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Term 51: January - April 2019 Term Fifty-One: Don't Feed the Furries (Sept 2097 - June 2098)

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Old 02-07-2019, 12:35 AM
PhoenixRising PhoenixRising is offline
staffed shop Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw Team Practice

It's time for quidditch practice again and to build on team spirit, discuss what went right and wrong in the last quidditch game and most importantly, figure out how to win the next game and ultimately the Quidditch Cup.

Only thing you notice is that there are TWO captains present this time. Well what are you waiting for; Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw Captains, Bel Macindoe (Tegz) and Juniper Primeaux (SarcasticStrawberry) are here to guide you through this practice.

ooc: Welcome to a Duo Team Practice! This is for IC reference and fun but as part of the team, you should be participating, whether you are in a starting position or reserve. Please note that this is not the first IC practice of the term.

This thread will remain open until the 17th of February approx 7 pm EST

Sarah and Tegz will hold this IC practice and if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to her or me via PM.

Have fun!

- Jess

Group Practice
Captain's first post [ 1 ]

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If anyone thought that this boy wasn't keeping up, they'd be wrong. He wasn't even distracted. Nope. Not today. He was PUMPED. Something about winning recently and maybe things finally going okay again had the boy's spirit bright and shiny today.

After hitting a bludger away from himself, the boy grinned and scrambled for his broom. These weights were definitely going to be integrated into his workout routines. Maybe a part of the running? Yeah. Probably that. But in the meantime, he grabbed a broom and pushed off, struggling the tiniest bit to get used to moving a little more sluggish with it but... all in all, this wasn't so bad. It felt good. The kind of good that went with knowing he'd be sore in the morning because he did good and his muscles were fully aware.

He adjusted the weight around his middle quickly, ducking under a bludger, and dropping the bat from his hand. Alright alright. It was race time now. Right so..

3... 2.... 1....


Err.... Not quite.

In his head, he'd gone 0 to 60 kinda like a kneazle in the pursuit of a rogue mouse but... yeah... the extra weight had other plans. He leaned forward, his chest getting closer and closer to the handle but it was hardly helping. And MERLIN. Had all of his muscle and height caused him to be the heaviest player? Cue lots of sheepish looks around and a hint of red in his cheeks, which he'd easily explain away as wind burn as he sped after the others.

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Tina was determined to bring her A-game to quidditch practice and prove she belonged on the starting team! She approached the pitch, broom in hand. She had just enough time to say a quick “Hi” to everyone and give Professor Adara a polite nod of acknowledgement before the captains gave their instructions. Hmm… different kind of practice? Tina wasn’t sure what to think of that, but she’d hear them out before forming an opinion. Okay, so that explained the weights Bel was wearing. Tina supposed this wouldn’t be too terrible, as long as the weights didn’t slow her down too much. She didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of all these people, thank you very much!

Tina picked up a set of weights and tied them to her ankles and wrists as tightly as she could without being uncomfortable. She didn’t want them coming undone or sliding off,especially not the ones on her wrists! She was a little ambivalent about the waist weight. She was a little worried it would slow her down too much, but she decided to give it a go anyway. If nothing else, trying the waist weight would make her look better, more enthusiastic, willing to challenge herself. Hopefully that would help her at next year’s tryouts! She wiggled her wrists and took a couple of steps to get used to the weights. Merlin, that felt awkward! Who would’ve guessed that the optional waist weight would be the one that took the least amount of getting used to?

Tina paced a couple of times then broke into a run, slower than her normal speed but a run nonetheless. Come on, Tina! Faster, she urged herself.She quickened her pace and… stumbled over one of her ankle weights. Luckily, she caught herself before she hit the ground. Nothing to see here, people! She’d just made a full lap around the pitch when the captains gave the next set of directions. Bats and bludgers? Yes, please! That was right up her alley… assuming the wrist weights didn’t slow her swing too much.

Tina picked up a bat and got in line to wait her turn. Hmm… might be a good idea to take a couple of practice swings first. Was she allowed to do that? As she watched the people ahead of her, she saw Nettie do just that, so she assumed so. When her turn came, Tina stepped up and swung the bat once, twice, three times to get a feel for how the weights would affect her swing. She was definitely going to need more power behind her swing, and the fastest way Tina knew to give herself more power was to get angry! Her eyes locked on the bludger coming toward her, and - WHACK! Bat and bludger made contact.

By now, Tina was getting used to the weights, but her heart sank a little when she heard the next set of instructions. Standing with the weights on was one thing, but flying with them on was quite another! What if they slowed her down too much? Or threw her balance off? Well, she supposed there was nothing to it but to do it! She mounted her broom and kicked off, taking care not to lean too far to one side or the other. As she sped toward the other end of the pitch, a bludger came barreling right at her. With some difficulty, she nudged her broom and swerved right, just in time. Whew. that was close!
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Valencia nodded at the Hufflepuff captain. Was it not obvious she was trying? She wondered if her dad ever had to do anything like this. It was a weird sensation, sort of like she was always off balance. But, she did seem to be at least going faster now.
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Smiling as her and Chloe finished their lap. It was nice to not have to get up soooo early in the morning and run so much like they had too last term. Running was fun but only when it was on her own terms.

Juniper watched as everyone took their turns swinging at the bludgers. It seems that everyone was doing great. After everyone had gotten a turn Bel took over the practice with her part. Bat still in hand shfe mounted her broom and joined the others in the air. The Hufflepuff captain had also noticed that the Ravenclaw Perfect must have been daydreaming out on the pitch. ”Let’s go Jackson.” Juni being his captain felt that she needed to have her say at him as well.

Flying as fast as she could she headed down to the other end of the pitch with the others. ”Good job everyone.” Swinging her bat at the bludger and flying forward. Really everyone was doing great!
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Even though Nettie was enjoying herself getting to play Beater for a few moments, she was happy when it was time to finally get in the air. The weights were going to be an adjustment, that was for sure, but she was certain she could figure out how to do it.

She got on her Nimbus and kicked off the ground, rising up in the air and feeling the wind in her hair. Her legs felt like they were weighing her down a fair bit, so she adjusted so that she felt she had better control over her ankles. The muscles in her legs were trembling a bit, but she reminded herself that this was a good workout and as long as she kept a good grip on her broom, she'd be fine.

Speaking of grip...

The ankle weights were making her hands sweaty. Thankfully, she was able to adjust her grip so the weights were evenly spaced out, so it wasn't TOO painful on her tiny little wrists. The weight around her waist was also forcing her to sit up a bit straighter, which was good. She slowly made her way around the pitch, getting more and more used to the weights with each passing movement.

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She was focusing on her flying and almost was hit with a bludger, the last minute doge was a miracle and Chloe knew it. She looked around to see if anyone had seen it and it seemed she was good, so she kept flying around.

Could she go higher?

The weights were making it harder, but she was going to try. Moving her hands to make sure her grip was tight she lifted the broom and started to rise in the air. Just missing a few more bludgers that were coming at her she turned and started toward the other end of the pitch.

'Hey, stop hitting them straight at me" Yelling to the group with that bats before laughing and sticking out her tongue so they knew she was just joking, she actually liked dodging the bludgers.

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