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Term 35: September - December 2013 Term Thirty-Five: The EBWEQBSC! (September 2081 - June 2082)

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Old 12-31-2008, 03:10 AM
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Default Dungeon Five Entrance - Detention Check-In

You arrive in the dungeons, ready to serve your detention. You approach a desk situated in front of several doors and can hear strange noises coming from behind them. Suddenly, there is an ear-piercing scream and the staff member behind the desk smiles, warmly.

Welcome to Detention!

Here is where students come to be punished. Please post your arrival in this thread and you will be assigned a detention hall. Once you have been assigned a detention hall, post your arrival in that detention hall thread and a staff member will be there to instruct you, momentarily.

Please keep in mind the following, special, rules for detention:

Rule number one: Do NOT complain about being in detention. You are here for good reason and if you don't know why you are here, you obviously need to learn the rules and the proper way to behave at school. This is the perfect place to do that.

Rule number two: Please refrain from making ooc comments if at all possible.

Rule number three: Do not pester us to take you out of detention or complain when your detention is up and we haven't had a chance to take you out. Maybe you'll think twice next time. It is not our fault if you miss classes or Quidditch or can't post in the rest of the school!!

Rule number four: You must post in your assigned detention hall a couple times a day throughout the course of your detention to prove to us that you have actually shown up. (We understand there are circumstance where you may not be able to get online: the length of your detention is dependant on how many days you have actually posted. For example, if you are given two days of detention and you only post once a week, your detention will actually be for the two weeks it took you to post). A professor will give you instructions as to what you will be doing while here.

Rule number five: You must ONLY post in the detention hall assigned to you in this thread. If you are caught posting in detention halls you were not assigned to, your detention length will be increased.

Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in the professor extending your detention period.
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Sigh. Sky arrived at the dungeon promptly at 6:00, no earlier, no later. And of course, she would be the first one here. None of the other girls, no Bunz and no Frenchy French. Neither of the latter two of which were missed by the Slytherin. Nope, she'd be better off if neither of them showed up. But of course that wasn't going to be the case, so she just crossed her arms and waited for everyone else to show.
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Claudette hurried down to the dungeons at the appointed time, her hood pulled generously over her head to hide the beard on her face. She had found a potion to remove it - well, several she thought would work - but she was near certain that if she had removed it that another would be forced on her.. maybe even cursed on. She did remember the Headmistress mention keeping the beards for detention when they were first given the option to apologize.

Looking down so her face was mostly hidden, she glanced up as she stopped at the check in. She nodded at the girl she recognized to be the outspoken snake from earlier in the day, then walked over to sign in. Then she leaned up against the wall waiting for the others, just wanting to get this over with.
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Right, so, detention. Penelope had never been down to this part of the dungeons before, but it seemed alright. Not great, obviously, 'cause it was for detentions, but it wasn't super horrifying or anything. But then again, she wasn't easily scared.

Once she'd arrived, she discovered two of the others were already there, Sky and the new Ravenclaw girl. Penelope hadn't caught her name before. She nodded at them both and then signed in.

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Did no one else hear that scream? Ariana looked around to see several other girls all still there, no min yet, no Cassia either, SIGH. Pulling her hair up she tied it into a messy bun in the back of her head as she walked over, beard and all and went to the desk where you had to sign in... sigh, she did NOT miss this place.. Not One Bit.

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Professor French, seemingly lost, wandered back into the waiting area. He seemed genuinely surprised to see anyone there, let alone a group of bearded girls.



"Yes, okay, follow me thanks. We will be doing your punishment in the H00ligan Hole okay yes."

Okay. French rubbed at his belt then led the way back down the dark, dank corridor to the appropriate dungeon room.
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It took everything in her to even take herself back to this dungeon again. St. Mungos was for nothing now that she was back in the same place the pushed her over last term. She had to stop a dozen times just to keep her breathing under control. There was no way calming potion would even help at the moment. Finally making it down to the dungeon she walked into the sign in area. How did she end up back here and for the second time she didn't do anything wrong. All she did was stand up for what she thought was right, how was that detention worthy.

She noticed people were already there. Ariana got a nod and so did Penelope. When her eyes hit Claudette her frown deepened and she mouthed I'm sorry. She couldn't get herself to even speak. When her eyes hit Sky she quickly looked to the floor before glaring. This was going to be even more hell with her there. She was the rude one she was the one that deserved to be here.

Moving up to the sign in sheet she put her name and year on the paper. Looking to the doors she took a few deep breaths trying not to fall into a panic attack. She was struggling keeping the memories of the last detention out of her head. Please.. please let this one go quickly and not be an emotional torture.

Minerva Wheatborn
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Nerida entered the dungeons...She had never been here before... Seeing the others she sent a smile small at each, Ariana, Penelope, Claudette, Minerva and Sky. No Cassia just yet... She moved over to sign in sheet after Minerva had left it...

Was she supposed to sign it?

First detention and it happened in her seventh year..She should have been a rebel earlier so she could know what to do. She scribbled in her info in the appropriate lines just in time to see him walk in... Yay...Professor Beardo is here!

Nerida Eventide
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Oookay. So detention it was.

She was ready to whatever they had to do. And ready didn't mean excited. Who got excited to be in detention, yeah? But they refused to apologize so they had to pay for it. Seemed fair enough.

Cassia headed to where this detention was to take place. Oh, they check in too?

Cassia Somerlad
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And she followed the others
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