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Term 43: May - August 2016 Term Forty-Three: She's Back, and She's Hungry... (Sept 2089 - June 2090)

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Old 08-13-2015, 12:00 PM
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Default Boris the Bewildered

Near the hidden entrance to the prefect bathroom on the fifth floor stands a statue of a lost-looking wizard with his gloves on the wrong hands. This is Boris the Bewildered, a good meeting spot on this largely empty and musty-smelling floor.
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Default Charms Activity, #1
Constant Vigilance! O_O AWAKE!

Huffing and puffing from practically running up the stairs from the Charms classroom, Isabella looked down to be sure she hadn't dropped her wand. Nope, it was still in her pocket. She took her wand in her hand and paused in the hallway next to a statue of some confused-looking wizard. Hmm. What to draw... Isabella turned in a circle.

Well, there were no portraits here, so that was good, she wouldn't make anybody mad. Isabella wasn't sure if statues fell into the category of portraits-that-must-not-be-upset, so she decided to decorate the wall behind the statue. That way, there would be no misunderstanding. But what to draw, what do draw? Isabella thought a sun would be nice.

Thinking hard about the color yellow, she said, "Figura circle!" and traced the outline of a big circle as high as she could reach (and she was nearly 5' tall, so it was a reasonable height). Pleased with her mostly round circle, Isabella then proceeded to color it in. "Colorvaria," she said confidently, thinking again of sunshine yellow. Well... not quite the right shade of yellow, but it was close.

Now. What would the sun be shining on? Flowers, duh!

"Figura oval," Isabella said, crouched near the floor as she traced a medium-sized oval on the wall. Who said the sun and the flower had to be proportionate? A quick "Colorvaria!" to color it a weird purplish-pinkish shade, then Isabella added a green stem and some leaves using "figura rectangle," and "figura triangle" to approximate the shapes she would have drawn. She decided to leave the leaves un-filled in. After all, it was art, so it didn't need to be realistic. She made a few more flowers, yellow and pink and purple.

"Figura circle! figura oval, figura circle!" Isabella said, tracing several circles and ovals touching each other a bit above the flower. She was trying to make a cloud... maybe if she filled it in, it'd look more like a cloud? "Colorvaria," she muttered several times until all the cloud pieces were filled in. Well... she knew it was a cloud. That was what counted.

Now for the fun part... "Animatae," she said happily, tracing the petals of all the flowers. She wanted her flowers to dance! And dance they did. Well, not the first one she traced, but all the others looked like they were having such a fun time! Whew. That was hard work! Isabella stepped back and admired her flower-cloud-sun mural on the wall next to and a little behind Boris the Bewildered. It wasn't her best work...but she had just learned to make art this way, so it would be better next time! Pleased with the results, Isabella turned and skipped away to find her next art project. Charms really was her favorite class. Both practical and pretty, that was what she liked about it!

Dance like nobody's watching! You're perfectly happy to do your own thing, no matter
what anyone else is doing. So what if the moves don't match the dance? You do you!
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Default Charms Post 1
not throwing away my shot | Slytherpuff | roll for initiative | woof you ❤

Olly kept going up some stairs until the crowd from charms class dwindled a bit. He didn't want to paint the same spot everybody else was painting. When he got to the fifth floor he stopped. It looked like one or two other people had painted a bit here, but there was still room for him to decorate. The painting he saw was on the wall next to the statue, but he decided to paint right on the statue. That was fine, right? It hadn't been specifically not allowed so he was going to assume it was okay.

"Figura Circle." He traced the outline of a small circle over one of the statues eyes. Then he did it again for the other eye and repeated the incantation. "Figura Circle." There, it looked like he was wearing glasses. He stepped back a little and considered what else to make. He decided to point his wand above the statue's head. "Figura Cloud." There was the outline, but he wanted it filled in. "Colorvaria." He focused on the color gray, and there it was. A gray storm cloud above the statue's head. He was going to get stormed on. He had another idea and raised his wand again. "Figura raindrop." He traced the shape of a raindrop and did it over and over again until there were lots of them. "Animatae." He pointed at the raindrops and they did just as he hoped. Now it really looked like it was raining on the statue. Satisfied with his work, Olly nodded and went to find another spot to paint.
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