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Term 40: May - August 2015 Term Forty: Don't Follow The Spiders (September 2086-June 2087)

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Old 08-20-2014, 04:23 PM
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Gryffindor Gryffindor Boys' Dormitories

[ map ]

After a long hard day of hunting, and lessons, or even just a busy weekend, your dormitories will be your haven. It will be more than just your home away from home, and it is the place where you can come and relax after a long day or a late night. The four poster beds are surprisingly comfortable, and it's easy to get lost in the smooth red velvet covers. Should you want some privacy from your chatty dorm mates, feel free to close the hangings around you and lose yourself in sleep.

After all, every lion needs their rest and with the portraits watching of you - perhaps some evening serenading you to sleep - it is sure to be a sound sleep.

SPOILER!!: Room Assignments

First Year Rooms:
Wylie Atherton (Destiny)
Izaac Dafforn (Emzily)
Lancelot McWitty (Roselyn)
Ken Sato

Neil Grivet
Patrick Westwood
Harrison Flutterbutter
Brant Walsh
Second Year Rooms:
Carson Darion (Hogwarts_Viking)
Maverick Quigly
Ash Pokeberry
Theophilus Waldrip

Grover Renswald
Ziggy Roark
Ozias Stufflebeam
Boris Trinkle
Third Year Rooms:
Franklin Paton (Zoe)
Ezekiel Rogers (Hera)
Leonard Stark (LittleRandom)
Darius Chambers Jr.(Lady Marmalade)

Larry Peterson
Harry Thatcher
Dominic Turnbull
Elijah Underhill
Fourth Year Rooms:
Ezra Earnest (DanialRadFAN01)
Nick Tatum (vijaya)
Joseph Crutchley
Timmothy Scottsburg

Seamus McGlashan
Rupert Brady
Christopher Stinson
Quentin Farrell

Fifth Year Rooms:
Silas McLaggen (Eriin)
Jackson Hwang (Random Raven)
Yoongi Hyland (DuckyLinJi)
Seth Goldstein (Mischief_Managed!)

Dougal McIvor
Vincent Swift
Alexander Wright
Philip Brown
Sixth Year Rooms:
Zander Adair (ArianaBlack)
Benjamin Atreyu (Holmesian Feline)
Chance Coeur (ChanceCoeur)
Aegis Dane (DJ ExpelliarMOOSE)

Kody Phillips (Syd)
Damien Anderson-Belfort (nicole black)
Nemo Grimm (Schroyers)
Ian G. Hale (Gryffindoll)

Jayden Jones-Campbell (PumpkinSkull)
Michael Noda
DeForest McCoy
Jake Kelley

Seventh Year Rooms:
Michael Toussaint (Mell)
Squall Hancock
Jason Neword
Tron Wonderly

Kyle Birtwistle
Frederick Bishop
Bryce Humphreys
Felix McKenney
*OOC: please note that changes to room assignments may change based on bios posted in the 'Meet the Pride' and Character Biographies threads. Have an IC complaint about your dorm assignment? We are sure that Professor Flamsteed would love to hear it as your Head of House

Any character listed that does not have a (username) is a non-playable character and entirely up to you (and your IC dormmates) to make up their personality and habits if you so desire.

Despite there only being two rooms per year listed above, IC there are obviously more rooms in the tower. After all, there are 9601 students in the school and about 2400 of those are Gryffindors. This is just meant to help create more of an IC feel for you as to your character's housing situation.

If you see anyone that is missing or any mistakes, please notify your Head of House.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jonah Upstead
Seventh Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bronwen Grimaldi
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Tomasz Łaska
Law Enforcement
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Default HoM hw #1
doesn't proofread tweets | #wrongaboutcereal | #siriusly? | emo to the extremo

Zander had been out all day. Not even doing one thing in particular, just a whole lot of stuff in general. There was just SO much to do and so little time, y'know? Plus tonight was his assigned day to do some patrols around the corridors so it seemed like a perfect time to go back up to his dormitory to take a break. Except you can't really ever take a break at Hogwarts.

It seemed like there was always something around here to get done. And right now, homework seemed to be that something. Unfortunately he had SO much of it that he didn't even know where to start. So he sort of just ended up stretching on top of his bed, staring at his list of assignments... And that last quite a while. There was just so many options that he didn't even know where to begin.

But History of Magic seemed like a good place.

So he decided to take out his illuminated manuscript thing from class. The Gryffindor began flipping through a couple of the pages, taking his time to look over the designs he had drawn. Not his best work. But not his worst either.

Anyways, he decided to go ahead and begin writing, so he also reached for his bag to grab some ink and a quill. And thus the scribbling began...

SPOILER!!: Entry #1, Prompt #1
January 20th, 2087
My full name is Zander Mathew Adair. I got my surname passed down to me 'cause of my dad's family... But I guess that parts kind of obvious. Anyways, my dad's name is Mathew so I got his name as my middle name. I don't know why my parents did that. Kind of weird, right? Like why would someone give their own name to their kid??? I never even thought about it before now, but I don't reckon my dad will be too happy if I try to question his motives.

My first name is kind of interesting though. But only interesting 'cause it's so weird. My brothers are named Aaron and Daniel. They got the normal names and somehow I got stuck with Zander because my parents thought it sounded cool. I bet you my brothers did something to trick my parents into naming me Zander and by the time they figured it out, it was too late. Very possible. OR it could just be that after two rounds of kids, my parents lost their touch and decided to wing it. That's also very possible.

Either way, I think my name is... alright. Definitely unique. A name people tend to remember, which could be good or bad. Good when you want people to remember you, but bad when you get into huge trouble at school. There's only one Zander around here, y'know? So if someone's talking about me... Everyone will know who exactly they're talking about. I've got tons of nicknames though? Some people just call me 'Z', but I don't like that because people also call Zahra Kettleburn 'Z' sometimes and we are VERY different people, Professor. I've also gotten Zandy a bunch... But that one's terrible. Then there's Sophie Brown, she calls me ZanderPander. I pretend like I hate it because really if anyone else were to call me that, it'd be horrid. But it's actually kind of okay when Sophie calls me that.

So anyways, my name is okay, I guess.

Hm? It'd have to do. HOLY MERLIN!!! He was ALMOST late for rounds! Merlin.

Without wasting another second, the Gryffindor stuffed his things into a drawer and literally RAN out of the door. Ahem. Chill. He was so chill.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jasper Hart
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Olympia Stanton
Magical Creatures

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Default HoM HW #1
˝ EagleBrain ♥ Creeperdoodle ♥ Raven Dor ♥ Berry ♥ ˝ Team House Elf

Homework, he had homework.

Shuffling his feet across the room to his bed, Zeke flopped down on top of his covers and pulled out his bound manuscript thing for HoM class from his bag. He liked drawing, but this was a bit much, wasn't it?

Nevertheless, as he turned to the page he had been working on, his blanket page... or was that carpet page? Something like that. At any rate, it was the page to signify the split between his old life and his new one. Economically challenged muggle to a fairly successful and much more well-off wizard. How things changed.

With his inks out, and the gold ink he managed to borrow from Professor Glendower, Zeke continued to work on outlining and colouring in some of his figures. On the page he had an array of images all connected with swirls and lines and patterns. There were objects from his past and present - carefully selected so as not to say tooooooo much - and they formed something of a timeline, or a story through pictures. It really was transitional, and to make it perfect, he felt he needed a phoenix. It symbolised rebirth after all, and what was he if not reborn?

First tracing a flaming bird lightly, Zeke examined it from one angle and the next. He was happy with it, phoenixes weren't the easiest things to draw after all. Dipping one of his quills in red ink, he coloured in the body and the wings. He then used orange and yellow for the flames and used black for some outlining and shadowing.

But something was missing.

It needed something MORE.


Pleased with himself, Zeke got off the bed and set his inks away, taking out and unstoppering the special gold ink. He didn't need much, just a little, and then he could return it.

Laying back on his stomach, the manuscript page in front of him, Zeke dipped the end of his quill in the gold ink and carefully added licks of it to the tips of the phoenixes wings, its beak and its talons.

Finished. It was officially finished.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Jonah Upstead
Seventh Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Bronwen Grimaldi
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Tomasz Łaska
Law Enforcement
x10 x1
Default #3 charms hw
doesn't proofread tweets | #wrongaboutcereal | #siriusly? | emo to the extremo

Zander was so tired, but you know what? He was going to be responsible. Woah, right!? Zander Adair. Being responsible. Doing homework even though his bed was right there within reach? Yeah, that's right folks. This is what growing up meant. Or maybe this is just what not wanting to procrastinate meant. Or what trying to prove to Quigley that he was willing to improve meant. Well, whatever it was... It had to mean something because Zander really just wanted to take a nap.

So he took out his wand and--wait. Most everything in this room was already red? Uh.

His lamp shade. That wasn't red? That was GOLD. HA. See Professor, Zander was getting creative here. Mhm.

"Colovaria!" he pointed at the lamp shade and watched as it turned a brilliant Gryffindor!Red. Merlin. That one thing really made the entire room look like the inside of uh... Something really red? Okay. Yes, he needed a nap okay.

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