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Term 39: January - April 2015 Term Thirty-Nine: Mapping Hogwarts (September 2085-June 2086)

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Old 12-09-2012, 11:22 PM
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Default Hufflepuff House Table

banner by hermionesclone

The Badgers sit under a beautiful gold and black banner representing their house. Their solid, shiny wooden table is nicely polished with all the place settings perfectly set. The food will arrive after the Headmistress' traditional feast speech. To all Hufflepuffs, both new and old: enjoy the feast!
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Originally Posted by Squishy View Post
Was it bad that Lux only felt excitement at this feast? She was so over Hogwarts and all she wanted right now was to go home. Soon she would be able to see her boyfriend and family again, and that prospect was AMAZING.

Practically bouncing, the redhead made her way over to the Hufflepuff table. Ooooh, there were already people there though at least she hadn't missed the food. What was the point of coming to a feast if you missed the food that went along so well with company?? Talking to friends was amazing, but she'd rather not do it on an empty stomach.

"Hello, guys!" she said as she sat down at the bench. Some of her friends were here and she knew that they would never ignore her.
Melek wandered around, ending up at the hufflepuff table. She was looking for her best friend... erm... ex-best friend? She wasnt sure about what they were. To be honest, Mel wasnt sure about anything except that she missed Annaleecia... like a lot... Melek sighed and slid into a spot at the table. She sighed and looked around for Anna, accidentally bumping into Lux. She blinked and stared at her. "Sorry... " Mel paused, "Hey, Lux!"
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Originally Posted by nanyjj View Post
Sometimes Leah wondered why tragic events were happening every single term, but never had to ask to get an answer - this was Hogwarts. In her first year, people except the SILVER FOX started aging all of a sudden. In the second year, the whole school was just COLD, and apparently this was because of some creatures in the forest. Her third year was not that bad though, it was just some people turning into fairytale characters. Nobody died so far. This term there was a death. It scared Leah to think about how dangerous the school was.

"Nonono," she replied hurriedly. She did not want to make people feel bad or anything. Leah thought about what exactly WAS troubling her, then said cautiously, "actually, it's the opposite. I THINK a boy likes me, and I THINK I like him too," her face reddened for the umpteenth time as she said this. But she was glad to say it out loud, because she knew Lux would understand.
Ooooh, so it was the total opposite of being harassed. That was good. Lux didn't like having to give people a talking to, though she would have if Leah was being pestered.

"Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you talk to him or think about him?" That was a big way to know that you liked a boy, because your stomach did weird things. She would get to the other bits later, but first she wanted to know if Leah liked him!!

Lux wanted to give Leah so much advice.

Originally Posted by Magical Soul View Post
Botros made his way from the staff table, where his food sat untouched, and over to the Hufflepuff table with a wide smile on his wrinkled face. He did spot the ghost of the former astronomy professor chatting to some of the students here but he couldn't see her around anymore. He supposed she was off eating with the rest of the ghosts somewhere.

"Please carry on." He raised his hand indicating that no one should stand up or stop munching on those delicious dishes the elves fashioned for everyone. "I wanted to tell you how proud I am with every single one of you this year. You caused no unnecessary tantrums in classrooms, no professor approached me on account of anyone's nasty behaviour, and you worked hard in both Gobstones and your academia winning us both cups." He patted the head of the closest student to him. "Bravo, children, and have a great summer. You sure deserve it." He wanted to give them all hugs but he didn't want to repeat the group hug scene professor Flamsteed started earlier tonight.
Awwww, Grandpa!Botros was so precious. He seriously reminded Lux of her grandpa, and surely he did a lot of the other students as well!! "Thank you, Professor! You are an awesome Head of House and I hope that you have a great summer." She missed Professor Hadley still, but Botros was the perfect change in Head of House just like Flammy was with Gryffindor.

Shame he didn't agree to allowing her visit the Common Room.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Oh yeah! The stargazing! Lux was right. "That was awesome because it was a great night out. It took me a while to find the second constellation for some reason though.'' It had indeed took him a while. Five minutes or so but he had managed to finish the exam in time still.

"I bet you did!'' Look at Lux all excited about that practical. ''I might have blown up a zombie or two. It was super fun.'' Adi grinned, wondering iff Benny by chance had blown up anything. Honestly, he could see why his bestie had a thing for explosions. Anywho. "Nah, you're right. I'll drop by sometime. I just need the directions.''
It was nice to talk about this stuff with Adi because he understood her and felt the same way about it. Looking at stars was awesome, and she could do it for hours on end. Lux could understand why Professor Flammy loved space even if the science confused her. "It took me a little bit of time too, but I searched for the asterisms first, and it really helped." They were totally handy things and made the exam a lot easier.

The zombie comment made her laugh. "We both kicked Zombie butt! It was so much fun." That had been one of her favourite practicals, and not losing her shoes to ectoplasm had made it even better since that would have been gross. "I can give you the directions if you want. Unless you would rather ask him." Bay wouldn't mind it in the least, she was sure.

Originally Posted by Somnium View Post
Melek wandered around, ending up at the hufflepuff table. She was looking for her best friend... erm... ex-best friend? She wasnt sure about what they were. To be honest, Mel wasnt sure about anything except that she missed Annaleecia... like a lot... Melek sighed and slid into a spot at the table. She sighed and looked around for Anna, accidentally bumping into Lux. She blinked and stared at her. "Sorry... " Mel paused, "Hey, Lux!"
About to dig in to the excellent feast, Lux felt someone bump into her arm, knocking the serving spoon out of her hand and back into the bowl of potatoes. "Oh, hey Mel!" she said as soon as she realized who it was. "No worries." Smiling, she picked the spoon up again and helped herself.

"So how are things? Have a good term?" It had been a while since they last talked, so catching up would be great.
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