personal month number today, which should lead to extra creativity, right? I have been working on my personal project today, where I draw a bunch of people's faces and then write a little about my feelings about them. I think it helps me be more compassionate towards others if I start thinking about how I've wronged them reflecting a little on our relationship and how it could be improved. I guess I haven't been communicating much today... does communicating with myself count? I think it should- it's important to understand myself just like I understand everyone else. Does that sound dumb? I dunno. It makes sense to me. Friends? I haven't seen them around today. But I think I'm going to get yogurt soon. Maybe I'll ask someone to join me if anyone would even want to come, which I doubt.

April 25
3 2 5

A 1 Personal Day Number is a day to begin things and to focus on yourself.

I don't know, recently I've only been focused on helping other people and also trying to make other people like me more. It's kind of stressful. But today I feel very calm and chill. I've been relaxing, doing art(I guess personal month numbers really do mean something)... I also woke up feeling very refreshed this morning, even though I didn't do anything different. My sleep routines are none of your business so I'll just leave it at that. After I woke up, I went out on the lake alone and did some mindfulness, which sounds weird but is actually quite nice. For your information, I did NOT sit with my eyes closed(boring). I stared into the water and reflected on life(less boring). I could sort of see myself reflected in the water, which scared me a little because I don't like seeing my reflection caught me off guard because I realized that I don't really know what I looked like. Is that some sort of weird metaphor for not understanding my feelings or behavior? I dunno, it sounds like one. Today was relaxing and peaceful. I wish I had more days like this. That's all I feel like sharing for an assignment.

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