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Term 34: May - August 2013 Term Thirty-Four: Poor in Fund$ but Rich in Ice Cream (September 2080 - June 2081)

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Old 12-22-2012, 04:23 AM
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Default Broc & Bonny's Pen

Just behind Mr. Firth’s home is a fenced area for his pride and joy, Broc and Bonny, newly expanded to also include the little girl, Truebee. They are all highland cattle, animals found mostly in the wild Highlands of Scotland. Broc, the male, is three years old; Bonny, the female, is five. Mr. Firth has had then both for just over a year now. The little girl was welcomed into the world on April 14, 2081.

Highland cattle are a naturally hearty breed, thriving on cold temperatures and foraging. While Mr. Firth does have a small enclosure for them on the near side of the pen, you will rarely see them in it. And don’t let the lack of a feeding trough upset you—these creatures are renowned for not being picky about what they eat. There is plenty of vegetation during almost any season to keep these guys happy.

Near Mr. Firth’s hut is a gate that you may use if you wish to visit with Broc and Bonny. In a wooden box next to the gate, you will find an assortment of plants and leaves you may feed to the creatures. Broc, and now Truebee, are partial to the bloom of the Scottish Primrose and Bonny the Shetland Mouse-ear, so if you see them growing on the grounds, they wouldn’t say no to a treat!

The old sign asking for no visitors within the pen is now gone. Instead, a new sign, still in Mr. Firth's handwriting, has taken its place. The message reads: "Broc, Bonny, and the newborn Truebee are now happily accepting visitors! Please let Bonny sniff and get used to you before approaching Truebee."

Please remember to treat these animals with kindness and respect. They are generally docile, but if provoked, their horns become a highly dangerous weapon. Anyone caught mistreating them, especially Truebee, or misbehaving in the pen will be severely punished.
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Originally Posted by Furmgoat the Tawny Owl View Post

Furmgoat flew through the tops of the trees, wonky wings flapping silently. He was searching for the small person to receive his letter, and after a short flight through the forest, he'd FOUND him. Furmy hooted softly as he made his decent, flying wide circles around the boy, in search of a perch.

The small owl settled for a wooden stump by the student, settling on it with one leg out, letter attached. He then proceeded to staaaaaaare down the boy.


SPOILER!!: Letter

To: Wade Elisabeth-Potter
From: Charely Potter

My son,

I'm not exactly pleased to hear of certain rumours and going ons in the school, so I'm trusting you to respond asap on whether they are true or not. Aside from that, I can't tell you enough how proud I am to hear on your recent accomplishments and your own decision to stay where you cause the least amount of trouble.. and of course, that special girl you have met. I'm looking forward to meeting Indiana when you return, especially before you two try sneaking off to Paris.. Yes, Luc told me. While I can't force you not to go, I do expect to meet with her family so we can discuss your plans even further.

Speaking of special, there is someone I would like you to meet. Her name is Victoria, and I'm sure you two will get along just fine when we pick you up at the end of your term. Alright? Do keep in touch, just because you're of age doesn't excuse you from writing back to your old man.

Love you lots,


Not waiting for the treats, neither for the boy, Furmy rose up and flew away again. After all, he had so much more work to do!
Wade didn't hold the food out for long, before hearing a distinct hooting noise. He blinked as he looked up towards it. Merlin, did I just summon a hungry owl? Watching as it circled over him before settling by a stump near him as it stared at him. *Blink*

Well, the cattle hasn't came yet, so Wade then approached the stump, reaching out to remove the letter carefully one handed (he still was holding the cattle food). Oh, yeah, the treats. Wade reached into his pocket to fetch some that he usually gave Herbie-aw the cute owl already flew away. He frowned a bit, it at least deserved some petting. Now he looked at the unopened letter to see it came.. from his dad.

Hmm.. Wade leaned against the fence. It wasn't a howler, so, technically he could read it whenever... Might as well do it now. With one hand used to hold out the cattle food, and the other for the now open letter, Wade rested his elbows against the fence before reading it.

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SPOILER!!: Firth and Oakey Worm
Originally Posted by hpluvr037 View Post
"Tell that ter half of Hufflepuff!" he said with a smile. Gummy worms seemed to be a favorite among the Badgers.

"Yup, I have 'em on a good diet." Plus they were natural foragers, so they pretty much ate everything ever. "I'd imagine so. I've never actually seen tha' happen, Oakey, bu' it seems possible." Logical, but sort of gross. Well, from his perspective it was, at least.

He nodded. "Yes, go see 'Bee! She'll be happy ter see yeh." She liked visitors, especially if they pet her. "Yeh're welcome, Ella." He liked these two.
Originally Posted by DJ ExpelliarMOOSE View Post
"Thank you, Bonny" Oakey said with a smile to the cow, and he walked along side his Captain to the Calf. Now it was Oakey's turn to role his eyes at Ella, as the two of them walked from Bonny to Truebee. "What, no. It's probably not intentional. It'd be like if you sneaked a gummy worm into my Veggie Drinks." Oakey nodded along with what Mr.Firth said as well. "Yeah that, and I just don't see the appeal in Gummy snacks."
That stuff, seriously if Romanos hadn't made them do all those work outs this term they'd have gained 20lbs from all the junk intake.

Ella grinned. Mostly because she liked to credit herself with the current gummy worm craze in the Hufflepuff house and she knew how much it irritated Oakey. She liked to think it was their brother-sister bond that allowed her to find such amusement in things that annoyed him. Heh.

Shudder. "I can't imagine worms are tasty." Ella said quietly, nose wrinkled in distaste. As for slipping a gummy worm in one of Oakey's veggie drinks, the blonde smiled at the older badger mischievously. "Don't tempt me, Oakey Worm." Pooooke.

When they got to the enclosure, Ella approached the baby!cow with a dreamy smile on her face. N'awww, what a little cutie pie! "Hello there, Truebee." She'd gotten bigger since Ella had last seen her. That was a good sign, yeah? "Isn't she adorable, Oakey?" Beam! And then the sixteen year old gently began to pat the calf on the top of her head, careful not to scare her.

Was she doing this right?
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