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Term 39: January - April 2015 Term Thirty-Nine: Mapping Hogwarts (September 2085-June 2086)

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Old 12-01-2014, 02:25 AM
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Default Gryffindor Table

The Gryffindor table is exactly where you recall it being, albeit it looks a little nicer today. Instead of the odd mustard stain and carved name attempts, the table is covered in a gold colored table cloth. Down the center of the large table there are reproduced trophies and badges. While the trophies themselves don't have years listed, they do mention the type of trophies the house of Gryffindor has won over the years. Feel free to brag to those around you about any victories you helped secure. The badges are wearable too.

Come have a seat. Reminisce about the good old days or perhaps make a new business connection. Either way, be sure to have a good time and enjoy your time at your alma mater.
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SPOILER!!: Alice and sorta Paulie
Originally Posted by Cedric View Post

Hands in his trouser pockets, he came up to her from behind, leeeaaned forward some, and craned his neck so that he was essentially looking at her upside down. Or almost upside down. "Well, don't youuuuu look like a goober," he grinned.

A very, very pretty goober, but she wasn't getting that out of him.
Originally Posted by lemon View Post
Text Cut: Lex + Paulie

Little tantrums. Alice had to suppress a grin at Lex's eloquent use of terminology, even though it would be the farthest thing from funny when she actually had to deal with it. "Wouldn't exactly call them little." Really. Really really. She would know.

Did she... want him coming back? "Not if he's going to be impolite to you. Or if I'm going to get a lecture about true love and such." Otherwise, she didn't quite mind having him around. Also, she wasn't meaning to ruin his day. And it was only natural for one to worry about West when he got into a strop like that, because Merlin knew things never turned out well when he was upset. For anyone. Ever.

And before she could finish that thought, there was a Paulie in her face.

"Hello to you too." Swatting at his head to get it out of her way, she sent a scowl in his direction. "It's a dress. Girls wear them. I am one."

"If he was being impolite I didn't notice." But only because she didn't. In her mind, him leaving was more a favour than anything else. So what if he'd gotten all kinds of cross first? 'Least he'd gotten the point and removed himself from the situation. "But I can do without having to listen through a lecture on that stuff." Being right next to her, she'd hear the whole thing because there was NO WAY Alice would get up and leave her at the table to go listen to Odessa on his love tirade. No chance.

Then there were three again; funny how that worked. "A Goober?" And an eyebrow raise for you. Alice wasn't a Goober, whatever the hell that was. No really though, what was it.

"I'm thinking I go home with you when this thing's over, otherwise you'll cheat on that whole no boys for a whole day thing tomorrow." Knowing how Persistent West Odessa could be and all. She didn't want him somehow smuggling his way into their day, not even for five minutes.

"We gotta stock up on unhealthy stuff." Maybe have Remy tag along to cook it all.

SPOILER!!: Lottie!
Originally Posted by Lockhartian View Post

Oops. Did we forget to let the best friend know about this? Sorry about that. It wasn't the most important thing to discuss, clearly. And she had been too uncertain about showing up or not, but alas, here she was.

The Psssst made her look, and she smiled at Lex before approaching her quickly. GOOD QUESTION. "I haven't yet, but I kind of hope he shows up soon. He's pretty much the only reason I came here." Honest. It was all because of Airey Flamsteed, she certainly didn't miss Hogwarts at all. "It's surprising, that you came." They had both spent the entire final year wanted to get away from this place and look where they were. It's like Hogwarts and Zander didn't want them gone.

So THAT was why Lottie was here. Made sense now 'cause....hah, it couldn't have been to get another look at the Great Hall again. They'd had every meal in her every day just a couple months ago. The effect hadn't worn off yet. There was no missing this place yet--if it ever happened. "I think I saw him around earlier. Reckon he'll have to stop here, being a lion and all. Plus we're here so...even more reason to stop by." As conceited as that notion might have seemed it was true. They made Airey's class, he's just too Professional to admit it.

"I came because Alice thought it'd be a good idea." Which was yet to be seen but bestie was here so at least this part was a win. "Pretty sure most of the people I know are here so not like I could have made other plans either." Which kinda sucked. There was really nothing better to do but show up, so she did.

"Did you see Mr. Vinteren with Ivy Knox?" Why did she think that woman had vanished off the face of the earth and left Vinteren free? Huh. "Ran into him the other day down in Knockturn Alley." And now here. Weird really, what were the odds?
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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
Okay. So he was panicking for no reason, apparently. Sophie didn't even seem to notice he was freaking out, which was good. Good.
The man sat down and nodded, not looking at his co-worker and fellow former housemate. "Yeah, I- I was." He didn't know she was one either, but then again, he had never asked. "Um, 65 to 72." He pursed his lips and had to tell himself everything was fine. That was just Sophie so there was no need to freak out. She worked IN his lab, he should be used to her by now, Merlin. "You?" Derek managed to ask, giving her a quick glance before looking back down. It was only then she gestured to her dress and asked him if he had tried the cocktails yet. "No, I- I haven't." The lab technician blinked at her stained dress. "Are they um... good?"
MERLIN, small talk required a lot of energy. Derek was feeling drained already.
Oddly enough they had gone to school and been in the same house at the same time but Sophie still couldn't remember talking to him then. Shrugging she said "I attended Hogwarts in 2069-2075. So at least for the first 4 years of my time at Hogwarts you were there too but a senior." She glanced down at her dress once more and sighed beforeshe3 perked up and smiled again. "Did you have any favourite spots to hang out in around the castle? I liked sitting under trees with view of the lake. I always waited for Barty the Squid to make an appearance, but he seldom did. And of course hanging out in the lion common room playing games and chatting."

Lifting up her cocktail glass to drink up the last of the drink Sophie nodded. "The cocktails are delicious. Unfortunately I spilled out most of mine. You should try one. They have different flavours."

"Do you keep in touch with any of your old classmates?" Sophie wondered quietly. She hoped so even if Derek wasn’t the best at making small talk with people.
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