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Term 37: May - August 2014 Term Thirty-Seven: Winter is Coming (September 2083 - June 2084)

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Slytherin Slytherin Intros: Attendo Thea Vipera

Attendo Thea Vipera

Beware The Viper

Introductions. Find out who is who in Slytherin and watch your back in case you make enemies.

Year At Hogwats:
Best Subjects:
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects:

Eye Color:
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cecelia "Cece" Murdoch

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Slytherin Slytherin Head of House
Super Slytherin Buddy - ⅓ She-Snake Trio || EVIL Healer

Cecelia "Cece" Tillstorm

Model: Ali Larter (Image by sweetpinkpixie)

The Basics:
Name: Cecelia "Cece" Tillstorm
Age: 36
DOB: December 25, 2047
Year of Graduation: 2066
Years Attended Hogwarts: 2059-2065
2065/66 (Term 19) attended and graduated from Belle’s School of Magic for Young Witches since Hogwarts had been divided that year. Still considers herself a Hogwarts graduate.
Former House: Slytherin
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 11" Eucalyptus with a Unicorn Hair core, sturdy
Patronus: Armadillo
Boggart: Dying alone and unloved
Relationship Status: Taken by the very handsome Waylon Murdoch

Father: Loki Tillstorm, 56
Mother: Athena (Walker) Tillstorm, 56
Siblings: None
Cousins: Jacen, Zoe, Romulus

Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'9"

Cece is a tough if not hard as nails kind of woman. With all her healer training and practice being done in the Swedish Army of Magic she has little to no tolerance for weakness. She believes all children should respect their elders as well as one another. She will not tolerate disrespectful, defiant children who think they do not have to do as she asks or tells them to do.

Hogwarts History:
People Who Attended Hogwarts with Cece:
Althea Schirmer (2059-2060)
Josephina Hadley (2059-2061)
Dash Scabior (2059-2061)
Gemma Cerulean (2059-2061)
Seren Bentley (2059-2065)
William Williamson (2059-2065)
Oliver Jenkins (2059-2065)
Waylon Murdoch (2059-2065)
Vanora Newlin (2059-2066)

Education & Work History:
2059-2065 - Student and PROUD Slytherin at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft & Wizardry
2065-2066 - Student and still PROUD Slytherin at Belle’s School of Magic for Young Witches
2066-2070 - Studied to be a Healer at Wizarding University in Italy
2070-2072 - Completed Healer training in S.A.M.
2072-2076 - Full time Healer in S.A.M.
2076-Current - Hogwarts Healer
2082-Current - Slytherin Head of House

SPOILER!!: History and Stuff
Cecelia or Cece as her friends and family call her is an only child who was born to Loki and Athena Tillstorm. Her father being Swedish while her mother British she grew up in Sweden until the age of eleven when she got her letter that she was accepted to Hogwarts School, the very school her mother had graduated from. During her breaks from school she would go back home to Sweden. Her father is a member of the 5th Cohort in the Swedish Army of Magic (S.A.M.) where he is the head healer. Following in her father's footsteps Cece went on to become a healer. Once she finished school she went back home where she joined S.A.M. and cared for those that were wounded in training.

Coming home from work one day she was tracked down by an owl she had never seen before. Taking the letter from it she opened it with excitement as she seen the Hogwarts Emblem on the envelope. Why would she be getting a letter from Hogwarts? It had been ten years since she graduated from there. Quickly reading through the letter she couldn't believe what she was reading. They wanted her to be their new healer?

After thinking on the matter for a few days she decided she would go. As much as she loved being a healer in S.A.M. she was ready for a new adventure, and what better adventure is there than caring for a school full of children.

2076/2077 Term 30
This was Cece's first term as the new healer at Hogwarts and she was excited to find out she would be working with former crush housemate and new CoMC Professor William Williamson along with the new groundskeeper Mr. Waylon Murdoch. The person she was not so happy to work with was the new Ancient Runes Professor Oliver Jenkins. He was still the same big headed jerk he had always been to her when they were students together. Once term started it didn't take long before the infirmary was filled with students needing care. From allergies to broken bones and everything in between Healer Tillstorm was kept busy taking care of the students. She did somehow find the time to go on a blind date with the handsome Riley Newcomb, Wiseacres Wizarding Equipment shop owner, whom she was still dating at the end of term. She also landed herself in the school gossip paper Aparecium which did not make her happy at all. It seems a couple of friends can't be seen dancing without a boat load of rumors starting.

During the summer months she went back home to Sweden and volunteered her healer services for S.A.M. She may have left that position to work at Hogwarts but her heart is still in the army where her career began. She also made sure she spent plenty of time with Riley. Well as much time as she could considering summer is his busy time of year.

2077/2078 Term 31
This term proved to be a rather stressful one for the healer. Not only did she have the everyday situations to deal with in the infirmary, she also had the dilemma of the students and staff that seemed to be freezing in time. These occurances were quite the mystery as they just seemed to happen at random times to random people. It wasn't until she smashed a mysterious orb against the wall of the infirmary that everyone came out of their coma like state. Relieved that Professor Williamson everyone was okay, she went back to her normal life of taking care of the daily bumps and bruises along with the occasional broken bones. She also continued dating Riley and would go off to visit him whenever she had the chance. If someone would have told her last term that she would still be dating Riley today she would have told them they were crazy. The only reason she even went on that first date was to try and forget the one man she knew she would never have. Who would have guessed that Riley would be the one to accomplish this task. Her dating Riley still didn't stop her from once again being a subject in that gossip paper Aparecium thanks to the Librarian Mr. Kitridge.

Summer time brought good news to Cece. She learned that her very dear friend Vanora Newlin was going to be the new Care of Magical Creatures Professor at Hogwarts. This news helped relieve some of the pain she was still feeling about the departure of the previous CoMC professor, as well as the former groundskeeper, two of her best friends from when she was a nerdy student at Hogwarts. It was this summer that she also formed an ever lasting friendship with Hecate Lafay. Much to Hecate's surprise, Cece volunteered to help her family through a terrible time they were going through. Even though Hecate said she couldn't ask Cece to do what she offered, Cece wouldn't take no for an answer, and thus a great friendship was formed that day.

2078/2079 Term 32
Cece's third term as healer found her riding the train back to Hogwarts for the start of term. Due to certain circumstances she was not able to travel any other wizarding way, or more like she refused to travel by apparition, portkey or the floo network. However, when the train broke down she was forced to find a different way to get to the school. Enter second year Slytherin West Odessa and his brand new broom which he offered to let the healer use. So, while everyone else on the train was traveling to Kings Cross by portkey, Cece along with her younger cousin Jacen traveled the rest of the way by broom.

The first half of the term found the healer to be a bit more moodier than normal. Just ask the librarian, Mr. Kitridge. He soon found himself on the wrong end of one of her mood swings when he attacked her planted that unwanted kiss on her in the Great Hall. The very kiss that landed him with a slap across the face. Things seemed to be getting better for her after the birth of Hecate and Alexander's baby, who happened to be born on her birthday. Even though the child wasn't hers, Cece couldn't think of a better way to spend her birthday than with the very family she had been helping out for the past several months.

As the year progressed things started to go downhill for her in her personal life. Her and Riley were growing apart from each other. Seeing how happy the Greingoth's were with their family made her start wanting a family of her own. Riley on the other hand had made it clear to her that he didn't want children. The more she thought about things the more she realized they didn't want the same things out of life. It was with a heavy heart that she wrote him a letter telling him exactly how she felt and that she couldn't go on any longer with their relationship.

Over the summer Cece went on a much needed vacation to St. Lucia. The vacation was a gift from the minister and his wife for everything she had done for their family over the past year. It only seemed fitting to her that she take Sierra on this vacation with her after the eventful year they'd both had. It didn't really take too much convincing to get the Minister and his wife to agree to let their daughter spend time the healer. After the vacation she made sure she spent time at home with her parents and also convinced William to come visit her in Sweden, after he got over being angry with her for what she had done for the Greingoth family that is. He may not have known it but it was really nice having him there with her. No matter how bad things seem to be for her, just having him around helps.

2079/2080 Term 33
This term was rather uneventful for Cece. It was pretty much the same thing in the infirmary every day. Bumps, bruises, a LOT of bruises, broken bones thanks to quidditch, and the occasional child who was actually sick. While all the professors were having to deal with the Board of Governors candidates invading their classes and watching their every move Cece was left alone in her own little corner of the castle.

During Spring Break she spent her time in Romania with a certain Dragonologist. Although they are still only at that "friends" stage she's finally accepted the fact they'll never be more than friends she had a really great time with him. Not only did she get to see where he's living now, she also got to see exactly what it is he does. Knowing what he does and seeing it first hand has really done nothing to stop her from worrying about him though. Yes, she now knows how careful he is and just exactly how much it is he loves what he's doing, but still, he works with DRAGONS, who breathe FIRE! Like up close and personal.

During the first week of the summer holiday she ran into William in Diagon Alley. The friends chatted about their summer plans, William told her about a promotion he was up for, then he invited her to visit him in Romania again. He then had a change of heart and took the invite back. Feeling crushed that he decided she should wait to visit, Cece did her best not to let him know how hurt she was even if she did put the idea in his head. She agreed to wait until she heard from him again before she visited. A few weeks later she ran into Waylon in DA. After hearing that he was planning on renting a room at the Leaky Cauldron, she invited him to move in with her. She had just rented a house in Hogsmeade that had an extra bedroom so there was no way she was letting him live above a dingy bar. As the summer went on Cece and Waylon became even better friends than they were before. Towards the end of summer she wrote to William telling him about Waylon rooming with her and that she wouldn't be coming to visit him. William wrote her back demanding to know what was going on with Waylon living with her, and poor Waylon who did absolutely nothing wrong ended up getting a howler from what seemed to be a very jealous William. Needless to say, things didn't end so well and Cece did not go to Romania this summer.

2080/2081 Term 34
Returning to Hogwarts for her fifth term as Healer, Cece found herself employed only part time due to some financial difficulties the school was having. As if having her hours cut wasn't bad enough, all the furniture from her office and the waiting room, along with most of the beds from the healing areas were repossessed by those nasty little goblins from Gringotts.

Having no office, no patients in the infirmary, and a lot of free time on her hands, Cece could be found at her home in Hogsmeade when not at the school. Of course she didn't mind all the time she got to spend at home now that Waylon was living there. As time went on, Cece and Waylon's friendship grew stronger and stronger. For his birthday she took him to the Swiss Alps to go skiing. This would be one ski trip she would remember for the rest of her life. It was during this trip that Waylon kissed her for the very first, and definitely not the last time. Things did get a little awkward with them but they didn't let that stop their friendship, and their feelings for each other from growing. For her birthday, and Christmas, he took her to Seychelles where he taught her how to surf. Their feelings for each other seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, yet they both seemed to be fighting them, which caused more awkward moments. Even with the awkwardness, this had been the best birthday for Cece. Things continued like this throughout the remainder of the school year. She would come home on her days off, they would fight their feelings for each other as they grew even closer.

Once summer arrived, the two of them set off on what turned out to be the most amazing summer vacation of a lifetime. They traveled to all the different Disney parks in the world. That's right, one summer, five parks, and two adults with the whole summer off work, Oh yeah, and let's not forget the two students that met up with them at Disney Florida. Recently graduated headboy, Oakey Gunter and his girlfriend, Ariana Logan. Things again were awkward, only this time not between Cece and Waylon, but between Cece and Ariana because the girl had it in her mind that Cece hated her. Thankfully, Oakey and Ariana did not accompany Cece and Waylon for the whole summer. After a few days in Florida, Oakey and Ari went on their way as did Cece and Waylon. They still had four parks to visit, without the company of students. As the summer came to an end, it was very safe to say all awkwardness was gone between the two, not to mention they were now officially dating. Yes, this had turned out to be a very good summer indeed.

2081-2082 Term 35
Returning for her sixth year as healer, Cece was now back to full time status. She still didn't have her furniture back, but she was being paid to work full time again. Of course now that her and Waylon were dating, it didn't make her too happy that she wasn't going to be able to see him as much as she did last school year. They didn't let a little work stop them from being together though. She went home as much as she could to spend time with him. It really helped too that business in the infirmary had been slow this year.

For the Christmas holiday this year they went to Sweden to spend time with her family. Of course her parents already knew Waylon from when they went to school together, but now they were meeting him again as an adult, and the man who was dating their daughter. Their visit to Sweden ended on a very happy note, as her parents both approved of her and Waylon being together.

Going back to work after the holidays, Cece could be seen with a smile on her face, something that was a rarity for most to see. She might have even been seen being nice to students, or so that little gossip paper would have everyone believing. She didn't let that bother her though because she knew in her heart that Waylon WAS the reason for her happiness.

For the summer, instead of traveling, Cece and Waylon decided to stay home. They would spend several days at a time not leaving the house, just enjoying each others company. On occasion when they did leave, they could be seen around Hogsmeade. There were even a couple times they ventured as far as Diagon Alley. It was on one of their trips to DA that Cece told Waylon her great news. No, she's not pregnant, she had been offered the position of Slytherin Head of House, and she had accepted.

2082-2083 Term 36
Cece returned to Hogwarts not only for her 7th term as school healer, but for her first term as Slytherin Head of House. A position that had become available with the departure of her dear friend and co-worker, Professor Hecate Lafay. Things didn't seem the same without her friend there but she still kept in contact with her throughout the year. And of course that little gossip paper didn't waste any time accusing her of threatening her way into the Head of House position. Just let her find who wrote that article and she'll show them what a real threat is.

And as if it wasn't bad enough that she was accused of not actually earning her position as head of house, now she was being accused of trying to romantically pair up her students. Seriously, where do these idiots get their information? Since when is trying to teach students to get along considered romantic pairing? It didn't stop there though. Oh no. It seems those gossip seekers had no one better to write about this term when they found the time to accuse her of not knowing the difference between her student leaders. See if she ever offers to give her students a party again because clearly this lie had to come from one of her own. Not nice snakes. Not nice.

It's a good thing Cece didn't focus on all the lies being told about her because she needed to keep her mind focused on all the aging students and staff she was seeing in the infirmary. And we're not talking aging as in having a birthday. We're talking getting old and wrinkly like a shriveled up prune aging. At first she thought it was students just messing around with aging potions, but when the effects didn't start wearing off she started to get concerned. By the end of the term and with the help of healers from St. Mungos and the Ministry, it was confirmed that the aging was the result of a potion gone wrong that had been given to a professor by his personal healers.

In March Cece went home looking for Waylon when he didn't show up to a quidditch match. It wasn't like they got to spend a lot of time together, so when he was a no show she got worried, then angry. How could he stand her up like that? It was hard for her to stay mad at him though when she found him at home and he asked her to buy a house with him. This was HUGE. He was letting her know he wanted to take their relationship to the next level, something she thought would never happen.

Over the summer Cece and Waylon traveled around the world looking for the perfect house, which they finally found in Naples, Italy. A perfect four bedroom home big enough to have a family in. Not that they really ever talked about having children, but Cece was hopeful that someday she would be a mum. They spent the whole month of August painting and decorating their new home. The home they owned together. As in it was theirs. Cece didn't think there was anything in the world that could make her happier than she was at that time. She was now a homeowner with the man she loves.

2083-2084 Term 37
Well here it is. Cece's 8th term as healer and 2nd term as Slytherin Head of House at Hogwarts and she was in no way ready to return to work. She wanted to stay in Italy with Waylon in their new home. But if she wanted to keep that new home with him, they both needed to go back to work. The bills had to get paid.

To be continued...

Nothing makes me happier than when I'm with YOU!

Cece and Marie_____Colby

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The Basics
Name: Theodore Alvin Kinsley
Nicknames: Theo, Buttress, Terror Twin
Age: Seventeen
Year: Seventh
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Date of Birth: 6th July 2066
Place of Birth: Watford, England
Current Residence: Watford, England
Relationship Status: Single
+ Hair: Dark brown, thick and styled ALWAYS
+ Eyes: Blue
+ Height: 6"1
+ Build: Muscular
Theodore was born in London in 2066, to two muggles by the names of Jonathan and Emma Kinsley. He had always been an incredibly quiet, but stroppy child, and he certainly knew how to make a big fuss over nothing. He had been known as a drama queen from a very young age, always crying the place down if he ever got told off, and nothing has really changed now. Theo has an older sister called Kathryn, she is twenty-three years old, and Theo never really got on with her 'cause she picked on him as kids. He also has a twin brother, (non-identical) called Casper. His brother is not a wizard like Theo, but a muggle. It has estranged their close relationship quite severely.

His father is a businessman who works a lot, so Theo rarely spent any father-son time with him, so naturally, he is closer to his mum. When Theodore got his Hogwarts letter, his parents were mortified and refused to believe it was true. It took a few letters to convince them, and they eventually accepted it. Theo certainly appreciates the opportunity!
Anyone who knows Theodore will know that he is a very typical Slytherin student, and is a total BOY. He is competitive in Quidditch/house points, self-centered and in some cases, and a bit of a wimp. His defining feature is that he has an extremely grumpy nature, and he doesn't hold back when he is in a mood, he let's everyone know exactly what he is feeling. Not that he's doing it for attention, but he is just generally an emotional person. He is not a big fan of people, and he struggles to make new friends. It really doesn't bother him, because he happens to have the best friends out there and doesn't think he needs any more. The hardest thing is seeing his current friends meeting new people and he sometimes feels a bit left behind.

Theodore hates physical contact of any form, but has loosened up on this around SOME people. Anyone other than that can have a fistbump and a nod. He is a nice and loyal boy once you get to know him, and he takes a lot of pride in what he does even if he is a few brain cells short when it comes to academics.
Chocolate Frogs, music, scooters, Cauldron Cakes, Fizzing Whizbees, the colour orange, his best friends, girls, Professor Bellaire, sunglasses, slippers, magazines/comics. He also enjoys broomstickin' and wand-flickin'.

Being touched, cheese, the dentist, some Ravenclaws, some Hufflepuffs, most Gryffindors, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, not getting his own way, public speaking, learning something that he will never achieve, swimming. THEO CANNOT SWIM.
Education at Hogwarts
SPOILER!!: Theo's years in detail

Theodore kicked off his first year of Hogwarts by peeing himself in the start of term feast. Yes, he was subtle about it, don't worry. He almost lost house points for throwing chocolate frogs at Mika , but he got away with it. Probably because he has such a cute face, you know? He jumped head first into classes, and has established that Charms is his best lesson and Herbology is his worst, so far. He hasn't got LOADS of friends, but his main ones are Blue Gracae and West Odessa . Got a lil trio going on there. Along with his besties, Theodore made the Quidditch team despite his long battle with riding a broomstick. He got it in the end, though. Late November and early December, Theo fell ill with a bad of the flu. He had to miss his first Quidditch game cos of it! It took a lot of energy out of the boy, but he did manage an epic snow ball fight as the weather thickened. He is now in a long term BATTLE with a gang of girls, to win various fights. The next one was a pillow/hair flipping fight, during which Mordred cast a hair growing spell upon Theodore, and his NOSE HAIRS grew.... so he flipped them.

Early March, Theo was preparing for his FIRST EVER Quidditch match, against Ravenclaw. He was scared, and it showed. He didn't score at all, but he made a good few passes and still managed to not get hit by a bludger! In his eyes, that was a success, event though Slytherin did lose. The NEXT match, was completely opposite. Instead of avoiding bludgers, he got hit by two of them. One by his arch nemesis, Oakey Gunter, and the other by one his BESTIES, Ella Bishop . Theo broke his arm, and got badly winded, but Slytherin still managed to win the match! Late May, the Quidditch Championship against Slytherin was to occur. Theo was terrified, because he had been lame at Quidditch ALL term. Whilst West swooped the first part of the match and scored an awesome SIX goals, Theo finally caught up and scored a further three. Slytherin lost the match, but Theo is HAPPY that he can happily try out next term, knowing he was somewhat good in his first year.

Theo was excited to leave Hogwarts for the term, because unlike everyone else, he realized that it was STILL school despite all the magicalness. It was still boring. Though, he knows he'll miss Quidditch loads over the summer.

Before second year had even begun, Theodore had already gotten himself into trouble. During a brief visit to the joke shop in Diagon Alley, he decided to harass a random girl to get her to drink some love potion. He didn't WANT a girlfriend or anything, he was just curious on how it worked. And he was hoping it would make her love her as a FRIEND or something, cos he was slowly losing his.... But it backfired, and Theo ended up with his first kiss. Unlucky, cos Theo wanted his first kiss to be with his wife when he was thirty. Oh well, it was something to brag about. Boarding the train, finally, Theo fell ill due to some dodgy sausages that his mum gave him for breakfast. The scary girl that had kissed him in Diagon Alley had followed him to the feast, getting everyone into heaps of trouble. Professor Scabior ended up putting a silencing charm on a bunch of the snakes, Theo included, but he didn't mind much.

The first thing Theo did once he was back, was sign up for Quidditch. He's pretty cocky that he'll make the team no problem again. He actually attended pretty much 99% of all the tryouts, and the practice had done him WONDERS. Come early November, the rosters were posted and Theodore had made it as Chaser again. He was over the moon that the same team from last term were still constructed, along with some newbies. Classes were going well during Theo's second year, and he'd even joined the Herbology Task Force, of which the first task was to create something plant-like and give it to someone to make their day. Theodore ended up making a daisy chain, which he left on the doorstep of Professor Bellaire's office.

The first Quidditch game was against Gryffindor, and Theo was as cocky as ever that they'd win. Maybe a little TOO cocky. It went well at first, and overall, he scored three times for Slytherin. However, their seeker was on form that day and caught the snitch three times. Just as the game was about to end, one of the beaters sent a bludger HARD towards Theo, causing him to fly off his broomstick and right into the stands. He almost died. After a traumatic experience in the hospital wing, Theo was soon up and ready for the next Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. And this one was important, because they needed REVENGE. Theo scored a respectable two goals, making him the highest scoring Chaser of the term so far! Though, they did not win the match, Theo still loves his team.

Since the Slytherin team got booted out of the championship, Theo was a little.... unenthusiastic with a lot of school related stuff, and was becoming more focused on his personal life. He soon developed a small crush on one his besties, Ella Bishop. Unfortunately, Ella already had a boyfriend, a stinking Ravenclaw, so Theo is kinda moping about. He is also about to embark on puberty.......

Over the summer, Theodore had spent a lot of time with his best friend, West, where they went camping and also attended an awesome Quidditch match. It only boosted his love for the sport to a whole new level. Another happening in his summer involved Ella coming round his house for dinner and to meet his family. It was then when he declared his undying love for her, which of course, meant he was knocked back and heartbroken. From then on, all of his attention went on Quidditch and classes. Which was convenient because he soon made the team for the third term in a row!

Slytherin lost the first game against Hufflepuff, all Alec Summers' fault, but Theodore still made the top of the leader chaser board, with his best friend shortly behind. Of course. The next game was a complete turn around, and Slytherin WON against RAVENCLAW, their main rivals. It was a great day, Theodore was very excited.

As for his love life, things had developed in an unlikely way, involving a Ravenclaw called Isidora. She was good friends with West, and he had kinda set her up with Theo, for experimental kissing sessions. Despite being extremely nervous, Theo carried on kissing her for a ton of weeks and he eventually was completely over Ella. The end of the year was a good one for Theo, and pretty much everyone in Slytherin. They won the next match against Gryffindor, but just lost out to the cup to Hufflepuff. But that was okay for Theo, because they were still BACK. At the celebration tent, Theo spent it with Dora, who asked him to be her boyfriend. He said yes, of course! It was the perfect way to end a good year, even if the departure of his big sis Aurora was a HURTFUL one.

After growth spurting all through the summer, Theo came back to Hogwarts with a totally new look after cutting off his silly hair and getting some clothes that actually fitted him. Personality wise, he was much more grown up too, ever since getting himself a girlfriend. The first thing Theo did was sign up for Quidditch, which he made again, obviously. No news there. But it seemed with all that going on, and being with Dora, that his friends took a backseat. Apart from West of course but he was more like family. Theo totally didn't notice any of this at the time, though. He was quite happy going on dates, and exploring the big wide world of being in a relationship. Which didn't ALWAYS go to plan since his girlfriend was extremely curious about everything.

By the end of the term, Slytherin had scored 600 points overall from matches, which bagged them the championship. Which was extra special since it was Dylan's last year at Hogwarts and as captain. But their final victory was cut short when a group of dementors attacked Theo and West on the pitch. Thankfully they had each other to cling hold of, otherwise Theo definitely wouldn't have made it. They were saved by Oakey's moose patronus, and Professor James' bear patronus. It was all a horrifying ordeal, one that Theo didn't think he'd get over any time soon. So when he got the GleeIceCream DISEASE, it was a much needed uplift.

Theo's fifth year kicked off with a big shiny Prefect badge, which he was most definitely surprised about, to say the least. He was a Slytherin leader alongside Kat (Head Girl) and Derry (Captain) He was a little bummed to start off with that West didn't get the captain badge, since it had been their plan since forever, but he was still happy with Derry leading things, too. Things also changed in Quidditch for Theo, when he was given a new position to take care of. Keeper. He had mixed views on it to begin with, but at the end of the season he ended up with pretty good stats. It was nothing compared to his old chaser stats, though. He missed the position so much. A few months into the term, Derry had an unfortunate accident which meant she had to give up her captain position. As much as he was thrilled for his bestie, it definitely did suck for Derry. With this term came quite a bit of failure. It was the year of the OWLs for starters, and Theo was absolutely NOT ready for it. He prepped somewhat for the exams, but ended up only emerging with five passes out of twelve. As well as that, the Slytherin team failed pretty epically in Quidditch, too.

Summer was up and down for Theo. He got his first ever internship in Diagon Alley, at the joke shop, which was okay. Unfortunately he had to share this with Alexa Cambridge, but Sophie was also there to make it a bit better. It went fine overall, but Theo could tell straight away that the whole 'work' thing was gonna be toughy for him. As well as being busy with that, West convinced him to try out for the under 17s Quidditch team. He did, and he made it as one of the chasers! It was very awesome to get back into that position. Of course, not everything turns out well for Theodore Kinsley, and his long time girlfriend of two years broke up with him just before his sixth term was going to start. He was GUTTED, and it definitely put a downer on everything since he really didn't know what he did to deserve it.

As Theo entered his sixth year, from day 1 it was a pretty miserable one. He was trying his hardest to get over Dora, which was diffuclt after spending so long together. It was hard to know what to do with himself, when he spent the majority of his time on his girlfriend before. So yeah, instead he stayed in the common room, a lot, just moping about. Quidditch was the only good thing going for him so far, and the team won the first match of the season, despite him still being unhappy in his new position as keeper. Another pretty relevant thing to mention would be the old age epidemic that hit Hogwarts. Theo was VERY pleased to not be affected by the disease, but it wasn't at all surprising when you found out what caused it. Touching people. Well, Theo didn't make a habit of touching people, so yay for that! Quidditch went a bit... downhill after their second win. Naturally they were very confident when they went against Hufflepuff in the championship, as they were stacks ahead of them points-wise. Unfortunately despite their great efforts, Hufflepuff destroyed them and cost them the championship. It sucked.

Theo continued his role as Prefect during his sixth year and with that came the Prefect event. It would've been great if he had a girlfriend to spend it with, but he was single, so a valentine's ball was enough to send grumbles down his spine. To top it off, some idiot put him in charge of the kissing booth. It took him a long time to get into this 'activity' but he did end up giving out a couple of pecks. A few to some very lucky first/second years (on the cheek of course), a small amount of girls his own age, and one particular Ravenclaw that he had his eyes on before. He didn't know her name still, just knew her as the Mysterious Ravenclaw girl. He hadn't really seen her about since, so he pretty much shrugged off his mini crush on her.

Theo was soon seventeen and that meant becoming OF AGE and gaining his apparition lisence. Which he did with no problem whatsoever. He finished his sixth year in good spirits, he had made up with one of his best friends Ella before she graduated, and most of all he was super excited to leave for summer. Especially to get out of school and show his family all his magic, his flying, and everything else. He also wanted to learn how to drive. Theo had made quite a few plans for summer - Germany with Dora, finishing off his time at the Under 17s Quidditch team, interning at the Daily Prophet and of course spending time with his best friends and family. So for the first time ever, he was feeling good about going back to school for his final term at Hogwarts. Theodore was determined to make it one to remember.

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◤◢Cassia Jane Somerlad◤◢
Head Girl

Model:Kiernan Shipka

◤◢ B A S I C S ◤◢
Name: Cassia Jane Somerlad.
DoB: 27th June. 2066.
Year at Hogwarts: Seventh year.
Blood: Pure Blood.
Best subjects: CoMC. History of Magic.
Least favorite subjects: Herbology.
Pets: An owl named Snaty and lots of other spoilled cats.
◤◢ A P P E A R A N C E ◤◢
Eye color: Brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Skin: Fair.
Height: 159cm
◤◢ P E R S O N A L I T Y ◤◢

Cassia is a nice girl with a high amount of curiosity. She likes meeting new people and knowing about them and their lives. She likes honesty and she always says what she feels which can't be good all the time. She believes that trust if the most important feature between friends. She loathes betrayal and selfishness. She can be annoying sometimes due to her curiosity. She is a passionate girl who gets excited and fascinated easily. Even by the simplest things she could get enthusiastic right away. Probably being a fervent girl is not good all the time because that would mean making big deals out of simple ones. She appreciates the simplest acts of kindness. She also trusts people blindly which worries her family. Because that would cause her pain if she had been stabbed in the back. Though she might not notice right away that she had been betrayed and there're actually two reasons to that. The first one is that she tends to see people's good intentions. The second reason is that she's not a very bright girl. She is not dumb but she can be clueless most of the time. And despite her eagerness and enthusiasm, Cassia isn't a very confident girl. She doesn't feel comfortable being in front of crowds. The girl feels more self-assured when with few people. And she doesn't like to attract attention because that would mean so many eyes looking at her and she doesn't find that comfortable. Though she is trying to work on that to gain more confidence in herself.One last thing is that she forgets a lot! So don't take it personal if she doesn't remember your name or invent a new one for you. Though she remembers faces very well.

◤◢ F A M I L Y ◤◢
Father : Marcus Somerlad.
Mother: Laura Somerlad.
Brother: Mike Somerlad.
Grandmother: Margret Anna Somerlad.
◤◢ L I K E S ◤◢

Meeting new people.
Chocolate frogs.
Jelly Beans.
Fluffy stuff.
Raining weather.
Goofing around.
◤◢ D I S L I K E S ◤◢
Dark places.
Blazing sun.
Two-faced people.

◤◢ B A C K G R O U N D ◤◢
Cassia is the is the oldest of two children in her family. She lives with her family in London where she was born. She was raised by both her mother and her grandmother. As her Father works in the ministry, in the International Magical Cooperation he tends to travel a lot. Which usually requires her mother travelling with him. And leaving both of the kids with their grandmother.

Cassia and her younger brother ,Mike are best friends. They spend all the time together, playing and singing. They discuss magic a lot. And the two kids always talked about how excited they were to get into Hogwarts. When Cassia was to go to Hogwarts, the two kids were saddened to be separated. And the more Cassia thought about the fun she'd have at the school the more she felt sad about leaving her brother behind.

The girl and her brother have lots of friends. Considering they, too, travel with their parents which allowed them to meet many people. However, their best friend is Liam, their nextdoor neighbor. The three spent lots of time together. Liam is older than Cassia by two years and he goes to another school, he is a wizard too!

Not only Cassia spends her time playing ad having fun with her companions . Her father is so concerned about giving his two children the knowledge he can provide at home. Especially Cassia as she being the eldest . The father is strict logical person who takes care of rational things.

While her mother is a passionate person. Who is responsible for moral issues and sensations. And surely not to forget Grandma Margret who is determined to change her granddaughter !As Cassia spends most of her time playing with Liam and Mike. Goofing around and most of all talking a lot! Her Grandmother never approves of this attitude . As she ,grandmother, justifies her disapproving that a lady doesn't babble nor does she laugh out loud. And that was exactly how Cassia is all the time.

Grandmother Margret always complains to her son, Cassia's father, about his girl attitude. Marcuse is convinced that she is still a child and she will grow to be as her Grandmother taught her to be. But no one knows whether his prediction is correct or not
Cassia and her father
Marcus Somerlad is Cassia's ideal. She always looks at her father as a perfect person. She admires his confidence and his ability to make people understand his opinions by speaking a few sentences.
He is a strict person yet understanding. He believes in rules and boundaries that ,in his opinion, can make everything legit. He believes that an organized person is a successful ,happy one. So whenever Cassia feels like she needs to discuss something logically she goes to her father who gets her through the matter easily and smoothly.
Though the father travels a lot ,he makes sure to make up his absence by spending time with his two kids when he isn't travelling.

Cassia and her mother
Cassia probably has most of her mother's characteristics. For her mother is a passionate person who mainly operates under the impulse of her feelings and the swinging of her heart. Laura Somerlad is the person to sooth Cassia down just by holding her close. The mother is a fantastic listener who never gets bored of her talkative daughter.
However, the mother is a quiet person unlike the daughter. If Cassia is feeling down and depressed and doesn't feel like talking about it or discussing it she goes to her mother who easily makes her forget about it and brings her spirit up again.

Cassia and her brother
Mike is Cassia's best friend along with being her younger brother. The boy is three years younger than Cassia. And despite that fact Cassia rarely feels that gap of age. Probably because the brother is smarter. Unlike his sister, Mike resembles his father for being confident and calm. He and his sister don't share most of their characteristics as Cassia is talkative ,Mike talks briefly and when necessary. Cassia trusts people blindly on the other hand Mike has a hunch that rarely fails him.
And yet the two makes great and compatible siblings. However, they are not perfect. For like any brother and sister the two have fights and arguments. But never did any fight last for more than a day. Because after a couple of hours it'd be forgotten.

Cassia and her grandmother
Margret Anna Somerlad is a strict person. Who believes in discipline and none else. She takes it on her conscious to raise Cassia into being a classy sophisticated young lady. And here comes the problem as Cassia isn't that type of girl and is never going to be. But the grandmother never surrenderes. She keeps trying to change the girl's attitude and interests which is far than done. And that what causes the tense between the granddaughter and her grandmother.
Despite that, Cassia of course never loathes her grandmother. Neither does the older woman. It causes regular arguments ,their different personalities but they love each other no matter what.
Especially that the grandmother has so many interesting stories to tell from her long life and that fascinates Cassia.

Cassia and her owl
Cassia has a honey-colored owl. When Cassia went to the pet shop she was intending to buy a cat because the girl is very fond of cats. And she has two cats at her home. However, once in the shop she decided to buy an owl to experience having an owl. She had started to learn how to take care of this creature and she named the owl Snaty. Because he is a rude snappy creature. Snaty always screeches whenever Cassia touches him. And not to mention how many times Cassia got bitten when trying to feed him. She always wonders about her owl's attitude. Other owls seemed to be friendly with their owners at least.
◤◢ H O G W A R T S ◤◢

SPOILER!!: School Years
◤◢ First Year ◤◢
Cassia was excited about her first year at Hogwarts. Though she was sad that she was leaving her younger brother behind, she couldn't hide her excitement about going to Hogwarts and learning all the cool stuff she heard of.

In Hogwarts Cassia was the same girl at home curious excited and easily fascinated by the simplest things. She tried as best as she could to get to meet students and make friends. However, she was surprised by herself that she couldn't always take the first step. She had always thought that she was a mixer person, which she was but she wasn't that used to take the first step. And despite that fact she met quite many students whom she become good friends with.

However, at the end of the year Cassia was so thrilled about what she witnessed of the cool events that happened at Hogwarts. She had learned so many things. Like being a wizard or a witch isn't always a good thing. As a kid she always assumed that being a witch was very cool and great. Which was true! But she found out just like her father used to tell her that some people miss-used what they had.

So, the naďve excited girl who entered Hogwarts had changed a bit to become less naďve and a slightly more wise. However, she is still curious ,squeaky and a bit clueless at some points. But she had the same spirit and eagerness to know more and become a good witch…and to have fun and keep up with everything going on around school.

◤◢ Summer Before 2nd Year ◤◢
This summer was different than all the other summers in Cassia's life. The reason of course was that she was waiting for something to come. Though she had had lots of fun as usual with her brother and friends and most of all Liam, the girl still longed to return to Hogwarts. She longed for the castle ,for the common room and for her friends there.

And she felt that she had changed slightly and gained some wisdom and experience. She was determined to be a cool, friendly and good second year. How? She 'll have to figure it out somehow.
◤◢ Second Year ◤◢

Cassia's second year started out in a different way. For on the ride to the castle an unknown reason caused the train to break down and the students had to use portkeys to get to Hogsmeade station. Cassia's plans of being stronger and less childish were kind of ruined as she couldn't help not getting afraid when the lights went out and the train made a halt. Though afterwards she was able to contain her fears using the portkey and then getting into the carriages to get to Hogwarts. Another thing Cassia was excited about was the new headmistress. Cassia had encountered her on the train but it wasn't a very good first impression. She then hadn't known that this red-headed woman was the headmistress. The opening feast was quite different as Cassia wasn't among the firsties who were nervous about the sorting hat. She steadily walked to her house table and sat there with friends and met other ones too. The twelve-years also found classes different as she had an idea about the classrooms and professors. Though there were a couple of new ones.

She was also grateful for her father who had gave her a couple of books to read during the summer which helped her so much throughout the year. She had worked hard to be a good student. She wasn't an excellent student but she wasn't planning on that and didn't care much about it. She only cared not to be a bad student. Because it would be un-cool. In this year Cassia met many new friends and was glad about this fact. She was determined to be all social and was trying to figure how that could be achieved. Though the creepy awkward event that took place at the castle somehow helped her. Like being locked out of the common rooms and having to sleep in the great hall. Such situations always made students stick together and spend more time together discussing and analyzing. Although ,Cassia wasn't so good at it she had thoughts and ideas. Some of them were a bit childish but she believed in them. And of course everything raised her curiosity and made her eager to know more. The second-year was also content that she had interacted with house-elves and ghosts this year. Well, she wasn't really glad about the ghosts part because they seemed to be responsible of most of what was going on. And so she and Theo decided to figure this out and investigate. They had become the Slytherin secret spies. And intended to accomplish missions and stuff because they were cool. And capable of doing so.

And when Cassia thought that everything was going back to normal, two professors got eaten by a plant. Of course Cassia wasn't a plant fan in the first place and this incident only made her theory stronger. She of course felt sad and sorry for the two professors who were the old astronomy woman and the Ancient Runes prof who spoke awkwardly. So because of the sad feelings she had had and because of the intense curiosity that had gotten into her. She decided to join the searching parties that were set to search for the professors and the plant. It might sound not reasonable to see Cassia choosing to do so. And she herself had been surprised by her sudden decision. But she thought that not always searching parties would be assigned and she was curious to know how this thing was done. Another reason she joined is because she wanted to make sure the plant was dealt with justice.

Which was what happened. As the charms professor blew up the plant when it was cornered by the students and staff in the greenhouses. Where a student was pulled by the plant but Cassia was too busy making sure she was far away from the plant and also trying to convince her friend Lex to not sacrifice her precious life for nothing. Of course Lex and Cassia were so convinced that they had saved the school from the plant. Though the snake didn't even get near it but they had embraced that fact and believed in it and intended to pass it on the coming generations. They also were going to have statues built for themselves once they got older. And so the turn events of the year made Cassia both sad and excited to leave the castle. Sad because she had so much fun and hated to leave her friends. But excited to tell her family about her awesome second year and to get taller and older during summer.

SPOILER!!: Second year to-accomplish list

◤◢Second year to-accomplish list ◤◢
Try to be better in Herbology.✘ Naah..
Gain more confidence......
Quit squeaking! not likely to happenShe forgot to do this.
Trying to be smarter. MehShe thinks she did that.
Get to know more students. ✔ ✔ Awesomely done.
Trying to befriend Snaty.her owlLike that was ever gonna happen.

◤◢ Third Year ◤◢
Thirteen years old Cassia was pretty much the same with slight and obvious differences. One being her mood swings caused by her 'growing up' as in puberty. Like the girl she is, she had freaked out a bit dramatically. Especially with her grandmother drumming the concept of growing up into her. If the old woman thought it was helpful, she was wrong. It might have confused the people around her, particularly her friends. All thoughts were shared with Blue whom was the most to understand being the same age and on the verge of the same situation. Chocolate and candy provided by West also helped, as him being casual helped her being at ease and act casually in return. That though, wasn't the highlight of the year. Nothing seemed to be actually. As the wizarding world had the Board of Governors elections the school was occupied with that. Debates, lessons teaching them about all the electing thing and campaigns. It wasn't something that interested her. But she liked to snoop and have a look at mostly everything. Like during the hogsmeade debate, she and Lex had neglected whatever was going on on the stage and instead kept staring at the headmistress's hair debating whether it was real or not. The suspicions started when Lex brought up a time when Headmistress Truebridge wouldn't let the lioness touch the red hair of hers. While bored, the two could come with the craziest theories and ideas. Speaking of ideas, Cassia with Blue had had lots of talks about many girly things. Plus gossip of what was going on at the school as they shared their own opinions and point of views. That led them to an idea. Being quite confident and excited helped them develop the idea of starting their own business in the castle. Matching business. Since it was like one of the very things that interested the population of the school. They started with flyers and hanging them around the school. The brooms-cupboard was their headquarters as they did a bit of redecorating and cleaning. The thing was, that they had spent days there, munching on cookies and waiting for costumers to show up. No one did. They kept hoping though.
Between classes and randomly hanging out with friends as well as spending time in the broom-cupboard waiting for customers, nothing seemed to be happening. Away from the classes and all that, Cassia as usual was always attending Quidditch matches. Taking it on her conscience to cheer for her friends and more specifically those on the Slytherin team. And it was on one of those days that she and Lex decided to test out there theory about Truebridge's hair. With a quick plan, Cassia crept up on the woman from behind while Lex worked on the distraction. The snake had got her hand on a lock of hair and was about to give it a tug when the unfortunate happened blowing the entire plan. As she was a bit allergic to strong smells, cue her dislike for flowers, Cassia had sneezed smelling the perfume the headmistress had on that day. It would probably have been okay, had she not got snot on the woman's neck. It wasn't a pleasant situation. On the bright side, no punishment had been called for. Except probably sheer embarrassment. With that the blond strolled back to her seat. She might have felt a little bad having been yelled at, not that loudly nor abusively but she was one to exaggerate. She and Lex , down one of the corridors, managed a small note then the snake sent the note to the apparecium. The infamous paper took care of that and published an article talking about the headmistress's wig. It was a good laugh for both of the girls, especially when students spotted the headmistress having a haircut in hogsmeade. Maybe in a decade or so they'd feel bad and realize the wrongness of what they did. Or maybe not. That was something to lift up her spirit after the sore disappointment and failure regarding the Clue matching up business. Both the Ravenclaw and the Snake started discussing and analyzing trying to see where they had gone wrong. The year dragged on, the third-year continuing with her life routine at the castle, getting by with classes and homework while spending most of her time hanging out with friends and the only journeys she makes to the library were to see the librarian and TALK. He was a very good listener. The end of term feast came along, and with that the governors were announced. Like every feast, Cassia busied herself with a tour around the tables seeing her goodbyes then returning to the Slytherin's table when it was time for the speech and the food.

To-be added

◤◢ Fourth Year ◤◢

That year started out in a weird way. And it wasn't on the train that it felt like that but rather on the start of term feast when everyone was shocked to see that their school was broke. The proof was visible in the absence of silverware for starters, as well as the dirty common rooms which they had to clean themselves. And the cleaning didn't only happen once, it had to happen throughout the year since there was no house elves. Something that had a huge effect although Cassia did enjoy cooking at times. But she did really miss the house-elves delicious meals. And on that topic, Cassia along others got the chance to express her feelings and thoughts about it in a history lesson held by Professor Erik Vinteren who was also a member of the Board of Governors. Cassia approved of the man and thought that he wasn't bad as a history professor but of course he wasn't like Professor Scabior, Cassia's favorite professor forever.
And in this term Cassia faced a very serious problem. The first financial problem that encountered her in her life. Since entering the greenhouses, the great hall, the library as well as other places needed a fee, Cassia found herself broke after school started by a month. She immediately sent a letter to her parents telling them to raise her allowance. But that wasn't as easy as she thought it'd be since her father refused to give her the raise she asked for and told her that she was now old enough to handle her financial issues. Something she clearly wasn't ready for yet but she never admitted it and instead took it a challenge. In order to fix that, she started selling items she thought she could do without them and surprisingly that worked well for her. She also got help from her friends who lend her money when she asked like West and Theo and Dora who bought her food.
The hardest part was probably having to miss Quidditch matches due to the fee. But luckily she didn't miss any match in which the snakes played and she was always there to cheer for them. Aside from the Cassia's and the school's in general financial issue something else was to be noticed. There was an ice-cream machine located in the kitchens, and in time, it was noticed that those who had eaten from it were full of joy, excitement and hyperness. Cassia's bestfriend Lex was one of the ones infected as well as other friends and classmates. And that might have not been a problem util Dementors showed up attracted by the happiness wafting of the happy ice-cream eaters. In more place that once, Cassia found herself face to face with dementors, not literally, and she didn't like the encounter and also failed to conjure a patronus. Towards the end of term, Cassia got infected after consuming ice-cream in Charms lesson where the preofessor, Ivy Knox had them eat it as homework. A week later, the potions mistress had finished a cure and presented it as a syrup during one of the lessons where the students brewed it themselves in large quantities and then went to the great hall where everyone was there to have it.
That cure however wasn't perfect since it made those infected feel depressed and restless. And by then the dementors' attacks had increased. Until the final encounter with them that took place in the great hall. A lot of dementors were there and that ended up in the Groundskeeper Forth passing away. Aside from that Vinteren pretty much saved the day.
Needless to say the end of term feast was a sad, depressing one, although Cassia tried to cheer herself up a bit trying to think of summer and other cheerful things.

◤◢ Fifth Year ◤◢

To-be added

◤◢ Sixth Year ◤◢

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Another Greingoth. Another Slytherin. This is the next generation.

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

My name is Sophie Annabella Newell
You can call me Err, Sophie? Because that's my name.
I am thirteen years old.
My parents are Cale Newell and Anna Greingoth-Newell. They've been around this place before. I'm just making my mark now.
I was born in London, England
My birthday is on March 17, 2070.
Right now, I'm a third year.
You can see that I am a female.
You could say I run with the snakes. Mom says go figure--two hardcore, former Gryffindors (she and Dad), also former house prefects, produced two snakes.
My wand is yew; 9.5"; demiguise hair core; slightly yielding
My patronus is am I supposed to know?
My boggart is ...are we really supposed to know these things yet?

+Hair: Long and medium brown
+Eyes: Blue. Really? Where did that come from? Every Greingoth has brown eyes...
+Build: Average height and tiny, but like they say--great things come in small packages!
+Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
+General appearance: Sophie pretty much took 50/50 of what each of her parent's appearances had to offer. In some ways, Sophie takes after her mother, who has dark, tan skin and dark hair typical of her Puerto Rican relatives. In other ways, though, Sophie's brown hair and somewhat tanned skin has been toned down thanks to her father's side of the family. She also has blue eyes, which is a trait she seems to share only with her twin brother, Caleb.

Cale Newell and Anna Greingoth met during the 2065-2066 Hogwarts school year. Anna was a fourth year and Cale a fifth year. They were both named house prefect and eventually began dating. After Cale's graduation in 2068, the two became engaged, but they didn't get married until shortly after Anna's graduation a year later. Sophie and Caleb, twins, came along a year after that, and the family of two became a family of four. Life simply began to unfold after that, bringing the Newell family of four to where they are today...

My name is Sophie, which, as far as I know, is just a name my parents decided they liked. My middle name is Annabella, though, and that's a combination of my mother's first and middle names. I'm a Newell and a Greingoth, which is important to make clear, because the Greingoths are equally great in my opinion. I mean, my grandfather was the Minister of Magic, right? Right.

I have a twin brother, which isn't as amazing as some people think. I mean, he's great, don't get me wrong, but...people just think it's so amazing to realize that two different people were born on the exact same day at nearly the exact same time. Besides that, twins sort of run in my family. My Greingoth grandfather was a twin, my aunt is...somewhat a twin? Maybe. That's a whole new story there. Then there's Caleb and me. I haven't caught on to the wonderment yet, but hey, who am I to complain when people think I'm great?

Anyway, I'm eleven years old and starting Hogwarts for the first time. Because, you know, that's what wizarding children do when they turn eleven-years-old. I'm not necessarily bursting with excitement, because this is a school, but I do think it'll be cool to do something besides sitting at home and being home-schooled all the time. Oh, and I have a grandmother that teaches Potions at Hogwarts, too. I haven't decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. Aunt Sierra seems to love her, though, so I'm guessing it won't be too bad.

Erm, I'm not really sure what else to say. I don't even like writing, even when I'm writing about writing myself. I really do have better things to do. Bye now!

* See "THE HOGWARTS YEARS" for the latest updates.

I'm super fond of Greatness, winning, being first, and being part of a really powerful family. Other than that, I'm just like any other thirteen year old. I like ice cream, chocolate frogs, school holidays, and Quidditch. I'm actually not trying out for the house team, though, because I really just enjoy playing for fun on my own free time. I think I'm really going to enjoy Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Flying, Herbology, Potions, and Transfiguration. Not that I'm a bookworm, though. My brother, as it turns out, is my BFF. I realized this in our first year, when it pretty much became clear that we can be around each other without arguing, and we actually seek out one another in a crowd of our peers.
But I do not care for Failure, losing, being last, having homework, waking up early, following a self-proclaimed leader, or coming back to school after a good, long holiday. I do like reading, but only if it's something I'm really interested in. Having said that, I hate reading school books, especially for classes I'm not interested in. What a bore! Oh, that'd be you, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Divination, and Muggle Studies! Who needs to know about the Muggles anyway? So says my mother's side of the family. They're purebloods and have never needed to know how to live like a Muggle.

Some of my aspirations include
+Slytherin winning the House Cup
+Creating my own potion that does something really amazing
+Defeating a really large and powerful dark creature (particularly a Nundu)
+Becoming one of those really powerful and badged student leaders. I come from a long line of them, after all. Mom, Dad, Aunt Sierra, and my Greingoth grandparents were all house leaders. It just makes sense, doesn't it?

A few fears sometimes get in the way
+Losing. Nobody likes a loser, no matter what they say. Second place is just first place loser, and that doesn't even count.
+Flunking out of school and having to go to Muggle school. That can't happen, right? We're protected as wizarding kids, aren't we? I could accidentally expose our whole existence!
+The headmistress. My mom says that she once tried to steal my father away from her back when they were students at the school! Then, Aunt Sierra says that she never once did anything wrong to the woman, but she ended up hating her out of association alone! What is that anyway?!
+What if a wand never selects me? Or what if the sorting hat can't find a place for me? What happens then? I'll still be able to learn magic, right?

My family is a mixture of pure power and greatness.
+The Father: Cale Markus Newell
+The Mother: Anna Bella Greingoth-Newell
+The Siblings: Caleb Alexander Newell
+The Maternal Grandparents: Alexander Salazar Greingoth II and Hecate Lafay Greingoth
+The Paternal Grandparents: Beth Newell and Aaron Johnson
+The Awesome Aunts: Sierra Hope Greingoth and Ariadne Cecilia Greingoth
+The...Uncle? I think?: Alexander Salazar Greingoth III

+The pets: In true Greingoth tradition, I have a snowy white owl. Her name is Winter, and I got her at Diagon Alley the summer before my first year. Right before my second year, I adopted an orange kneazle named Nox.

Year One; Term 35
September, 2081 - June, 2082

Oh my gosh--I made it! I achieved greatness on the very first day of term! The sorting hat made me a Slytherin! Caleb, too! The note home to Mom and Dad was awesome. Can you imagine two Gryffindors sending their only children off to Hogwarts only to have them become Slytherins?! HA HA HA! Other than that, the school year was pretty basic. Caleb and I decided not to play Quidditch. We thought it'd be a lot more fun to just play on our own. The school held some tournament, which I was too young to be in. BOO! Anyway, our school WON, so that's all that matters, I guess. I don't think I would have liked being in a Quiz Bowl kind of thing anyway.

Year Two; Term 36
September, 2082 - June, 2083

Let's just pretend this term didn't exist, shall we? Ahem. Okay, okay. I'll tell you. Blame Botros. That's right--our Ancient Runes professor decided he wanted to be a pretty boy and get some weird potion made for him that would help him with aging. I guess wrinkles, age spots, and all that other stuff old people tend to get. Anyway, his Healers (the man has PERSONAL HEALERS!) messed up a little (a LOT) and ending up spreading this aging disease around the whole school through Botros' touch. I ended up aging to be about seventy or so years old, and towards the end, I honestly thought I was going to d--... Err, yeah. We won't go there. What's important is that the Healers figured things out and came up with a cure, and I'm back to my normal self again. In other news, I met a really awesome boy this year! His name is Adi, and he even asked me to be his Valentine. We went to the Valentine's Ball together, too. He's really sweet. Oh, and I did end up trying out for Quidditch--Caleb, too! We both played Chaser, and it was pretty cool!

Year Three; Term 37
September, 2083 - June, 2084



Yes, this character is yet another Greingoth. I'm so pleased to be able to play a family and build on them as time goes by here on SS. Sophie is the daughter of Cale Newell and Anna Greingoth-Newell. For those of you who weren't around SS in 2007 and a few years afterward, Anna was my very first SS charrie. She was a Gryffindor and ended up being house prefect and Head Girl. She was actually SS's first Head Girl. Cale was played by Lissy Longbottom and was a house prefect, as well. Cale and Anna started dating when Lissy and I played the characters during their school years, and they ended up marrying and having Sophie and Caleb sometime later. So Sophie is a next generation character who hasn't been 'magically aged' just so I can play her. She was actually born eleven years ago IC time, and I'm finally getting a chance to play her! She's also the granddaughter of a couple of other well-known characters, Alexander Greingoth II (the former Minister of Magic) and Hecate Lafay Greingoth (the current Potions Mistress and Slytherin Head of House). Finally, she's the niece of my most current school character, Sierra Greingoth, and also the niece of one of Lissy's most current school characters, Alex Greingoth.

Template Coding by Ashlie aka Hermione_loves_Ron. Bio picture by Anna Banana.
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Zoe Tillstorm
Model: Isabella Fuhrman

Basic Info
Age: 15
Birthday: December 22, 2068
Parents: Mother: Ariana (Mayfield) Tillstorm
Father: Garret Tillstorm (is brothers with Cece's father and Jacen's father)
Siblings: Brother: Eric Tillstorm
Other Family:
Cousins: Cecelia Tillstrom (calls her auntie, because of the difference in age)
Cousin: Jacen and Romulus Tillstorm
Uncle: Loki Tillstorm
Aunt: Athena (Walker) Tillstorm
Relationship Status: Single
Birthplace/Hometown: London, England
Current Residence: London, England
Heritage: Pureblood

School Info

House (or School Attended if not Hogwarts): Slytherin
Year: 5th
Favorite Classes: CoMC, Potions, Flying
Least Favorite Classes: Herbology, Ancient Runes
Extracurricular Activities: Quidditch
OWLs Received In: TBA
NEWTs Received In: TBA

More Info

Wand: 9 1/2 inches, cherry wood, knarl quill, balanced
Boggart: Acromantula
Patronus: TBA
Personality: Sweet girl, doesn't mess around mostly, is a bit mischievous though
Things they Love: Lollies, Ice cream, Animals, Water, Meeting people, Staying active
Things they Hate: mean people, Laura, lying, grapes

Dreams for the Future: To Graduate Hogwarts and work with Dragons!


Hair: dark brown, fairly long
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 ft 2 in
Weight: 105 lbs
Skin tone: fair
Body type: short and thin
Sports: Plays beater in quidditch


She lives with her mum and dad and her brother Eric, who is 7 years older then her. She grew up her entire life in London and traveled to quite an extent with her family seeing most of Europe. Because she's the baby of the family she gets almost everything her way. Her parents dote on her and think she can do nothing wrong.

But yet also treat her like a baby most of the time she thinks. For instance in Diagon Alley her mother insisted she follow her around and do as she said rather then explore the shops Zoe wanted to.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kennedi L. Escalante
First Year
That's Rough Buddy | Be the Flower | Moon & Stars

Master Poker

Name: Beverly Juniper Wayne
Nicknames: Bev, Bevy (only her brother is allowed to call her that), B
D.O.B: July 31st, 2069
P.O.B: Widows Peak, Scotland
Heritage: Pure-blood
Wand: 9 inch balanced Aspen with a Dragon Heartstring core
Patronus: Not Developed
Boggart: Not Developed
Father: Phabian Wayne
Mother: Victoria Wayne (nee Nott, diseased)
Step-bother: Kennedy Escalante

Pets: Midnight (horse), Mori (Eurasian eagle owl)
Hair: dark brown/wavy/waist long
Eyes: green, but in the light green/gray/hazel sort of kaleidoscope-ish
Height: 5'
Build: petite
Beverly is a reserved person. She keeps to herself and would rather not attract attention. It is why she goes the extra mile to play down her looks. If spoken to she will take her time to choose what she thinks the proper thing is to say. Having not grown up with kids her age, Beverly does not know how to interact with others. Instead of trying she immerses herself in books.

Having been raised as the baby of the family she suffers of Brat-itus (a condition where the patient must have anything and everything they want at the moment they want it). She does not enjoy not getting her way. Or being reprimanded by people that aren't her father or brother.


Beverly Juniper Wayne was born to Dark Wizard Phabian Wayne and Magizoologist Victoria Wayne (nee Nott), in the land of her ancestors; a magical community known as Widows Peak in Edinburgh, Scotland. She grew up in a fairly protective home. Being an only child (supposedly) Beverly was lavished with anything and everything she wanted. Though in the mix, her parents made sure to incorporate the etiquette of a proper pure-blood child. She was taught politeness and flawless manners. As well as to acknowledge the superiority of pure-bloods (though she never really grasped that).

Due to her father's exotic jobs he and his wife agreed that it would be safer for their child to be home tutored when it was time for her education. When she was eight, Beverly got the surprise of her life; she had a long, lost older brother and he was coming to live with them at Wayne Manor. Having always wanted a sibling, Beverly believed wishes came true, and from the day her step-brother joined the family she grew attached to him (to his displeasure at the time).

At the age of eight her life took a total one-eighty degree turn when her mother all of a sudden grew ill. One day she was healthy and the next her life was slowly whisking away. Unfortunately, days after her mother had fallen ill, the Wayne matriarch passed away in her sleep while the young witch held her hand.

Three years later Beverly still remembers that night vividly. Due to that event, she's been taking dreamless potions her father concocts for her, every single night for three years; it is the only way she can sleep.

Through all of that, her relationship with her father grew distant. He locked himself in his laboratory working on Merlin knows what. While her relationship with Kennedy grew stronger. Kennedy became a sort of guardian. He was the one who interviewed and appointed her tutors. The one who Apparates to the Manor when she can't sleep. The one who holds her every end of the year on her mother's death anniversary.

Although Beverly has quite an extensive family, she really only considers Kennedy, her father and her grandmother as her immediate family. Morgana Jones, known as the head of the family company, Jones Potions Industries, has taken Beverly in as if she were her own, but to the young girl, it isn't the same as having her mother. Morgana doesn't posses the warmth of a one. But that's okay with Beverly as she wants no one to ever replace Victoria's spot.

SPOILER!!: Tutoring Life
Beverly was tutored in her earlier years. It was planned that when she turned eleven years old she would choose one of three schools: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons or Durmstrang. On her journey to her eleventh birthday her family influenced her on what school would suit her best. Her father voted for Durmstrang while her mother gave her every possible brochure of Beauxbatons. Kennedy suggested Hogwarts. Morgana, being a traditional woman, told her not to break customs and follow her father's footsteps and attend the latter school.

When the time came to choose, Beverly had crossed out Beauxbatons (as that was the school her mother wanted her to go and it would be too painful to attend). She didn't even think about Durmstrang. Hogwarts was her choice since the beginning. All because she wanted to be like her older brother.

Unfortunately, when it was time to board the train her father refused to send her to Hogwarts. She was to be tutored at home until she learned to defend herself properly. Although young, Beverly knew this was because of her mother's passing. Whatever she argued, Beverly lost the fight to go to Hogwarts.

Having inherited her mother's stubbornness, Beverly made it clear that she wouldn't settle for less. During the past three years Beverly has had more than a dozen tutors, each screaming Bloody Mary and swearing to not return to Wayne Manor.

Finally growing tired of the situation, she went to her grandmother. As expected Morgana managed to change her son's mind and Beverly was on her way to Hogwarts for her third year.

SPOILER!!: Third Year at Hogwarts

Her first year was planned to be easy, filled with homework and a different ambient. On her first day at Hogwarts she met an extremely bubbly and overly happy Gryffindor, Silver Barry, who self proclaimed herself as Beverly's best friend as the months followed. All to soon, her steak of independence was challenged when Beverly fell victim to a rapid-age virus that was going around. Thinking that telling her family would take her out of Hogwarts the moment they found out, she kept it to herself.

After the horrible holidays, came a bit of break. The Slytherin met a Gryffindor by the name of Jeremiah Walker, and they clicked right away. Having friends and people she could count on certainly made the rapid-aging disease a bit more bearable, but she couldn't help feel like death was close, thus creating a different compartment in her mind. The need to live life to its fullest was born, and she still bares it in mind to the present day.

Fortunately, at the End of the Term Feast a cure was presented and all was far as it's known...

• Like her father, Beverly has a knack for potions. In fact, it's the only subject in which she didn't harass any of her tutors.

• Ambition. She works hard until she accomplishes her goal. No goal left behind!

• When it comes to reading, she can concentrate even if there is a hurricane outside her window.

• Memory. When it comes to remembering something, her mind automatically grasps it. It is extremely rare when she forgets something.

• Horse riding. She loves horse riding and it's the only time she ever feels free.

• The ability to sense other's moods and numb her own feelings/emotions.
• Her reserved personality hinders the possible friendships she could ever have, and she's quick to push people away.

• Anything that reminds her of her mother, she's quick to abandon.

• Flying. She is terrified of heights, convinced that that is one of the top ten leading reasons of magical folk deaths.

• Anything that involves Death frightens her to the point of shutting down.

• She is very sensitive when she doesn't get her way or when talked to above an inside voice. Spoiled brat.

• Attention. It gives her anxiety to be center of attention and will keep low no matter what.

• Sharing. She despises to have to share anyone/anything in which she holds dear to her.

Doesn't have any.
• Silver Barry
• Jeremiah Walker
• Cutty Mordaunt
Big brother. Being like Kennedy. Kennedy's flat. Her father, Phabian Wayne. JMW. Her horse Midnight. Horseback riding. Swimming. Color lilac. Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. Sugar Quills. Warm sweaters. Freshly baked oatmeal cookies. Cold glasses of milk. Dreamless potions. Reading and studying about Potions. DRAGONS. Winning. Accomplishing goals. Comfy shoes. Libraries and kitchens and the beach (for reasons).
Christmas. The end of the year. Nightmares. Losing. Not being anything but first. Death. Illnesses. Tutors. Anything mother-related. Strangers. Having to meet new people. Touchy-huggy people. Crying/crybabies. Feeling confined. Getting scolded or yelled at. Dressing all proper-like. Losers. A muggle named Lucia Escalante. Brother's girlfriends. Tattle-tales. SHARING.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Flynn Whitlock
Second Year

x12 x12

Ministry RPG Name:
Rustin Killick
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Angelo Toussaint
Law Enforcement

Diagon Alley Employee:
Ramiel Isaak Skeres
Ollivanders Wand Shop
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SeventhYear Slytherin

Slytherin Quidditch Captain Terms 35 & 36 (2081-2083)

The Basics ♛
Name: West Scanlan Odessa
Nicknames: Trouble, Battering-Ram, Westicorn, Odessa, Terrortwin
Age: Seventeen
Year: Seventh
Blood Status: Halfblood
House: Slytherin
Date of Birth: 2nd Feb 2066
Place of Birth: Ambleside, Cumbria, England
Current Residence: Ambleside, Cumbria, England
Relationship Status: Single
Appearance ♛
+ Hair: Long and brown
+ Eyes: Piercing Blue
+ Height: 6"3
+ Build: Lanky

West is noticeably tall and lanky. He's on the skinny side, without any fat, though he manages a bit of muscle here and there and is clearly fit. He needs to eat a lot because his metabolism is extremely fast. He has worn his hair long since third year.
History ♛

West Scanlan Odessa born 2nd February, 2066 in Ambleside, Cumbria in the UK to Leon Odessa and Wendy Banner (d.July 2 2068). Has one sister, Aspen Odessa , a former Ravenclaw. Started his first year at Hogwarts in September 2077 and sorted Slytherin, though he was a Hatstall. He became Quidditch Captain for Slytherin and was signed to the England Under Seventeen's Quidditch team during his fifth year, continuing both during sixth year. He was scouted to play professionally and offered starter positions with several teams but chose to return to Hogwarts out of loyalty to the Slytherin team - unfortunately he was not told that Quidditch at Hogwarts would be cancelled until after the term began, by which point the offers had expired. He did however accept a reserve position with the Wigtown Wanderers as a chaser with his contract to be reviewed in June 2084.

More information can be found here
Personality ♛

West is popular and he makes friends easily. He possesses a prodigious intellect, but he's selective about what he chooses to apply said smarts to learning. His main interests are Quidditch and music. He's very creative, and happens to be a particularly talented artist, though he much prefers writing and playing music over drawing these days.

West is an extrovert and always found in the thick of things socially. He doesn't at all mind being the center of attention, but as he matures he is less and less likely to show off for the sake of it. He's usually confident, but never truly arrogant, partly in thanks to experiencing a lot of disappointment and some rather humbling circumstances: learning experiences, essentially. He has had some anger issues but constantly works to control this.

Despite being social, having many friends, and comfortable with attention, West likes some alone time and often needs some space to regroup and recharge. This is when you may be more likely to find him somewhere in the grounds running, sketching, or playing his guitar. His energy levels tend to run from one extreme to the other, either full on and bounding around, or quiet and moody and silent.

Bar unusual circumstances, West is extremely loyal, and expects that same loyalty in return. This sometimes sets him up for disappointment, but also means he's a loyal friend who does his absolute best by his friends as long as that loyalty is returned. He hates liars, and generally doesn't lie himself though he can get away with it quite well if he needs to, he just refuses to do it out of principle.

He does, at times, exhibit some pretty extreme moods which are liable to change quickly. While he acts pretty chill about things on the surface, really he's very sensitive, and at times obsessive. He can get overly intense about the people that mean the most to him, expecting the same level of dedication as he gives.

He is in a band with some of his fellow seventh years, Ravenclaw Prefect Nigel Barrington, Ravenclaw Vesper Bayliss, and Slytherin Ascanius Stark. They played a well-received gig at the Valentines Day Half-Hearted Ball during their sixth year.

Find out more here
Likes/Dislikes ♛
LIKES; Quidditch, food, music, his guitars, girls, food, Ancient Runes, Quidditch, drawing, sketching, painting, reading non-fiction, running, Potions, Transfiguration, food, snogs, fashion, flesh-eating plants, lizards, sneakers, animal print, bling, trying new things

DISLIKES; Liars, concussions, itchy socks, boring people, people that try to correct him when they don't know what they're talking about, broccoli, being away from his dad and sister, long essays, having no money, when people don't accept genuine apologies, the negative side of popularity, unfairness, unexplained things, self doubts, his integrity being shook, letting himself down
Education at Hogwarts ♛
SPOILER!!: Exam Grades


Ancient Runes = O
Arithmancy = A
Astronomy = E
Care of Magical Creatures = A
Charms = O
Defense Against the Dark Arts = E
Divination = A
Herbology = E
History of Magic = O
Muggle Studies = A
Potions = O
Transfiguration = O

SPOILER!!: years in detail

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

Read about it here
... and Quidditch

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Lucas Sebastian Dakest
Fifth Year

x11 x11

Ministry RPG Name:
Zhuó Xiá (Rosalyn) Li
Magical Creatures

Ministry RPG Name:
Grayson Douglas Whitlock
Accidents & Catastrophes
Magikarp #3 | Pat's Strong Confident Other Half | Pees Like a Champion Unicorn Racehorse

Grayson Douglas Whitlock
Model: Landon Liboiron
Post colour: #900020

Name: Grayson Douglas Whitlock
Nicknames: Gray
Gender: Male
Age: Fourteen
Year: Fourth
Date of birth: 23rd April 2069
Place of birth: Ipswich, England
Current place of residence: Ipswich, England
Fluent in: French, English, sassiness
Relationship Status: Single

Magical Info:
House: Slytherin
Heritage: Mixed Blood
Wand: 11 1/2 spinnable Blackthorn with Knarl Quill core
Patronus: ?
Boggart: ?
Amortentia: ?
If I looked in the Mirror of Erised, I would see: ?

Height: 5’5”
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Blue

Dad: Grahame Whitlock (half blood)
Occupation: Nurse

Mum: Nicolette Whitlock (nee Séverin; muggleborn)
Occupation: English Teacher

Brother: Curtis Chase Whitlock
Occupation: Being the clumsier Whitlock brother Student (age: 12)

Before Beauxbatons:
Grayson was born in the early morning of the 23rd of April 2069 in Ipswich, England. The usual struggles of new parents were ones that Nicolette and Grahame met when Grayson, and then Curtis, were born. When Grayson was four years old, Nicolette received a letter offering her a higher paid job as Deputy Head of the English Department at a Muggle high school in France. Much discussions and arguments followed but finally, Grahame gave in and the Whitlocks found themselves moving to the small town of La Rochelle. While the family lived in a small cottage near the city centre, fishing trips were considered a norm during the summer holidays. The boys were taught how to speak French, as well as English, so that they could fit into their new schools. The boy first started showing magical signs at the age of seven, so it wasn’t surprising when he got his letter to attend Beauxbatons the summer after his eleventh birthday.

Time at Beauxbatons:
As excited as Grayson had been about going to a magical school, his time at Beauxbatons wasn’t the magical adventure he had dreamed of. At first, the ever eager young boy settled in nicely, probably even enjoyed the school, until the bullying started partway through his second year. Words were flung towards him that were far from nice. Things started to get progressively worse and his demeanour started to turn more and more cold towards those around him. His parents found out a couple of months later, when Grayson was in his third year, which resulted in them pulling him out of Beauxbatons for his and the family’s safety. Not wanting to send the boys off to a school that might result in similar, if not worse, behaviour, Grayson’s parents decided to send him and Curtis off to Hogwarts.

At first, Grayson seems to come across as quite sassy, cold and, frankly, a little too nosy. He likes knowing pieces of information about others, the juicier the better. He also likes to observe people and judge to see whether they are worth his company, leading him to be slightly shrewd in his judgements. The boy is incredibly self-reliant and competent, deciding that his own judgement is the one he needs and the one that matters to him.

Grayson has grown to become indifferent to most things around him, adopting an 'I don't care' attitude because of his times at Beauxbatons. Feelings are not one to be shared since, to the boy, they're one of the things that could be used against you. This has henceforth led him to be quite secretive, only willing to share certain pieces of information with certain people. He has a pretty realistic outlook on most things and has grown to become quite complacent.

Not everything about Grayson had changed as soon as he started magical school, however. He's still the extroverted male who has a love for lizards, pranks and can come across as stubborn in his endeavours.


Himself (obviously), lizards, dragons, basically cool creatures, leather jackets, pulling pranks, getting revenge, Quidditch, fudge


Bullies, being outsassed, being pranked on, Billy down the road, quite a lot of things actually
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Ministry RPG Name:
Dmitry Konstantinov
International Cooperation

Ministry RPG Name:
Joshua Falsworth
Accidents & Catastrophes
cśur perfide | super prosecutor | Ameh's Squishy


Just the Basics
Name: Anastasia Mikhailovna Konstantinova
Nick-names: Ana, Nastya, Nastasya, Stasya
P.O.B: St Petersburg, Russia
D.O.B: 19 May 2067
Age: 16
Heritage: Pureblood
Wand: 12” Silver Lime, Dragon Heartstring
Height: 5’7
Weight: 58kg
Face Claim: Rachel Hurd-Wood
Father: Mikhail Aleksandrovich Konstantinov (d.)
Mother: Natalya Ivanovna Artemyeva (nee Raskolnikova)
Step-father: Alexei Vladimirovich Artemyev

Brothers; Aleksandr Mikhailovich Konstantinov (age 21) – nickname Sasha
Vasily Alexeievich Artemyev (age 14) – nickname Vaska
Sisters; Elizaveta Mikhailovna Konstantinova (age 21) – nickname Liza
Ekaterina Alexeievna Artemyeva (age 14) – nickname Katya
Durmstrang – years 1 and 2
Beauxbatons – year 3
Mahoutokoro School of Magic – year 4
Hogwarts – Current
House: Slytherin
Fluent in; Russian, French and English
Capable in; Japanese
Boggart: A Black Mamba
Patronus: Siberian Accentor
Anastasia was born on the 19th of May 2067 to Herbologists Natalya and Mikhail Konstantinov. She was their third child, and had an older brother, Sasha, and sister, Liza, who were five at the time of her birth. However, not long after her birth her parents divorced and at age two her mother married Alexei Artemyev before giving birth to her two younger siblings, Vaska and Katya. During this time both Anastasia and her older siblings continued to live with their father and all three siblings attended Durmstrang.

Anastasia, being closest in age to her younger siblings, had a great deal of contact with her mother and her new family, however she rarely stayed with her mother and was for all intents and purposes a daddy’s girl. This changed when Anastasia was 12 as her father died after being bitten by a Black Mamba while the family was on vacation in South Africa, as they were unable to get to a hospital in time.

After that Ana was left in her mothers care and was forced to change schools as her step-father, a Magizoologist, was working in France at the time. The next year the family moved to Japan, which meant another change of school. A pattern which has continued for Ana’s fifth year, however she’s hopeful that this will be the last move as her step-father has promised her mother to stay in England for more than a year in order for she and her younger siblings to have a greater amount of consistency and stability in their schooling.

Anastasia is perhaps the most level-headed of her siblings with both Sasha and Liza inheriting her fathers fiery temper and being quick to anger, while Vaska and Katya are often intemperate and greatly spoilt by their father. Ana however, while having a quite dangerous temper when provoked is slow to anger, showing more of her mothers temperament than any of her siblings do. She is also more patient, content to wait and plot for what she wants if she must. She is also the one who adapted the best to her parent’s divorce, likely because she was too young at the time to really remember her parents being together, unlike Sasha and Liza. This could also be because Ana felt the most welcome in her mothers new family with her step-father always proving willing to accommodate Ana and her needs when she wanted to be with her mother, while he proved less welcoming to her older siblings, perhaps because they were never happy to be around him and tended to avoid him at all times. Ana was never slow to show affection to her step-father though and so in her youth she was the one more likely to visit and go on holidays with them, while her older siblings would always stay with her father, even when invited on a trip by their mother.

That being said Ana struggled greatly after her fathers death, as while she’d always felt loved by her mother, and shared a great deal with her and with her step-father, she’d always felt the safest and most at home in her father’s arms. This led to her rebelling quite a bit after his death, especially when she learned that she’d have to leave her beloved home behind to move to France and that she’d have to change schools. This led to some rather violent arguments with her mother and step-father, resulting in Ana feeling as though she was quite alone in the world as Sasha and Liza, being 17 at the time, did not have to move in with their mother and were instead away at university, and with Vaska and Katya simply unable to understand the grief that Ana was experiencing, having luckily never lost anyone in their lives. After six months with her grief showing no signs of abating she was sent to see a counsellor and was diagnosed with depression. She has since received treatment for the condition and is doing much better, although she still has times when she succumbs to her melancholy.

She is much happier since starting Hogwarts though as during her fifth year she was able to make quite a few friends and felt like she finally found her footing again. Ana has begun to look forward to school again, taking her education fairly seriously now that she's closer to being an adult, and has found that Hogwarts is a better fit school wise than others she's been too. Ana was also happy when she was told that the family was moving back to Russia, meaning she'd hopefully get to spend more time with her older siblings, but that she wouldn't have to change schools.

Image Courtesy of Anna Banana
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Cassidy Burke
First Year
x6 x3

Ministry RPG Name:
Léopold Bouchard
Magical Creatures
SPNer | Whovian | Sherlockian | | Artist | Cornhusker | Blackhawks

Adelaide Annabelle Adams
Pic by Anna Banana

My name is Adelaide
But you can call me Adelaide, Ad, Addi, Deli, Adel, whatever. I’ll tell ya if it bugs me.
I am 17.
My parents are richjerksmuggles.
I was born in London.
I currently live in nowhere. With Derry or Jun maybe...
My birthday is on June 13th.
I used to be homeschooled
You can see that I am a girl!
You could say I run with the Snakes.
My wand is 11” willow with unicorn hair, springy
My patronus is not discovered.
My boggart is a clown.
Words to describe me: Bubbly. Cheerful. Outgoing. Helpful. Crazy. Insecure.

+Hair: Red. I’m a true Ginger. Short pixie cut.
+Eyes: they tend to change. Blue, green, grey, brown. Who knows what color they’ll be!
+Build: average
+Height: 5' 7"


I was born in London. I’m from a fairly wealthy muggle family. I don’t share this with a lot of people right off. Don’t want to be seen as a spoiled brat. Once my magic started to show, my parents searched for an in-home tutor so I wouldn’t have to go away to school. Something about keeping their perfect image in the muggle world.

I continued muggle school while learning magic and was ultimately the outcast. I was the weird girl no one wanted to hang out with or that everyone just ignore. I finally begged them to let me finish my last three years at Hogwarts.

I'm fairly fond of
Baking. Butterflies. Helping people. Dancing. Just having fun. Candy. Shopping. Learning. Reading. Make-up.

But I don't like
Greedy people also known as my parents. Mean/Rude people. Dishonesty. Awkward situations. Being left out. Bullies.

My family is
+The Parents: Diane and Jonathan Adams
+ The Romantic Interest: Eh

+The pets: a cat named Oreo…for obvious reasons.

My adopted family is
+The besties:
- Sarah Edwards (7th Year)
- Derry Ferrier (7th Year)
- Jun Kim (6th Year)

+The friends:
- Stan Hastings (7th Year)
- Tessa A. Hart (3rd Year)
- Cassia Somerlad (6th Year)
- Cat Moretti (7th Year)
- West Odessa (7th Year)
- Katrina Hudson (Graduated)
- Lux Carrington (3rd Year)
- Cutty Mordaunt (3rd Year)

+The acquaintances:
- Forrest Charlton (4th Year)
- Benzi Rider (3rd Year)
- Tallulah Palmer (6th Year)
- Angeal Phantom (3rd Year)
- Olly Clarke (6th Year)
- Christmas Goldman (Graduated)
- Tag Kildare (7th Year)
- Andrew Ackerman (Graduated)

Font color: #0fa2f2 (for my reference)
Template Coding by Ashlie aka Hermione_loves_Ron.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Tabitha Broadmoor
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Samson T. Blake
Magical Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Józsua Istvan
Magical Creatures
Default In Progress..
Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Full Name: Józsua Agoston Istvan
Date of birth:18th February 2066
Nationality: Hungarian and French
Current Residency: Crystal Palace, London
House: Slytherin
Year: Seventh
Blood: Mixed
Wand: Ash, Griffin feather, 11ľ inches
Patronus: Raccoon
Boggart: Unknown

Father: Andras Istvan (Interpreter and Translator)
Mother: Monique Istvan (née Laroche) (Interpreter and Translator)
Adoptive brother: Enre Asztalos (Trainee Healer / Hungarian Horntails Reserve Beater)
Adoptive sister: Éva Asztalos (Durmstrang First Year)

Józsua Istvan was born on 18th February 2066 to his French mother, Monique Laroche, and his Hungarian father, Andras Istvan. He was born in England and the family settled there for the first four years of his life in an attempt to give him some stability. Józsua learned to speak Hungarian, French and English from birth, his parents making a point of talking to him in their native tongues as well as in English to ensure the learning curve was a natural one, and that their son would grow up to be multi-lingual.

From the age of four upwards, Józsua's life was spent moving from country to country and city to city due to his parents successful freelance partnership as Interpreters. He has picked up a bizarre mix of an accent but sounds subtly American, which he speaks in a quiet, laid back manner. While growing up, Józsua has lived in Italy, New York and France, and finally settled in his father's home city of Budapest, Hungary upon hearing the news that Andras' best friend, Eduard Asztalos and his wife, Marika had passed away, leaving their children orphaned. It fell upon Monique and Andras as Godparents to take them in. Enre and his baby sister Éva, came to live with the family. Józsua, accustomed to being an only child and the centre of his parent's universe, suddenly found himself a middle child..

His parents turned their affections towards this new boy who was selfless, polite, and a huge talent on the Quidditch pitch. Józsua, inevitably, started comparing himself to Enre, and over time developed a resentment of his brother.

Enre was to attend Durmstrang, at his parent's request, that year. Józsua would continue to be home schooled. Once he turned eleven, he didn't go to Durmstrang like Enre. His French mother instead decided upon the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for her half French son.

Once at school, Józsua was a high flier without having to put in much effort. He was a consistent O grade student, naturally gifted at Charms and Transfiguration and, although his parents were proud, he could never quite shake the feeling (perhaps unjustifiedly so) that he was second best; particularly when Enre was scouted at the age of fifteen to play reserve for the Hungarian Horntails Quidditch team. Józsua was always naturally quiet, but he went further inside himself, developing deep seated feelings of inadequacy and jealousy.

Not long after his fifteenth birthday, his parents were offered a two year contact to work with a large organisation in Japan. Józsua was to be put in his Aunt's Imogen's care whom lived in London. The decision was made for him to transfer from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts. He began his education there in his fifth year..

Józsua is a complex, private person. He doesn't like to talk about himself but loves to hear about other people and will listen intently, taking everything in. Although he is quiet, he is friendly, caring and interested in others. He is bright, articulate, humorous and loyal. He doesn't make judgements and will always take people at face value. He has developed his parents 'wanderlust' and loves to visit new places and experience new cultures.

Józsua has a very negative self image (both personality and appearance wise), and can be over-sensitive and sulky at times. He has the ability to feed off others emotions.. an empathy which goes a little beyond perception: a trait which can lead to anxiety and despondency and the need to actively seek solitude.

Hair: Dark brown almost black
Eyes: Brown
Looks like: Alexander Ferrario

Józsua is slim and slightly below average height for his age. His features are interesting and unconventional. His wide, innocent, expressive eyes are nearly as dark as his hair. His skin is lightly tanned and he has an exotic look about him. He loves clothes and cares deeply about what he looks like. He is always well groomed and doesn't like to get his hands dirty.

Watching Quidditch
His privacy

Being judged
Being compared to his brother
Playing Quidditch (because he suuucks)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Chang-Woo "Chase" Spenley
Sixth Year

Diagon Alley Employee:
Arabella Morgenstern
Daily Prophet
Slytherindor ♛ The Crazytastic Besties ♛ Shan Watson ♛

The Basics
Name: Simon M. Holden
Nickname: Simon
DoB: June 5th 2070
PoB: Melbourne, Australia
Age: 14
Year: Third
House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Looks Like: Logan Lerman

Parents: Jonathan and Lyanna Holden
Siblings: Marcus Holden (16), Allison Holden (10)

Magical Abilities
Mirror of Erised: Being Minister of Magic
Patronus: Hasn't discovered it yet
Boggart: Hasn't discovered it yet
Amortentia: Hasn't discovered it yet (Unidentifiable- a hint of chocolate and saltwater.)
Wand: 8.75” willow pheonix feather
(Taken from Pottermore)
  • Willow: Willow is an uncommon wand with healing power. The ideal owner for a willow wand often has some (usually unwarranted) insecurity, however well they may try and hide it. While many confident customers insist on trying willow wand (attracted by their handsome appearance and well-founded reputation for enabling advanced, non-verbal magic), willow wands have consistently selected those of greatest potential, rather than those who feel they have little to learn.
  • Phoenix Feather: This is the rarest core type. Phoenix Feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord. Phoenix feather wands are always the pickiest when it comes to potential owners, for the creature from which they are taken is one of the most independents and detached in the world. These wands are the hardest to tame and personalize and their allegiance is usually hard won.

The Boy
At a first glance, Simon Holden is everything a young man ought to be: chivalrous, cool, kind, and complacent. He rarely lets anyone else know what he’s thinking. His troublesome older brother (Marcus) and loud little sister (Allison) often overshadowed him during his childhood.

He was born on June 5th in Melbourne, Australia. He doesn't remember much about Australia as his parents received an assignment in the UK so they promptly moved overseas. Simon doesn't really know his extended family too well. He's met them when he's gone back for holidays, such as Christmas and 70th birthdays, however, he doesn't feel as if he belongs there. He feels rather confused about where he belongs.

When he was nine, he found out that he could shine. He could do things that his siblings couldn’t do. He could levitate a leaf lightly in the air or push a swing without his hands touching the set. His parents became worried and scared. They didn’t know what was wrong with young Simon so they took him out of public school and began home schooling him. They limited his interactions with his siblings and began monitoring him constantly. This decision on his parents’ part made Simon more reserved.

At age eleven, an owl carrying a note answered his parents’ worries. Simon was a wizard and he had been offered to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His parents turned down this offer because they preferred for him to attend an institute that was closer to home with the extended family around. So he enrolled in the Australian Academy of Wizarding. Eager to get away from being under his parents thumbs, he asked his parents over and over again if he could attend the school. His parents were unsure at first; however, they soon agreed that he could. Joining the Wizarding World made Simon feel like a deer in headlights. There were too many exciting things to pay attention too.
Simon spent a rather lonely first two years at the Australian Academy as he kept to himself and his studies. He observed his housemates and their interactions. He felt like an outsider in his own house. His parents saw that the boy was struggling so they decided to move him to Hogwarts in hopes that it would make him happier. So far it has. He has to lower his defences and be friendly.

However, he feels most comfortable at Hogwarts now.

  • Wit, Loyalty, Intelligence, Cunningness, Charm, Passion, Ambition
  • Over-compensating, Perfectionist, Indecisive, Conflicted, Guilty, Over-worried.
  • Chocolate frogs, Quidditch, Watching the Sunrise from the Observatory on Sunday mornings.
  • Know-it-alls.
  • Cutty Mordaunt
  • Ethan Mordaunt
  • Zander Adair
  • Agatha Hapgood
  • Professor Piers Fuller
  • Feo the Crup (Botros' Crup)

  • Josette Edayson
  • Candice Messer
  • Emmylou Duchannes
  • Kace Lecium

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Whitney Jo Quartermaine
Fourth Year
x7 x4

Ministry RPG Name:
Ronan Victor Carter
Law Enforcement
Default Because I forgot to post this earlier
Dem Carters | even 🕊🕊 have pride | | Roxanne Carter, Zombie Hunter| U-NA-GI

Model: Jordana Brewster

Layla Channing-Sands

☆Look For The Bare Necessities
Full Name: Layla Pavlina Channing-Sands
Date of Birth: July 12, 2066
Age: 17
Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Current Residence: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Ethnicity: Half Brazillian-American; Half Cuban
Nationality: American
Blood Status: Muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Year: Seventh
Wand: 10 1/2 inches redwood with a cactus core
Patronus: Coyote
Amorentia: Cactus water, vanilla bean, wind blown dust/sand
Relationship Status: Single
☆It's Like You're My Mirror
Height: 5'5
Weight: 110lbs
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Special Characteristics None
☆In My Family Portrait
Mother: Constance Channing-Sands
Father: Juan Garcia Who really cares about that jerk?
Sister: Amber Channing-Sands
☆We Don't Need No Education
Previous School: Nevada Academy of Magic (1st - 5th years)
Current School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Year: Seventh
House: Slytherin
Best Subject: Muggle Studies
Worst Subject: Herbology
☆This Is How An Angel Cries
Layla was born on a hot summer's night in Vegas to Constance Channing-Sands, as the youngest of two children. Things within the family were great, until one day when she was two years old, her father walked out on them. Constance was left to pick up the pieces, beginning with changing Layla, her sister Amber and her last names back to her maiden one. She raised the two girls on her own, occasionally relying on her parents for help. When Layla reached the age of eight, though, the family was thrown another curveball. Layla's magic appeared. Luckily, Layla's mother had made friends with a local wizard family and they explained what was going on and everything else that the Channing-Sands' needed to know.

Once it was time for her to go to wizard school, Layla easily fit right in, thanks to the daughter of the friendly wizard family. Things went completely smoothly, until one summer evening before her sixth year. Layla and her friends had decided to go eat at one of the restaurants in one of the hotels on the infamous Las Vegas Strip for a birthday celebration. Only, Layla's mother had told her to never go down there. They got caught, and Layla was shipped off to Hogwarts instead of continuing her education with her friends.

Ironically though, Hogwarts has turned out to be a much more dangerous place, what with rapidly aging classmates/professors and field trips ending in mudslides.
  • Warm Weather
  • The desert
  • Healthy food
  • Except her love of cookies and anything chocolate
  • Muggle things

  • Cold Weather
  • Snow
  • Britain's Weather, since it includes the first two
  • People who are anti-muggle
Why’re men great ‘til they gotta be great?

Don’t text me tell me straight to my face
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Edgar Nott
Fourth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Blake Wright
Magical Transportation
Default Damian Tate Huxley
Mrs. S.O'pry ♥ // Mrs. Padalecki's BFF // Mrs. J.Kazama ♥ // I'mAGleek

Damian Tate Huxley

Name: Damian Tate Huxley
Nickname: Give him a nickname, will ya?
Date of Birth:
Age: 11 years old
Blood: Muggleborn
Place of Birth: Kent, England
Current residence: Kent, England
Year: First Year
House: Slytherin

Mirror of Erised: To be added
Patronus: To be added
Boggart: To be added
Amortentia: To be added
Best Subjects: Charms, Potions, and Arithmancy.
Least Favorite/Worst Subjects: Astronomy

Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Blond
Skin: Fair, very prone to sunburn.
Height: 4' 5"

Personality: Coming soon~

Likes: Happiness, snow, rainbows, magic, glitter, hot chocolate, giggling, candy, fresh socks, shiny stuff, his parents, unicorns, singing, fluffy things, stickers, being right, getting good grades, Quidditch, flying, snow cones, sugar, being dramatic, feeling butterflies in his stomach, baking, sunshine.

Sweating, blushing, loneliness, not having friends, sad crying, being away from his family, being an only child, rude people, slimy things, cockroaches, being manipulated.

Family: Coming soon~

History: Coming soon~

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