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Term 47: September - December 2017 Term Forty-Seven: (Sept 2093 - June 2094)

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Old 04-16-2017, 10:56 PM
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Default The Whomping Willow

Banner credit: FwooperOnYourLeft

The Whomping Willow is a valuable but extremely violent magical plant that has been on the grounds of Hogwarts since 1971. Beneath, it hides the Shrieking Shack and if you locate the little knot that makes the tree still you might find your way there, if you dare.

The Groundskeeper along with the rest of the staff advice all students to please, don't get too close to this majestic but violent beauty. It is known for attacking all who come close to it and unless you wish to spend the rest of the year in the Hospital Wing; stay at a safe distance from the range of its branches.

If you still want to try your luck in getting closer; don’t forget to duck.

OOC: Please do not role-play for the Whomping Willow.
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Originally Posted by DJ Moose View Post
"No no...I'm not doubting you. I'm just, surprised." Yeah that's it surprised. Nothing else. Nada Zilch Nothing. Simon was gonna be cool around Zoryn because Zoryn was Cool.
Simple Really.

Yeah. 'Okay Okay' he was getting somewhere now. Or at least he thought he was. "I Do. I like it a lot. I can't really play it, but I enjoy the game a ton." What did he want to do with the Money? "I wanna do good with it. I already kind of am doing good with it. I hope" He added 'I Hope' at the end of it, because he was too sure how the New Charity was doing. That was all Mr.Rockefeller's work right there after and stuff.

"Right...right I know he's cool. Everyone says so. I think so too."Yeah well, Professor Hirsch sorta saved him so. That was a notch on the Cool side of Simon's Cool/Uncool Mental Board of Coolness. We Cool. "So are you saying we should go to it?" Wait No! "I mean we should do this first!" Pointing at the Whomping Willow aggressively trying to keep her thoughts away from what he just said.

He nodded frantically in agreement. "One Minute. Got it. Dancing. Fools. Totally game for that." His rushing to get this started before she just dragged him to Merlin knows for New Adventure was very apparent.
Zoryn gave Simon a look that said 'UH HUH, LIKELY STORY' with ALL the disbelief in her eyes. Or well, she hoped it said that much. Sometimes boys were dumb though, so she couldn't ever be sure that the looks were well translated. And even though Simon LOOKED super smart 'cause of his glasses and all around nerdy demeanor, Zor was pretty sure most things she said flew way over his head. Probably 'cause he'd duck to avoid any danger, y'know?

"Will it make you famous?" Owning a Quidditch team did sound kinda prestigious.

Zoryn tried to pay attention as Simon went on to ramble about something or another. Honestly, most of it was tuned out but she always tuned back in for the important stuff. It was a skill. "UM, HECK YEAH!!!!" She nodded LOADS. "ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!! Plus, I'm besties with Professor H, so if he catches us he won't be mad." He wouldn't get his best mate into trouble. It was like bro-code or something. "DEAL, we'll go look for the pool after you LOSE!" HEhehehehe.

'Cause, why not both?

"Okay, rules. I throw one, you throw one and we keep taking turns until I, I mean, someone hits THAT branch," she pointed again at the same branch she singled out earlier, before turning her attention to the parchment stack in her other hand. Taking one piece and balling it up in her hand, she set the rest of the pile down and kept one foot on top as to not let the parchment go flying everywhere. And then she LAUNCHED the parchment-ball into the air, watching it rise about four feet before getting whisked away by another rogue branch.

Aw, nuts!!!!

"I'm just warming up," she explained. Okay, Simon's turn.

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