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Term 39: January - April 2015 Term Thirty-Nine: Mapping Hogwarts (September 2085-June 2086)

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Old 02-10-2015, 12:48 AM
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Default Out on the grounds (Charms 2 & Transfiguration 2)


After you have left the classroom, you are led to a wide open area on the school grounds. This is where the second portion of the joint lesson will be taking place so don't dilly dally in getting here.

In the sky, there are tiny hoops floating at even distances but those are none of your concern for the time being.

Gather around for the instructions to be handed out once the last of the stragglers have arrived. No worries about the crisp winter morning air as charms have been placed around the area to keep the temperature comfortable. Thoughtful; yes, we know.
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Default final activity, post 3
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That had been close. Brooklyn didn’t like the feeling of panic. In fact, she preferred avoiding that at any cause, which had made her almost feel like just casting the spell for the second hoop right after they’d passed through the first. Balerion, on the other hand, hadn’t seemed bothered by anything aside from the fact there were still other dragons running the course. He obviously didn’t like sharing, and Brooklyn wasn’t going to stop him. As long as she stayed on the dragon’s back, she’d decided anything could happen. Actually, she’d almost started to feel comfortable amongst the spikes and everything. All that was left was not failing at enlarging the hoops they were supposed top pass through.

“Engorgio!,” she cast again as they’d neared another one, her wand traveling in the same unfinished circle it had several times before. She should have had the spell down by now. Thankfully, there wasn’t a repeat of the first hoop and they’d passed through easily. Maybe she was actually getting the hang of flying and casting the spell. She refused to accept the possibility she wasn’t, anyhow, and at least she hadn’t been shrieking her head off like others had been. She had more self-respect than that.

Although she’d nearly shrieked as she almost missed enlarging the third hoop before Balerion had arrived at it. She’d cast the spell just in time though, so the shriek stayed inside.
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He....was just going to tell himself that all the screaming was a result of all the FUN they were having and that the kids who ran into the hoops and those that were now upside down were that way by choice. Anything that would keep him from having to enlarge his own dragon and fly out there to play hero. Heights were a big no. Unless he helped bring you into this world or promised to be there for you for better or worse...there was no chance he'd risk it.

'Sides, these children were tough. It'd take a lot more than a transfigured dragon and a hard fall to kill them from all the Daily Prophets reports he'd seen and his own experiences. They were FINE.

They were also out of time according to his watch. Some had already landed and that was great but to those in the sky, he shot red sparks up to get their attention before putting his wand to his throat for a decent 'sonorus'. "If you haven't already done so, land your dragon now. Time is up and you lot need to be heading to your next lesson."

Maddox gave them all a moment to land before continuing without the charm that brought him a slight headache. "End the incantation, put the dragons back into their cages then you may leave. I do NOT want to see any large reptiles wandering the corridors or the skies around the school. You have the rest of the day with them, don't let them need confiscating." They were free to go.

You guys don't actually have to RP doing all that if you don't want to. The class is over, thanks for sticking around you lovely people <3333
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Default Post 5 - Finishing for continuity woo
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He tugged Ramsey II's spike a little to upright himself and the dragon, and then Dima was all eyes for the next and last hoop in his path. Going upside down again would be pretty cool, but he was still kind of reeling from his first attempt. Maybe it was best to avoid vomiting in class? Yeah.

"Alright, Ramsey II! Last one! You got this, bro." Pat pat for your head, dragon.

Aaaand there they went. Ii

The Ravenclaw was ready to do another one, but the shot of red sparks into the air from Quigley immediately caught his attention. Dima steered Ramsey II down to land among his classmates, sadly climbing off the dragon and casting a quick "Finite" before ushering the creature into his cage. MAYBE Quigley had said they only had the day with them, but the kid was keeping him forever, okay?

"Thanks professor! See you next class!" He waved, and then Dima and Ramsey II were out, yo.
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