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Term 48: January - April 2018 Term Forty-Eight: CURRENT TERM (Sept 2094 - June 2095)

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Old 01-10-2018, 10:25 PM
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Default CoMC Lesson 1: Gone Batty!

It was a nice and cool October evening, but not cold enough to need a sweater yet. There was a soft glow of light in the sky and the sun had just dipped below the horizon; it was officially twilight. Tristan usually set up his lessons in front of the barn, but this one was set a little further into the forest than usual, but not too far. He had set up in a little clearing just outside of a cave. Nothing that would cause them harm lived here, but he knew a cave may be a little scary for some students.

As usual, there was a semi-circle of hay bales set out for the students, and his trusty blackboard was just to the right of the cave entrance. There was no evidence of what kind of creature they would be working with today. He liked keeping them surprised! To the left of the cave there was a large Adirondack Chair made out of hay bales, and that was where Professor Wayland could be found; sipping his Chai Tea from a mug shaped like a Niffler, waiting patiently for his students to arrive.

OOC: Welcome to the first CoMC Lesson of the term! Though this is our first lesson together, this is not the first CoMC lesson of the year, so please keep that in mind! Please make sure you take a gander at the CoMC Rules while waiting. Class will start in 24 hours. Class has begun please jump in!

Class Progression:
Greetings and Mini Activity
Bat Info and Question 1
Responses and Question 2
Responses and Main activity

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Jessa Susanna Cambridge
Sixth Year
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Alexa Christina Cambridge

Ministry RPG Name:
Maddox E. Quigley
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Emma J. Trevelyan
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So....the forest.....she was game. It wasn't every day you got taken somewhere forbidden to get in your education--er....evening in this case--and the Ravenclaw was here for it. By default, it already ruled out several things she may not have found quite as interesting and opened up the door to potential you wouldn't have if you weren't in the forest at all.

"Good evening, Profe....ssor........" The bales of hay were normal. The cave just beyond the bales of hay were what gave the Fifth Year notable pause. It reminded her of the Defense lesson from the term prior and that hadn't gone all that well either. Jessa eyed the dark and possibly winding cave for only a moment before taking a seat far on the other side. She wouldn't even sit near it while she could help it.

"I thought I was looking forward to the lesson, I'm not sure I am anymore but I still thought I'd tell you." Because more often than not, Jessa didn't regret attending Care of Magical Creatures class.

This.....this was quickly starting to seem like one of those times and for as much as she could help it, the Ravenclaw looked everywhere but at the cave. No need to freak herself out before that time came. Maybe they weren't even going inside. Whatever was inside could be coming out to them--which wouldn't be bad at all. Certainly it would lower the rising anxiety at the thought of having to go in.

Just keep calm Jessa. Maybe this wouldn't be THAT kind of lesson.
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Emmalyn Walsh
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West Riedel
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Emmalyn joyfully skipped towards the CoMC class location. It was a beautifully cool fall night and she was thankful to have grabbed her scarf since she had the tendency to get chilled rather quickly. Upon arrival, she noticed the hay bales sat neatly in a simi circular pattern. Wanting to sit as close to the cave as possible, she picked the hay bale that was nearest. Caves were fascinating to her. She had always been a roamer, and she figured she could spend hours getting lost inside of that cave.

"Good evening, Professor Wayland!" she spoke the little way across the clearing, just loud enough for him to hear. She gave a little goofy wave and blushed. Making herself comfortable, Emmalyn worked a nice little rump shaped depression into her hay bale. "That's better."

Noticing the older Prefect she met earlier in the year sitting down at the other end, Emmalyn gave a wave to her as well "Hey, Jessa! Lovely evening, isn't it?" She wasn't sure if the girl remembered her or not. They did have other classes together, but Jessa was much older and didn't run with her crowd.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Farah C Dubey
Fourth Year

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Chance Coeur
Magical Creatures

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Finley Hastings
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This fourth year’s belly was full as she made her way down to the hut for her COMC class. Farah grunted because maaaaybe she shouldn’t of had that last piece of apple fritter.... but let’s be real... no way she wasn’t going to have it. She loved food too much. So she was slightly uncomfortable as she fell in step with others as they headed to COMC.

Her slight discomfort was temporarily forgotten though when she saw what was in the background. Cave?? Like... an actual cave??

Evening professor” Farah wiggles her fingers at the professor before stepping up beside Jessa and giving her a little nudge with her shoulder. She usually greeted her in a hug but her full belly did not need to be pressing against another body right now. Then Jessa was sitting waaaay away. Okay, well we were just gonna follow her. Sitting beside her, Farah waved at Emmalyn, someone she noticed from the other classes but actually didn’t know her name. That would change soon enough. “Evening!” She said brightly to the girl.

Now about this cave.....
Watch out

cause here I come
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Zoryn Spinnet
Fifth Year
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Zander Adair
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Nikho Pham
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my name is ariana and i am 99.9% CONFIDENT that i am a gryffindor #rip

Hey, hey, Professor Wayland!!!! Guess what???? You're absolute FAVORITE student has arrived!!! Zoryn made sure to get to class extra early, 'cause she knew JUST HOW MUCH Professor W LOOOOOOOVED having her company. Hehehehee.

In fact, Zoryn Spinnet was in SUCH a fabulous mood which meant it was the most opportune time to get on Professor W's nerves. Like no offense, but the man was getting old and it was probably almost time for his midlife crisis to be over... Which meant... They might not have a lot of time left to spend together! The dude was gonna die any day now!!! So Zor had to milk every minute of it, so that he'd be sure to remember her in his afterlife. Really, she was doing him a solid by going out of her way to ensure he got plenty of Zoryn time before he kicked the bucket. Truly, a woman of the people.

"YoooooOOOOoooo Professor W," she waved her hands around in the air, making a GRAND show of her pizzaaaaaaazz. 'Specially 'cause she had LOADS of energy at this time of day. This was way better than having a morning lesson. Suddenly though, she turned serious. "How're you holding up?.... Your health doin' okay?" She watched him very carefully. He didn't look that sickly.... But not all signs of death were physically visible. You could never be too sure.

And after checking up on good ol' Professor W, Zoryn went to sit next to Jessa. She was smart at everything, right? "HI!..... You okay?" She wasn't lookin' all too hot (((((tbh)))).
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Abraham Botros Jr.
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Jake Upstead
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Jasper Beaufort

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Caspar M. Viridian
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It was absolutely cold enough to need a sweater, actually, at least according to Abra. The second he got to school every September he started grumbling about how unnecessarily cold it was in this country. There was a kind of irony in the fact that outside the castle was where he was most comfortable, like, emotionally, because reasons, but the least comfortable place physically, because cold. It was especially bad immediately after enjoying an Egyptian summer, and even worse when you considered the fact that it was only going to get colder.

The point was that Abra did have a sweater on when he arrived at class (and actually had briefly considered wearing another, but figured that would only attract unwanted attention if anyone noticed). The fact that they needed to go a little deeper into the forest than usual to reach the lesson didn't really bother him, not as much as one might have expected considering how nervous he usually was. It was true that maybe his anxiety levels were a little higher than they might usually have been for a Care of Magical Creatures lesson, but that was more to do with the fact that it was getting darker and so he couldn't really see his surroundings as well as he'd have liked. But it wasn't enough to prevent him from going to class; they were still outside, in the open air, and there were plenty of escape routes if something really terrifying happened, which it possibly probably wouldn't. The forest was more exciting to Abra than it was scary, at least in the daytime.

"Hi Profess- oh..." Abra's greeting had come as he reached the usual set-up, but as he started to settle himself down on a bale of hay, he noticed the cave, and immediately tensed up. Abandoning his manners, he turned to look properly at Wayland, but kept glancing back to the cave again as he spoke to him. "We're not going in there, are we? That's where the creatures are going to come out of, right?" Please, Merlin, let it be mooncalves, or nocturnal flobberworms, or anything that meant they could stay put.
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Reese C. Prichard
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Fulton Briggs
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Miranda was a bit chilly as she walked down the the forest for Care of Magical Creatures class.. She was somewhat irritated that the lesson was being held in the evening when she liked to snuggle up with a good book ,
her cat Eragon and her mirror; just in case Kenny happened to call her which was just about every night since he had gone off to school half a world away.

" Good evening, Professor Wayland.. A bit brisk out I do hope we'll get the chance to move around and get warmed up.", Miranda said with her usual ' Hi how are ya" smile.

And with her greeting given Ms.Blaze made her way to one of the hay bales that had been set up in a semi-circle and sat down and pulled her book from her bag and there she sat and read as she waited for the lesson to begin.
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Zarina Rae Carraro
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Jasmine Lenkim
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Kace Troy Lecium
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Zarina is interested in going to this lesson. She wasn't too much involved with COMC last term but now she changes her mind. She is going to as many lessons as she can. As she is walking to the classroom, she sees the professor sitting there near a cave? Alright she'll bite. Where they going to study bats per say? She sees him sipping something from his mug. Zarina finds a seat in the bundle of hay and is loving this weather. She is a huge fan of the fall weather and soaks it all in.

Oh right introductions, "Good morning professor...what's up with the cave today?" she nodded her head towards it. As long as she didn't become a vampire she is cool with the lesson.
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Daisy Swann
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Natalie Mills
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Daisy was looking forward to this lesson as she headed to where the lesson was being held. "Hello, Professor! How are you?" Daisy greeted with a smile, curious as to what the lesson was about.
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Junia L. Botros
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The location for this lesson wasn't Junia's favorite for reasons, but she'd turned up anyway. She needed to keep an eye out for her people, people she knew enjoyed this subject. People she knew might not love the setting, either. After shrugging on a sweater and shouldering her bag, she'd made her way outside and towards the forbidden forest, finding the gathering of students easily enough. "Hello Professor." Her gaze only remained on him a moment and then rested on the cave and the corners of her mouth tugged downwards. It wasn't exactly inviting now, was it? Hm.

Anyway, she needed a seat.

After scanning the crowd and offering smiles to those she was friendly with, the sixth year moved towards her cousin. She offered him a slightly more genuine smile than the rest and settled down on a hay bale nearby. Far enough so that his friends could still sit next to him, but close enough to be there if he needed her.

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Bel Macindoe
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Rustin Killick
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Angelo Toussaint
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For the record, Bel was freezing . Not only did she have her wooly jumper on, she had her robes over her uniform, her scarf on, woolen beanie hat, and gloves. She was wearing trousers instead of a skirt as usual so at least there was that, but honestly, Scotland was like walking around with your head, hands, feet, and bum all stuck in their own individual esky.

Do better, Scotland, do better.

Even still, Bel approached the learning space only slightly subdued by said cold. She was still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, smiling eagerly even not knowing what the lesson would be

She stopped short on her arrival and looked around though. This was some aesthetic, professor. The forest. The cave. The nonchalant sipping tea from a niffler mug whilst ensconced in a throne that had a shape that honestly looked more fitting for a beach setting like back home than it did here... (did he levitate it here especially? Did he shape it when he got here? Why didn't he just use normal hay bales too? There had to at the least be easier chairs to shape and/or levitate to an out-of-the-way location like this. )

Like we said.


"G'day professor." Bel greeted and sat herself near the front.

She wanted a good view of this cave.

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Last edited by Tegz; 01-11-2018 at 03:00 AM. Reason: lemme just edit cos i misread a bit on my phone
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The trek into the forest had been enjoyable. It was a pleasant evening, dinner had been excellent so he was contentedly full, and he was wearing comfy jeans and his favorite flannel shirt. He was ready for another typical Care of Magical Creatures lesson. Except this one was at night. In the forest. With an intimidating cave nearby. Lovely. He was no Gryffindor, there was no way he was rushing headlong into that cave until he was readily assured of its safety by Wayland.

And speaking of Wayland, there he was, just chillaxing in his hay-chair. Well, if the man could be that at ease right by the cave, he must trust the contents. That actually put Finn more at ease than almost anything else could have. So, a bit more relaxed, he was able to truly smile at the professor. "Good evening, sir. You look relaxed!"

Hmm. Not too many people here yet. He headed over towards a sixth year Slytherin and sat. "Evening, Junia. How are N.E.W.T. classes going?"

Thanks, Kitakins <3
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Nothing like the Forbidden Forest at night.

Truly nothing. And Cassie was doing her best not to be concerned about the fact that they were out here for a class on Merlin knows what creature. She just dressed in the appropriate comfortable yet useful clothing, warm enough for the October evening that was gradually getting cooler. At least there were some reoccurring features of their usual lessons like the hay bales as seats and the blackboard…but also a cave that looked just a little ominous. Something told her they would be focusing on just chose that cave as a home.

“Good evening, Professor,” she greeted as she moved into the semi-circle looking for a free seat. Ah…there, off to the side. Not too close but just close enough to the cave.
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Again again with the hay bales. Katy waved cheerfully at the professor as she approached the seating he had created for them, then pulled her scarf tighter. Just the slightest nip in the air, probably down to the time of day rather than approaching winter.

"Good day, Professor. I see you continue to invest in hay shares. I hope it's proven profitable for you." She picked a seat that seemed dry.
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Patrick Dooley
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Patrick followed the other students down toward the forest, heading beyond where class was normally held. He really liked Professor Waylands classes because they were usually interactive and he didn’t have to be super knowledgeable to do well, and he’d walk away knowing way more than he did before.

He got down past the normal area and noticed a cave. He stopped dead in his tracks.

We’re his professors trying to give him heart attacks before christmas? He had nearly died in the cave during Defense Against the Dark Arts last term. He was hanging by his fingers and he was supposed to go inside possibly and be calm. He noticed some other students apprehension and he agreed with them. He looked over at the Professor, “Evening Professor. Hope this cave is significantly less scary than the one in DADA last term.” he didn’t want Professor Wayland to think he was being rude, “I dangled from the cliff in DADA last term, don’t need that this term.” he mumbled.
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Having the lesson at night time had gotten Natalie's hopes up that they might be going to visit the mooncalves again, but as she arrived to the class destination and saw the cave... she knew that this wasn't going to be about cute, adorable bug-eyed mooncalves.

Natalie pouted at the sight of the cave and stayed somewhat near the back of the hay bales seats, steering CLEAR of JESSA, because she KNEW Jessa was going to be excited about the cave and whatever was inside of it and her Gryffindor self was probably jump in head first and get them ALL KILLED.

Okay, probably not killed. But to be safe, she was going to stay away from Gryffindors.

"Hi, Professor," she said warily as she sat near the back.

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Alessandro was a medium-level excited about Care of Magical Creatures. He had overheard some older students raving about this professor and immediately had to manage his expectations. He wanted to make his own decisions about how good this teacher was and so the inadvertent influence had briefly stressed him out.

Now that he was here, now that he was at the hay something-or-other, Al began to feel the faintest bubble of anticipation. He was here. He was at Hogwarts.

He smiled and lifted his gloved hand in the quickest hello to the professor and, then, found a seat.
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Care of Magical Creatures! Hanna loved animals, and she loved being outside, and she LOVED this lesson. Evenings were always nicer than early morning for classes, too. And it was just right for temperature. As she walked towards the group, she took it all in. Just like last lesson. The hay bales were surprisingly VERY comfortable. All of her things were in her bag, but since there was no desk she kept them in there, until they needed them.

"Hello Professor," she greeted as she joined the class. Her eyes scanned the area and found a cave! She wondered if they would be exploring the cave to try and find animals in there. Maybe bats! No... they weren't very magical when it came to creatures. Hanna liked surprises though, so she was happy to wait a while to find out what they would be studying today. She picked a hay bale at random and sat down, enjoying the atmosphere.
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If there was ever going to be a subject Daehyun didn't mind attending so late in the evening, that would be Care of Magical Creatures. He'd normally be exhausted by then and have a hard time focusing, but all of that was forgotten when it came to the one subject he was more than excited for. So there he was, walking without a care in the world into the forest, humming a soft tune under his breath as he did so, uncaring that the class was a little deeper into the forest than usual. He'd chosen to wear a light shirt, over which he'd draped a crimson sweater with a turtleneck that he'd buried his nose in, and he also carried a spare in his backpack, just in case.

Ever since seeing the announcement of the class, he'd spent hours wondering what they'd be learning about, and upon seeing the cave, he wondered if it was going to be glumbumbles. How exciting would that be? Never mind that they had disastrous tendencies, he was looking forward to it. Or maybe the professor had something more dangerous in mind for them, a thought that made his eyes sparkle in glee.

When the bales of hay came into sight, he greeted the professor with a nod. "Good evening, professor!" he said, maybe a bit too enthusiastically, his eyes straying to his awesome mug for a second, before choosing to sit on a bale that wasn't too close to the cave, looking around for Shera. He'd promised he would help her through this subject, so he'd come prepared. The backpack he'd discarded next to his feet didn't seem large on the outside, but inside he had everything. He carried his textbook, and his favourite bestiary that he carried literally everywhere, enough parchment for two, and even a spare quill. His old, worn pair of dragon hide gloves were in there, as well as the new pair he'd gotten before coming to Hogwarts - but he still loved the old ones - and there was also the extra sweater.

... neurotic much? He was excited!

Plus, when Shera had asked for help, she'd probably expected some extra explanations like from a normal person, but normal he wasn't, so he was going to make sure she wouldn't miss anything. Now, where was she?
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Amanda "Night" Dixon
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As compared to potions so early in the morning, this was the life, and Night was in her element. Well, except for one thing: it was freakin' cold! Night had two sweatshirts over her robes, and she honestly just missed Chicago. Sure, back there, when it got cold, it got cold, but this was October!

Professor Wayland was supposed to be pretty cool, and Night already liked him just because of his choice in mug. What was that creature? She knew she had read about them...they found shiny stuff, right? Oh! A Niffler!

"Good evening, Professor. I love your mug!" Night had a philosophy to always complement when she could. "Will we be studying Nifflers today?" Maybe he was the kind of professor who did that, brought cool mugs or wore fun socks that gave a hint about the lesson. But then again, Nifflers didn't really live in caves, did they? And weren't they more of a day creature?
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Melbourne glanced around the forest area…a cave? Her blue eyes lit with wonder as she pondered what creatures she could be learned about that day….this was fun and interesting.

Maybe they were learning about Dragons…or….Goblins…or Trolls? Or…or really she had no idea what they were learning about but she was excited none the less. ”Hello Professor Wayland!” Melbourne waved and grinned, ”Darcy’s doing really well…” she told him happily and smiled softly before glancing around the room smiling and waving to really just about everyone.

”Hey Zoryn…” she smirked slightly,…so why exactly did she think Professor W was sick. ”so what makes you think he look sick?....just y’know so I know what to look for in the future” she grinned because obviously this girl was fun yeah? Looking over at the blonde sixth year that was practically her sister. RAAAANDA.

Clearing her throat she beamed as she walked over to the bale the girl was sitting on. ”Raanda daaaarling, I’ve missed you…its only been like a few hours since I last saw you but it was dreadful.” She grinned as she nudged the younger hufflepuff girl.

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Twilight in the Scottish Highlands, probably one of the best, most beautiful times during a regular year. Yeah its ridiculously cold, but with the right amount of layers and warming charm technique its actually quite manageable.

In addition to that, they are actually gonna be having a class in the Forest. Now this isnt the first time he's had a class in here of course, but they were so few and far between that each time they have the chance like this its like Christmas morning.

And there be the Creatures man on his aptly made throne. The Head Boy waved as he greeted "'Evening Professor." Now to find a choice spot for some cave spying.
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This was one of the classes she's looking forward the most. Because she get to go outdoor and have some fresh air. And today was no different. The red haired Slytherin made her way towards the forest. She's a bit surprise when she saw a cave. Wonder what's inside the cave? Maybe something scary? Hmmm.....

"Hello, Professor. How are you today?" It's just her or the Professor look more handsome this year. Ahem. Or was it because his Niffler shaped mug? "Nice mug, Professor?" She gave him a smile before she went to find herself an empty hay bales to sit.
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The one place she hadn’t set foot in since first year, and of course Professor Wayland had felt the need to hold a lesson in the Forest at night. Stasya hadn’t held a grudge against him over it, though, because maybe he hadn’t ever heard about when she’d gotten lost in here. Lost with Emmeline and Tessa, anyhow, looking for her unicorns. Maybe only Professor Hirsch knew about it since he’d rescued them, and Healer Reed of course but he wasn’t at school anymore. Or maybe Professor Marchand knew too because head of house, but she thought maybe the CoMC professor didn’t know. Even if he probably knew about the unicorns, which a tiny part of her had hoped they’d be learning about as she had fought every urge to just turn around and hide in the barns with Dobby, Albus, the winged horses and all the other creatures instead of going to the lesson. It was CoMC though, and she knew that there was absolutely no way she’d skive off from any of those lessons, so instead of letting her fear get to her, she had continued walking, protected against the chilly evening weather with jeans tucked into tall boots, a pink sweater and her Gryffindor scarf securely wrapped around her neck almost as tightly as her fingers were wrapped around her wand, tip lit just for added safety.

She’d extinguished it as she’d come out into the clearing, seeing the others gathered there along with the familiar haybales and everything else that was a normal sight when it came to CoMC. Aside from the cave, but she chose to just not focus on that as she took a haybale close to the professor’s hay chair. “Good evening Professor Wayland,” she greeted him with her usual smile, pushing her fear of their surroundings back for the moment. Creatures were way more exciting than letting herself worry. Except for Zoryn apparently worrying about the professor’s health. He wasn’t that much older than her mama, and he didn’t look any different than normal so maybe it was just Zoryn being Zoryn?
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Shera had had a nap before the evening class. That had left her slightly sluggish but still very excited as she made her way to her Care of Magical Creatures class. It would probably still take her a few minutes to reach full consciousness, and that was evidenced in the frizzy curls that stood up in all directions. The joys of bed hair when you had curly hair.

"Good evening Professor Wayland," she greeted, fighting back a yawn but failing miserably as it slipped out anyways. Spotting Daehyun wasn't hard, despite her sleepy state. It was the over enthusiasm of the future magizoologist that gave him away immediately.

Shera's feet managed to get her over to the same hay bale as him, dropping down on it immediately and without a word of greeting she doubled over to let her head rest on her knees. Just five more minutes of rest please? Then she promised to force herself awake and would go back to the hyperactive student everyone obviously loved.
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