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Term 57: January - April 2021 Term Fifty-Seven: TBA (Sept 2103 - June 2104)

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Old 02-23-2021, 09:58 PM
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Default Muggle Studies Lesson 2: Muggle Hunting

Ah, home sweet Muggle Studies classroom. Jk. Today you are meeting by the lake. Hopefully you remembered. As, er, showing up late has dire consequences this year. Maybe it helps that you're slotted for a later lesson today (an anomaly for Muggle Studies).

Anyway, AnYwAy, ANYWAY.

As you make your way towards the lake at 4 PM, you'll find Professor Finneas Schmoe in all his noodle-y glory, twitching standing in the middle of a field that is marked off by a HUGE circle of traffic cones. Hm. Would you be learning about laws of the road today? Mayhaps. Schmoe looks poorly and has very little energy, but he tries his best to give you an encouraging smile as you make your way towards him. While the Inquisitorial Squad is nowhere in sight, you've come to learn that they're always closeby should you step out of line.

There aren't any chairs or bean bags to sit on so it's clear that you're expected to stand within the coned off circle for the time being. Whilst you're standing around waiting for class to begin, you may notice a fenced off area at one end of the field and a pile of nets and ropes (and a closed box full of things and stuff) behind Schmoe. Errrr.... be sure to mind the mud. It had, er, rained last night but... The Schmoe must go on!

OOC: hello, hello, hello! Fancy seeing you here!! If your character was sent to live in the new accomodations, they would still be present in class (they'd just have an escort to bring them here, refer to this thread for more information). Please be sure to take a look at the classroom rules and I’ll post in about 24-28 hours to officially start the lesson.

Lesson Progress:
+ Arrivals + Question 1: What are some weaknesses specific to muggles?
+ Responses to Q1 + Question 2: Keeping muggle-weaknesses in mind, how will you proceed if you are to come face to face with violent muggles. What is your plan of attack? Strategy? What spells might be useful?
+ Responses to Q2 + Mini-Activity: Get suited up for a game of Muggle Hunt
+ Final Activity: Muggle Hunt
______+ Activity Update 1
______+ Activity Update 2: 22 hours remain
+ And that's a wrap!

Here is a poorly drawn diagram to help you visualize.
Not drawn to scale & there'd be more trees within the circle.

[click to enlarge]
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Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Violet skidded to a halt as she saw Ivy ahead of her start to sink into the mud. Drat, this was definitely some sort of spell, none of the other ground was soft like that. "Fall forward on your stomach like you're floating on it, you'll sink if you stand there and struggle," Violet cried, remembering something she'd seen on one of those late-night Muggle movies on the TV at her father's motel.

She looked around for something to pull Ivy out, but the trees were up ahead. And Violet was fairly certain that some of the Wizarding team must be close by--that spongey mud hadn't gotten there by itself. Glancing over her shoulder every once in a while, Violet skirted the edge of the mud, looking for the change in color where it became spongey, and came around to the other size to see if she could reach Ivy's arms with her own and pull her out.
Ivy tried to follow Violet's directions, but everything seemed to be conspiring to make it all very difficult.

Being stuck up to her knees in the soft mud wasn't great and made it a bit awkward trying to lean forward. It mostly resulted in her falling forward, bending her knees and sinking in up to about her waist. But she was laying flat on her stomach on top of the mud so...progress?

And then came the rain, which just made everything muddier. And THEN the ground was frozen. Which, sure, cleared up the mud problem a bit...except that she was definitely stuck in place now.

She was pretty much a sitting duck for Team Wizard now, and maybe she should just encourage Violet to leave her behind and go hide so she wouldn't get caught too.

But before she could, Professor Schmoe was ending the activity. And the spells.

Thank Merlin.

But did that mean...Team Muggle won? Had anyone been caught? Clambering out of the mud and looking over at the pen, Ivy didn't see anyone leaving that area so...that meant victory, yeah?

Go Team Muggle! Ha!


Um. She was covered in mud, and her plaited hair felt all gross and wet and even muddy on the ends. She couldn't wait for a shower. Only... Would they be taken there after the lesson? Or were they spiteful enough to force the Room kids to sleep as their muddy selves?

Rhetorical question. She knew the most likely answer to that.

Ivy gathered her things and retrieved her wand - though what was the point when she had to hand it back over again anyway? - then took her place among the group being escorted away.
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Violet was having little success in getting Ivy out of the mud when it began to rain. Oh great. Violet had pretty much given up and was debating whether to give up and head off on her own before she got caught when the water suddenly turned to ice. Looking over at Ivy, Violet realized there was no rescuing the other girl now, but she had barely turned to find a hiding place when she heard Professor Schmoe end the class. She turned back, thinking to help Ivy out of the mud now that it was just ordinary mud, but she saw that Ivy had already clambered out on her own and headed for the exit. Well, guess that was that, then.

Wet, angry, and covered with mud, Violet stomped (as well as one can stomp in mud) over to retrieve her things. She didn't see the point of the exercise at all, unless it was to make a fool of all the unfortunates on the Muggle team. But then she realized that, although the Wizard team had cast a lot of spells and caused the others a lot of grief, they didn't seem to have actually captured many, if any, of them. And that was the point of the exercise, right? Get caught up in the details and lose sight of the big picture, that was how you failed. So maybe that was the point of the exercise. She hoped the Neo-Alliance would get so caught up in flexing their magic and showing off that they would lose sight of the victory as well.

Picking up her things and retrieving her precious wand, she dawdled on her way over to the line of students going to the Room and used the extra time to cast a quick "Scourgify" and a drying spell on herself. She had no desire to sit for several hours in a cold, dark, damp room with sopping wet shoes and mud all over her hair. Though she wished she had saved a bit of mud to maybe shake off accidentally on one of her escorts. Oh well, probably not a very good idea anyway.
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Old 03-04-2021, 11:38 PM   #128 (permalink)
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Claudine had actually accepted Ashley’s help willingly and with a grateful word of thanks.She now sat there pondering on the other girl’s questions. “Hmmm. If you’re jumping directly on them, then I don’t think you’d hurt yourself much. Jumping them would definitely scare them. You could probably even grab their wand while you’re at it.’’ Come to think of it, Claudine might adopt this exact plan.

Looks like she wouldn’t have that opportunity. Class was over. “Let’s go,’’ she said. Back to the Room they went. The thought annoyed her. Claudine was getting tired of that place. She shimmied down the tree in order to go collect her belongings.

Ugh. All this mud. She was going to need a long shower.

“See you, Professor.” The Hoods ready to do their escorting there?
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Yes, words to dwell on indeed, Bernedette. Sure he might have only been eleven, but he'd heard his older housemates giving speeches at the start of the term and he was prepared to do his best to keep them pepped up even if he was secretly terrified.

His sliding came to a halt though when the enchantments on the rain and frozen ground were lifted and he rolled onto his back to lay there for a moment in relief. That was when Schmoe spoke and of course there was an essay, because apparently Professors around here LOVED essays.

Pulling himself up, he stood in the queue to collect his wand, "See ya, Professor," and he was off... he guessed. Splitting up from half his classmates.
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Mamie's spell had actually produced ropes, but they!! were!! deflected!! By magic!? The Muggle team weren't supposed to have wands! Mamie whirled around to see who had blocked her spell, and it was another one of those Gryffindor boys (Morgan). One of the older ones, not one of the little ones.

And wasn't he supposed to be on her team!?

This turn of events made the twelve-year-old irrationally angry (she was competitive, and she'd been thwarted by her own teammate! it was absolutely rational! she wanted to win!!), so she ran over to the Gryffindor, slipping a little in the mud, and puuuuushed him as hard as she could. Which wasn't very hard, given the lack of traction. "He's not on your team! I am!" she shouted, her feet sliding more in the mud as she tried harder to shove the older boy to the ground, her wand, in all its usefulness and rarity, forgotten in her hand. She didn't hear Schmoe announce that class was dismissed, or that they had yet another essay to write. Angry tears started escaping her eyes. First Aboli had gotten hexed and sent away, and now her teammates were turning against her. This was a terrible day! "You're not supposed to help them!"

Apparently this was the result, when you betrayed the loyalties of a Hufflepuff.
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