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BanaBatGirl 02-11-2021 09:38 AM

CoMC Lesson 2: The Field Trip
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 2

On a very gloomy and overcast Friday morning in January 2104, as a soft and moody mist seems to settle over the entire school, Professor William Williamson is up bright and early. He is stomping around the fenced-off Creatures classroom in an old dragonhide jacket (made from a dragon who passed of natural causes, of course), checking on what looks like little piles of rubbish everywhere, and occasionally stopping to sip from a stupid little teacup of black coffee. The teacup looks absurd in his large hand, but, ya know, they'd taken his Muggle thermos from him so what could he do.

"Once again, and I know I say this a lot, but don't touch anything," he growls at the students as they come in, eying them from behind the rim of his steaming cup. Now it becomes apparent that you should pick an old boot, broken broom, rusty tea kettle, or something similar and go stand by it. "Just gather in groups of four or so. Muggleborns THAT way though." He points grumpily to two pitchforks stuck in the ground in a pile of mud. How delightful.

Checking his watch, Williamson lets out an impatient sigh. Apparently he has to wait for his "chaperones" to get here before they begin.
Lesson Progression:

DuckyLinJi 02-11-2021 11:14 AM

Minjae's mood lately was reflected in the weather today. Dark and gloomy. His only source of light was that it was Friday right now which meant that it would be weekend soon. Two whole days of not having to hear how awful his bloodline was. He couldn't wait.

For now though, the Hufflepuff entered the area where class was being held with his hands in his robe pockets. He secretly hoped that they could all have the same activity for once but his hopes had been crushed yet again when he heard that the muggleborns were supposed to stand near a pile of mud and pitchforks. Oh he got the symbolism all right... "Professor" he greeted, it was the only thing he could say because he was afraid he would lash out again. The seventh year clenched his jaw, looking annoyed but without a word he walked over to the pile of mud and waited for his fellow muggleborns.

Ginevra 02-11-2021 01:12 PM

Standing by an old boot
Fiona had donned her dragonhide gloves and currently had her hands in the pockets of her robes for extra warmth. As she reached the lesson, she politely nodded at Professor Williamson and greeted him with a, "Morning, Professor."

Being Pureblood, Fiona made her way to an old boot and stood next to it waiting for more arrivals. She spotted Minjae standing at the mud pile but said and did nothing because certain hooded dark wizards might be lurking around.

astrocat 02-11-2021 01:14 PM

"Hello professor. Are you drinking coffee out of that teacup?" Weird. She walked over to stand next to Minjae. "Are these portkeys? Do you think the mud is the portkey or the pitchfork is the portkey? Because the symbolism only works if the mud is a portkey. How am I supposed to be offended by a pitchfork?" Made no sense. There was nothing wrong with pitchforks. "Don't worry Minjae, our blood is made of blood. I know that because I've actually taken a biology class. And you need real blood to live." She winked. See? She had jokes. But she got quiet after that, but in case the cult rolled up. She also had self-preservation. "We can be buddies on the field trip."

Kolyander 02-11-2021 02:26 PM

The dark and dreary weather conditions weren't really anything new this time of year. Dahlia was used to it and her attire was taken into consideration for it this time. She had asked her big sister to cast a weathering charm on her robes in case of potential rain as well as her shoes. In her bag was her dragonhide gloves and anything else she might end up needing for the lesson.

The warning not to touch anything didn't come as a surprise anymore, nor did the muggles being separated from the rest of the class. It was all getting to be fairly routine and this only made her even more sad. When was it all going to end? When was help going to come and stop all of this so they could learn how they were supposed? Lia had come to believe that help wasn't coming... not anytime soon. They were all in this themselves and had to help one another the best they could, usually by keeping their mouths shut.

"Good morning, Professor," Dahlia whispered softly, a tiny momentary hint of a smile on her lips. Creatures was still at the top of her list of things she loved. Without another sound she went to stand near that rusty tea kettle and waited for any further instructions.

Sunflower 02-11-2021 03:30 PM

@ broken broom
Were her dragonhide gloves made from a dragon who died of natural causes? Irithel had no idea. As she entered the fenced-off area for Care of Magical Creatures, wearing warm winter clothes and gloves, she had a random thought to visit Madam Malkin's this summer and ask about their production method. The sight of rubbish everywhere around her jolted her out of her thoughts. They looked like they were completely unrelated to this subject, so they must be - Portkeys! Dang it, Ashley beat her to it. Annoyed that she missed a perfect chance to show off, she turned to greet WWW and had to stifle a giggle. He looked grumpy as usual, but the cute little teacup was new. Was this also a Neo-Alliance thing? Hehehe.

"Hi, Professor. Do you think it will rain?" she said instead of pointing out the teacup. Talking about the weather, classic. She did bring an umbrella just in case, and she held it up to show him before following his instruction to stand by a broken broom. When she heard that Muggle-borns were to gather somewhere else, she glanced over at ... the pile of mud. That wiped the smile off her face. She looked away from Minjae and Ashley and tried to tune out her roommate's theory about mud and blood.

DuckyLinJi 02-11-2021 04:04 PM

Portkeys? The Hufflepuff looked at the objects for the first time and shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe? We'll see" he said to Ashley as she stood next to him near the pile of mud. "Would Headmaster Rosier allow portkeys though?" ugh he wanted to gag having to call that tyrant a headmaster but he was in class and he was very positive The Hoods were watching as well. He smiled a little at the Ravenclaw as she brought up the blood thing and being buddies for this lesson . Honestly though, this kid wasn't bad. He mentally added Ashley to the list of people he would protect at all cost.

TakemetotheBurrow 02-11-2021 06:35 PM

old boot!
...Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Cece got it, she did. This place wasn't exactly feeling like home lately, but still. She sort of wished Professor Williamson could, like, try for happy. Pretend for a while. It would do a lot to help settle the uneasiness that always accompanied her when she went to lessons these days. You just never knew what kind of awful thing you were going to have to pretend to approve of, or take part in. You never knew who was next to be hexed. Seeing how much it was impacting the professors only added to the weight of that dread.

"Hey Professor," She said quietly, offering him the ghost of a smile. It only lasted a moment, especially when she saw where the muggleborns were expected to stand. She hated this term so much. After wilting like a sad cece flower, the fifth year wandered over to the old boot and hugged her arms.

Daydreamer11 02-11-2021 07:59 PM

It was a dreary day and Camryn tried not to let the weather color her mood. She genuinely liked Care of Magicial Creatures class and was hoping for all to go well today. The animals didn’t care who was muggle born or pure blood. They treated everyone the same way. Why people couldn’t do the same, she wasn’t sure.

Arriving at class, Cam said, “Hello Professor”. He sounded a little grumpy, but the Gryffindor had no intention of touching anything without permission. She realized that they were supposed to stand near one of several what she assumed to be portkeys. Choosing the rusty tea kettle, Camryn stood next to it and near her fellow first year (Dahlia). Giving the Ravenclaw a smile, she waited to find out what was up.

Lissy Longbottom 02-11-2021 08:50 PM

Adam was finding that Care of Magical Creatures was becoming a small escape from the chaos of the castle for him - even though Williamson seemed a bit grumpy as of late. As soon as he saw the piles of rubbish, Adam felt himself GRINNING with excitement. Did this mean they were traveling somewhere?!

Finding a crumpled up newspaper and stood next to it, bouncing excitedly. He was going to say hi to Williamson but...he seemed grumpy again. So. Nevermind.

FearlessLeader19 02-11-2021 10:44 PM

Old boot ^_^
It looked like it was going to be a very depressing day. Weather-wise, of course. Claudine? There were mixed feelings about her today but she definitely was leaning towards being more excited for the prospect of the lesson. It was one of her favourite subjects, after all. “Hi, professor,’’ the fifth year called cheerfully to the professor. He was grumpier today, in her opinion. She glanced towards Minjae, Ashley and the other muggleborns and immediately felt sorry for them. Who knew what humiliation they’d have to face today.

Claudine made her way over to Fiona and Cecelia. “Hi, guys.’’ As for touching stuff… yeah, there’d be none of that from her unless necessary.

Felixir 02-11-2021 10:58 PM

Had anyone told Weasley yet that he looked frankly ridiculous, drinking from a tiny teacup in his giant plate hands? No? Someone ought to.

Not Nem, though. Nem was far too nice. Or whatever.

"Don't touch anything," they intoneded along with Wilbur as they entered the fenced off area. "Wouldn't dream of it, sir." That was his greeting, by the way. Nem barely spared the old dinosaur another glance as they headed for an old tyre, purely because it was near the perimeter of the area, and they could half-perch on the nearby fence while they waited for things to kick off. They'd gone without the hat and gloves today, but had a pair of dragonhide gloves tucked under one arm while they kept their hands shoved in their pockets. Nem also had their collar up to ward off the cold, and had long since charmed their clothes to insulate, but that interminable chill was going nowhere. Could do with a fire out here.

Waddles 02-11-2021 11:55 PM

Mamie was here. And she'd remembered her dragonhide gloves, and even learned how to use the impervius charm on her cloak and shoes, to keep any theoretical or literal rain off. She mustered with her fellow Muggleborns Minjae and Ashley by the mud pile and pitchforks. But...the junk on the ground reminded her of last year's yeti field trip. Where they going somewhere? Didn't they have to have permission to leave the school grounds? She wondered how anybody could get permission slips signed without being able to owl their parents.

Clearly the Muggleborns were just going to shovel mud, though, so she supposed it didn't matter. She pulled her own hood up over her head for warmth, pocketed her hands, and waited quietly.

kayquilz 02-12-2021 12:06 AM

Aboli had come prepared, W. She had waterproofed herself and her robes, worn her feaux dragon leather gloves, AND had her wand in her hand, twirling it away as she approached the area. She wouldn't be caught dead wearing a real dragon.

She settled in near Cece Summers, someone she had grown from dislike to like as of late. She didn't verbally greet her, but she did nod in her direction. Nem's commentary as they entered was as irritating as ever. Most things lately, though, were as irritating as ever. "Good day, Professor," she said as she stopped twirling her wand momentarily. She liked to keep it close to her grasp these days. She had been working on her reflexes with collecting it from her holster as well.

Aboli Song was prepared. For what? Well.


The muggleborns being treated poorly during lessons was getting old fast. Aboli could feel her chest hurting.

AlwaysSnapesGirl 02-12-2021 12:26 AM

Ivy generally tried not act all glum and sullen all the time, but it was harder on days like this when the weather itself was acting that way, cold and gloomy and sad.

The Muggleborn students being singled out never helped her mood either, especially when they had to stand by a pile of...mud. Not to mention the constant reminder that it was that she still couldn't do anything about it.

The sight of the rubbish, however, was...intriguing. Portkeys? Another field trip? That idea should have been exciting, but what sort of field trip would be approved by the Alliance?

Well, she'd find out soon. No point in worrying about it right now.

"Hello, Professor." She managed a brief smile before taking a spot next to Irithel and the broken broom.

Inquisitorial Squad 02-12-2021 12:37 AM

This field trip was an important occasion, and the Inquisitorial Squad was here to ensure everything went according to plan. The Neo-Alliance's plan, not the professor's. A swarm of hooded figures descended on the Creatures class like a dark cloud, spreading out among the students. One figure stood behind each portkey, while two others flanked the professor.

Their wands remained hidden for now. How long that would be the case depended on the professor and the students. No funny business, and nobody gets hurt much!

sarahlooo 02-12-2021 04:00 AM

Louise didn't need the bad weather to feel glum - she felt glum all the time these days. She missed her mum and her dad, she missed her best friend. She missed freedom. She hated being holed up in the castle and this term was significantly worse, for obvious reasons.

The only thing she had been looking forward to today was attending Uncle Willy Professor Williamson's class. Even if it wasn't as delightful as it used to be, she still got to see a friendly face (even though he looked rather grumpy).

"Hi professor," the young redhead greeted quietly as she joined her classmates around the piles of junk, her eyes wandering briefly to the pitchforks where the muggleborn students were supposed to gather. Louise settled on standing next to an old boot, her hands tucked into her pockets, eyeing the hooded figures as they spread out to stand at each item. That was a bit unsettling, wasn't it?

sweetpinkpixie 02-12-2021 04:36 AM

with Camryn and Dahlia :3
Even when The Hoods™ were around, Care of Magical Creatures class continued to be a safe space for Atlas. Even IF he had witnessed a Killing Curse and quite literally knew just how terribly things could go and what was possible, the first year still felt less on edge and less like he was forcing attendance. Perhaps it was because he had broken down and cried in front of the professor and maybe seen the man properly cry in private too or AS close to crying as he was ever going to and it reminded him of his own dad a bit, but there was a layer of trust with Professor Williamson that he did not exactly feel with other adults at the moment. Save for the obvious with the Flamsteed name.

Taking the tiny tea cup as a hint - because why else would the bear of a man use something so unbalanced? - Atlas smiled and gave the man a double thumbs up before he made his way through all the rubbish until he came upon two of his peers with a rusty kettle.

Tea. Rusty tea kettle. He got you, professor.

He did find it kind of...ironic, or perhaps another hidden message to the muggleborns like Quinn that they were being armed with pitchforks. Everyone knew what angry mobs looked like, right?


"Hey," he greeted the two girls, scooting in a little closer to Camryn for no other reason than that was the way his walking bath had taken him. And perhaps another couple of scoots closer because Rosier lacky hovering near this portkey was more unsettling than he really wanted to admit to. He had...a bad bad feeling about this. Traveling by portkey WITH these people? This...couldn't be good.

NiallNIP 02-12-2021 05:52 AM

Quinn sighs as he walks up to the class. Ah, more casual mistreatment of the Muggleborns. Nothing to see here. Quinn's nerves were beyond grated at this point. He was barely even learning anything in class anymore; it was like what little standing he had left in the school was slowly being stripped away.

Well, Rosier, you wouldn't be taking down Quinn's self-esteem. Only he could do that. You'd just been making him angry.

He sauntered over to the pile of mud with a small wave directed at the Professor; Quinn had gotten more fond of him after the Boars, so he tried his best not to look disappointed that he couldn't attend whatever trip this would be. But, it would probably be some scary dangerous monster, and Quinn was fine about not coming face-to-face with another one of those.

ArianaBlack 02-12-2021 07:03 AM

Everything was terrible and Kinsay didn't want to attend classes anymore. She wanted to cry ALL the time. She wouldn't. But she wanted to. It would be the easy way to go.

Unfortunately she didn't have much of a choice in the matter, so she managed to drag her feet to-



All it took was seeing the Hoods(TM) and she was ready to turn right back around. Only she knew that would make things worse. So for the sake of her safety (and her face), she silently moved inside trying not to look as terrorized as she felt. She was tunnel visioned in on Cece, whom she moved towards silently. There'd be no hellos from this second year. Just a whole lot of clinging. Hopefully Professor Williamson would understand. It was also hard to look him in the eyes after the Incident. There were a lot of things that were harder to do after then.

Granger Danger 02-12-2021 08:19 AM


As of lately Tadhg's mood matched the gloomy and overcast sky today, he was sad about how his Muggleborn friends were treated, he wanted nothing more then to help them. What made it worse and hurt him that he couldn't, he couldn't cause he might get hurt or worse killed. His mind elsewhere he walked towards Care of Magical Creatures class was taking place, first thing he noticed was the junk here and there, must be portkeys. His eyes looking around he noticed the hooded figures, oh... lovely what joy having them here as always.... not!

His robe and shoes with charms to make them waterproof he walked towards Professor Williamson and nodded. "Hello Professor, hope your well looks like it might rain." Seeing Dahlia by a rusty old tea kettle he gave her a quick smile and stood beside her. Shooting a look at his friend Quinn a sympathetic look and frown as he stood by the pile of mud and pitchforks. Clenching his fist he felt his blood boil in rage at the sight of it.

MadMadamMalfoy 02-12-2021 09:56 AM

Heath trudged along the path, paying no mind to the dreary conditions. Inclement weather was the least of his worries! He was prepared with warm winter clothes and waterproofing charms, and besides, the mist was practically the only thing about this day that didn't give him a weird vibe!

He blinked, unsure what to make of the scene in front of him as his eyes darted from the professor (and his teacup) to the assortment of rubbish, then to the hoods spread out. It took him all of two seconds to figure out what the rubbish was for, and his blood ran cold. Any other time, he would be excited to go on a field trip, but the hoods’ presence put a damper on his mood. Why would Rosier allow a field trip after he’d gone to such extreme measures to cut them off from the outside world? There was only one reason he could think of, and Merlin, he hoped he was wrong! He was caught off guard by the professor’s growl, but he could hardly blame him for being on edge. “Hello, Professor,” he greeted, nodding politely in acknowledgement.

Heath’s first instinct was to beeline for Claudine at the old boot, but it looked crowded there. Williamson said gather in groups of four, and he was pretty sure there were more than four there already. Not wanting to make trouble, he joined a couple of his younger housemates (Irithel & Ivy) at the broken broom instead.

Bryn 02-12-2021 02:36 PM

Eden didn't want to go to Care of Magical Creatures.

Or any class, for that matter. It sucked here.

Alas, she was a twelve year old in a castle full of maniacal may-be-murderers, so she had to at least kind of do what she was told, hard as that may be. So despite having to see The Tallest and The Butteriest once more (thief!!!), and despite knowing she probably wasn't going on the field trip, here she was. Eden almost didn't greet the professor, still embarrassed from him stealing her prized possession and kind of saving her life . But the Goons were here, so..."Good Morning, sir." Sorry not sorry for sounding dead inside.

Eden went and stood by Quinn. He didn't have to talk to her, but she was really going crazy and really hoped he would.

NiallNIP 02-12-2021 03:06 PM

Quinn looked down at the mud at his feet. Were they really supposed to just... move this? The whole class period? He couldn't not do it, either, with the Hoods hanging about. Fuuuunnnnn.

As he looked up he caught Tadhg's eye. He gave a side-frown and shrugged. Yeah, he didn't like it, either, but he was used to mistreatment at this point. And being treated badly didn't reflect on him, it reflected on those that mistreated him. Every time something like this would come up, he would think about his talk with Aboli: the persecutors will become the persecuted. Quinn just had to wait until that time came.

As Eden stood by him, Quinn looked back down at the mud. They still hadn't talked—mostly because Quinn still hadn't broached the subject, and didn't know how—but it was kinda awkward every time they were around each other. But... Quinn missed his friend. And they were about to be pitchforking mud together for who-knows-how-long, so... now was probably a good time.

"...E-eden..." he started, still looking down at the mud, "...I....I don't wanna be mad anymore..!" he said, and his voice broke a little bit as tears welled up in his eyes.

Bryn 02-12-2021 03:17 PM

Eden couldn't help but release the breath she'd been holding. She really, really, really wanted her friend back. Nobody else was the same. Her voice was a nervous whisper. "I don't either. Everything sucks...and...Imissyou."

Annnd there were tears. From Quinn, not her. Eden didn't cry except on her morning runs when nobody was around .

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