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DaniDeVotion 12-04-2018 12:11 PM

Headmaster's Office
Well, it's an office. Not quite like the one the Headmaster had back at Hogwarts but an office nonetheless. The room sits just a few doors down from the defense classroom, a much shorter distance than before.

There's a desk, there's a bookshelf, and a wide window that allows the light to entirely illuminate the room once the curtains are drawn.

Malachi brought with him the pictures that usually sat on his own desk just to add a little touch of home to this new environment. There are several pictures of a woman with a bright and enchanting smile. Some pictures had (if you asked the Headmaster) the cutest children ever to be created in the history of man's creation. One picture contains these beautiful people and Trent himself. Not all the pictures are still. The little girl in one picture blows kisses occasionally and the little boy who is clearly the older of the pair occasionally breaks into a grin in his own frame. It was his mother's grin, could you tell? Did you need a closer look? Don't smudge the glass and don't leave fingerprints, that's just inconsiderate. Look with your eyes and not your hands.

This is where you'll have to go to find the Headmaster. It's of course, not a guarantee he'll be up here as the man does have a habit of wandering and observations to do back at Hogwarts. Someone has to ensure and oversee the castle's recovery.

If you wish to speak with him, knock on the door (ugh, just a door, can you believe it?) and have yourself a nice wait. There's ways of trying to let yourself in that would prove to be somewhat less a nuisance--not that you're encouraged to. The Headmistress and I agree it would be poor form for you to come all this way, be invited guests and break their things. Whatever you've got to discuss with Headmaster Trent can't be THAT pressing. What's a five minute wait?

FeelsLikeLove 09-09-2019 03:04 PM

was gonna wait til DADA was over before putting him here but what can i say, i'm weak
Well, it was later, and so Kaiser was stopping by Headmaster Trent's office just as he said he would. Still he wasn't worried. Uh, well, not about the initial visit request, at least. The climbing was another matter, but he'd basically decided that denial was the best way to go if Trent remembered to bring that whole thing up.

It took him less time to find Trent's new office space than it did the classroom, mostly because he'd already found his bearings in this part of the castle earlier in the day. Again, great sense of direction; once he'd been somewhere once, he didn't tend to forget it.

As there was no need to give a password to a gargoyle or anything like that, Kaiser simply knocked on the door, stuck his hands in his pockets, and waited. He looked much as he had done all day: tired. A touch pale, dark circles under his eyes, and messy hair that was less 'intentionally windswept' and more 'I haven't seen a hairbrush in weeks'. Nothing a good night's sleep wouldn't sort out - well, except for the hair - but therein lay the problem.

DaniDeVotion 09-11-2019 12:37 PM

Hi friend :3
As it so happened, Malachi hadn't been in his office at all. He'd been over in Desmarais's making last minute plans for what they both hoped would be an......effective friendship building event. The term was still young and there were a few very...very clear divisions.

A look of confusion settled on his face as he approached his door and found the boy but it quickly turned to one of realization as his brain clicked back into place and he remembered he'd invited him there in the first place.


He knew that. The day had been far too long.The man was ready to go relax in the solarium for at least a week. "Kaiser." He greeted, opening the door and nudging it open. "After you."

Thankfully, he remembered what he'd called him there for. Coffee was likely his best option.

FeelsLikeLove 09-12-2019 04:27 AM

Was he surprised that Trent hadn't been in his office? Not in the slightest. He was a busy man, Kaiser knew that. He'd also not set an exact time to come and see him, so there had been no telling whether he'd actually be inside when the Slytherin came a-calling.

Kaiser had made up his mind to wait maybe five minutes - or, what he estimated to be about five minutes, as he didn't have a watch - and if Trent didn't show up, he'd leave and try again some other time. But he'd only had to wait two minutes, maybe three at a stretch, before the Headmaster appeared in the corridor.

He saw the confusion, but before he could speak up, the look morphed into one of dawning realisation. Okay, cool. "Headmaster Trent," Kaiser greeted the man in kind, smiling out of habit. A strange habit for someone with his proclivity for angst, but a habit all the same.

As he was instructed, Kaiser stepped inside the room, making sure to get out of Trent's way so he could follow, and had a quick look around. The lack of decoration meant his eye was easily drawn to the pictures on the desk, but Kaiser didn't look for long enough that Trent would think he was being intrusive. Maybe if he had paid closer attention and for a little longer, he might have recognised one of the pictured individuals as being one of the army of many first years he'd seen wandering around the school.

DaniDeVotion 09-12-2019 09:56 AM

"Make yourself comfy." He encouraged, his tone distracted as he immediately moved over to his desk and began shuffling the papers around. Was this where he'd left it?

...No....probably not. The filing cabinet maybe....

"Tea? Cookies? Tinka went somewhat overboard. Freshly made." The man pulled out the first drawer, realizing only seconds later it was the wrong drawer entirely. Merlin, where was his head today? The man shook it, in a vain attempt to clear it some before deciding he would have to focus on one thing at a time.

At this time, it would be young Kaiser.

"Settling in well, I hope." Malachi sank into his own seat, a half smile appearing and disappearing as he caught sight of the picture of his son. The memory of the night before was still all too real and he still very much regretted some of it. "Just a few things to clear up. Your OWLs. What's the story there? I haven't gotten anything on file."

FeelsLikeLove 09-14-2019 03:01 AM

Kaiser did as he was bid, and took a seat in front of the desk, across from where Trent would sit. Given that there wasn't much else to do or look at in that moment, he proceeded to watch Trent curiously, wondering what on earth he was looking for. Because he was looking for something, wasn't he?

Huh? ... Oh! "Yes, please. That would be... yes." Words were not coming all that easily today, and it only seemed to be getting worse as the hours dragged on. If Kaiser didn't get any sleep that night, he would probably be an unintelligible mess by tomorrow. But the point was... yes, he would take some tea. Kaiser was really not the kind of person to turn down food or drink. Ever.

"Um..." he replied, trailing off as he considered the question. "Well enough, yes." Honestly, he couldn't even be mad about the broom closet. Kaiser felt more like he belonged there than he did anywhere else in the palace of Beauxbatons. He didn't say that much though, because that was the kind of thing that got you pitied, and Kaiser didn't want that at all. He was quite happy to get to the point of this meeting instead, which... oh.

So... the results hadn't made it here yet.

Kaiser gave a bit of a guilty smile, and shifted slightly in his seat. "Well, sir... I took my exams over the summer. August. My results came only two days bef-..." No, that wasn't the word. "... two days ago." Kaiser supposed he should also mention why the delay in sitting his OWLs, but supplying additional information without being prompted wasn't really his thing, so he left it at that. Maybe Trent wouldn't ask. "Two Acceptables and two Exceeds Expectations." That much was worth adding.

DaniDeVotion 09-18-2019 11:38 PM

Right, yes, he’d be having some of the tea and cookies. Malachi put the kettle on then levitated over a tray of relatively fresh cookies. He set it on the table between them and helped himself to one.

Settling in “well enough” was probably the most he could ask for in the situation. They’d hardly gotten into the thick of things and he was already getting multiple complaints from both sides. It was a wonder—and a relief—this castle hadn’t caught fire yet. Mentally the man knocked on his wooden desk, hoping that would be enough to undo any jinx he may have just placed on this castle.

Ah but wasn’t that welcomed news? “You did the exams then? Good. Excellent.” That made everything far less complicated than he’d been expecting it to be. “Suppose they’ll be sent over within the next few days. I’ll wait for them.” Pause. “What does Defense look like? Get me prepared.” While the man did care about the overall growth of his students, being the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor, it was understandable he’d have a special interest there. It was good to know where his students were at.

Op! There was the kettle! The man hopped up and began getting the tea ready.

“Also, I trust you know you can’t go scaling the castle walls here, yes?” Said quite casually. It was not a question of whether he was doing it but rather a reminder that he shouldn’t be. “Earl Grey?”

FeelsLikeLove 09-21-2019 12:54 AM

True to form, Kaiser was reaching for the cookies on the tray before it even touched the surface of the desk. Luckily, it was a little more difficult to do the 'eat like you've not seen food in a month' thing with something as simple as biscuits than it was with, say, dinner, but he still had to make the conscious effort not to immediately shove the entire thing into his mouth.

But he still took a huge bite out of it, and then nodded in confirmation when Trent spoke. Kaiser was hugely relieved that that seemed to be the end of the matter.

Except, not quite. He quickly swallowed his mouthful of cookie and practically fell over himself to answer Trent's next question, which was... very un-Kaiser-like.

"Exceeds Expectations!" Too eager? He didn't care. He was happy about it, so why play it down? Being a fundamentally unfortunate person, he'd learnt long ago that you had to make the most of the good stuff whenever it happened. "I was surprised. I expected only Acceptable grades if I passed any at all."

...... Oh. Uh. Right. Right. The, uh, the climbing thing. While Trent tended to the kettle, Kaiser allowed himself a moment to... to just think.

He had been intending to lie: Oh no, Headmaster, I have never climbed school buildings. Would never do such a thing. Not me. But Trent seemed to know it to be fact, so an outright lie would not only be unconvincing but also downright insulting. But could he get around this topic without having to make a promise he would, ultimately, end up breaking? Not that he had trouble breaking promises, he just generally preferred not to. "... Yes." Actually, no. Because he could. Because there was a chance that in the last less-than-24 hours he, uh, already had. Oops? "I know that, yes. Of course."


"Yes, Earl Grey is fine." Actually, he wouldn't know, because he'd never, to his knowledge, tried it. But Kaiser hadn't yet found a food or drink he disliked, so anything went. "Thank you."

DaniDeVotion 09-25-2019 10:50 AM

Did he like a lot of sugar? He was a kid, yeah...? Kids liked sugar. At the same time, he was getting to be a not so small little human being. Their tastes changed with time. Not sure, Malachi placed the cup of tea intended for the boy before him on the table then nudged the container of sugar closer. He could just...helped himself.

In the meantime, Malachi tended his own cu--Exceeds Expectations??

A wide grin set across the man's face. That was just shy of an "O" and so what? That was still pretty amazing. "Fantastic, my boy!" He'd have given him one of those wise and sagely Headmaster pats on the back but...y'know...this desk sitting between them, so instead he settled for that equally important "you've made your Headmaster proud" look he'd spent the better part of the summer before he began this job working on. It was coming along nicely if he did say so himself. Almost as effective as the "I'm about two seconds from expelling you, don't give me more reason" look he'd all but nailed.

No such look for this one. Only pride. "Congratulations on that, have another cookie." And the plate was nudged closer to him as well. Good news was scarce around these parts. The man would take what he could get.

Malachi reached for a cookie himself. "What will you do with those grades when Headmistress Desmarais expels you for climbing her castle?" Just curious.

FeelsLikeLove 10-07-2019 03:53 AM

pls pretend this didnt take forever ok thank u
Kaiser considered the sugar, and then decided 'what the heck', and added some to his tea. He could generally eat or drink anything, nothing was a no-go for him, but he had developed some preferences over the last few years, and sugar in tea (which he admittedly drank very rarely) was one of them.

He took a sip of his tea, then broke into a grin. It was weird. It was just such a weird feeling for him, wanting someone to recognise his achievements or be proud of him or even both. But despite knowing how utterly bizarre the feeling was, Kaiser couldn't help but smile when he basically got exactly that. "Thank you," he said, even as he beamed, and then did in fact take another cookie. Boy was hungry.

Kaiser took a bite of it, and then... faltered. Uhhhh.

He chewed slowly, deliberately, as he thought over what Trent had said. Swallowing the mouthful of cookie, he cleared his throat and tried to sound innocently curious rather than too terribly invested in the matter. "Can she... can she do that?" Like, for real? "I mean, she can expel people from the castle, I suppose. But what about from Hogwarts?" If one of Trent's students were to hypothetically be removed from the Beauxbatons castle by Desmarais (and Kaiser would never) they could still come back if (when?) Hogwarts returned to Hogwarts, right?

And as for Trent's question... Kaiser didn't even know what he'd do with his grades if he didn't get expelled, so that matter was best swerved for now.

DaniDeVotion 10-10-2019 11:28 AM

Cool cool, let's keep up this pretense
Malachi took a sip of his tea, willing himself to relax despite how on edge he'd felt since they first arrived at Beauxbatons. This was a nice spot of tea with a good student, there was no need for him to think the sky was about to come crashing down like it had already started to do since they'd gotten there.

Rather than show any sort of reaction one way or the other, Malachi bit into his cookie and took a silent moment to consider the question.

"Well," The man began after swallowing, "it's her castle. She can decide she doesn't want any of us here anymore and there's little we could do but look into other arrangements." Of course, there were a few things that would prevent such a decision. Little things linked to the woman's pride and her obsession with looking good that he was counting on, but that didn't mean he wanted to push her buttons either.

"She couldn't expel you from Hogwarts, certainly not, that's still my decision, but say we end up here for another year. That's another year you can't come back. Just no worth it, I'm sure you'll agree."

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