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Term 35: September - December 2013 Term Thirty-Five: The EBWEQBSC! (September 2081 - June 2082)

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Hufflepuff Hufflepuff Who's Who: Welcome to Your Badger Family!

Banner created by the lovely Nabs

Founded by Helga Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff is known to be the most inclusive, willing to take the lot. Rather than a particular aptitude in its house members, Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play.

As the sorting says:
"You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil"

Hufflepuff House Cup Championships
2061-2062, 2062-2063, 2076-2077, 2077-2078, 2078-2079, 2079-2080, 2080-2081

Hufflepuff Quidditch Cup Championships
2061, 2062, 2063, 2069, 2070, 2072, 2077, 2079, 2080

Hufflepuff Gobstones Club Championships
2064, 2077, 2078, 2081

Hufflepuff Head of House: Professor Josephina Hadley (PhoenixRising)
Hufflepuff House Assistant: Professor Tiara Tyner (hpluvr037)
Head Boy/House Prefect: Wade Elisabeth-Potter (Charely Potter)
House Prefect: Minerva Wheatborn (Bazinga)
Quidditch Captain: Ella Bishop (TakemetotheBurrow)
Hufflepuff Herald Editors: Charely Potter, Bazinga, TakemetotheBurrow, plus YOU?

There's nothing like getting to know those in your house, who will be your family for the next seven years. Here's where you can introduce your characters!

Some common things to include are:
Character Name, Age, Year in School, Wand, Physical Appearance, and General Heritage/Background Information

Please Note: If you wish to include a bio picture it should be NO LARGER than 350 x 350 pixels and 60 KBs (61,444 bytes) in weight. Thank you for your cooperation!
If you wish to do so, you may also wish to include a little bit about yourself - the creator behind the character. Just remember not to give out TOO much personal information, as your safety is important =)
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amelia Adara

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emma Montmorency (#301199)
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Chloe Michelle Adara
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
TiaMarie Mancini
Ecological Protection

x12 x8
Hufflepuff I'm a Hufflepuff and I'm Proud!
YesJess! | Captain Goggles | Mama Badger | Eva's Soul Sister | An OG™ | It's all in the Numbers

Badgers Through The Years

(Post your bio to introduce your character and your character's name will appear on this list)

First Years - Class of 2088
* Dylan Callaghan (Rupert-Grint-Fan)
* Fern Quimbley (imaginarynumb3rs)
* Aditya Rehman (FearlessLeader19)

Second Years - Class of 2087
* Forrest Harold Charlton (StarShine)
* Kace Lecium (hpfan18)
* Marigold McAlistor (ScarletCharm104)
* Tobias Tempus (Felixir)
* Alexia Cassidy Thorne (sarahb)

Third Years - Class of 2086
* Susan Angelica Bones (Luna004)

Fourth Years - Class of 2085
* Juliette Archer
* Awarlesta Julietta Black (Awarlesta Black)
* Befelda Sybil Solster
* Lotus A. Wisteria (Lockhartian)

Fifth Years - Class of 2084
* Alexa Chan
* Olivia Clarke (Lislchen)
* Pyrsephonie Freja Oedegaard (XxEros_PsycheXx)
* Elodie Robertser (Shanners)
* Bliss Ryans (ForeverYours) TRANSFERRED
* Nettie Wallace (QueenGinger)

Sixth Years - Class of 2083
* Ella Bishop (TakemetotheBurrow) - CAPTAIN
* Sophie Campbell (Hey Ju)
* Jordan Collins (fred@george)
* Guinevere Hallows (KayKay)
* Adeline Holiday (ImaBRE!)
* Nate Jones (natethegreat)
* Edvard Messer (Poolicious)
* Sutton Piatek
* Park Song (Jokun)
* Alec Summers (hermionesclone)
* Carigan Tanner (MysteriesOfFate)
* Jessie Weasley (Jessie L. Weasley)

Seventh Years - Class of 2082
* Nashville Cash (ImaBRE!)
* Wade Elisabeth-Potter (Charely Potter) - HEAD BOY
* Brodie Livingston (PuppySara)
* Adanna Patching
* Glenn Reyes (Gabrielle)
* Minerva Wheatborn (Bazinga) - PREFECT

Hufflepuff Alumni on Staff
* Professor Josephina Hadley - Arithmancy 2071-2081, Muggle Studies 2081-Present - Class of 2062 (PhoenixRising)
* Headmistress Anastasia Truebridge, Herbology 2067-2071, Headmistress 2078-present - Class of 2058 (BanaBatGirl)
* Professor Abraham Bostros, Ancient Runes 2079-Present - Class of 2021 (Magical Soul)
* Professor Melanie Romans, Care of Magical Creatures 2081-Present - Class of
Former Hogwarts Staff Hufflepuffs
SPOILER!!: Pride!

* Professor Natasha Thalia Blaylock-Erikson, Divination 2060-2065 - Class of 2051 (Nabs)
* Healer Elizabeth Brookes, School Healer 2075-2076 - Class of 2063 (Nixy!)
* Ms Miranda Hermione Cauldwell, Groundskeeper 2058-2061 - Class of 2046
* Professor Equuleus Paul Devine, Flying 2059-2061 - Class of 2042
* Mr Trent Hirty, Groundskeeper 2061-2062 - Class of 2035 (Leeness)
* Professor Mallory Hutchinson, Astronomy 2057-2061 - Class of 2040
* Professor Keredwel Amethyst Lounatuuli Noire, Flying 2050-2051 & History of Magic 2051-2052 & Charms 2053-2954 - Class of 2046
* Professor Mildred Pilliwickle, Transfiguration 2070-2071 - Class of 2001 (Waterloo)
* Professor Nolan Michael Reynolds, Divination 2071-2073 - Class of 2059 (Lissy Longbottom)
* Mr Aehlstan S. Woollington-Yarns, Groundskeeper 2056-2058 - Class of 2037
* Lord Berty Borr, History of Magic 2055-2056, 2065-2066 & Caretaker 2056-2058 & Astronomy 2069-2070 - Class of 2023
* Professor Bob Thornton, Care of Magical Creatures 2065-2066 - Class of 2022
* Professor Chester Wesolowski, Arithmancy 2065-2066 - Class of 2000
* Ms Nora Leiden, Hogwarts Headmistress 2055-2056 - Class of 2036
* Professor Rhiane Christina Emily Shwmae, Muggle Studies 2055-2056 - Class of 2045
* Mister Waylon Murdoch, Groundskeeper 2076-2078 - Class of 2065 (Destiny)
* Mister Sebastian Gibbins - Groundskeeper 2078-2079 - Class of 2056 (Mell)
* Professor Marion Burbage - Astronomy 2078-2079 - Class of 2026 (Marion Burbage)
* Professor Isabelle Magnus - Transfiguration 2073-74 & 2075-2080 - Class of 2051 (MeredithRodneyMckay)
* Professor Erin James, Flying & Quidditch Instructor 2079-81 - Class of 2058 (Grangerfn1)

SPOILER!!: Hufflepuff Prefects!

Term 3: (Keredwel)
Term 4: (hpfan13)
Term 5:
Term 6:
Term 7:
Term 8: Terry Weasley
Term 9: Terry Weasley
Term 10: Gaby Weasley & Cass Stetson
Term 11: Nabiya M. & Nolan Reynolds (not role played)
Term 12: Evy Abagnale & Lee Andrez
Term 13: Nabiya M. & Lee Andrez
Term 14: Leo Moretti & Lee Andrez
Term 15: Leo Moretti
Term 16: Leo Moretti
Term 17: Amelia Rose
Term 18: Amelia Rose
Term 19: Savannah Nicole Mae & Curtis Diggory
Term 20: Savannah Nicole Mae & Seth Paton
Term 21: Kayla Winters & Dominic Denton
Term 22: Vanessa Corbette & Dominic Denton
Term 23: Tamzin Wood & Dominic Denton* (*also Head Boy)
Term 24: Sarah Griffin & Torin Kane
Term 25: Sarah Griffin & Torin Kane
Term 26: Lorelai Bristol & Cedric Leone & Head Girl Sarah Griffin
Term 27: Wesley A. Reagan & Cedric Leone
Term 28: Arya Lovegoods & Treyen Lockhart
Term 29: Arya Lovegoods & Treyen Lockhart
Term 30: Arya Lovegoods & Treyen Lockhart* (*also Head Boy)
Term 31: Evelyn Wellington & Lewis Rasting
Term 32: Annabelle Lecium & Lewis Rasting
Term 33: Annabelle Lecium & Oakey Gunter
Term 34: Head Girl Renesmee Dixon & Head Boy Oakey Gunter
Term 35: Minerva Wheatborn & Wade Elisabeth-Potter* (*also Head Boy)

SPOILER!!: Hufflepuff Captains!

Term 4: (HarrysHoney16)
Term 5: Sarah (HPcrazy)
Term 6: Sarah (HPcrazy)
Term 7: Terry Weasley
Term 8: no quidditch
Term 9: no quidditch
Term 10: Terry Weasley
Term 11: Terry Weasley
Term 12: Nikolai Vannacutt
Term 13: Lee Andrez
Term 14: Evy Abagnale
Term 15: Evan Cassels
Term 16: Evan Cassels
Term 17: Molly Woodrow / Jack Langley
Term 18: Jack Langley
Term 19: Amelia Rose
Term 20: Rapunzel Black
Term 21: Kaika Castelle
Term 22: Kaika Lockhart
Term 23: Kaika Lockhart
Term 24: Miranda BelCanto
Term 25: Miranda BelCanto
Term 26: no quidditch
Term 27: Melanie Lockhart
Term 28: Isobel VonHue
Term 29: Kita Annie Lewis
Term 30: Keefer O. Marius
Term 31: Keefer O. Marius
Term 32: Renesmee Dixon
Term 33: Renesmee Dixon
Term 34: Ella Bishop
Term 35: Ella Bishop


Nice to meet you, where you been? ______________I could show you incredible things

Magic. Madness. Heaven. Sin________________You look like my next mistake

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Posts: 58,379

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Amelia Adara

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emma Montmorency (#301199)
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Chloe Michelle Adara
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
TiaMarie Mancini
Ecological Protection

x12 x8
Hufflepuff Hufflepuff Head of House
YesJess! | Captain Goggles | Mama Badger | Eva's Soul Sister | An OG™ | It's all in the Numbers

Made by Brigette (AlwaysSnapesGirl)

Josephina Hadley

Behind these hazel eyes
✐ Josephina Faith Hadley
✐ Sometimes called JoJo, Fina, or Sophie
✐ Born on 2nd of April, 2044
✐ Originates from Perugia, Italy
✐ Halfblood
✐ Proud owner of a Small Mastiff named Baisley and kitten named Bristol, gifted to her at end of term 26 (i think) from Lorelei Bristol.

✐ Currently in a relationship

✐ Enjoys Painting, Jogging, and Languages

Seems like just yesterday
✐ Hufflepuff, 2055-2062
✐ Unicorn Hair, Maple, 11.5 inches, supple and swishy
✐ Faerie Patronus
✐ Amortentia smells like Peppermint, Homemade Italian Pasta Sauces, New books
✐ Best subjects: Arithmancy, Charms, Muggle Studies
✐ Worst subjects: Herbology, Potions
✐ 9 OWLs (Arithmancy - O, Astronomy - A, Care of Magical Creatures - E, Charms - O, DADA - E, History of Magic - E, Muggle Studies - O, Potions - A, Transfiguration - E)
✐ 6 NEWTs (Arithmancy - O, Care of Magical Creatures - A, Charms - O, DADA - E, History of Magic - A, Transfiguration - E)

Here I am, once again
✐ Sandy brown hair, wavy
✐ Hazel eyes
✐ Five foot four(plus usually 2 inches for heels)
✐ Average build

But you won't see the tears if I cry
✐ Josephina enjoys modest attire, rather than flamboyant. Though she was never into the dresses and pinafores, she does like her heels.
✐ A firm believer in etiquette, she believes it to be a strong indicator to success.
✐ She is very reserved and though she can generally spark a decent conversation up with anyone (except her parents), she prefers the solitary nature of reading.
✐ As a hard worker herself, she believes that a little elbow grease goes a long way. If you put forth the effort, ultimately it will pay off in the end.
✐ At times, Josephina may also appear daft, but that doesn't mean ignorance. She is smart and knows it, but also does not flaunt it. Fina is also quite the fan of cliches such as 'what comes around, goes around'.
There are four roads to anywhere
✐ Upon graduating from Hogwarts, Josephina moved home to Italy and worked as a freelance painter, while attending the local Wizarding University, to which she graduated in 2065, specializing in Ancient Pythagorean Theory and Cryptomancy
✐ In 2065 she began her worldly travels as a freelance Researcher, studying numbers, people and their cultures.
✐ In Spring 2069, she found herself located near Azania, South Africa, to which she began work at the South African Wizarding Academy, since she learned of them needing a Charms Professor and it'd always been a second favorite subject of hers.
Let's make a new world now
✐ Hogwarts Muggle Studies Professor, 2081 to Present
✐ Hogwarts Arithmancy Professor, 2071 to 2081
✐ Hufflepuff Head of House, 2075 to Present
✐ Gobstones Advisor, 2073 to 2078

Where we can wear each other for awhile
✐ Mother: Nicole Lily Hadley (nee Calandra) - Ravenclaw, works as a Healer
✐ Father: Marcus Ian Hadley - muggle, General Physician and Entrepreneur
✐ Two sisters, one younger and one older
✐ Leanne Elizabeth Mancini (born 2040) - Ravenclaw 2051-2058 - married Sept 30, 2065, now with two children
✐ Logan Paolo - born in June 2067
✐ TiaMarie - born Aug 2071
✐ Alexandria June (born 1 May 2045) - Ravenclaw 2056-2063

I'll lend you my tears if I could borrow your smile
✐ Josephina was born in Perugia, Italy to Healer Nicole Hadley, who was a witch from Scotland, and Entrepreneur and General Physician, Marcus Hadley, a muggle from Perugia. Her mother was nineteen when she met her father, who was just two years older and already quite the successful business owner. Against all odds, her mother and father seemed to make it work by her mother abandoning her career as a Healer and working as a nurse in the local hospital to conceal her identity (while still working in a familiar career setting). Though her father knew the truth of her mother's identity, it was too late as they were already deep in love. It was in the muggle setting of Perugia that they chose to raise their three daughters.
✐ All three girls started showing magic at an early age, for which Nicole was both glorified about and petrified. Though she knew the girls' magic would need honing, she was terrified to send them away to school at such a ripe age. Nonetheless, as each turned eleven, they were sent off to Hogwarts.
✐ Unique to her mother and two sisters, Josephina was sorted into Hufflepuff in 2055. She kept mostly to herself, preferring to focus her attentions on her studies. Excelling in Arithmancy and Muggle Studies, she performed reasonable adequate in Magical Creatures and Charms. Focusing her strengths, she found herself fascinated by the future rather than living in the present (with Miss Nora Leiden, Sophia Melita's cookies, and Lord Berty Borr's flatulance). Her reserved personality left her with few confidants while at Hogwarts, but yet she 'knew' nearly everyone due to her observation of people. She discovered a sense of kinship and understanding in studying numbers. Josephina received nine OWLs and six NEWTs.
✐ Upon graduating Hogwarts, Josephina moved back to home to Perugia as she tried to find direction in life. Though she studied numbers and they seemed to tell her one thing, her heart seemed to lead her another direction. Putting some of her energies in painting and jogging, she enrolled in the local Wizarding University and spent three years studying such topics as Cryptomancy, Ancient Pythagorean Theory, the number 7, basic curse breaking, advanced charms, and even took a couple courses on muggle linguistics (focusing on Italian, Spanish, and Latin). Her mother encouraged her to pursue healing, as her older sister Leanne did, since it is easily adaptable to muggle society and a family-friendly career; though Josephina found little interest in working as a medical professional.
✐ Upon completing her third year of Wizarding University, Josephina decided that it was time to progress her life. She packed her things and and left on a journey toward what she'd hoped would lead her toward her destiny. Though she doubted her parent's approved her choice, she spent the next four years traveling and researching numbers and people. She studied the past, the present, and the future - the future still fascinating her most, but spending more time on the past and cryptology. In her travels, she continued to focus on her work rather than enjoy the people, and understand other languages.
✐ In Spring 2069, she found herself located near Azania, South Africa, to which she began work at the South African Wizarding Academy, since she learned of them needing a Charms Professor and it'd always been a second favorite subject of hers. Though she was enjoying her freelance independent researching, she decided to give educating young minds a try, thus she accepted the position.
✐ After just a few months, Josephina realized this was her destiny; to teach future generations of witches and wizards. But despite how much she was enjoying her teaching, she felt lonely and disconnected. It was this which drove her into purchasing a puppy as a companion for herself, which she named Baisley.
✐ Josephina continued to teach charms at the school for two years, until she received a letter via owl at the midway through her second term teaching, of her sister Leanne's expecting a second child, in which she would miss as it would occur in the middle of the school term. Feeling disoriented and lonely again, she realized for one of the first times that she missed her family, who she had seen only once in five plus years. Even though Fina enjoyed teaching, she regretted not being there for Leanne's big day and now the birth of her second child. It was this that initiated her to resign from her position as Charms Professor and return to Italy.
✐ Spending about two weeks home in Perugia, where she learned that her sister was expecting a second child in late August 2071, Fina was now in need of a job. Having spent some time post-graduation figuring out her life, she realized it was teaching that she was most enjoyed. Which is why, early Summer, she took a trip to Hogwarts and visited the current Headmaster. It just so happened that he was in need of a new Arithmancy Professor.
✐ In 2077, Fina took a trip home to Italy with Seren
✐ In 2078, she attended a convention in Florida, United States, for Arithmancers and Cursebreakers; it was there that she met a handsome fellow by the name of Addison, whom she'd been in frequent relations via owl mail and holidays ever since.
✐ Despite her avid interest in numbers, in 2081, Fina approached the headmistress in regards to the open Muggle Studies position. As a halfblood herself, she knew about the home and social life of muggles and even about wizards and muggles living together. Not to mention, changing positions would mean her classroom would be one floor level down - aka, closer to her Hufflepuffs, so that she could keep a closer watch on them and make sure they don't eat contaminated foods again

{OOC: I'm Jess, your Head of House!! *dances* This will be my 21st term in the RP, my eleventh term on staff (first as MS professor!), and my sixth as your HoH!! Anyway, I reside on the East Coast of the USA. I work in retail. I don't really dislike much, except for rudeness is a minor pet peeve of mine... Be nice, play nice, all is well. BUT yea, send me a nudge or whatever if you need something! =)}

Nice to meet you, where you been? ______________I could show you incredible things

Magic. Madness. Heaven. Sin________________You look like my next mistake

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Finnlay 'Finn' Cameron Muir
Fifth Year
Hufflepuff House Moderator
Ravenpuff | Cap'n Crunch | Bedtime Queen | O Minion, My Minion

Model: Dominique Dawes

Tiara Tyner


Name: Tiara Zola Tyner
Age: 44
Born: June 21, 2037
POB: Greystones, Ireland
Current residence: Hogsmeade, Scotland
Attended Hogwarts: 2051-2055
Former House: Ravenclaw
Blood status: Muggleborn
Relationship status: in a relationship
Wand: chestnut and unicorn tail hair, 10 inches long, hard
Patronus: owl

Hair: dark brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 5' 3"

Father: Jordan Tyner, 64
Mother: Hyacinth Tyner, 68
Siblings: none

Tiara was a bookworm from a very young age. As she got older she took up gymnastics. When she got to Hogwarts, she immediately took up Quidditch as the best alternative. Tiara enjoys almost anything that requires physical activity: gymnastics, Quidditch, jogging, swimming, aerobics, and almost any other form of exercising. She also still loves learning, so her home in Hogsmeade is packed to the gills with books on almost any topic.

Tiara is a fierce competitor in everything she does, whether an official contest or an inconsequential task. As such, she earned top marks in every class at Hogwarts, was player of the term four years straight in Gobstones, and helped lead her House to three Quidditch Cup titles. She has never cared for talk about what she considers frivolous things such as fashion, boys, or gossip. Her parents instilled in her a strong sense of fairness and the importance of playing by the rules, which served her well in her time as a professional Quidditch referee. Her years in Ravenclaw Tower were marked by a small amount of very close friendships, though the entire House knew to seek her out for good advice.

The only daughter of two Muggles, the Tiara spent the first five years of her life in a small coastal town in Ireland. By a young age, however, her athletic talents had blossomed enough for the Tyners to enroll their daughter at Great Britain’s premier gymnastics training facilities. Time at the gym slowly took over the life of the family and Tiara’s grades in school began to suffer. The small family’s life revolved around the sport until a bad fall from the balance beam broke Tiara’s ankle. After surgery she made a slow recovery, and her ankle was never the same. It was at this time that Tiara finally decided to enroll at Hogwarts, which she had declined in favor of gymnastics at age 11.

Tiara enjoyed four great years at Hogwarts. Upon entering the school, she vowed to not let anything get in the way of her studies again—especially boys and sports—and she made giant strides in her abilities. In her second year at Hogwarts, she tried out for and made the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. The flexibility and precision balance born from her childhood made her one of the best and most versatile Chasers at the school. Despite her late start, she managed to scrape six N.E.W.T.s and graduated with high expectations for herself.

Though recruited by several professional Quidditch teams, Tiara knew that she didn’t want to go back to the life of a dedicated athlete. Jason, her good friend from Hogwarts, urged her to pursue officiating, so she applied with the Department of Magical Games and Sports and began a thriving career. She enjoyed the itinerant nature of the job and the travelling involved, and through it all she kept in touch with Jason, who had given her the courage to go in a different direction. As the years went by and her friends married off one by one, Tiara surprised herself by beginning to wish she had someone to share her own life with. It took her many months to admit this new desire to herself. When she eventually shared this with Jason, he immediately professed his long-time love for her. Though utterly surprised, Tiara agreed to give the newly-defined relationship a shot. After over 20 years with the European League, she accepted a job at Hogwarts and moved to Hogsmeade.


OOC: Hey all! *waves* If you don't know me, my name is Emily (also known to some as Cap'n Crunch). This is my third term on Staff, first as Hufflepuff House Mod, and first as Quidditch Official. Don't let Tiara's former House fool you: I'm a Puff at heart! I joined the site back in October 2006 and have been a Hufflepuff ever since, even Captaining the Quidditch team for two terms. I promise I don't bite much, so if you need me, feel free to shoot me a PM, VM me, or find me on MSN!

Thanks, Kitakins <3

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Everleigh Evans
Third Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Luca Benetti
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Emilia Espinosa
Law Enforcement

Ministry RPG Name:
Mariana Medina

x12 x7
Hufflepuff Hufflepuff Captain
elephant-astic•wanderlust•stay in the ninedaaays the original Taco Belle•look at the flowers✿

Model: Ashley Olsen

The Basics
Name: Ella Bishop
Nickname(s): Gummy Girl, Ells, Ellasaurus, Ellaphant, Lala
Age: Nearly 17
D.O.B: 10th September 2064
Heritage: Muggleborn
Relationship Status: Dating Alec Summers, Seeker extraordinaire
Wand: Spruce wood, Mackled Malaclaw shell core, 12.9 inches
Patronus: Elephant
Boggart: Her mother with a new family
Amortentia: Old books, freshly mown grass, hot chocolate
School: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Sixth Year
Leadership Positions: Student Yearbook Editor, Hufflepuff Captain
Favourite Subject(s): Ancient Runes, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, Defence Against the Dark Arts
Least Favourite Subject(s): Divination

Hair: Blonde and wavy
Height: 5’1
Weight: 98 lbs


Name: Hattie Bishop [formerly Golden].
Heritage: Muggle.
Profession: Photographer

Name: Richard Bishop
Heritage: Muggle.
Profession: Publisher

Name: Caleb Bishop
Heritage: Muggle.
Age: 7

Name: Cecelia Golden
Heritage: Muggle.
Profession: Actress

Pets: Jasper the owl, Barnabus the Pygmy Puff, Dino the bloodhound, Donatello the turtle

SPOILER!!: ”The Early Years:”

Ella wears her heart on her sleeve. She’s honest and kind and she believes in the power of pinky promises. She does everything with the best of intentions, though things don’t always work out the way she planned. She’s often unintentionally funny, something which puzzles her a lot of the time. Her favorite time is time spent with friends or on the Quidditch pitch. She cares about others and will go out of her way to help a friend in need. She’s also curious and loves a good adventure especially if it involves a trip to the kitchen for ice cream! Pretty much she’s the nicest badger you could hope to meet.

Colour: Green, but not PEA green! More like Shamrock green. Mhm!
Food: Oreo Ice Cream
Place: The Whomping Willow
Film: The Little Mermaid
Book: Tuck Everlasting
Song: Imagine-John Lennon
Animal: Elephants. They don’t call her Ellaphant for nothing.

Alec Summers, Best friends, Quidditch, laughing, hugs, ice cream, gummy worms and bears, elephants, dancing, pillow fights, cookies, CoMC and Professor Williamson’s face, pinky promises, reading, Edric’s hair ruffling and cheek pinching, music, hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, her pets, Dinosaurs, superheroes, exploring, talking nonsense, meeting new people, being silly, and movies.

Feeling confused or sad, fighting, wasting food, SKREWTS, clowns, Lions who tried to kill her in the RoR, Not being able to fall asleep, people who leave without saying goodbye.

Quote that best sums up Ella: ‘Please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough.’

OOC: Hello everyone, my name is Ashley! I'm from Boston, MA and this will be my sixth term on SS. This is my second term as Captain and I've really enjoyed the role! Be sure to sign up for Quidditch! Feel free to VM/PM if you ever need anything or want to RP! <3 Badger Pride!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kirsten Delbin
Fifth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mateo Theodore
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Alana Potter
Minister's Office

Ministry RPG Name:
Bart Culloden
Games & Sports

x11 x9
Hufflepuff Hufflepuff Prefect
Puff by day, snake by night | Mj's bestie | Always UP to Something...

Minerva Wheatborn
Seventh Year
Model: Avril Lavigne

The Basics
Name: Minerva Wheatborn
Nickname(s): Minnie, Min, Mouse
Age: 17
D.O.B: 2nd December 2063
Heritage: Half Blood, raised Muggle
Relationship Status: Dating , Ethan McCarthy, Former Ravenclaw Prefect
Wand: Oak wood, 12 1/4 inches, Phoenix Tail Feather, solid
Patronus: Beagle
Boggart: one of her biggest hidden fears....
Amortentia: Lilacs, cookies baking, Lillies, new parchment/books
School: Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Seventh Year
Favourite Subject(s): Transfiguration, Divinations, Charms, potions
Least Favourite Subject(s): Astronomy, Ancient Runes
Hair: Blonde and straight, though she likes to change it often..
Height: 5’4
Weight: none of your business…
Things that terrify her at the moment: Lafay and fire


Name: Vicky Wheatborn (Blaze)
Heritage: Pureblood
Name: Martin Wheatborn
Heritage: Muggle.
Name: Jacob Wheatborn
About family: All died in plane crash Min’s second term

Grandparents that have custody:
Name: Howard and Jane Wheatborn
Heritage: Muggle.
Profession: retired

Pets: Fluffy the Pygmy Puff, Liesel the Owl and Ethan's Cat that she claims as one of hers.

SPOILER!!: A little about me!

Minerva was raised as a muggle and had no clue she was a witch until she was ten. Her mother was a pureblood, but lived as a muggle after marrying her muggle father. She is originally from the United States, and had moved around to many places, due to her father being in the military. She learned to love books and work hard in classes at an early age from her mother who was a teacher in muggle schools. Once coming to Hogwarts, she found herself in the greatest house and meeting all kinds of people. Her second term had been her hardest, when her family was leaving London they were in a plane crash and none survived. Now living with her muggle grandparents in Tennessee, Minerva is happier then she has been in a long time. Now in her Seventh year she is nervous to be without Ethan and to fulfill her duties as prefect, but she is excited to try out for quidditch again and to have so much needed fun this term. As well as work hard in classes and help where and whenever needed.

Mineva has a very bubbly personality, that is usually easily spotted by her big smile and her social ways. She is always wanting to meet new people and help out everyone, she has a problem of being nosey of thinking she can help fix everyone’s problems for them. She is very loyal to her friends and will not think twice to put herself in danger or in trouble if it means protecting one of them. She is a bit of a nerd and will be found with books and in pretty much every class.

Colour: Purple
Food: Chocolate and Pizza
Place: The Lake
Film: Shek, Pitch Perfect
Book: All books, is there a book not worth reading??
Song: Still in to you
Band/Singer: At the moment Boyz II Men or anything to remind her of Ethan..
Animal: All animals, but if she has to pick a favorite Owls and puppies

Books, learning new things, meeting new people, Quidditch, spending time with Ethan, Reese Cups, Diet Coke, animals, being with her friends, and her muggle toys (Ipod, quad, phone, computer)

mean people, clowns, people in masks, and green beans

ooc: Hey all, I'm Alisha or Ali...I'm 31 and a teacher in Ohio, This is my seventh term RPing! Minerva and I are super excited about Prefect this term! If you need anything or just want to RP feel free to PM/VM me.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ean Zoilo Feirgrund

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Kion Baltasar Ingebretson
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Darej Ethan Patterson
Ecological Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Kingston Creighton Dolph
x8 x7
Hufflepuff Hufflepuff Head Boy
• HuffleStud • Knight of The Zodiac • Manly Beard-Grower • Cicatrice de Harry •

Wade Elisabeth- Potter

My hair ruffling
senses are tingling

Model: Alex Libby

Basic Form
"It can't be this simple.. Oh wait, it still is."

Full name: Wade Lars Elisabeth-Potter
Age: 17-18
Birthplace: Oslo, Norway
Date of birth: 11 December 2063
Heritage: Pure-blood
Height: 184 cm (6'0)
Build: Athletic
House: Hufflepuff
Class of: 2082
Dating: Indiana Hutchinson (since 4 May 2081)
Favorite Subject(s): Ancient Runes, Care of Magical Creatures
Laterality: Right-handed
Wand: 12 ½ swishy English Oak wood with a Phoenix Feather core
Patronus: Tigon
Boggart: His loved ones as Inferi
Amortentia: Hippogriff feathers, cinnamon quills, opened pickle jars, and Indy's scented hair
Sometimes called: Lars, Cool man Wade, Curly, Curly Wade, Kitty, Kitty Wade, Pickle man, Hairy Potter
Enjoys: Kissing Indy, smirking, whistling, eating pickles, hair ruffles from Alec, Nash's cooking, napping in onesies, and fancy broom rides

Appearances Kept
"Because you're allowed to be comfortable.."

Wade has naturally blonde hair, though it has grown darker throughout the years from his constant time spent outdoors. Not that he minds, Wade always liked having another shared common with his dad. He also lets his somewhat-curly hair takes its own form, giving it the bed-head look whenever he has it short or long. His eyes are hazel, but was born with crystal-blue eyes resembling his mother.

Wade is somewhat of a thrill-seeker, enjoying new experiences for the sake of an adventure. It's not uncommon to see his eyebrows furrow as he thinks. He's a deep thinker at times, sometimes driving him to the point of exhausion. He also maintains an optimistic point-of-view, looking for the good in everything, remaining friendly and polite. Smiling and laughing, he enjoys making his old and new friends happy and dislikes seeing anyone look upset. To him, comfort is only one big old badger hug away. Seriously, just ask Professor Lafay.

Family Ties
"Blood can be purer than water.."

Father: Charely Ashton Potter
Mother: Eve Elisabeth (legally declared deceased, 2068)
Aunt: Selena-Rose Auditore née Potter
Uncle: Walter Auditore
Cousin: Lucio "Luc" Serge Auditore
Pets: One owl; Herbie
One dog; Shadow the Border Collie
Family tree

Descended from the Black family, as a fifth generation Potter, Wade was a love child born in Oslo, Norway to Hufflepuff alumni of Hogwarts, Charely Potter and Eve Elisabeth. His father, Charely, was a retired Professional Quidditch player before working at the nearby sporting goods shop, whilst his mother, Eve, was a wizarding naturalist. The family was close-knit doting on young Wade. By the age of five, family tragedies included the death of his grandparents and mysterious disappearance of his mother. This now left his father, Aunt Selena-Rose, and Uncle Walter to care for him and his younger cousin, Luc.

School Life
"When in doubt, keep going.."

Durmstrang Institute
First - Fourth year - (Fall 2075 - Spring 2079)

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Fifth - Seventh year - (Fall 2079 - Spring 2082)

SPOILER!!: O.W.L Results
Pass Grades

Fail Grades

Ancient Runes: E
Astronomy: P
Care of Magical Creatures: E
Charms: A
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Divination: A
Herbology: E
History of Magic: P
Potions: E
Transfiguration: E

SPOILER!!: N.E.W.T Results

Not until he graduates :p

OOC: Hey everyone, I'm Joel and currently reside in Florida (EST). I first ventured onto SS ten years ago. I'm excited to serve as Head Boy this term! If you want to RP with or just talk, feel free and don't hesitate to message. Remember Tinkertobes' saying, Badger Boom!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Siobhán O'Shea

Ministry RPG Name:
Olly Emmons-Clarke
Environmental Protection

Ministry RPG Name:
Yasmina Payton
Accidents & Catastrophes
x3 x2
The Kisapaths | Sila!Roti | -2 | TouchableHair | ToiletPaperGuy | QueenOfConfusion

Olivia Clarke

Portrayed by Lily Loveless.

Full Name: Olivia Clarke
Nickname: Olly, Polly (by Stan)
Age: 15
Date of Birth: June 12
Place of Birth: Bristol, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Patronus: N/A
Pet: Julian (toad)
Relationship Status: Single

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: 2081-2084 (homeschooled before that)
House: Hufflepuff
Year: Fifth
Strongest Subjects: Herbology, History of Magic
Weakest Subjects: Charms, Transfiguration

Father: Michael (no last name)
Mother: Patricia Landia (42)
Half-Sister: Odette Clarke (10)
Adoptive Father: Clint Clarke (50)
Adoptive Mother: Amber Clarke (46)

Height: 5'5'' (165cm)
Hair: Dark-brown
Eyes: Brown

Olly is quite reserved when it comes to people getting to know her. She prefers keeping her distance, often emphasizing that preference by being rude towards or simply ignoring others. This fact, along with her history of being homeschooled, has left her with very few friends. However, she's gotten so used to it, that she's chosen to not even try and make any. It was just too exhausting in her eyes to constantly worry if those were the right people to trust.

The fact that she hates the name Olivia has its origin in her birth mother always calling her that. After she had given the two girls away, Olly decided that she would from now on only go by her nickname. To start a new life, so to say.
Important People:
__[#] Schuyler Emmons
__[#] Elodie Robertser
__[#] Józsua Istvan
__[#] West Odessa

Cool People:
__[#] Isidora Miroslava
__[#] Ascanius Stark
__[#] Charlotte Erikson
__[#] Coulson Bradshaw

Annoying People:
__[#] Stanley Hastings
__[#] Cassia Somerlad

Olly was born to Patricia Landia and Michael, the latter of whom she has never met. According to her mother, her father was a famous Herbologist who prematurely died during a mysterious work accident that occured right after Olly's birth. Ever since she has been trying to make her father proud by aspiring to become just as skilled in Herbology as he used to be. Her mother never talks about him unless Olly asks specifically and even then she is very curt and tends to change the subject rather quickly. This is also one of the reasons Olly has never learned of her father's last name.

When Olly was five years old, her mother gave birth to Odette, her half-sister. That was also the moment that their mother realized that she simply could not raise two children on her own. That is why she gave the two up for adoption, under the sole condition that the two girls stay together. And Clint and Amber Clarke did exactly that. After only a few weeks they offered to take the two girls home with them. The married couple was unable to have children themselves so they were more than happy to adopt the two.

Henceforth, the two girls only very rarely saw their birth mother. After three years they even adopted their new parents' last name, making them officially part of the family. By then Olly had completely stopped talking to her birth mother due to her refusal to share anything on her birth father. She started collecting everything about anyone who could possibly be her real father. Anyone who had an interest in Herbology and was around Bristol at the time of her birth. Anyone who died a mysterious death. To no avail, however.

Olly is very protective of her little sister, making her having to leave to go to Hogwarts even harder. However, the Clarkes insist on teaching the two witches the basics at home and only sending them off to Hogwarts at the age of fifteen. The homeschooling Olly didn't mind per se but the fact that she had to leave Odette behind now earned Amber Clarke the silent treatment. Because Olly had learned that her "mother" could deal with all her other bad behavior. So she figured that it would be the worst for Amber if she just didn't talk to her at all. All she got was glares and objects thrown at her when she tried to enter Olly's room.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dhruv Vihaan Khanna

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Aryan Atreyu-Rehman
First Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Lucas Riley Hawthorne
Games & Sports

Ministry RPG Name:
Brody Hawthorne-Melo
International Cooperation

x12 x12
~ Mrs. Steve Harrington ~ It be like that sometimes.

Model: Yatharth Ratnum

Name: Aditya “Adi” Rehman
Age: 11
Born: January 17th, 2071
Height: 5 ft. 1 inch.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Build: Average
Year: First
House: Hufflepuff
Blood Status: Half Blood
Wand: 10 2/3 inch robust Hazel, Hippogriff feather core

Adi’s family: Aditya is the only son of Indira Rai, who grew up in Gujarat, India. She and her parents moved to Kent when she was just a few months old so that they could all have better lives. It was discovered that she was a witch at age 11 when a Professor from Hogwarts came around to explain everything to her parents. When Indira was 19, her parents died in a train crash in India where they were on their way to visit their families. Indira was supposed to be with them however, she had only begun her first job as journalist for the Daily Prophet a few days earlier and did not wish to take any leave of absence.
Aditya’s father, Saieed Rehman, lived all his life in Kent. He never knew his parents, as they abandoned him and his older brother, Amir, at an orphanage when they were 1 year and 3 years respectively. They were adopted by a couple who raised them just like any normal kid. Saieed and Amir both graduated from college with degrees in Architecture and Engineering respectively.
Indira met Saieed when she was 22 and he was 23. They dated for 5 years before getting married.

About Adi: Though Aditya was an only child with working parents, he was never lonely because they always made time for him. As did his uncle and adopted grandparents. Adi is not a shy child and is not afraid to say what he’s thinking (except sometimes when he thinks he’ll hurt someone) and managed to make lots of friends. He will seem shy at first but once he gets comfortable around someone, he can chatter on and on. Sometimes, he will also ask multiple questions in one breath, especially if he is excited. When it comes to school work, Adi considers himself okay at it but not a brainiac. As a child, he was given everything materially a child could ask for-his own computer, comic books, television, expensive clothing etc. but he is always modest. Adi figured his parents lavished him with so many things because they did not have much growing up.

Adi’s hobbies include reading, listening to music, making new friends and of course, cricket. Almost every afternoon after school, he could be found at the park playing a game with his friends and was on the school team as an all rounder (left handed batsman & Spin bowler). He supports the England and India cricket teams and some of his favourite players include: Kevin Peterson, Mahendra Dhoni, Staurt Broad, Ricky Ponting, James Anderson and Stephen Fleming. Aditya is an active member of one of the Cricket Club’s but does not plan to become a Professional.

Growing up, Adi made strange things happened around him mostly caused by nerves. Especially before school cricket matches. Once all the water pitchers which were set up for the players had exploded showering everyone in the vicinity with water and ice. Another time, the white chalk with which he was supposed to be solving a maths problem turned bright purple. When his mother heard about the incidents (among others) she knew instantly what the reason was. It was confirmed when he received his Hogwarts letter.

ooc: Heya, everyone! I'm Alicia. I live in Guyana, South America & I'm a Uni student majoring in Economics. I love being a Huffie, hence I did not re-sort This is only my eighth term in the RP Adi is my second charrie and he & I look forward to RPing with anyone
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Model: Lucy Boynton

Name: Marigold McAlistor
Post color: Sandy Brown
Age: 12
Year: Second year
Wand: Birch wand with a Phoenix feather core, 10 3/4 inches
Physical appearance: BOUNCY blond hair, brown eyes, a bit shorter than average, A SMILE ON ALL DA TIME
Family stuff: Marigold's father, Harold, is a ministry worker, who fell in love with her mother, Celia, a muggle waitress. The two got married and Celia had Marigold. Celia knew that Marigold would be a witch, and was pleased when she got her letter. Celia is constantly in awe of the wizarding world.

Marigold is a very happy person. She has lots of energy, along with many of her Hufflepuff housemates. She loves to meet new people and make friends, and she does not descriminate from year(she is friends with graduates and first years). Basically, if you ever see her frowning, something is veeeeeery wrong. For instance, the ice cream cure.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Montgomery S. Wilder
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Odette Boone-Wilder
Bre Bear | Asherine | Whisper | Kemmy | Raeney | Madyra | Bumble Bee

___ { BASIC }

FULL NAME Nashville Richmond Cash
NICKNAMES Nash, Nash Nash, Nashy
AGE 17
DATE OF BIRTH March 4th, 2064
PLACE OF BIRTH Nashville, Tennesee, United States
PLACE OF RESIDENCE Rio de Janero, Brazil


.Beauxbations { September 2075 - June 2078 }
.Salem { September 2078 - June 2079 }
.Durmstrang { September 2079 - June 2080 }
.Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Scotland { September 2080-present }


. English
. Portuguese


HAIR COLOR Dark Brown/Black
EYE COLOR Medium/Light Brown
FACE CLAIM Taylor Lautner

{ First Year at Hogwart; Sixth Year }

Nashville never really thought that he would fit into Hufflepuff, while he was still at Durmstrang he wanted to be in Slytherin while he spends his time at Hogwarts but over a couple of months of being at Hogwarts and complaining about having to pay for everything, meeting the headmistress, making new friends and baking pies he has really come to love the house of Hufflepuff but he still believes he was meant to be in Slytherin.

On Nashville's very first day at Hogwarts he got himself a girlfriend, Christmas Goldman. Nashville being new at the school didn't really want to start the year off by rejecting a girl who wanted to go out with him, but he just thought that she wanted to date him for his looks and about a month in he was right about that. Nashville didn't like how he could never get a word in while hanging out with Christmas so nearly two months since they started dating Nashville ended the relationship with Christmas. They barely talk anymore.

January 2081, Nashville got kicked off the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team, kind of, not really. He got into a bit of a spat with Kaiden and that's when Nashville quit the Quidditch team. The spat was pretty stupid, it was about braiding each others hair and Nashville didn't want his hair to be braided and they got into a fight but they fight had to be boiling because they both of them hate each other.

Towards the end of the school year when the Dementor attacks started to happen Nashville found Laura Hyde being attacked by one. Nashville distracted one with his patronus and got Laura out of the way and into a safe corridor. Nashville was fighting for his life and even kicked the Dementor in the face and gave it a high five bit nothing was working at all. Nashville came out of it with no harm done at all.

___{ LIKES }

. Blondes
. Accents
. Music
. Cake
. Brownies
. Blue
. Taking Photographs with a Muggle camera


. White Chocolate
. Milk Chocolate
. Chocolate Milk
. Cars
. Stuck Up People
. Pink
. Tea { Never had tea but thinks he hates it }
. Polka Dots
. Grouchy People
. Rude People


PARENTS Arnold Cash { 2043 - }, Sydney { Cruz } Cash { 2041- }
SISTER Syracuse Cash { 2067 - }
BROTHERKnoxville Cash { 2081- }
GRANDPARENTS Demetria { Stamos } Cash { 2018 - } Kevin Cash { 2015 - }, Maria { Ramirez } Cruz { 2020 - 2069 }, Julio Cruz { 2018 - }
AUNTS & UNCLES Carlos Cruz { 2045 - } & Marisa { Jacobs } Cruz { 2055 - }, Martina Cruz { 2060 - }


.Royal Blue

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rowan Lewis
Third Year
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Dylan Callaghan

The Basics:
Full Name: Dylan James Callaghan
Birthday: May 11th, 2071
Wand Type: 9 and ⅔ inch Hickory wood wand with the core of a jobberknoll feather
Blood Status: Pureblood
Year: First
Age: Eleven

Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 51 inches
Weight: 76 lbs

Family and Pets:
Mother: Alexandra Anne Callaghan
Father: Christopher Zane Callaghan
Siblings: Lydia May Callaghan (age three) and Blake Wesley Callaghan (age six).
Pets: His kitten Ginger and the family owl Poppy.

Personality: Dylan is a very kind and outgoing person most of the time. He can be a tad bit shy at times, but most of the time he is very talkative. He's very loving to everyone he meets, and adores making new friends. He can get offended quite easily.
Likes: Kind people, sweets, pizza, food, cute cats, dragons, being around friends, playing guitar, drawing/painting, listening to music, writing songs, playing Quidditch, reading, and learning new things.
Dislikes: Being in the spotlight, the dark, ghosts, insects, bullies, people who are full of themselves, and heights.
Instrument: Guitar
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Type of Music: Rock, metal, punk, grunge.
Favorite Animal: Dragon
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Favorite Song: Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin
Favorite Band: Metallica
Favorite Book: Quidditch Through the Ages
Favorite Sport: Quidditch and rugby

Dylan was born to Alexandra (a healer) and Christopher Callaghan (a dragonologist) on May 11th, 2071. Five years after his birth, his younger brother Blake was born (January 13th, 2076) and three years after Blake's birth, Lydia, the youngest of the siblings, was born (March 23rd, 2079). The family currently lives in a large home out in the country of Manchester with their snowy owl Poppy and their husky puppy Ash. In their free time, the family goes camping a lot whenever they get the chance, they like to play music together, make delicious home-made meals, and visit both grandparents to have family reunions.

When Dylan was six years old, he got a guitar from his uncle Ron for Christmas and taught himself how to play the day he got it. He has been playing ever since, jamming every once in a while along with Ron who plays drums, and his other uncle Oliver who plays bass guitar. Dylan also loves reading, he learned at the young age of three and has been in love with reading ever since. He'd read many books in his lifetime and writes stories himself sometimes. Since his father works with dragons, Dylan has grown up being told everything he needs to know about them from his father. Being the curious boy he is, he decided to study dragons at eight years old and still does today.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Charlie Upstead
First Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Regulus Prince
Third Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Daxton Prince

Ministry RPG Name:
Nikolai Kaiser
Minister's Office

Diagon Alley Employee:
Ezekiel Ransom-Kruus
x12 x12
Lovely™ | Captain Hurted | Ariana's Bane | Resident Antagonist | Unparalleled Delight

Name: Tobias Nestor Tempus, also goes by Toby or Kitty
Date of Birth/Age: 25th September 2068/13 years old
Usually Lives: Brighton
Physical Appearance: Shorter than average, about 4’6”, slim build, brown hair, blue eyes.
Blood status/parentage: He's never really put more than a few minutes thought to it, but it's tricky. His parents are squibs, but if they weren't he would be considered a pureblood. So that's he identifies, because it beats trying to explain everything.
Wand: 9 3/4", Hazel, griffin claw core, quite whippy

Basic information:

Tobias is an extremely upbeat and kind young boy. He is also incredibly energetic to the point of hyperactivity, and also very enthusiastic about everything he does, though VERY easily distracted. He ADORES Quidditch and wants to be a professional Quidditch player when he leaves school, though he's determined to work hard and get the best grades he possibly can as well, because he knows how important that can be. Toby is rarely seen without a smile on his face and, in a negative situation, will always true to find the bright side. His soul aim in life is that as many people as possible are happy, though he doesn't understand the idea that sometimes you have to put yourself first. For a thirteen year old, Tobias is quite naive, and believes that everyone he meets is a 'good' person, often putting his trust in them instantly. Perhaps because of this, some people find that they become protective of him quite easily. That, or incredibly annoyed by his hyperactiveness and perpetual cheery disposition. It is not yet known whether or not Tobias is in possession of an 'indoor voice'.

Tobias owns a young black cat that goes by the name of Bludger, who is as energetic as Tobias, but much more likely to chew your thumb off.

With all his extra energy, Tobias finds that he doesn't seem to need as much sleep as one might expect for someone of his age who is as active as he is. You will often find him somewhere about the castle or grounds on his trusty steed pogo stick or perhaps on the practice pitch practicing flying on his brand new Firebolt 600 (he regards these items as two out of his three most treasured possessions). Or maybe out for a jog around the grounds. Sometimes as early as 6am.

Since coming to Hogwarts and finding that he CAN do well academically, which is more than anyone had hoped for him before, Tobias now has a much more serious view of education than he did prior to Hogwarts. His absolute favourite subjects are Flying (of course), Astronomy and Ancient Runes. Both Professor Flamsteed and Professore Botros inspire him in very different ways, and he has a lot of respect for them both.

Tobias is currently in the process of learning how to balance the extra studying he is willingly putting himself through and his love of sports and exercise. He is also trying to discover the secret of 'how to stay focused on things other than quidditch for more than three minutes at a time'. Progress is slow, but steady.

An important thing to note about Tobias is his catchphrase:


OOC :: Hi guyysysysysysss! My name is Felix, regular ol' Hufflepuff. I'm 20 years old and live in England (GMT +1 at the moment) and I'm about to start my second year of a English Literature degree. I love RPing and I use any opportunity to try and improve my creative my creative writing skills, so if you want to RP with me, just VM or PM me, or grab one of my 'open to anyone' posts I may have floating around the RPG. I guess that's it for now ^___^
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Zarina Rae Carraro
Sixth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Jasmine Lenkim
Accidents & Catastrophes

Ministry RPG Name:
Kace Troy Lecium
Magical Creatures
x6 x2
Stephanoodle || Adorable Nerd

Kace Lecium

Portrayed By: Alexander Ludwig


Full Name: Kace Troy Gavin Lecium
Birthday: December 22nd
Age: 12
Blood Status: Halfblood
Place of Birth: Kansas


Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Light Green
Height: 5 foot

Favorite Subjects:
-Muggle Studies
-Care of Magical Creatures

Weak Subjects:
-Ancient Runes
-History of Magic

Mother: Haley Lecium (Pureblood)
Father: Nathan Lecium (Muggle)
Sister: Annabelle Lecium (Alumni House Prefect)
Haley's Parents: Kevin and Laila
Grandma and Grandpa Lecium: Sharice and Thomas

Personality: He is a charming young man. His mother taught him right. If you give him respect, he will give it right back. His bouncy personality makes him a great friend. He loves to make new friends and once he begins to know you, he will always be there for you. His charming smile gave him the cute reputation in his first year. He is also very athletic, he LOVES to play sports. His kind caring heart can take him places and hopefully he will be in the sports area in the ministry.

Favorite Sports: Quidditch, Soccer, Football, Flag Football, Lacrosse and Basketball
Favorite Ice Cream: Cookie Dough or anything with vanilla in it!
Favorite Superhero: Batman
Favorite Villain: The Joker
Favorite Music Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Some Pop songs, Alternative and Country
Favorite Movies: Anything superhero related!
Favorite Cuisine: Italian Food all the way.

{Family History}
His grandma went to Hogwarts a while back. Laila was a pureblood wizard and she met her husband Kevin outside of Hogwarts. He was working in the Law Enforcement in the Ministry. Laila was working in the Creatures Department. How they met we may never know. They instantly fell in love and talked and dated and yada yada yada.... You know the rest . Laila and Kevin had a daughter named Haley and she was gonna go on to do great things.

Then Haley during her fourth year, she met Nathan in Hogwarts and they were both regular students. Nathan wanted Haley to tutor him but she denied him knowing his bad reputation at school. But then Haley turned around and gave him the benefit of the doubt. After a couple tutoring sessions later at Hogwarts, they began to like each other without planning it. Then after Hogwarts, they met and fell in love, got married. They moved to Kansas to focus more on the Muggle life than the Wizarding world. A few years later they had two children named Kace and Annabelle.

Annabelle was the Hufflepuff Prefect for Term 32 and 33. She followed in her families footsteps but Kace we shall see where his future will go.

OOC: HAI GUYS! My name is Stephanie! I am a Junior in College. I am from Long Island, New York. This is like my 4 or 5th year role playing. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. You can VM or PM me, i am very friendly! I look forward to roleplaying with everyone!

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Special Services to the School

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Joel Peter Hellmann
First Year
x5 x6
¼ of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pls

Forrest Happy Charlton

Model: Guillermo Campra

Name: Forrest Harold Charlton
Nickname(s): Happy
Date of Birth: 21 December 2068 (official: 1 January, 2069)
Place of Birth: Durham, England
Blood: Muggleborn
House: Hufflepuff
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel/Blue
Height: 1.43 metres
Weight: 32 kilograms
Shape: Almost-ill thin
Mother: Christina Charlton (née Turner) (40 years old)
Father: James Isaac Charlton (46 years old)
Big brother: Oliver Isaac II Charlton (15 years old)
Text Cut: history
Born in Durham, Forrest comes from a family from the top-middle class of England. His father, James, is a chemisty engineer, specialised on petrol and his mother, Christina, doesn't work, although she wanted to become a teacher. James' family is the wealthier of both sides, also the more traditional one, and they did not want a working bride to neglect the kids, and Charlton family failed to notice their bride’s broken heart.

As soon as he was born, his father had got a new job in London so they moved to the capital and Forrest only knows Durham from his ID. The family lived in London until only two years ago in a luxurious residence that basically had everything of modern city life: a sports centre, a restaurant, a shopping mall and a cinema. So Forrest didn't really have to get out of the house, especially when his dad would buy them the latest video games and electronic devices. Although his mother would take him downstairs to the park, he spent more time indoors than outdoors like his brother.

For the first year of his primary education, he attended a public school, but his father realised that it was a bad image for himself at work and thus Forrest and Oliver went a private school, the most expensive one in London. His father was at a high-position in the petrol company now, and he didn't miss a chance to indicate their wealth. Oliver seemed to take up the habit too and he started to bully other students at school. Forrest had got closer to his mother, however, and he got more reserved.

When he was nine years old, as he remembers vividly, his father had announced at dinner that they were moving to Saudi Arabia with immediate effect. Oliver gasped and Christina looked at her husband incredibly. Even though Forrest didn't really grasp what that meant, he and Oliver knew that a new argument was about to break out, so they quickly went to their rooms without even finishing eating. The worst argument ever broke out in Charlton family, and the next morning Christina told her sons that they were moving to Saudi Arabia. It was obvious that she had spent the night crying, and she was a living death.

The next week they had started a new life in Saudi Arabia and Oliver and his father got back to his cocky self in a month, whereas Christina was never the same and it depressed Forrest awfully as well, even if he didn't fully understand why she was so sad. As he grew up, his magical abilities had become more significant and nobody but his mother showed any sympathy to him. Oliver tried to overcome his fear by bullying him cruelly, and his father almost acted as if he didn't exist, being much more preoccupied with his image with a 'strange' kid rather than worry for his son himself. This formed an unbreakable bond between son and the mother, and she was the one who saved him from being locked up in a Saudi lunatic asylum as his abilities got out of control more usually than in London, combined with his confused mind. His father and Oliver had barely talked to him for the last two years though, until the moment of letter.

He is awfully timid and some people even mistook him for deaf. He fears authorities. He is easily frightened, and he can cry easily. He is studious though, as he thought (unsuccessfully) that high grades might please his father. He can be easily fooled as he is awfully innocent as well. He is obsessed with rules, and he will freak out even at the possibility of breaking one.

Extra: He has an attention deficit: He cannot focus well while talking when he's excited and nervous. He is allergic to flowers and pollens. He is slightly obsessed with time. He is also a perfectionist. He starts to scratch incontrollably whenever he hears the word 'frog' or 'toad' (although he denies it, his mother claims that he has a trauma with them). He is afraid of height. He is a fan of Tottenham Football Club.

Likes: Football, swimming, books, cartoons, candy.
Dislikes: Dad and mom's arguing, sleeping late, being unsuccessful.

OOC: Hello people, my name is Deniz and I'm from Turkey. I'll start medical school to become a doctor this year. If you ever want to RP with me, please don't hesitate to VM/PM me!
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Ashton P. Walker
First Year

x11 x11
Eagle Eye [⅓ Badger Trio] Felon & Kafka ♥ Gilderoy Lockhart <3 [TEAM 947!]

Model: Kaya Scodelario
Name: Lotus Acacia Wisteria
Nickname: Lottie
Year: 4th
Age: 14
DOB: October 1st, 2066
POB: London, England

House: Hufflepuff
Blood status:
Relationship status: N/A

Wand: 10 1/2", Hickory, Phoenix feather core. Balanced. AND TOTALLY HERS.
Patronus: Hawk

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue!
Height: 5'1''

Mostly, she loves to climb trees and observe the world from high ground, she definitely loves the outdoors. Perhaps way too much for her family's liking.

Lottie's not one to talk a lot, especially when annoyed, unless there's something to gain from the conversation or you're one of her closest friends. She does have excellent hearing, and is quite the good listener if she's interested. She is opinionated, and will state how she feels depending on where or what it'll get her.

DO NOT be fooled by the sweetness, it may be all an act.

The Wisteria family. Always in the city, never by the country-side.

Daughter to Chrysantho and Grace Wisteria (nee Gardner). Sister to Oleander. Niece to Hyacinth and Magnolia.

One thing to take notice about the Wisterias is their names. They all get their names from plants or flowers. Even their pets and elves. A family trait that has been kept for generations. And totally broken by Lottie by naming her pet 'Magenta'.

. She claims her favorite color is Silver, but in reality it's Magenta. She doesn't really like Quidditch, yet she knows plenty about the sport, and has played it (as Chaser).
. As far as music goes...she's a complete fan of Muggle music. The Beatles, mostly. She's also taken interest in the Runic language, thanks to her aunt and Professor Botros.
. Her favorite activity is bothering her brother. Her favorite animal... she says: Dragons! But in presence of Muggles... snakes will suffice.

. A bright pink Pygmy Puff, named Magenta (often called Mags). She loves her to death, by the way.
. A turtle, named Clover, with Tag Kildare.

OOC: HAI! I'm Karla, I've been around the RP since Term 17. If you want to RP just VM me or something. We don't bite.
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Alexander River Hirsch
Third Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:

Ministry RPG Name:
Zhuó Xiá Li

Ministry RPG Name:
Grayson Douglas Whitlock
Accidents & Catastrophes

x11 x11
urine trouble | Pat's Strong Confident Other Half | Pees Like a Champion Unicorn Racehorse

Alec Blake Summers
Hufflepuff's resident kite flier/Ice cream lover
Model: Colin Ford

Nickname(s): Blakey, Al, Alecutie, AleQuidditch, Alekins, Superman Hero Special Alec, Summer boy, Stay Gold Ponyboy, Alfredo Sauce, Bro, Alex, Superman, Hair Whipper, Tackler Boy, Hair Boy, Seeker Boy, Seeker, Seeker Sir, Spiffy Lec, Tall Boy,
Age: 16
Year: Sixth
Date of Birth: 18th September 2064
Place of Birth: Watford, Hertfordshire
Current Residence: Surrey
Gender: Male
Heritage: Half-Blood His lack of magical knowledge is explained below
Ethnicity: British
Wand: 11 1/2" cherry wood, unicorn hair core,
House: Hufflepuff
Patronus: [He doesn't know so I don't know]
Boggart: [The same thing with the Patronus bit]
Relationship Status: Dating Ella Bishop
Favourite subjects: Flying/Airthmancy/Ancient Runes/Astronomy
Least favourite subjects: Herbology/History of Magic
--> Skipper, his goldfish
--> Baltimore, his owl
--> Dexter, his gecko

Height: 5'10"
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Grey-blue
--> Special Note about his eyes: When he's upset/angry/scared, his eyes look more grey than blue. But when he's happy/excited, his eyes look more blue than grey.

Dad: Michael Summers
Occupation: Vet
Mum: Rebecca Collins
Occupation: Journalist
Siblings: None!

Alec, A History:
Text Cut: Before Hogwarts
Before Hogwarts:
Alec Summers was born on the crisp late evening of September 18th. It was shortly afterwards, in the early morning of the following day, that Rebecca ran away, leaving Alec with nothing but a single pendant that has an 'R' on it. After a couple of months, Alec and Michael moved houses, which was their way of moving on with their lives. It was in this new house that he grew more and more attached to his neighbours, the Phillips’. Alec grew closer and closer towards Anya Phillips in particular and ended up doing almost everything with her. Michael was good in that he taught Alec everything a young boy should know whilst Anya provided him with the comfort only a best friend could give. So, Alec ended up growing up without feeling the constant lack of a mother.

The biggest shock in Alec’s life came when he came home one day to find a weird man standing in his living room, having a talk with Michael. After some nervous chuckles and disbelief, Alec realised that the man wasn't pulling a prank on him and that he was, in fact, magical! So he ventured off towards Diagon Alley, his very first encounter with the magical world… and with other magical people, much to Anya’s displeasure.

Text Cut: First Year!
First Year:
So his first year rolled by where the eleven year old entered Hogwarts as any other child would; slightly nervous, excited and out to find himself in a new world. The young boy ended up being sorted into Hufflepuff and hence, was separated from his all time best friend. This was something neither of the young kids liked very much. But Alec was happy about the house he was sorted into.

Due to his sporty side, Alec ended up signing up for the Quidditch Team, a sport he knew very little about. But, after a couple of conversations with the Quidditch Captain and practising with the other nervous hopefuls, Alec found himself growing more and more attached to the sport. He was very chuffed to then make it onto the team as a Seeker! Something he didn't like about this sport was the fact that he was put up against his best friend for the first ever match. And he had to face someone six years older than him in the other two. But despite all this, Alec has learnt to come out of his comfort zone slightly and he ended up helping his team gain the victory they strived for.

All in all, Alec's first year consisted of him finding out different parts of himself and putting the little pieces together. He also had to adapt to sharing his best friend with other people, especially since they were in two different houses. The young Hufflepuff has also grown slightly confused as to why he's surrounded by so many girls but, after a year, he's grown used to the idea, even if it brings about some mocking words from his roommate.

Text Cut: Second Year!
Second Year:
After his summer of feeling slightly jealous, Alec was ready to enter his second year and make it more awesome than his first year. Because, well, he was turning thirteen! A teenager! To him, that was pretty awesome!

But, before he knew it, this year turned out to be worse than his first year at Hogwarts. A feeling of disappointment set in when he didn't end up making it onto the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. Nothing looked right when he didn't see the 'Alec Summers' on the team's roster. But after a couple of weeks of ice cream eating and owls to his father, the Hufflepuff got over this slight setback in his second year. After all, he did get to play in a game! And he managed to dress up in a badger costume which, let's face it, he was extremely happy about.

And then another setback entered his life when the freezing frenzy went around and his best friend froze. Alec was completely shocked and wouldn't say much for days on end. He would also sit around and just write in his journal quite a lot which would never be seen by the eyes of anyone EVER!. He was really happy when she unfroze and was back again.

Speaking of Anya, Alec started to grow feelings for the Gryffindor. He didn't really know what to do about these feelings of his which made him feel slightly more awkward than he already was. He spent the rest of the year trying to figure out these feelings and whether they were actually real feelings or... just friendly feelings. It was only until the end of the year where he realised just how he felt about his best friend. This was probably the first time Alec's naturally awkward side came through. And it was also the first time where he just wished he was slightly braver than normal.

Text Cut: Third Year!
Third Year:
If anyone had asked Alec how he thought his third year would go after the summer he had had, he would have probably answered with a word similar to horrendous. This was probably one of the few times in which Alec felt truly depressed and woebegone. But that was the natural reaction to your best friend getting a boyfriend, right? Especially if you had a slight crush on her? He had tried to be happy for the girl but deep down, something was clawing away on his insides, keeping him in a slightly depressed state of mind.

And so, Alec progressed through his third year at Hogwarts where things did start to look up slightly. He started to become closer to other people and he managed to make quite a few new close friends, making him feel slightly happier. Not to mention the fact that he was back on the Quidditch Team which, for this young boy, meant quite a lot. Nothing made him happier than knowing that he'd be able to fly around and catch Snitches once more. Nothing... apart from friends and his Dad and ice cream!

After the tragic demise of Tag's mother, Alec did everything he could to make sure that he was there for one of his best mates. It was probably this and a number of other things -- Similar feelings for a particular girl? Pizza and Mario Kart? -- that brought the two boys closer together, making their bromance even stronger.

Soon afterwards, Alec found himself growing slightly more and more attached to one blonde haired Hufflepuff in particular. There's no denying that it was inevitable, right? Alec and Ella had spent quite a bit of time in each other's company and they did have quite a bit in common. Plus, to Alec, she was the girl that had helped him quite a bit over the past year. He didn't exactly know when it happened or how and, in this year, he didn't even fully realise how he felt for the girl.

The Hufflepuff continued through his year where certain events in the school were going to make him look at things a little... differently. They did have man eating plants, after all. But he made it through the year in one piece and in a fairly happy mood so there really were no complaints, right?

Text Cut: Fourth Year!
Fourth Year:
So summer rolled by again and Alec went home feeling slightly... happier? Probably. The boy was still semi-confused about everything to do with his feelings and everything to do with girls. He was also starting to feel very, very guilty about spending so much time in the company of one girl in particular who was in a relationship. He didn't believe anything could happen between the two of them but he liked being around her.

He was also a sort of pizza delivery guy over the summer. We don't talk about this.

So the guy entered his fourth year with even more confused feelings running through his mind. What do you do when the girl you really really like has just broken up with her long term boyfriend? What Alec does is overthink himself into a mood and start thinking things. Things like the possibility of the girl liking his roommate over himself. And this sort of thinking was not something that helped his self-esteem at all.

To make matter worse (or not?), his twelve year best-friendship with Anya ended on the cold daytime of his fifteenth birthday. Loss of important people in his life isn't something the boy handles very well on his own and of course, the first thing he does is link this to the loss of his own mother. The second thing he does is seclude himself for a while.

Or, he would have if it hadn't been for his other friends. Tag helped to talk him through his sad mood while Ella took him to a carnival adventure in the Room of Requirement. A month or so and an awkward conversation later, and Alec and Ella finally started dating. They had some fights and disagreements, sure, but they did manage to keep it going strong right up throughout the rest of the year.

Quidditch was again a part of this boy's school year and he again tried his hardest to make people, like his Dad, proud of him. That was expected. What he didn't expect was to a) get the opportunity to have a small chat with the Headmistress and b) have her tell him that she thought he was talented. The cheesy grin stayed on his face for quite a few days afterwards.

After a few rough patches, the end of the year arrived and brought along some developed feelings for his girlfriend along with some happy feelings from just the year in general. Sure, it started off on the rocky edge but looking back on it, Alec could safely say that he was happy with how it all went. Plus, he had survived another year at Hogwarts and all the Board of Governors mayhem. That was something else to be happy about, right?

Text Cut: Fifth Year!
Fifth Year:
The summer prior to his fifth year was probably the first time that the boy truly realised just how easily he can become jealous, despite the fact that he's probably been this way for a very long time. He would make a overreact about the tiniest things but his good natured heart would ensure that he apologised soon afterwards.

So he ventured forth to his fifth year, not exactly pleased with the prospect of the OWLs or the fact that he knew he was going to have to somehow balance everything and yet, still have time for himself. To say that he started studying early for the dreaded exams would be a lie. He did, however, channel his inner Hufflepuff and work hard for them when he realised just how close they seemed to be.

But it was a little hard to concentrate on OWLs when there were weird happenings occurring throughout the school. The appearance of the turnstiles, which had brought about quite a few shocked looks and disapproved mumblings from the boy, was nothing compared to the weird weather and the rumour that the goblins had repossessed some items from the school.

Things turned even worse when the Prefect's event rolled around, bringing out a bunch of creatures the boy hadn't exactly set eyes on before. The Dementors weren't just here for entertainment purposes it seemed; quite a few were seen floating around throughout the school and grounds, as Alec found out on a number of occasions. Luckily, he was friends with some rather brave and loyal people who were more than willing to help him out of unexpected encounters with these creatures.

To make matters even worse, there was an ice cream mania spreading through the school, which he himself got hit with. He claims that it wasn't too bad and that there isn't anything wrong with heading into the Forbidden Forest to have a bit of an ice cream party with the trees. There were other people there and Candy Girl (Alexa Cambridge) had mentioned something along the lines of a giant fridge filled with ice cream, which sparked the boy's interest even more.

Did he know that he was under the influence of tainted ice cream? Not at all! It, therefore, came as quite a shock when the end of the term rolled around and they were given a Potion they had brewed in class which helped to counteract the effects. The ice cream had helped him stay more or less happy throughout the year, even through Quidditch losses.

All in all, Alec was happy to be heading back home after the weird year he had had. It was definitely going to be a memorable one, that's for sure.
OWL Results:
Text Cut: Results under hereeee!

Pass Grades

Fail Grades

ALEC BLAKE SUMMERS has achieved:
Ancient Runes: E
Arithmancy: O
Astronomy: A
Care of Magical Creatures: O
Charms: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
Divination: E
History of Magic: O
Muggle Studies: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

Alec is a sweet, loyal boy who likes being in the company of others as long as they’re not likely to scare him. His usually happy self is matched with a sweet smile that spreads effortlessly across his face. He has been known to be called cute from time to time by certain people *cough*Nessie*cough* but he tends to brush this off as a compliment. It could be this edge of his personality that landed him in Hufflepuff; a house he’s now proud of being in, despite being separated from his best friend.

Alec is known to spend a lot of time outdoors rather than indoors. He prefers the cool breezes and the feeling of not being cooped up in one place for too long. Maybe it’s his athletic self that has made him grow a particular attachment to being outside for long periods of time. Or it could be because his father single-handedly raised him and so Alec ended up growing used to the outside. His father was also the man who is responsible for Alec’s love for sports and anything linked with sports.

Mix his sporty side with his love for kite flying and Alec has grown a competitive side to himself. He does like the idea of winning and being first who doesn’t?. This has made him want to try his hardest in everything he does, no matter how trivial the task happens to be. This could be another reason as to why he was placed in Hufflepuff instead of any other house.

Being an only child, Alec is very much used to having things for himself and not sharing people. He has no problem with sharing food or ice cream but the idea of sharing his best mate or girlfriend with someone else in the same way is not something he's 100% okay with. Because of this, he tends to get extremely jealous if he thinks someone else can provide the things he should be providing. His usually nice demeanour doesn’t allow him to say or do anything nasty to the other person. He also has a lot of trouble talking about his feelings, something he has, unknowingly, gained from his mother. He'd rather bottle them up and keep them inside of him than talk and, possibly, annoy or upset anyone. It could be for this reason that the line ... there are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how... (Wonderwall||Oasis) sticks out to him in particular.

He’s also very clueless about girls and what they can do, especially if a girl is trying to pry him away from his best friend. This usually ends up with him being in the middle of an argument without actually realising that he’s done something to upset either people involved. He hasn't exactly realised it yet but Alec has grown to become slightly jealous if similar things happen to any of his other close friends as well. It's probably this and his low self esteem that cause Alec to put himself in a sad mood occasionally.

Ella Bishop, Tag Kildare and his spiky, fluffy blonde hair, ice cream, pancakes, kite flying, hanging out with his friends, the outdoors, sports (mainly Quidditch), toffee, fudge, pillow fights, Superman, hair ruffles, ducks, puppies, teasing Messer

SPINACH! Losing people, not being good enough, mean people, people trying to take his girlfriend or best friend or any other friend away from him, being jealous, tight enclosed spaces, certain ex-boyfriends, Messer out-teasing him

OOC: HAIII! I'm Kita! I'm 19, I live in England and I study biomedical science at uni. This is my 13th term RPing on SS, I think, and I still love it! So if you want to RP or have any questions or just want a chitchat, make sure to drop me a VM/PM/tweet! We're not scary, I promise.

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DoM & MO
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Adrien Theo Livingston
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Alyssa Johnston

Ministry RPG Name:
Brodie David Livingston
Minister's Office
49% Dalmatian | | 51% Human

Brodie David Livingston
Model: Louis Tomlinson

Nickname: Brods
Year: 7th
Age: 17
DOB: June 1st, 2064
POB: Buckinghamshire, England
House: Hufflepuff
Blood status: Pureblood
Relationship status: Single
Patronus: Raccoon

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Shape: Skinny Boy

Mother: Sherry Livingston (38 years old
Father: Brandon Livingston (43 years old)
No Siblings

I'm a quiet guy, really. I'll be snippy if you catch me in the wrong mood, but I try to force myself to be nice. I'm in a band with my closest mates called 'Maximum Seven' I write the songs and play the drums, just don't expect me to sing. I've been at Hogwarts for two years counting this one and I'm not really too excited about my last year. I hardly know anyone and there's a certain prefect Minerva that I don't get along with very well.

Get to know me and I really probably could be one of your closest friends, get me angry though and you'll get a rival that holds a grudge for a lifetime... unless I see a real reason to forgive. Hey, like I said I can be rude just don't get on my bad side and we should be fine... I can be nice, I normally am... Just don't push to much or tell me I'm wrong with my personal ideas and it's not that hard to stay on my good side.

For some it's understandable why I'm bitter. My parents kicked me out almost a year ago to date and I've been switching from hiding in friends houses to living in a hollow in a tree.

Over the summer I was in a rather bad accident, I'm not going to go into detail of how bad, but there was an 85% chance of me not making it, but now here I am, I do have a slight limp from my legs still healing and my left arm's in a sling most of the time. I know it seems odd but I like healing the muggle way, I feel more pride in saying I could beat something than just using magic... and also my boss visited me a lot over the summer and she's a muggle so... it might seem strange that I would be perfectly fine after all that happened to me. And yes, I know she won't see me any longer until next summer, but I would just rather let my body heal itself now that it's come so far on it's on.

Playing drums, drawing, writing songs, shockingly meeting new people, having a good conversation, getting to talk to his mates via letters, muggle healing techniques, practicing for concerts.

Having to act like a muggle around three of my band mates, ignorant people who think their always right, pushy people, school, writers block, fights, flying.

OOC: Hello! I'm Kaylei Brodie's character has been through a lot of changes to say the least. Originally he was supposed to be a totally selfish person only caring about money... and well, he was at first, but then he learns to love one Taylor McIntyre when he was just dating her in hoping to win her money at first. With her help Brodie learned the true meaning of friendship and love, and now no longer cares how rich he is so long as he has enough to get by... So yeah... Brodie's been through plenty of changes and my characters tend to change from who they start out to be
As for myself, this is my 10th term RPing, but honestly my sixth term trying to post and seriously start going to classes. Um... I'm 19, and don't be afraid to come say hi. I don't bite often and I hope I get a chance to RP with everyone this year!

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Fern Quimbley
Third Year

Model: Mara Wilson


Year: 1
Age: 11
DOB: July 28, 2069
Home: Misty Meadows in Yorkshire, England
Wand: 9 3/4 inch stiff Hornbeam with Unicorn Hair core

Hair: dull brown, shoulder length with a fringe; usually looks unkempt even though she always makes sure to brush 100 strokes through it every night.
Eyes: hazel
Height: 5’ ¼”
Build: fit
Distinguishing Features: a rather large gap between her two front teeth

Lives With:
- Paternal Great Grandmother: Myrtle (Meade) Quimbley
- Paternal Grandparents: Phillip and Gretchen (Plunkett) Quiimbley
- Uncle: Carl Quimbley
- Parents: Thomas and Carol (Palmer) Quimbley
- Sister: Patricia, known as Patty, Quimbley

Other Important People:
-Tallulah Palmer: 4th year Slytherin, cousin and best friend

Since the early 1200s, the Quimbey family has been raising winged horse thoroughbreds for racing on Misty Meadows, or simply the Meadows, an estate located in the northern part of Yorkshire. After hundreds of years, the Quimbley’s have developed a very successful system of choosing and training their thoroughbreds, but they do not live off of prize earnings. Rather, they are a family who has shrewdly invested their “old money” in land and the wizarding stock market.

Fern has lived on the estate since she was born. She rode winged horses before she could walk (accompanied by an adult, of course), and from a very early age, she has helped take care of the winged horses. Up until this point, she has received her education through homeschooling.

Personality: Fern is a hopeless romantic and firmly believes in true love and happily ever after. She tends to be very dramatic and has a short temper. While she may not show it, Fern is in fact incredibly loyal. Once she has decided she likes a person, any insult to said person is viewed as a direct insult to herself and not to be tolerated. Period.

In her free time, she enjoys reading about mundane horses, winged horses, and unicorns as well as obsessing over the Hexy Boyz. However, Fern understands that before she can do these things, she needs to make sure she has fulfilled all of her responsibilities; after years on the estate, she has developed a very strong sense of duty and work ethic.

Likes: all animals, any shade between very light pink and bright red (but especially hot pink), love stories, caldron cakes, glitter, nature, gossip, fashion, The Hexy Boyz, nail polish, gambling, and mysteries.

Dislikes: being called Ferny-Werny, the color black, chocolate frogs (but she does like the cards), mean people, and slackers

Pets: Lewis the toad

OOC: Hey! My name's Beth, and this is my 7th term RPing on SS! I'd love to RP and chat with any of you anytime, so feel free to vm or pm me whenever - or randomly jump into any RP Fern's already in! With school and work, I'm not always sure when I'll be on and when I won't, but I will try to get back to you as soon as I can!

p.s. You can laugh at Misty Meadows if you want to. I stink at making up names of places.
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